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Found 2 results

  1. Hope this isn't against contest rules in some way... since all the contest threads get archived after a while, I wanted a place to put all my past entries together. 2015/12: Christmas Ornament 2016/02/08: Cardinal Lexington 2016/02/23: Ocean Liner New York 2016/05/23: Space Battleship Kawachi 2016/07/31: Space Battleship Hotel Yamato 2017/02/10: Dragon Boat Tashkent 2017/03/05: Carnival New Orleans 2017/03/19: St Patrick Emerald 2017/03/22: Russian Bias 2017/04/10: World of Warships Shoe 2017/04/16: NikoPower Signature 2017/05/24: Naval Exercise 2017/06/11: WoWS World Championships 2017/07/01: Murrika! F*** Ya! 2017/08/06: Wargaming Anniversary Card 2017/08/24: Warships Live
  2. Nothing to see here, just a new thread to put all my wows-related stuff together. Drawings Old Threads Paper Musume for Paper Ships Pikohan's Creative Contest Archive Sample Drawings Creative contest entry Requested by Chobittsu Incendiary_Tanker's Britannic Videos Youtube Sample Videos Animu montage 1 (optimistic) North Carolina cinematic Hood and Scharnhorst gameplay Feel free to request drawings or videos... can't promise anything, but usually I'll get to it eventually.