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Found 21 results

  1. Khafni

    Waifu PC Cases

    For all you anime lovers out there I stumbled across a Waifu PC Case review by Gamers Nexus. Looks like anime is the "next big thing" in PC cases. Most of this is found on Ali Baba. There is one case that costs $10k US. It has a holographic 3-D dancing image of the anime girl! Any takers???
  2. This is a collection of mods for Kantai Collection, Azur Lane and other anime or ship girls games made by myself and by a team of friends. We hope that you like them! Be sure to let us know if you think something is broken or does not seem to work properly, or if you'd like something changed or added! The team: @garfield001 @Blorgh2017 roquana More to come! This mod includes the following mods: Kancolle UI Kancolle Ship Preview V1.0 Kancolle Ship Icons V2.0 Kancolle Health Bars Lady Commanders Women Commander Names Flags Download Kancolle UI Download Preview V1.0 Download Preview V2.0 (Romanized) Download Icons V1.0 Download Icons V1.5 (Romanized) Download Icons V2.0 Download Icons V2.5 (Romanized)
  3. Foreword: If you do not like Anime/Weeb Stuff, PLEASE LEAVE THIS PAGE If you do not like Japanese/Asian Stuffs, PLEASE LEAVE THIS PAGE Greetings! My Fellow Members of the Fleet of Fog! Allow me to Present, the Latest Update of my Modpack! The Fleet of Fog Philippines Division: "The Bakunawa Armada" Modpack Update B-006 "The Girls Frontline Update" This Update Gives Skins for the Main DD Line of the Russian Destroyers Tiers VI - X. And As Its Name Says, This Update Features Characters From the Game "Girls Frontline" The First and the Flagship of the Girls Frontline Fleet: Contender (Arp Khabarovsk) The Rest of the Members Are: JS05 (Arp Tashkent) M249 SAW (Arp Kiev) EVO 3 (Arp Minsk) R5 (Arp Gnevny) And Lastly, Other than Skins, I also Edited the The Tracers. These are the VERY OLD Tracers That I found in Haruna Line's Modpack. But I am very Sure this is Created by Someone Else. But, I Decided to give it a Good Repaint. I Call this the "Laḫmu Tracers". Its Dark Coloration was derived From The Tracers that the "Eleven New Offsprings" Laḫmu Used in the Near End of Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Battlefront: Babylonia AP HE I Promised Before that I will Edit the Consumables. I am Having Trouble with the Aircraft Carrier Consumables. Though I Just Recently Solved it, I failed to Put it in the Current Update. So The Consumables will come in the Next Modpack Update; Update C-001 Important Notes There are Some Skins here that are not 100% Mine. For Example is the Montana, Iowa, Shokaku and The Lexington Skins are Created by My Leader and Mentor; Haruna Line. Also, you may notice Some Ships that Don't have Skins, yet it Glows. That is Normal, and I cannot fix that. So don't Comment it as a Glitch or a Bug... 😛 DOWNLOAD LINK You all have been waiting for. But Before I Give you the Download link, I have a Warning to you, Reader. I Created this Modpack with Full Dedication, Blood Sweat and Tears, For 3 Years without ever asking for Compensation or anything. All I want you to give me in return, is to Watch the Anime Arpeggio Of Blue Steel. And if I will Ever See this Modpack being used for Profit or Replicated, Changed to Another Name, and Upload It Somewhere, I WILL NOT HESITATE TO REMOVE THE DOWNLOAD LINK..... So Please, Let us Respect Each Other.... 😃 http://www.mediafire.com/file/ji4gh7za79c2i8r/Fleet_of_Fog_Bakunawa_Armada_Modpack_B-006_%2528Girl%2527s_Frontline%2529.rar/file This Modpack is Built to Fit in Perfectly with my Leader and Mentor Haruna Line's Modpack But do not be Mistaken, I am In No Form, and Will Never Be In Competition with my Leader. It Depends on you if you want A Space Battleship Focused Theme on your Game, or Arpeggio of Blue Steel Focused Theme on your Game... :3 Installation 1. Open your the File you Downloaded 2. Go to your WoWS Directory and Open res_moods folder 3. Open the Folder that says the Latest Update Number of WoWS 4. Extract EVERYTHING in the File you downloaded to the WoWS Latest Update Number Folder 5. Launch Game 6. Bake a Cake 7. Cook Some Cookies 8. And Don't Forget to Breath! 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 Afterword Welp, I made it this far. So now, I decided to Step it up a Notch A Bit. The Next Update will now Be C-001. The Start of a New Era of my Modpack; The Era of the GUI Editing. Of Course, I will not stop Making Skins, But the Next Update will give a New Look to the GUI. It will be all the combination of all the Things that I Like That are from Japan, From Anime, to Ace Combat... 😛 Comment an Error! Do not be afraid to tell me if there are Errors in the Modpack! From Weird Skins, to Crashed Gameplay due to the Skins! Don't be afraid, I don't Bite... :P And here are some of my Older Skins from the Previous Updates..... :3 And More are Still to Come! So Stay Tuned MY FELLOW SALVATION SUBMARINERS-- I mean my Fellow Fleet of Fog Members!! 😛
  4. Hi! Fan Art and Community Creations category was gone. my topic is gone too. (my topic now) so, i moved to here! (Caution!) This topic has anime,game etc otaku cultures. 'How to apply skins' Skin in this Topic Battleship / Battlecruiser, Large Cruiser Carriers Cruisers Destroyers Others Guest Skin if you want a my skin for modpack, sand massage to me. and please don't edit my skins. this means for mod pack maker.(ask to me permissions for taking my skin to mod packs.)
  5. ~Since 2016~ Now a part of Hakabase's Modpack! >Stand-alone download link here< Disclaimer as follows: Best wishes and best of luck to everybody during these difficult times! Stay safe! Welcome to my Mod! Initially inspired by Garfield001, I have been making my own mishmash assortment of ship-girl icons for more than 3 years now, with well over 300 icons implemented! I update occasionally when free time is available. I aim for the best quality and finish possible but unfortunately, sometimes my laughable photoshop skills can and will let everyone down. so if you have tips, tricks or suggestions, do please fire away. I also accept requests, so don't be shy. shoot me a message and provide me with what you need ;) If you spot that I have missed out on certain premium ships, or if you experience certain icons not working as intended, please notify me immediately!! Current method of updating Instead of hoarding a bunch of icons for every update, I plan on posting icons straight here as soon as they're done. Though I shall always keep the full pack up to date. In case people might not have been doing this: you can right-click on any of the recent icons posted here and "save image as", leave the file name as ONLY THE ICON CODE, then move to your existing directory. Doing so should also save you from downloading the full pack from Mega repeatedly. Preview: To do: New ships / Tier 1's / Reworking and updating old 1st gen icons / possibly expanding into in-game team icons at a later stage. (Current) Pan-European Destroyers added! Tatra Romulus Klas Horn Visby Västerås Skåne Öland Östergötland Halland Småland Orkan Black ships, British CL's and more! Sims B Alaska B Scharnhorst B Graf Zeppelin B Hawkins Devonshire Surrey Albemarle Drake Goliath Puerto Rico Colbert Italian tree and more added! Nino Bixio Taranto Giussano Montecuccoli Trento Zara Amalfi Brindisi Venezia Genova Poltava Perth (reworked) Premium ships added! Ark Royal Thunderer Smolensk Somers Yahagi Mutsu (reworked) Viribus Unitis French Destroyers, Bayard and Friesland Released! En. Gabolde Fusilier Bourrasque Jaguar Siroco Guépard Vauquelin Le Fantasque Mogador Kléber Bayard Friesland
  6. Update: All my skins are now working without the "camouflage remover mod"! So u can use the wows-ingame skins on ALL other ships! Hello and welcome to my skinning atelier If u are looking for historical or semi-historical skins then u my friend will not like what u are about to see :P If u can´t find the skin u are looking for, check out my mate Compass_Rose, he is a lot more productive then i am ;) U may request skins, but no promises.... This right here is an invitation for a discord channel where u can find me and Compass_Rose, in case u have questions or just feel like talking:) https://discord.gg/nufjRvq Here is a link to my YouTube channel if u would like to see my skins in motion and with some "epic" music ;) The download-links are in the corresponding descriptions of each video! Before u hit the download-button make sure to hit the like-button!! Making one skin takes me at least 2 full days, writing a comment takes you 2min, giving it a like 2sec. It´s the least u can do! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAFiTZWKPO6U1kZnokPi0u2G_1mYBqGDA Imperial Japanese Navy Royal Navy Marine Nationale "La Royale" Regia Marina Soviet Navy US Navy Deutsche Kriegsmarine
  7. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Ship-Girls In Other Eras?

    Hello! I was just randomly thinking about this today and I thought it would be fun to share some thoughts about this for the sake of discussion. As seen in games like Kantai Collection and Azur Lane, ship-girls are definitely popular. However, they've only really dealt with the Second World War era with a handful, but limited group of exceptions (i.e. Mikasa, who is dated prior to even the First World War). This is probably due to the Second World War being one of the more famous examples of a war with actual fighting while also being the last "glory moment" for Japan since that was the golden age of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Since the ship-girl genre is mainly Japanese, that isn't surprising. That being said, I think there are two eras that could really be cool to have a ship-girl production made from them: the Cold War and the Age of Sail. XX The Cold War A period defined by mini conflicts and cloak-and-dagger operations, it is the post-Second World War era of intrigue, moral ambiguity and consequences. East vs West, communist vs capitalist - all of which played a big part in shaping the culture of the time. Pros The Cold War was a long-spanning tit-for-tat period of history. The whole Cold War is chock-full of culture defined by those eras, so they could be used to help define the flavor of the game - something seen in pretty iconic eras like the 1980s, which also helped define the Tom Clancy novels that really embraced the navy during that time. What is also nice is that a lack of shooting conflict could allow for gameplay options that are a bit more unique than ship-to-ship fights. Maybe there could be a focus on espionage and war prevention as the two sides play international chess against each other. Cons The length and the changing times of the Cold War could be considered downfalls because...well...it was a long-spanning era with many changing ships over time. Besides the obvious lack of heavy naval combat, a downfall could be also considered the recency of the Cold War, which even includes present-day tensions. Moe-ifying the Cold War could be thus frowned upon due to that fact. XX The Age of Sail Spanning the 1600s to the 1800s, it is defined by the supremacy of sailing ships. Pirates, ship of the lines and gallant captains were hallmarks of this amazing, more free-wheeling time. Pros While it is a long-running era, even longer than the Cold War, it was pretty much defined by variations on wooden ships - something that should standardize gameplay all around. The era is also defined by a certain flavor with the tricorn hats and spirit of adventure, especially with books like Treasure Island or fictional masters of the sea like Horatio Hornblower. There is also plenty of fun combat to go around, whether you're a pirate speeding across the Caribbean or fighting in massive line battles a la the Napoleonic Wars. Cons The relative uniformity of the ships could make it harder for variety overall. Most ships were armed with variations of cannons after all - none of the unique guns and planes seen in the Second World War. The era could also run too long as sailing ships toward the end of the reign started to incorporate steam technology to make them into hybrid sail boats - a far cry from the Queen Anne's Revenge or even the HMS Victory. XX What do you guys think? Are there other eras that you guys might be interested in for a ship-girl treatment? Of the two eras, which ones is your favorite...if you like any of them? Do you think it should just be consigned to the Second World War? Thanks!
  8. *PLEASE BE WARNED!! not for the person who dislikes weeb mods/content* Hatsuzuki artwork by Kazuto09(real thanks!!) his pixiv these voiceover mods use character voices of shipgirls from the Kantai Collection browser game. Currently has more than 35 voicemods of different shipgirls and it's constantly getting updated with new content and improvements. Ever wish to have something close to a KC x WoWs collab? then here you go! Enjoy! SAMPLE PREVIEW(KanColle Yuudachi) WoWs 0900#1 New Voicemods: KanColle Atlanta, KanColle Perth Added new voicelines and fixes in certain voice events to the following voicemods: KanColle Colorado - created separate voiceline for Spotter and Fighter consumable activation instead of one added a voiceline for GoodLuck(self) added voicelines for incoming weather changes (possibly will not work) added a voiceline for Affirmative(self) added a voiceline for Submarine Spotted (for later SS patch) KanColle Abruzzi - added voicelines to Autopilot waypoint and disabled added a voiceline to GoodLuck(self) added voicelines to Submarine Detected and Destroyed (for later SS patch) added a voiceline to MGshot added a voiceline to LastHope added a voiceline to NeedSupport(self) KanColle Johnston - added voicelines to Cyclone(may not work) added a voiceline to Submarine Spotted (for future SS update) Past Changelogs Mediafire - single 7zip files Mediafire - all mods into one 7zip file GoogleDrive - Unzipped mod folders Steps for manual installation(Windows, WG WoWs client) Steam directory location (Windows, Steam)
  9. Bualar

    You favorite anime

    Ohayo! I didn't had a chance to talk about anime with someone from NA (and I know it's more popular in US than in RU) so I would like to know which anime you guys prefer. We can start with top-3 list and here is mine: 1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 2. Code Geass 3. Clannad
  10. Now that submarines are coming to the game, I'd like to revisit an anime ship. I-401 from arpeggio of blue steel. Can we get her, with two captain slots for the ship to put both captains in? Or can we get two versions of this anime sub, the takao-iona fused together at the end of the first anime season and the original Iona?
  11. i can only choose 1, and i like both blue and red, so the black backpack is out, and pink.......well..... -inserts " im not a tough guy" meme- both of em glows, and both are $46.99 which 1 would u choose, and why?
  12. IMHO, this mod has potential. It's still fresh new, and has long way to go to fully convert everything in the game, but it's a start... and a good start to boot, lol. Welp, I should dust off my copy of Fallout 4, collecting dust in my hard drive. This was the kind mod for Fallout 4 I've been waiting for, all these years, lel. Bonus, lul: Some screenshots, from the Nexusmod, courtesy of the mod author: You can find the mod itself, and a NPC Replacer (replaces all NPC with the anime face) at the Nexus mod.
  13. Let us cheer for the glorious return of Azur Lane, and more Anime Waifu ship captains to grace our ports. Let their return make the naysayers cower in fear, for they simply don't know what they are missing. Let the battle for who is the best ship girl to commence! P.s.: Tirpitz is best ship girl.
  14. I know they were around for the release of the Cadenza special but if the High School Fleet is getting a season two then why not make the ARP ships available again? I started after the event for them ended which was the main reason i had started playing so for them to be completely out on availability had me bummed out. Put in Japanese cruisers since a fair amount are Japanese cruisers.
  15. Welcome to Skin Bottom Sound Hi! i am former Heinrike_Wittgenstein! who make 'Heinrike's Strike_Witches tank,crew+GUP crew skins' & 'Kancolle skins' topic at WOT. Now. i challenge to WOWS Skin!. Let's Share skins each other and Discussion about Skins. Skin in this Topic my skins Battleships Cruisers Destroyers Aircraft Carriers New Notice If you want add 'my skins' on your mod pack. sand massage to me. at Skin Bottom Sound. but, i do not allow edit my skin.
  16. (The actual trailer starts from 00:11.) Well, it seems to be a 3D CG based anime, which seems to have some kind of a bad reputation... thanks to that Berserk anime with bad CG... even though an another 3D anime titled Houseki no Kuni (which has really good CG) should have redeemed it... Hopefully it's good. :3 Maybe a possible future collab with WoWP? LOL. xD
  17. Los destructores.... Podrán usar cargas de profundidad? Mientras volvía a casa en el metro y pensando en todo lo que podría cambiar en el juego con la inclusión de los submarinos en World of Warships. Me motive a hacer este articulo con referente a lo que mas molestias en esa época traía a un submarino, las cargas de profundidad que mayormente eran equipadas en los destructores. En este Articulo veremos cada detalle sobre en que consistía las cargas de profundidad, historia y mas, acompáñenme: Origen: Su termino se remonta muchos años a primeros inicios de la Primera Guerra Mundial, el temor causado por los submarinos impedía que los Cruceros de batalla y Dreadnought operaran con facilidad a lo cual los mantenía siempre cerca de sus costas y aveces siempre cerca de los astilleros. Se les encomendó a los destructores limpiar las zonas tanto de minas marinas y de submarinos, pero los destructores podían encargarse de las minas, no obstante no de los submarinos ya que solo tenían dos opciones embestirlo o a artillería principal hundirlo, de todas formas ambos métodos eran difíciles de realizar. Fue cuando el Almirante John Jellicoe explico y dio idea de que una cantidad de explosivos detonados a cierta profundidad podían tanto dañar y incapacitar a un submarino que lo obligarían a salir a la superficie. A lo cual la primera carga de profundidad fue terminada el 20 de julio de 1915 y puesta aprueba días después a lo cual resulto muy efectiva ya que daño a un submarino U Alemán y con el tiempo se volvieron el mayor miedo de los submarinos, ya que si les hacia daños severos podrían hundirse muriendo toda su tripulación. Diseño y Funcionamiento: El diseño de las cargas de profundidad, fue a inicios de forma cilíndrica y aveces en forma de una bomba de tipo huevo, llenados primeramente de algodón de pólvora hasta 1942 con el explosivo Torpex que era mas potente y peligroso. Mientras se uso el algodón de pólvora se usaban mechas para poder activarlas, las de Trilita Fundida estallaban ya a cierta profundidad con un detonador y con ligeras explosiones en cadena, estas podían pesar y causar una explosión de 50 kilos hasta 200 kilos. Las Torpex solo variaba en el poder de detonación a excepción de sus detonadores que lo hacia detonar a una profundidad determinada luego se modifico el diseño de los detonadores. Detonadores: Los detonadores variaron de acuerdo a los años, estos fueron los modelos y su funciónes: - Detonador de mecha: Elaborado principalmente de pólvora fue el primer detonador implementado en las iniciales cargas de profundidad en Francia, el largo de la mecha determinaba la distancia y el tiempo de detonación. - Detonador Hidrostática: Fue el primer detonador automático que detonaba a cierta profundidad gracias a la hidrostática, que se configuraba antes de echarla al agua. Fue diseñado por Giraud. - Detonador de Flotador: Cilindro semiesférico atado a un flotador que cuando era lanzado colgaba de el por una cuerda metálica que determinaba su profundidad, era difícil detectarlo para los submarinos ya que podía ser dejado días flotando y a su vez también explotar encima del submarino, pero no se aplico tanto este método ya que aquellos que no explotaban podían explotar en un submarino aliado o la cuerda metálica podría soltarse y volver la carga de profundidad una mina marina errante - Detonador Paso de Agua: Se uso mas en la Segunda Guerra Mundial, su funcionamiento era como un detector que al sentir que una cantidad de agua lleno uno de sus orificios explotaba. - Detonador magnético: Explotaba dependiendo de la profundidad y del campo magnético de la Tierra. Explotaba si detectaba o algo alteraba el magnetismo del detonador como la presencia de un metal, sea un submarino. Barcos que lo usaban y lanzamiento: Los barcos mas capacitados para poder enfrentarse a un submarino eran los destructores, ya que a su maniobrabilidad y armas de pequeño calibre, podían ser muy útiles cazándolos, por esa razón se les implemento a ellos mas que a los cruceros las cargas de profundidad. Existe cuatro formas de lanzar las cargas de profundidad las cuales son: Las Tolvas: Están ubicadas tanto en las partes laterales y/o la frontal de la popa del destructor, estas cargas tenían un aspecto de cilindro para facilitar su desplazamiento y lanzamiento par dar caza al submarino. Morteros: Los morteros empleaban cargas de profundidad de un tamaño un poco mas pequeños que los de las tolvas, esto permitía lanzaros mas lejos que a diferencia de los de las tolvas que tenían que acercarse o estar encima del submarino. El Erizo: El Erizo es como un mortero pero que lanza varias cargas de profundidad, pero a diferencia usaba cargas de un tamaño mas pequeño y parecidos a una granada de mano o conocida como Stielhandgranate M24 usado por el ejercito alemán en la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Era uno de los mas mortíferos de todos los lanza cargas, ya que podía lanzar 24 cargas de profundidad medianos que podrían dañar severamente a los submarinos. Cargas de aviones: Usadas con similitud que la de los bombarderos, estos eran llevados por aviones que se acercaban a unos metros al mar y lo lanzaban para dar caza a los submarinos con un detonador de hidrostática. Pero no se emplearon mucho ya que dependía de aviones y arriesgar mucho a un portaaviones para cazar a un submarino no estaba muy bien aceptado. Con estos datos podemos ya saber que es una carga de profundidad y como eran usadas, veamos como seria su posible en el juego, en los acontecimientos históricos, cine y anime se muestra el uso de estas armas. Gameplay Si se llegase a introducir los submarinos y las cargas de profundidad implementadas, seria tanto de uso de Tolvas y Morteros a los cuales aria tanto que los destructores se acercaran a lanzarlas a cierta distancia o por encima del submarino, esto puede cambiar mucho el metagame y a su vez tambien traer muchas modificaciones al rol del destructor. En la Historia: -Batalla de Jutlandia: 31 de Mayo 1916 - 1 de Junio de 1916 -Protección de Convoy desde Estados Unidos a Inglaterra y Rusia: 1939 - 1945 -Batalla del Atlántico: 3 de Septiembre de 1939 - 8 de Mayo de 1945 -Caza de los U-Boot: 1940 - 1945 -Submarino Japones detectado en Pearl Harbor: 06:53 horas del 7 de Diciembre 1941 En el cine: -Tora! Tora! Tora!: Avistan a un submarino japones cerca de Pearl Harbor e inician a atacarlo. -U-571 -El ultimo UBoot -El Espia Negro -Lobos de mar En el Anime: -Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio -High School of the Fleet: Aqui no usan cargas de profundidad como tal, sino un dragaminas que obliga al submarino a emerger por daños en su estructura. Si la prueba hecha con submarinos durante el evento de Halloween es muy bien recibida por los jugadores, no habrá duda que en máximo de un año tendríamos a los primeros submarinos en el juego. Eso es todo por ahora, mas información y datos históricos pronto. :3 Informa - UsagiGumi Megpoid
  18. I haven't seen nearly enough poi-class botes lately, so let's change that! Submission format will be gameplay footage (replays, etc) uploaded to YouTube. Video can either be compliation or of a single game. Video links should be posted below. Submitter MUST use Shiratsuyu as player vehicle, and MUST at minimum start and end the round with a variation of "poi" in all chat. Spam in all chat will disqualify you, as that's not the goal of this contest. Lively and friendly banter in chat strongly recommended, kancolle memes welcome and encouraged, dank torp/gun/ram kills preferred, dank footage required. Yudachi RP welcome. Winner has their choice of $75 worth of content from Prem shop, including (but not limited to) the AL captain bundle or both HSF ships. Winner will be contacted via PM. Contest ends July 14 but may be extended if submissions continue. Let's do our best!
  19. destawaits

    Top Anime Captains/Ship Girls

    Discuss The real reason behind this thread is that I need one to make as my pfp
  20. anonym_Hf93Jbjm9WjT


    It has come to my attention that an Anime cat camouflage skin is now available in the premium shop. While I can understand other players and WG customers are happy to have a fictional cat butchered and skinned for camo, I am personally concerned on several points : Why have we still no historically relevant cat mascots in game, prowling the decks of our warships? Anime is overtaking interest for history, fictional flayed cat skin already, yet several years since we requested (nay pleaded!) WG to show an interest in the history of ship mascots (cats most commonly, but goats, dogs and parrots have made their way on board, and taken part in many famous battles.) A disturbing signal to all that is ok to skin a cat and use one for camoflage, with zero interest for feline welfare. As an example, I give you Unsinkable Sam, 1st named by the crew of HMS Cossack (yes that DD, that will soon be in game), a cat that comforted sailors and hunted mice on both German and British ships, that prowled the decks of Bismarck, HMS Cossack and HMS Ark Royal. Unsinkable Sam was also called Oscar (for the signal, "Man Overboard"). A very pissed off Oscar (or Unsinkable Sam) was fished out of the sea following HMS Cossack's destruction, spent time aboard Lightening and Legion, before being appointed to the offices of the Governor of Gibralter. The long suffering moggy was finally allowed to retire to Belfast (NI) in a retirement home for sailors. Unsinkable Sam died in 1955. So I ask you fellow players, how do you feel about this scandalous situation of a fictional anime cat's skin being used for camoflage while there is total disregard for (feline) history and animal welfare? Mrs Chippy, another ship's cat, for contextual illustration and your viewing enjoyment.