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Found 94 results

  1. Bunny looking for members!

    Bunny is a causal clan, but we do partake in clan battles for those whom seek it! Bunny is also mostly an anime fan clan, but isn't required for you to join. Clan battle wise we are at Storm 2 (31) We have all upgrades as well! Any player is welcomed! All we ask for is to join the discord to keep updated, to form easier divisions, and random giveaways! If you have interest please let me know!
  2. In the Wargaming.net community I was internationally known as the ex. founder of Team 20.3cm (Niju-san) and Rising Sun, two groups of top-notch and passionate modders that used to make premium quality modifications inspired by KanColle for WoWs. Because of my ISP I wasn't able to connect to the game without a VPN since January, now the issue seems resolved. So I've decided to come back playing and mod as well (With a focus over Azur Lane. Since the English localization has been announced, becoming more popular). I've a lot of experience now, and trust me when I tell you that I'll deliver some of the highest quality mods you have seen (Like I've used to do). I'll also allign to the WG policies and the other modders too. Back in 2015, there were some guidelines that I'd like the users to still follow today: If you want to share these mods in the forums of different regions, that I didn't cover already, you've to LINK them DIRECTLY to HERE without forget to CREDIT THE AUTHOR in said post. Re-upload, Re-distribution, Re-packing is strictly FORBIDDEN (I never liked "packs" because they never give enough justice to the authors of the mods, even if handy and practical to use). My mods are perfect and very much enjoyable by all those players that are addicted to both Azur Lane and Anime in general or related media. My mods are exclusively composed of aesthetic changes and so they can be considered "Fair Play" friendly. My mods will be frequently updated to be compatible with the newest updates and to present more content. I wont make of this first post an index list of everything that gets released, because it's way too much time consuming to cover all the regions at the same time with stuff like this. But! Don't panic yet! I've a new website where everything is organized in one place and where you can find such a thing with the download links. VISIT WOWS.TSUKOTAKU.COM Please, don't forget that feedbacks and comments are always welcome as well as bug reports. Thank you and enjoy!
  3. Top Anime Captains/Ship Girls

    Discuss The real reason behind this thread is that I need one to make as my pfp
  4. Preston Garvey's Minuteman Navy "Another flotilla needs our help!" Who we are: We are a up and coming clan with a focus on casual gameplay. We enjoy anime, manga, Fallout, videogames, and learning about history and other things. We definitely don't have the best players in the game, but we are always looking to improve. Maybe you would like to join us and sit back, relax and enjoy hanging out with us. What can we do for you?: A place to relax, chat about common interests if you wish, just a place to hang out. A clan to gain the benefits of the naval facility, without a real requirement. Hopefully be able to provide a setting in order to make friends. What does PGMN expect from you? We expect you to be civilized. So, do not disrespect other people in the clan, and on the Discord server. Be mature. As stated above, be respectful. Ability to use Discord(Not required, but preferred.). Also to be able to read, write, and/or speak in English. Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of knowing more than one language. Always trying to improve your gameplay, on any game no matter what it is. Interacting with everyone on the Discord(If you are using it, again not required.). Try to make some new friends! Requirements: We don't require anything much, just that you interact with everyone. Contribute to the overall amount of oil for us to improve our clan's naval base to assist not only you, but the clan as a whole. Be willing to talk with everyone and be friendly. As long as you are respectful and genuine, then you are welcome. Our Plans for the Future: We aren't a clan about taking this game too seriously. So, we're not going to be super competitive. However, if we get enough people, then perhaps we will participate in Clan Battles. Are you Interested in joining us? Click our Discord link below and join Preston Garvey's Minuteman Navy today! https://discord.gg/YhTCVHc
  5. July 25th, 2018 Since early September of 2017, I've been making skins with an anime theme to them. As the skins started to pile up, I realized it would be better if I segmented them by nation before the main thread got out of control. In early November I started on a ship bundle, with the intention of releasing it on the forums as a Christmas present. Then word broke that the new, Pan-Asian destroyer line was being released. I shifted gears immediately, and decided the present would take the form of the entire destroyer line completed. It was a success and it became one of my more popular downloads. I'm posting it for the first time on the Asia forums, to go along with the others threads I've been starting here. I'll post the download link below with the release of 7.5, and as I finish the last 2 remaining ships in the tech tree, I'll update this thread accordingly. You can follow me, as well as @SwedishFox_na on our discord server: https://discord.gg/z58ByKX Pan-Asia Ship Bundle Zip file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ge7btbs8zm26fup/CR_ShipBundle_PanAsia.zip/file Contains the ships themselves that I've completed All textures related to the Pan-Asia tech tree. From catapults to range finders, they're all in there. All ship preview icons for the Pan-Asia tech tree ** Make sure to unzip the file directly to res_mods\ directory Below is a running list of ships I've completed, and things I've started to work on. As I've done since the beginning, I'll keep this original post updated as frequently as I can, so you can use it as a one-stop shop for all the work I've done. If you're interested in pics, then by all means comb through the thread and have a closer look. If you have a favorite ship you want skinned, or a particular anime you want represented then don't hesitate to post your request. Pan-Asian Destroyers Tier 2 Longjiang -- German Montage 'Girls Frontline' Completed November 24, 2017 Tier 3 Phra Ruang -- Chinese rifles montage 'Girls Frontline' Completed November 25th, 2017 Tier 4 Shen Yang -- Huang Lingyin 'Infinite Stratos' Completed November 21st, 2017 Tier 5 Jian Wei -- Type 79 Submachine gun 'Girls Frontline' Completed December 3rd, 2017 Tier 6 (Premium) Anshan -- Anshan 'Azur Lane' (In Progress) Tier 6 Fu Shun -- SV-98 Sniper Rifle 'Girls Frontline' Completed November 20th, 2017 Tier 7 Gadjah Mada -- Fabrique Nationale Carbine (FNC) 'Girls Frontline' Completed November 28th, 2017 Tier 8 Hsienyang -- Chinese Rifle montage (Alternate costumes) 'Girls Frontline' Completed November 16th, 2017 Tier 8 Lo Yang (Premium) -- Laffey (New Year's alt costume) 'Azur Lane' Completed January 28th, 2018 Tier 9 Chung-Mu -- Kirin Toudou -- 'The Asterisk War' Completed November 5th, 2017 Tier 10 Yueyang -- Grizzly Mk5 'Girls Frontline' Completed November 9th, 2017 Pan-Asian Cruisers Tier 1 Chengan -- Natsume Tsuchimikado 'Tokyo Ravens' Completed November 23rd, 2017 Tier 6 Huanghe -- Ping Hai / Ning Hai 'Azur Lane' (In Progress)
  6. August 14th, 2018 Since early September of 2017, I've been making skins with an anime theme to them. As the skins started to pile up, I realized it would be better if I segmented them by nation before the main thread got out of control. With the release of 0.7.5 on the horizon, I wanted to start by re-posting the skins I've done for the UK tech tree. I'll post the download link below with the release of 7.5, and as I continue to make skins for the UK line I'll continually update the thread. You can follow me, as well as @SwedishFox on our discord server: https://discord.gg/z58ByKX UK Ship Bundle Zip file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nh7csg98jjsz05b/CR_ShipBundle_UK.zip/file ** Make sure to unzip the file directly to the res_mods\ directory Contains the ships themselves that I've completed All textures related to the UK tech tree. From catapults to range finders, they're all in there. All ship preview icons for the UK tech tree Alternative Texture file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lvh6zn8fh3qwf4n/CR_Alternative_Textures_UK.zip/file In cases where multiple ships share a common main gun texture, I've provided alternatives that better match the ships involved. You can swap them according to your personal preference. Below is a running list of ships I've completed, and things I've started to work on. As I've done since the beginning, I'll keep this original post updated as frequently as I can, so you can use it as a one-stop shop for all the work I've done. If you're interested in pics, then by all means comb through the thread and have a closer look. If you have a favorite ship you want skinned, or a particular anime you want represented then don't hesitate to post your request. British Battleship Line Tier 3 Bellerophon -- Rider (Fate / Stay Night) Completed October 16th, 2017 Tier 4 Orion -- Cecilia Alcott 'Infinite Stratos' Completed November 29th, 2017 Tier 5 Iron Duke -- Princess Principal Completed September 4th, 2017 Tier 6 Queen Elizabeth -- Sattelizer el Bridget (Freezing) Completed October 13th, 2017 Tier 7 King George V -- Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Completed October 10th, 2017 Tier 8 Monarch -- Lilith Bristol (Absolute Duo) Completed September 6th, 2017 Tier 9 Lion -- Saber (Fate / Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works) Completed September 18th, 2017 Tier 10 Conqueror -- Milinda Brantini (Heavy Object) Completed September 13th, 2017 British Cruiser Line Tier 7 (Premium) Belfast -- 'Azur Lane' Belfast Completed May 8th 2018 Tier 8 Edinburgh -- 'Azur lane' Edinburgh Completed May 7th, 2018 Tier 9 -- Neptune -- Neptune from the Azur Lane / Hyperdimension Neptunia Collaboration Completed February 27th, 2018 Tier 10 -- Minotaur -- Dan Machi (Familia Myth) Completed October 7th, 2017 British Destroyers (Includes Commonwealth ships) Release date to be determined Tier 2 Medea -- Caster Lily from 'Fate/Grand Order' Tier 3 Valkyrie -- Sashou Urara from 'Valkyrie Drive - Siren' Tier 3 Vampire -- Vampire from 'Azur Lane' Completed December 16th, 2017 Tier 4 Wakeful -- Welrod MK2 from 'Girls Frontline' Tier 5 Acasta -- Acasta from 'Azur Lane' Tier 6 Icarus -- Foxhound\Fortune from 'Azur Lane' Tier 7 Jervis -- Javelin from 'Azur Lane' Tier 8 Lightning -- Mikoto Misaka from 'A Certain Scientific Railgun' Completed August 12th, 2018 Tier 9 Jutland -- Ange from 'Princess Principal' Completed August 14th, 2018 Tier 10 Daring -- Blanc\White Heart 'Azur Lane / Hyperdimension Neptunia Collab' Completed August 8th, 2018
  7. Finally it comes to release. This mod pack is about movie: fate stay night heaven's feel. It involves user interface, login movie and container ship skin. Download mod please click below. Main pack http://www.mediafire.com/file/24wjjqj1ndbi0my/UI_Pack_-_Fate_Stay_Night_Heaven%27s_Feel_0. 8/4 Go Navy Patch(Need using with the main pack) http://www.mediafire.com/file/09a0vh317rlw8ff/UI_Heaven%2527s_Feel_Go_Navy_Patch.7z/file Here is the preview movie. Mod preview: Login movie Ver. 1 preview: Download login movie mod Ver. 1 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WHEukK6zKx_IKTMTqrRkI9XWixyWdv2H Ver. 2 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tIqOySRC9t0GXPvV03cq4VjXTDY55D1N Or see screenshots below.
  8. Updated July 25th, 2018 for I didn't think I would ever tackle a user interface mod when I started doing anime ship skins. But I thought I was ready for a new challenge after making dozens of skins, and an Azur Lane-themed enchant appealed to me. The collaboration announcement was perfect timing, as I was already hip-deep in the development of the mod. This is by no means a completed mod. There are several areas I'd like to do more work on, but I wanted to release the first version when 7.5 hit the live servers. I'd also like to see what type of reception the mod gets. This will require maintenance going forward, and it just wouldn't be worth the effort unless this mod somehow catches fire and becomes popular. I'll hope for the best on that point. As of I've split the download into two files. One for the login videos (which you should only have to download once), and one for the core mod, which I will continue to update. Login Videos Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kdis1sg8m5xiil5/CR_AzurLaneLoginVids.zip/file Core Mod Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s9bhhdt49mx6pmp/CR_AzurLaneEnchant.zip/file ** Make sure to unzip the file directly to the res_mods\ directory Some thanks go out to the following people for their help. Juesty Tylor (Discord user Juesty_Tylor#0368) from the EU server for his help with beta testing this mod. He also contributed some of the screenshots below. Kochiya Sanae (Discord user Kochiya_Sanae_2016#0727) for converting the Azur Lane Youtube videos into game format for use in the custom login videos. You can see the original videos posted on his Youtube channel, where he's always testing out anime mods in World of Warships: Finally my thanks go out to the wiki staff that maintains the Azur Lane English Wiki. If it wasn't for that team and its superb maintenance of that site I would not have had the material I needed to construct a mod of this detail. Most of the icons and character portraits within this mod are taken directly from this site. My hat's off to that entire team. And now, the mod itself. Custom login / game loading screens The splash screen, like your standard client pulls from one of several landscape graphics during initial loading, followed by one of several video possibilities. Custom Dockyard Graphics Various ship module upgrades (Hull, main guns, fire control, etc...) Consumables Ship Upgrades All emblems, patches and insignias have been given the anime treatment, with emblems being the new edition for the release. Reward Crates US, UK, and Pan-Asia Tech Tree preview icons Female commander icons (portraits will not conflict with the new Azur Lane commanders for 7.5) Commander Skill Tree Modified new event content for each patch starting with the 7.5 release Custom event graphics for the daily and weekly tasks (All weekly tasks have now been modified with the update) Modified new collection graphics Custom graphics for Halsey's new campaign, starring Sarah from 'Kantai Collection' All 4 permanent campaigns have now been modified (New with the update) Sharks vs. Eagles event for has been modified with new event screens and graphics. Map Loading Screens While this mod is very much Azur Lane, I used the map loading screens as an opportunity to showcase the anime ship skins I've done to this point. For those that have followed my work, they know I draw upon several sources of anime. Chief among them are: Azur Lane Kantai Collection Girls Frontline Various Anime Series Battle HUD & Post-Battle Screen Modified spotted status (Ship, Planes, Radar/Hydro) Cyclone Warning Battle Ribbons That's all for now. Let me know what you think. I'll take all the feedback into account going forward.
  9. August 2nd, 2018 Since early September of 2017, I've been making skins with an anime theme to them. As the skins started to pile up, I realized it would be better if I segmented them by nation before the main thread got out of control. With the release of 0.7.5 on the horizon, I wanted to start by re-posting the skins I've done for the US tech tree. I'll post the download link below with the release of 7.5, and as I continue to make skins for the US line I'll continually update the thread. You can follow me, as well as @SwedishFox_na on our discord server: https://discord.gg/z58ByKX USA Ship Bundle Zip file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cpi3ox299incij2/CR_ShipBundle_USA.zip/file Contains the ships themselves that I've completed All textures related to the US tech tree. From catapults to range finders, they're all in there. All ship preview icons for the US tech tree ** Make sure you unzip the file directly to res_mods\ directory Below is a running list of ships I've completed, and things I've started to work on. As I've done since the beginning, I'll keep this original post updated as frequently as I can, so you can use it as a one-stop shop for all the work I've done. If you're interested in pics, then by all means comb through the thread and have a closer look. If you have a favorite ship you want skinned, or a particular anime you want represented then don't hesitate to post your request. US Cruisers (0.7.5 Post-Split) Tier 1 Cruiser -- Erie -- Shelter Anime Short Tier 2 Cruiser -- Chester -- SMG Montage 'Girls Frontline' Tier 2 Cruiser (Premium) Albany -- M14 'Girls Frontline' Tier 3 Cruiser -- St. Louis -- Bluesey Fluesey 'Taboo Tattoo' Tier 4 Cruiser -- Phoenix -- Small arms montage 'Girls Frontline' Tier 5 Cruiser -- Omaha -- Omaha / Richmond / Raliegh 'Azur Lane' Tier 6 Cruiser -- Pensacola -- Pensacola / Salt Lake City 'Azur Lane' Tier 6 Cruiser -- Dallas -- Northampton / Chicago / Houston 'Azur Lane' Tier 7 Cruiser -- New Orleans -- Wichita 'Azur Lane' Tier 7 Cruiser -- Helena -- Helena / St. Louis 'Azur Lane' Tier 7 Cruiser (Premium) -- Indianapolis / Portland -- Indianapolis 'Azur Lane' Tier 7 Cruiser (Premium) -- Atlanta -- Mumei 'Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress' Completed October 20th, 2017 Tier 7 Cruiser (Premium) -- Flint -- San Diego 'Azur Lane' Tier 8 Cruiser -- Baltimore -- M1 Garand 'Girls Frontline' Tier 8 Cruiser -- Cleveland -- Cleveland 'Azur Lane' Completed April 27th, 2018 Tier 9 Cruiser -- Buffalo -- LWMMG 'Girls Frontline' Tier 9 Cruiser -- Seattle -- M950A 'Girls Frontline' Tier 10 Cruiser -- Des Moines -- SOPMOD II 'Girls Frontline' Completed December 18th, 2017 Tier 10 Cruiser -- Worcester -- 'Harukana Receive' Completed August 2nd, 2018 Tier 10 Cruiser (Premium) -- Salem -- 'Girls Frontline' Halloween Theme Completed December 21st, 2017 US Destroyers Tier 2 Destroyer -- Sampson Tier 2 Destroyer (Premium) Smith Tier 3 Destroyer -- Wickes Tier 4 Destroyer -- Clemson Tier 5 Destroyer -- Nicholas -- Nicholas 'Azur Lane' Tier 6 Destroyer -- Farragut Tier 7 Destroyer -- Mahan -- Cassin / Downes 'Azur Lane' Completed January 11th, 2018 Tier 7 Destroyer (Premium) Sims -- Sims / Hammann 'Azur Lane' Tier 8 Destroyer -- Benson -- Laffey 'Azur Lane' Completed January 27th, 2018 Tier 8 Destroyer (Premium) -- Kidd (Mirror of 'Chung Mu') Completed December 22nd, 2017 Tier 9 Destroyer -- Fletcher -- Saya Sassamiya 'The Asterisk War' Completed November 5th, 2017 Tier 9 Destroyer (Premium) Black -- (Mirror of Fletcher) Completed November 5th, 2017 Tier 10 Destroyer -- Gearing -- Mk23 'Girls Frontline' Completed March 7th, 2018 US Battleships Tier 3 Battleship -- South Carolina -- M1918 BAR 'Girls Frontline' Tier 4 Battleship -- Wyoming -- 1903 Springfield 'Girls Frontline' Tier 4 Battleship (Beta) -- Arkansas Beta -- 1903 Springfield 'Girls Frontline' (Summer outfit) Tier 5 Battleship -- New York -- Revi 'Black Lagoon' Tier 5 Battleship (Premium) Texas -- Colt 45 Revolver 'Girls Frontline' Tier 6 Battleship -- New Mexico -- Vector 'Girls Frontline' Tier 6 Battleship (Premium) -- Arizona -- Arizona 'Azur Lane' Tier 7 Battleship -- Colorado -- Faye Valentine 'Cowboy Bebop' Tier 8 Battleship -- North Carolina -- North Carolina / Washington 'Azur Lane' Tier 8 Battleship (Premium) -- Alabama -- Mashu Kyrielight 'Fate / Grand Order' Completed November 9th, 2017 Tier 8 Battleship (Premium) -- Massachusetts -- Mashu Kyrielight 'Fate / Grand Order' Completed November 9th, 2017 Tier 9 Battleship -- Iowa -- Iowa 'Kantai Collection' Tier 9 Battleship (Premium) -- Missouri -- Missouri 'Warship Girls R' Tier 10 Battleship -- Montana -- AR-15 'Girls Frontline' US Carriers Tier 4 Carrier -- Langley -- Langley 'Azur Lane' Completed January 16th, 2018 Tier 5 Carrier -- Bogue -- Bogue 'Azur Lane' Tier 6 Carrier -- Independence -- M16A1 'Girls Frontline' Tier 7 Carrier -- Ranger -- Ranger 'Azur Lane' Tier 7 Carrier (Premium) Saipan -- RFB 'Girls Frontline' Completed February 2nd, 2018 Tier 8 Carrier -- Lexington -- Saratoga 'Kantai Collection' Completed October 2nd, 2017 Tier 8 Carrier (Premium) -- Enterprise -- Enterprise 'Azur Lane' Completed May 2nd, 2018 Tier 9 Carrier -- Essex -- Intrepid 'Kantai Collection' Tier 10 Carrier -- Midway -- Charlotte E. Yeager 'Strike Witches'
  10. [WAIFU] is looking for new members! What is WAIFU? We're a community on NA that's centered around anime and other weeb stuff. Whether it be in a division, operations, or lazing around having fun, there's almost always something to do or talk about. We don't consider ourselves the best players in the world, but as the casual elites, we're always aiming to improve ourselves while having fun. What can WAIFU offer you? A community to discuss anime, games, and history to your heart's content An awesome clan tag. Seriously. Who wouldn't want the tag [WAIFU]? Poi What does WAIFU expect from you? The ability to use Discord and communicate in English The ability to be mature The strive to constantly be improving Consistent interaction with the clan and its members on Discord Requirements: WTR of 1,000 or higher (1,100+ recommended) Win Rate 50%+ At least 1,000 battles Read and acknowledge this short message Note about Clan Battles: We do participate in CB, but it isn't our clan's main purpose - Our main goal is to get as far as possible while still having fun. This does mean we take it seriously to an extent, but participation is entirely optional. Interested? Join our Discord! https://discord.gg/8yWccEs -
  11. Hi, I'm Tenryuu1606, I enjoy warships but unfortunately I'm not too knowledgeable about the history surrounding them, instead I am drawn into the game by its moddability and the anime modifications that have been made available. With that being said most of the personal skins I will post here will be influenced by and might rely on a few textures (AA,spotting gear, rafts, spotlights, ect) from Pravdateam's skinpack which is available through this link or Aslain's Modpack installer. Thanks for taking the time to check my stuff out and good luck in game. IJN CRUISER: IBUKI "Manticore" feat. Re-class from Kantai collection.
  12. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    Hast thou not gone against sincerity? Hast thou not felt ashamed of their words and deeds? Hast thou not lacked vigor? Hast thou exerted all possible efforts? Hast thou not become slothful? Kantai Fleet Girls [KNTAI] and Joint Kanmusu Self Defense Force [JKSDF] is pleased to welcome anyone who wishes to join! We are a community of casual players from around the world with a focus on World of Warships, and a love of all things anime and Kancolle.Our qualities as a community include: camaraderie, and emphasizing teamwork first, with statistics second. We offer a laid-back atmosphere where members can have someone to division with daily, as well as larger community events which may include prizes! As a member of KNTAI and JKSDF, you can expect: An active discord server A functional TeamSpeak server Dedicated circles of members who play a variety of games, including WoWs Members with varied interests such as anime and history Resources for learning the game We have no statistic performance requirements and do not require a name change; however, we do expect members to adhere to our guidelines, which include: Ability to speak and understand English Discord activity at least once every few weeks A friendly demeanor and attitude So become a part of our community! Feel free to join and hang out in our Discord channels, or comment in this thread to learn more about us! If you have any questions about recruitment, feel free to contact officers here on the forums, or send a PM to their respective Discord accounts at: Forums: Carrier_Hosho || [KNTAI] Carrier_Hosho#5544 Battleship_Kaga || Tamamo No Mae#1429 Destroyer_Fuyuzuki || Fuyuzuki#1851 Alternatively, you can join our discord servers here: KNTAI WoWs Discord https://discord.gg/HwTzUda KNTAI general http://discord.gg/NEnuqKf As a part of the recruitment process, there will be a seven-day trial process for you to become acquainted with the clan
  13. [] HSF Cat Skin

    I saw someone made their HSF camo for shima, but I don't see the cat camo for it, so I just made a HSF Cat Skin for my Shimakaze. I use only Moded the Type93 12km trops, so I only moded that. To install, just drop it to the mod folder. I also have the premium type20 skin, I moded the camouflages.xml file so it works with it also. HSF Cat Skin.zip
  14. [] Super Sonico Shimakaze

    I like Super Sonico. Super Sonico.zip
  15. Warships weeb community

    Warships weeb community has taken off! Join us for discussions and events! Who are we? We are a Community based in Discord not a clan! Why? We were tired of not having a place of our own, so we are creating it. We want you to be part of something special so feel free to drop by. The main idea of our discord is to discuss warships, every type of anime subject and more! Our discord has been growing everyday since it's creating, we're a fast developing community. Reminder for every keep civil and respect each other. https://discord.gg/VnBEdPX Everyone is welcome!
  16. [BLUMR] Stands as the pride and joy of The Haifuri Community of the North American (NA) server. We strive for success, efficiency, and above all-else, showing respect. The Blue Mermaids will focus on excelling on all fronts: You’re expected to commit to your community, while still having fun. **RECRUITMENT FOR BLUMR IS CURRENTLY CLOSED TILL END OF CW SEASON 2** Our spots for this season of clan wars are maxed out. We will update this post when space for the clan opens back up. (Updated: March 14, 2018) If you wanna join another clan in our community. Come join our discord and talk to a recruiter there. Mission Statement: "Through services and facilities, to forward deployed naval forces whenever and wherever needed, our challenge is to anticipate and provide fleet service and support needs on demand." What is expected? As of now, we are a small, competitive team within The Haifuri Community who have proven themselves in season 1 of clan wars earning the coveted rank of Typhoon I and currently are positioned at Typhoon III as we continue our season grind. We are willing to guide and teach our members as they show growth and commitment to the clan/community. We encourage divisioning with fellow community members, as well as watching replays of our previous competitive videos to encourage gameplay growth. This is not required, but it is encouraged. We do practice skirmishes with our sister-clans, intercommunity clans, and many others. They're also the fun times to look forward to as it's not “all work and no play”. Being a part of The Haifuri Community unlocks many opportunities that other smaller clans lack, due to not being in large communities. This includes historical training-room events, sync dropping, having a member presence in nearly every time-zone to division-up with, and much more that you get to experience by joining. Upon joining, there will be a "shake down cruise" with an officer/designated member. It will mostly consist of watching how you play, see how you handle teamwork, being called-out for any errors, seeing if you can learn from your mistakes, and if you can commit to the competitive scene. You’re expected to show up for at least two of the 4 CW primetime days. If you can't make it, or personal reasons come up, simply contact an officer to let us know. We encourage the behavior that real-life ALWAYS comes first, as this is only just a game. Rules | Requirements: > Be polite to both clan members and non-clan members! > Don't break any rules set out by WG, or by the clan community. > Must speak English and have a working mic. > Must join our Discord server (For announcements, changes, and chatting). > Must have a 54% WR and must also have at least one Tier 10 with a 50% WR preferred. > Must be active. We are not requiring every-day playing, as real-life come first – however as mentioned above, we will still expect you to play with our clan at least once or twice a week in-order to encourage growth within the community and also for becoming a better and higher-skilled player at the game. > You must also be willing to learn and take criticism! > What should I do if I'm interested or have any questions? Join our Discord by clicking here and ask for a BLUMR officer. Please contact any of the BLUMR officers here, in game, or on our community discord. We will be more than able to help answer any questions you may have. We hope to see you all on the high seas!
  17. I just want to know the limit date of the availability of the HSF ships, last time I read I think WG say the offer ends until september-october 2018. Thanks to all~
  18. For the last 3 patches my anime voices have stopped working and the option to change to the certain character voices in the sounds menu has disappeared. I run no mods and have seen only a handful of posts about this but no info on how to fix? None of my hsf captains work at all.
  19. Catfaced

    It has come to my attention that an Anime cat camouflage skin is now available in the premium shop. While I can understand other players and WG customers are happy to have a fictional cat butchered and skinned for camo, I am personally concerned on several points : Why have we still no historically relevant cat mascots in game, prowling the decks of our warships? Anime is overtaking interest for history, fictional flayed cat skin already, yet several years since we requested (nay pleaded!) WG to show an interest in the history of ship mascots (cats most commonly, but goats, dogs and parrots have made their way on board, and taken part in many famous battles.) A disturbing signal to all that is ok to skin a cat and use one for camoflage, with zero interest for feline welfare. As an example, I give you Unsinkable Sam, 1st named by the crew of HMS Cossack (yes that DD, that will soon be in game), a cat that comforted sailors and hunted mice on both German and British ships, that prowled the decks of Bismarck, HMS Cossack and HMS Ark Royal. Unsinkable Sam was also called Oscar (for the signal, "Man Overboard"). A very pissed off Oscar (or Unsinkable Sam) was fished out of the sea following HMS Cossack's destruction, spent time aboard Lightening and Legion, before being appointed to the offices of the Governor of Gibralter. The long suffering moggy was finally allowed to retire to Belfast (NI) in a retirement home for sailors. Unsinkable Sam died in 1955. So I ask you fellow players, how do you feel about this scandalous situation of a fictional anime cat's skin being used for camoflage while there is total disregard for (feline) history and animal welfare? Mrs Chippy, another ship's cat, for contextual illustration and your viewing enjoyment.
  20. I know they were around for the release of the Cadenza special but if the High School Fleet is getting a season two then why not make the ARP ships available again? I started after the event for them ended which was the main reason i had started playing so for them to be completely out on availability had me bummed out. Put in Japanese cruisers since a fair amount are Japanese cruisers.
  21. Hey Captains! Welcome to another Weekly Thought. So it's very obvious that World of Warships has had some collaborations with anime products and creators (Arpeggio of Blue Steel, High School Fleet, and Makoto Kobayashi). What would you like to see next? What's your favorite anime and why? How would you like to see it in the game? (NOTE: If you don't like anime, this ain't the thread for you. Please move along. I don't care nor have time for negativity. Don't be that guy.)
  22. HSF captain duplicates

    I was just wondering if anyone knows; I've already got the HSF Spee and Harekaze, but those captains are included with the best deal bundle. does anyone know what we get if we already have one of those captains? I half suspect it will just add another duplicate of some sort, but am wondering if it will add doubloons, credits, ect.
  23. Just a friendly reminder, the Haifuri Campaign is effectively live or CLOSE to going live, to my understanding. To enable it, players MUST visit the main page here, and click "I Want to Join". So those aftpained about anime do not have to participate at all. For those that do: For further clarification, after a player joins, they just need to play one game in a ship and get an HSF crate to unlock the HSF Campaign in the Profile. The Ship-specific missions are completely separate from the HSF Campaign and guarantee more HSF containers.
  24. yes i am aware that we have a collaboration with Haifuri (HSF) at the current moment. but im just curious if WG was thinking of adding kancolle commanders to the game like those of HSF.
  25. Ostfront, a wordless story (Mostly)

    The Eastern Front A Community based project Introduction Hello, my comrades. I would like to give you guys a heads up on one of my largest projects and the first to involve this amazing community! Within the post I shall explain what "Ostfront" is, its purpose, why I'm posting this here. So what is Ostfront? Ostfront is the German word of Eastern Front, and by the name you can probably already deduce that this is going to be World War 2 project. The project is a creative story telling type, which involves several lucky community members of this forum. Now keep in this is not some sort of "Political statement" nor do I intend to ever talk about in my story. The goal of this story is to help shed light on lives of the soldiers fighting in on the Eastern front, both German and Soviet Soldiers. The roles of said soldiers will be filled by the members of this community who have agreed to be part of this project. The story will be told in several series of drawings and a few manga style strips, focusing on all the emotions of war, from great victories to disastrous defeats. You will follow our characters as they fight in some of the most famous battles of the Eastern Front while at the same time I provide the readers with some historical info on the battle. But above all this is not only a exercise in the language and fine arts, but a educational experience. I'm not here to spread Nazi or Soviet Propaganda nor is it to glorify war, my goal here is to give you guys a view into what the war was like in a mostly visual perspective. Why Post here? Well why not? Countless times I've been blown away by this amazing community and only a few times have I had the displeasure to encounter "questionable" personality's. In fact this community was a major inspiration for the creation of this project. I wanted to add you guys into my works so I am~ While indeed this is a naval game, I don't see why I can't bring my works here. To be honest, I just really love how positive you guys can be to people who produce any kind of work. Ostfront Cast The story of Ostfront spans some 32 drawings and manga strips. With about 16 for the German chapter and another 16 for the Soviet one. This of course doesn't count any of the educational drawings. The time span starts from 1941 with Barbarossa to 1945 with the Surrender of the Berlin Garrison. The Cast involves the following people: - High_Admiral as the German Squad Leader Admiral was the squad leader. He was the oldest compared to his rather young squad mates. Having experienced the First World War trenches, he was an experienced fighter and possessed many valuable skills. Yet he hated war, having lost two friends in the WW1. Despite his hate for war he remained in the Army as he had no home. Admiral was 40 when the Second World War started, He reached the rank of Major by the end of the war. He was described a quite man, yet was loud and vibrant when happy or drunk. He cared greatly for the soldiers under his care, and made sure they could be as comfortable as possible. It was these traits which made him a idol in his squad. - Chobittsu as the German Sniper/Rifleman Freya Augusta was born in on September 5th 1914 in a small suburb a short ways away from Paris. Freya’s early childhood was a rocky one, born a few months into WW1 she never meet her father once. Her Mother while kind and caring was ill and suffered from pains and aches in her back and up and down her legs. Nonetheless, Freya’s mother did her best to provide for her two children. From a young age, Freya developed a liking in military strategy, tactics and warfare in general; probably thanks to a handful of books which illustrated the great success of Napoleon, much to the distaste of her mother. Nonetheless, Freya still managed to develop a taste in the Arts and Classical Music and when she got older, Fine Wine. The summer of 1916 brought devastating news, with the letter containing the news of her Father's death. While Freya was equally destroyed, she did her best to comfort her mother who nearly went mad with grief. Her mother would die the following year, and Freya along with her little sister were adopted by a family friend. This was were Freya would meet Faumea, who she would develop a relationship with which would soon turn into love. When Germany invaded France in 1940, Freya jumped on the opportunity to join the French Army. Despite her Female gender, she was skilled with her rifle and by the Fall of France, she had gained a total of 10 kills. Forced into the German army, Freya would complete her German training just in time for Operation Barbarossa and would join Admiral's squad were she would remain until the Fall of Berlin in '45. - Carrier_Lexington as the German Assault Rifleman The Badass of the group, Lex was a hardcore thrill seeker and would civilly put himself in "exciting situations". He was a fearless individual and never would almost never retreat, with his squad mates having to drag him out in order to withdraw from a battle zone. Off the battlefield, he was a quite and shy man, and hated public introductions. Which contrasted his personality on the battlefield greatly. Despite this he was well respected by his squad mates. - Myself as the second German Assault Rifleman Kätharina or Käthe, is the 2nd Assault Rifleman of Admiral squad. Käthe was the little cutie of the squad, constantly getting into silly troubles around the camp, though she is extremely capable on the battlefield. In fact the is quite terrifying when angered, at one point beating to death three Russian soldiers who tried to capture her. Käthe also tends to over extend quite often, as she and Lex would charge far forward from the rest of the squad and the two would often find the selves surrounded, or in a cross fire. Käthe shared a had a close bond the Fryea, and did alot to gain her attention, though it was difficult as Freya was quite the Tsundere. Käthe would discover in late 1944 that Freya was already tied down by Famuea, while Freya did show plenty of compassion back, Käthe didn't want the relationship to develop into a love triangle, so she started undermining her own friendship to avoid this outcome. Käthe had even planed to say hateful things to Freya if she was comforting her if she was dying. That way Freya wouldn't be heartbroken over Käthe's death and would be able to continue her life with Famuea without thinking about her comrades death. - Fog_Repairship_Akashi as the German Machine Gunner A former Japanese officer, Akashi was part of an attache sent to Germany to study the German tactics and doctrine. Despite finishing her tour in 1930, Akashi stayed in Germany and applied to join the German army. Though she lost her rank of Major she was still payed the German equivalent of what a major would earn. Akashi was rather quite due to her lackluster mastery of the German Language, nonetheless she is extremely strong and able to beat many older soldiers in a fight. She was even able to carry A fully loaded MG-42 loaded along with the tools required to operate it. Akashi and Lex were close friends despite communicating towards each other. Freya at one point even joked that the tow could communicate telepathically. -Sventex as the Soviet Squad Leader Born into a poor peasant family, Sventex's family benefited greatly from the initial Soviet polices. Sventex's family moved into the city of Kive and Sventex was soon advancing up the ranks in a military school. In 1938, Sventex's life changed forever after her parents were both executed by the NKVD for "Treason" Sventex was sent to a school for "re-education" after which she was drafted into the Red Army. - Venator77 (Vasilev) as the Soviet Rifleman Vasilev was born in the Capital of the Soviet Union and from a young age was swept up into the Stalinist cult. While never truly believing Communism he followed along as it was what was expected from him. Vasilev was drafted into the Soviet Army from in the first days of the war and was surrounded in the pocket around Kiev. Much like Freya, Vasilev was a natural marksmen. He was given A Mosin like most Soldiers of the time, he would come to treasure this weapon, even carving his name in it and going as far to chop down a tree to make a custom stock. Vasilev would find himself joining Sventx's squad just before the battle of Stalingrad. In which he left the city with a total of 24 confirmed kills. -Silverdahc as the Soviet Machine Gunner Silverdahc was the Machine gunner of Sventex’s squad. And in a nutshell was the Rambo of the squad. He loves his MG and loved using the MG-42 for the rush it gave him. However this made him a colossal ammunition waster as he would make use of Suppression fire when not required, though it did scare the Germans away. However, Sventek would constantly harass him for wasting the resources of the state. Silver would mostly ignore Sventek and liked to act on his own when not supporting his squad. While he could be cocky and arrogant he had a heart of gold and was well liked in his squad despite his quirks. Silver joined Sventex’s squad in the Battle of Sevastopol and stayed until the Battle of Berlin. - Rolkatsuki as the Soviet Assault Rifleman Rolkatsuki was an aggressive soldier, and liked to call herself a "Shock Trooper." A veteran of Stalingrad, she was proficient in street to street fighting and could clear a house by herself. She blindingly believed in the Stalinist cult and would often "convert" German POW's to follow the Communist cause. She also loved watching massive explosions and loved it when the the Katyushas would fire their barrages. She was also a night-owl, and required far less sleep the her squad mates. This of course resulted in her being the sentry for many nights. She was also quite stealthy and would conduct deep reconnaissances bringing back lots of useful information. Well that more or less wraps up my proposal, if you have any questions feel free to ask them. If this is well received by this community, I might do more, perhaps modern day conflicts as well. Or other story type's like this involving this community! And for those who want to trash my work, do so in a respectful manner explaining why you don't want this here, I can easily stop posting here and strictly post on Deviant-art.