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Found 1 result

  1. ricochets_and_more

    Grow your mind in WoWS?

    #1 Browse the forum, Watch YT tutorial videos, Watch Streams... These are generally-known ways to improve gameplay. Apparently In-battle chat is never the place where you get to discuss you misplay but often serves as the battlefield for complaints. #2 But as for some tailored advice, Watching your own replay surely counts, but without guidance might also lead to further misunderstanding. (It requires somebody to analyse it for you which is hard, nobody owes you that. Or you analyse it yourself if you know how to think which, again, is the issue) However, I learned after the first two stages of space battle, that you should just ask reliable players shortly after they feel upset with you what you've done so wrong. You go to them, open sessions, post you questions, and wait for their answers in patience. #3 Methods in #2 usually won't take long, but are usually tiring. #4 Yep, I'm here asking for better answers.(Don't check my stat this time)