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Found 1 result

  1. World of Warships Ship Review: Gearing Let’s see how y’all handle a little Gunboat Night Fever. Destroyers are one of the most versatile classes of ships in the game. Whether it be the true ninja, Shimakaze, or the Russian Gunship himself, Khabarovsk. But when it comes to those ships in the middle of the pack, the gunboats, none are better at their job than Gearing. This humble servant of the U.S. Navy finds itself in a bit of a predicament, having to deal with the likes of Kleber, Khabarovsk, and the almighty Harugumo at one end, and it’s close competitors Daring, Grozovoi and Z-52 on the other end. So then, where does Gearing lie in the middle of this? Let’s find out, once again. I will only mention Yueyang once, and that’s for the torps, and that’s it. For starters, the HP pool of a destroyer is always the most important thing. Gearing has 19,400 points of health to work with stock. Kleber has 21,900, Khaba has 22,500 and a heal, and Harugumo has a tremendous 25,600. Daring and Grozovoi have 20,800 and a heal, and Z-52 has 20,300. So, yeah, not exactly off to a good start here, are we. Fortunately, things get better. For starters, the armor on the Gearing is quite unusual. While normal DDs have 19mm bog-standard plating, with a few exceptions, Gearing actually finds itself as one of those exceptions. It has a 21mm armored chest plate around it’s squishy bits, which means that it will shatter all non IFHE equipped DD high explosive shells (except Harugumo’s), and will ricochet some AP shells at extreme angles ( don’t always count on that happening though, just warning you). While this isn’t Khaba’s 50mm plating, it’s still enough to make things just a little more difficult for enemy DDs. Otherwise, it’s still cannon fodder for light cruisers at this tier. Or is it? You see, Gearing might not be a thunder chunker like Khaba, but it certainly does NOT go down without a fight. Remember, it’s still American, which means that the guns, which are 127mm/38 cals. turn really quick, fire really fast, and tend to make things miserable for more ships than you could possibly think. Well, most of the time. Here’s where the problems start. Remember, the Gearing is still equipped with American guns, which means that, in order to get that withering rate of fire, he has to give up shell speed, which means those typical rainbow arcs that most other DDs ( save Daring ) don’t have to put up with. Also, thanks to that, the AP isn’t as good as it’s expected to be. You’ll citadel broadside light cruisers at point blank range, but that’s about it. The HE isn’t forgettable at range, however. The HE allows Gearing to consistently keep a target burning, or break a few things, or do both. HE penetration is an issue, but IFHE solves most of that, sorta. You don’t get the automatic ¼ pen found on the Japanese 100mm guns, so you can only penetrate 27mm of armor, as opposed to the 32mm that the aforementioned 100mm guns can ( with IFHE ). Still, not like Gearing doesn’t have back-ups. Most back-up weapons on gunboat or gunship DDs are quite pitiful. They have either too little range ( Khaba, Kleber), or do too little damage ( Grozovoi, Z-52), or just don’t work as well as they should ( Yueyang ) Gearing, on the other hand, is a completely different story altogether. Gearing’s stock torpedoes have a 10.5km reach, 66 knots of speed, are stealthy as heck, and deal 19.5k a pop. Gearing also has another set of torpedoes, which lose 2k alpha a fish, but retain their speed and gain 6 kilometers of range, reaching out to 16.5km. You don’t see that on a Khaba, now do you? For the AA, I won’t really bother with it. These days, unless you’re in a Friesland, you really don’t want to give yourself up to an enemy CV. Before 0.8.7, you could take an AA spec Gearing and demolish the T8 CV’s with it’s pretty damn strong AA. Nowadays, it’s kinda pointless, because Defensive AA has been totally butchered, and AA in general kinda screwed ( I mean, seriously, how the hell did Flambass manage 120k in a Zeppelin against what was basically enough AA for THREE Carriers? AA screw-up on WeeGee’s part, that’s what happened ). For stealth and maneuverability, it's paradoxical, for concealment anyways. Gearing has the best turning radius of all Tier 10 DDs, at 590 meters. It’s on the slower side ( only Daring is slower, because of a lack of engine boost ), and it’s rudder is so good, it makes all the competition jealous. The concealment is a different story. Fully specced for it, Gearing has a minimum detection radius of 5.9 kilometers, which is really good, but then there is it’s legendary module, which decreases it’s detection range down to 5.6 kilometers, but you lose your Main battery DPM and torpedo DPM. It may have been one of those things that WeeGee actually got right, in terms of concept, but it leaves the player with a pretty tough choice: Strike faster, or strike first. I prefer the first option,since a faster firing Gearing is always a better Gearing, in my honest and humble opinion. What you choose, is up to you. So then, what’s the verdict? Is the Gearing still the monster it used to be, or has it lost its edge? Some say that time will tell the truth, I say that the truth has already been told. With the recently announced Pan-European DDs, and the changes to HE penetration rules, Gearing’s once long-standing advantages could soon become a thing of the past. Then again, it’s 2020, the Gearing is still alive, still kicking, and it’s still an absolute monster at everything it does. American DDs are no nonsense, no gimmick, absolutely fun little ships that really give you a kick out of kicking everything through the window, and Gearing truly exemplifies that as one of the best DDs that ever was. ( But there is something that kicks DDs harder… a lot harder) (loads 6 inch Mk.XXVI rifle with religious intent)