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Found 1 result

  1. World Of Warships Ship Opinions: Montana Good ol’ fashioned `Murican Steel If there is ever a battleship that can make stuff happen, its Montana. It is literally the original 12-gun BB, with a broadside alpha strike so powerful it has a tendency to make cruisers crap themselves just thinking about it.It inspires awe and terror on the high seas, with its formidable presence and terrifying arsenal of old school artillery and AA (not to mention the fact that the people who drive them are total badasses) So then, is the Montana still the butt-kicking, cruiser smacking, Rocky-style badass juggernaut that it’s always been? Or has the meta made things a LOT harder for it to survive? Let’s find out. First off, the most important thing about BBs is the survivability of a BB, how long it lasts under concentrated enemy fire ( the answer is usually not very long, but that’s besides the point ). For starters, the Monty Python here has 96,300 HP. There are three ships that have more: Yamato, Kurfurst, and Kremlin. And all of them have something or the other that makes taking them down a bit of a challenge. Montana has 32mm extremity armor plating. Yama also has this armor, while both Kurfurst and Kremlin have 60mm plating, with Kurfurst being the hardest to bow-penetrate thanks to the size of that 60mm portion. And I won't forget that the Kurfurst has a 50mm deck, the Yama has a 57mm deck, and the Kremlin has a 60mm deck. This means that Montana seems to be pretty squishy. Well, it used to be, anyways. Before an update that most of us seem to have forgotten (0.6.6) , the citadel used to be horribly exposed over the waterline, and thus, really easy for most ships ( save DDs ) to citadel. These days, however, the citadel sits just at the waterline, making it difficult for every type of ship to citadel it (save most of the T10 BBs, and Stalingrad). It also has a 38mm deck, that allows it to resist most HE spam, except from certain heavy cruisers, such as Henri IV and Hindenburg, as well as the large cruisers. So there’s that. Now we come to the fun part. The defining characteristic of any good battleship is its primary armament, and Montana certainly delivers on that. For starters, with Artillery Plotting Room Modification 1, it has the potential to pack a range of 27.2 kilometers, which is further than your typical Yamato build. The Montana throws out 24 shells per minute to the enemy (with the typical build), which, while it severely lags behind the Kurfurst (with a typical build) in terms of DPM, makes up for it with the nuclear hammer smash of the Mark 9 Super-heavy AP shell’s 13,100 Alpha strike, which is higher than all other 16 inch armed Battleships at tier 10, save Kurfurst’s 420mm rifles, which have 400 points of damage over them. In terms of stock alpha strike ( discounting Curry’s 420s), Monty has an absolutely brutal 157,200 Alpha. Kurfurst’s 406mm guns have an Alpha of 152,400, while the Conqueror has 156,000 ( then again, you arent really shooting AP in a Conqueror, anyways). The secondary armament is largely forgettable. These aren’t the Massachusetts secondaries that have that insane range and accuracy that allows them to compete with the high tier German BBs, these are your bog-standard secondaries you find on NC and Iowa, just with a little more range and shell speed ( Ohio translates this well, however ). The next most important thing is the AA. Well, not really, but we’ll cover it anyways. Before the rework, the AA power of Montana had a fearsome reputation for shredding whole squadrons before they could even touch it, if properly built for it. Even post-rework, the AA has a brutal reputation for being the most powerful AA on a Battleship at Tier 10, period. I guess Kremlin could compete, but the recent nerf put that thing’s AA mount HP on a level similar to French mounts, so no comments there. While the AA got butchered by Wargaming to allow carriers to make at least a few strikes on ships, it's still strong enough that, if you’re in a carrier, and you run into a Montana, you basically just face planted into a brick wall made of flak clouds and 40mm Bofors. In other words, carriers can *censored* off. The last couple of points are also important (not really, it's a BB), and that’s the stealth and maneuverability. It’s on the better side of the spectrum, to say the least. The long-as-all-get-out 22.7 second rudder shift time is gonna give some people a hard time, but the turning circle of 950 meters is at least half decent for such a massive thing. It’s not as good as Conqueror, nor as bad as Kurfurst, sorta middle of the pack. The speed is 30 knots, again, middle of the pack. The concealment is fairly good too, with a base detection of around 17.7 km, it can get down to around 13.5km or so without being spotted. So it’s sorta middle of the pack again, with Conqueror again being on the good side, and Kurfurst and Yamato on the bad side of it. Kremlin is sorta in the middle with all of this, with excellent concealment and a fast rudder hampered only by a horrendously large 1,090 meter turning circle. The consumables are bog-standard for American BBs. The one unique thing here is that the heal is better than most heals save the British one, repairing 0.66% per second instead of the 0.5% per second found on most BBs. It actually used to be 0.5%, then WeeGee changed it in 0.9. So then, Montana. It’s a brutal, fast, and hard hitting thing that literally blows the pants off most of the competition, and all while being well protected against most things, such as HE spam and airstrikes ( I dunno about torps though, 37% reduction is pretty good, but not really good ). It does many things that you would expect high tier battleship to do, only, it does them better, to a certain extent. All while having the bad-assery you’d expect from America’s biggest and baddest warship. And no, Midway doesn’t count here because that thing is puny compared to the Monty. Yes, there are somewhat better alternatives these days, some even in the form of cruisers. But in terms of battleships, this is still the one to beat. `MURICA BABY! ( Wait a second… -sigh- always gotta be torps, huh?)