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Found 8 results

  1. LittleWhiteMouse

    Premium Ship Review - Wujing

    The following is a review of Wujing, the tier IX premium Pan Asian Alsace-class battleship. This ship has kindly been provided to me by Wargaming for review purposes -- I did not have to spend money to get access to this ship. To the best of my knowledge, the performance statistics discussed in this review are accurate as of patch 0.10.2. Please be aware that her performance may change in the future. Look, this one is pretty simple: = Wujing is a Pan Asian, premium version of the fully-upgraded French tier IX tech-tree battleship, Alsace. She clones Alsace's performance in every respect barring economy where Wujing earns more and comes with free premium camouflage. If you want to try her out for "free" (barring the time to accomplish the grind), unlock Alsace, play a few rounds in it and imagine yourself earning more credits because, y'know, Wujing is a premium. Bam, there you go; that's Wujing. For posterity's sake, I'll record her stats as she appeared at the time of this article's publishing but I'm not going to do a deep-dive into her performance. Quick Summary: Wujing is a Pan Asian Alsace. Seriously, we just went over this. If I have to explain everything twice, this is going to take forever. PROS Good citadel protection with stacked layers of armour amounting to 482mm of straight-line protection. Large main battery of twelve guns. Heavy secondary battery with good fire setting abilities. Decent agility with her Engine Boost assisting with her flexibility. Good AA firepower when it comes to supporting allies with much of her DPS focused in long-range batteries & flak. CONS Only 32mm of structural steel on the entirety of the ship, making her very vulnerable to cruiser HE spam. Her 380mm AP shells are incapable of overmatching a lot of the structural armour on cruisers she faces. Long, 32 second base reload. Unfortunate 1.6 sigma makes her guns fire like a shotgun spread. Her secondaries look much more capable than they actually are, having accuracy and penetration problems which keeps them from pulling their weight, even with a deep-specialization. Enormous turning circle radius of 910m. I'm not a fan of Wujing, not because she doesn't perform well (though I could go on a small rant about the nerfs made to Alsace in order to make room for Bourgogne), but because she's simply a clone. As nice as the skin looks, she feels very low-effort. Bajie is a much more interesting choice, given that Wargaming at least massaged her stats a little. It's a bit of an aside but with Yukon on the horizon, I feel like we dodged a bit of a bullet that she's at least getting the Bajie treatment instead of a simple copy-paste performance job like Wujing. Overall? Skip this one unless you really (REALLY) love your Alsace and want a premium version of her. Alternatively, you could just toss the money into a premium, perma camo for Alsace. The economy gains won't come close but it's the principle of the thing. Stats Dump:
  2. MeesaSithLordJarJar

    Secondary Alsace Builds?

    Am currently grinding the French BB line, am at tier 7 at the moment, Jean Bart is one of my favorite ships in the game. I'm hyped to get to the Alsace. What's the best secondary build for her? I was thinking something like: PT, PM, AR, BoS/SI, AFT, CE and MFCSA and then secondary range upgrade in slot 3. Should I run BFT over BoS or SI? Or swap out Main Battery Reload in slot 6 for the 20% reload decrease on the secondaries? Should I ignore MFCSA entirely and go for fire prevention instead? Auxiliary Armaments upgrade? LMK what you guys think! Any advice on the best combos would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to playing Alsace in the near future.
  3. I recently bought a new Nvidia graphics card (GTX 1650S), and it renders WoWS much better. Under the max graphics setting, these 3D models look astonishing. After capturing the screens, I also digitally enhanced them with Photoshop DCE Tools. Enjoy:
  4. I picked up the Alsace a week or so and I'm sincerely asking for help. 27 battles with it so far and I cannot get any spark going. Every fight feels like an ordeal. Does that ever happen to you guys with new ships? I'm not the best player. nor the most experienced (this is my first IX), but I'm not totally inept. I bought Alsace the moment I hung up 201k with the Richelieu, and have been 100% confounded, humbled and frustrated by it ever since. I rush in... I get torched. I hang back... I can't hit a goddamned thing. I try to be strategic, and eat 20k salvo after salvo. I've got the B hull, the longer range arty, and have tried two different setups for my 18-pt captain (survival, then secondary build). I know they recently nerfed the Alsace, but I had such an amazing time with the rest of the French BB line that I couldn't resist... 23 million credits later and I'm cursing myself. Alsace, so far, is my lowest K/D out of 15 battleships I've tried. It's abysmal. It's even worse than the Tier IIIs that I first fumbled around with: Any pointers? What am I missing? Am I washed up? I would greatly appreciate any advice, tactics, recommendations, etc. that you have. -Jake
  5. Dogget

    Vive l'Alsace

    Has anyone run both ships and preferred the Alsace? I'm loving the Alsace and notice the wider dispersion, fewer guns, etc., of the Republique? My very first salvo when I got it and took her out, early, deleted a cruiser. 3 salvos (and two cits) later, down went a BB. My next shot took out another cruiser! Not my usual production. That sequence was unusual, but my first two games with her were my highest two damage totals ever. Blah, blah,blah. Anyone regret moving up to T10? Anyone go back? Is the Republique all that AND MORE? Merci.
  6. __Not_One_Step_Back__

    My Best Alsace game, 7kills 220k dmg

    enjoy the video guys:) BTW how to embed youtube videos in wows forum?
  7. Because the Alsace does everything better, except for torping Quick comparison (IMO) Survivability Winner: Alsace. I mean, it's a battleship for crying out loud. What's really nice about the Alsace, is that it's also difficult to get citadelled, be it from AP shells or GZAP bombs. In comparison, Saint Louis and Henry IV have really awful protection throughout and basically require DFAA to not get deleted by AP bombs. Oh, and Alsace boasts up to 45% TDS, which is exceptionally good. Artillery Winner: Alsace. With Saint Louis you get 9x 203mm guns with decent range and atrocious fire starting chances. The DPM is pretty average for its tier too. Henry IV, on the other hand, is dead last for DPM in tier with decent fire starting chances. You have to keep in mind that fire starting chance per shell isn't everything, as it is also tied to how many shells can be lobbed. The AP on both of them are rather average too, with the Henry IV being able to overmatch all RNCL hull plating. Then we get Alsace with 12x 380mm guns. These guns, although they have derp dispersion, will still absolutely wreck ships it hits. While the HE isn't anything special, and neither is the fire chance, it can still fling many shells at once to cause pain and suffering to those that get hit. Torpedoes Winner: Henry IV and Saint Louis. Really, there is no contest here, since Alsace lacks torpedoes. However, Henry IV dissappoints with a total lack of an upgrade over Emile Bertin. Yes, Henry IV has the same torps as a T5 and they don't even increase in number available. All French Cruisers from T5 through T10 have the same torpedoes and same number of torpedoes. AA Defense Winner: Henry IV*. Oh look, a T10 cruiser that has better AA than the ships below its tier. How nouveau! * But after you factor in deck armor, TDS and maneuverability, then the True Winner is Alsace. Maneuverability Winner: Henry IV. Henry has 2 knots more speed compared to the T9s and ever so slightly better turning circle radius over Alsace. It may only be a marginal 2 knots, but it's 2 knots nonetheless. Poor Saint Louis, she is matched in speed by the Alsace and only has turning circle radius going for her, and it's still relatively poor for a cruiser. Concealment Winner: Saint Louis*. But only barely. While Saint Louis boasts 11.48km concealment, compared to the 12.72km on Henry and 12.58km on Alsace, it pales in comparison to the 10.65km on Charles Martel. This puts Saint Louis and Henry IV in a weird position. They have only slightly better concealment than Alsace, yet they do not necessarily get to dictate the terms of engagement. *True Winner: Alsace Other Winner: Alsace. This is a bit tricky to explain, but the reason Alsace wins this, is because she gets access to a seaplane fighter, where as the Henry IV doesn't get one at all, and the Saint Louis must trade out one of its consumables to access it. What makes things worse with Saint Louis and Henry IV, is that they must share their DFAA and Hydro in the same slot. If you haven't heard already, those two get absolutely shat on by AP bombs that may or may not randomly appear out of the wild, which mostly precludes the use of hydro. TLDR So there you have it. Alsace is only beaten in the torpedo department by the French T9/10 cruisers, and the torps that put them in the lead here are a 1 for 1 copy from T5. Everything else, the Saint Louis and Henry can do, Alsace can do even better.