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Found 3 results

  1. Calphayus

    Navygaming America [NGA]

    NAVY GAMING AMERICA NGA is a World of Warships community fleet whose core players have been around since the early days of closed alpha testing. We are a fleet that was founded by Veterans and as such welcome with open arms former and active duty members from any nations forces. We are a militarily organized fleet and use the USN ranking system. We are a global community with members coming from across the globe and are looking to grow our community with both casual and competitive members. Our fleet is for those wanting a community where everyone is welcome! (18 and over please). Those who are interested in rising above the competition through skilled teamwork will have the opportunity to be invited into Navy Gamings Competitive fleet. We also offer a Naval Academy for those fleetmembers wanting to learn more about the game and improve their play. We play Team Battles most nights. We take part in inter-fleet skirmishes and tourny leagues as well. From social gamers to hardcore competitive gamers we have something for everyone. CURRENT REQUIREMENTS NGA Reqs. Must be 18 or over. No exceptions. Must have and use Teamspeak. Be online at least 2-4 days/nights a week. A Stellar Personality. Basic understanding of the games mechanics. (500 battles+) NGA-Alpha Reqs. Invite only at this time. Reqs change over time and can be discussed with potential recruits. This is a Clan that believes in: Freedom and Liberty. Honesty - Be truthful with yourself. Do not rumor monger or mislead others, as you will destroy your own image and the Clans image within the community. Loyalty - Support your clan and all its members. By working together we are all stronger. Humility - Be gracious in defeat and humble in victory. There is nothing worse than a sore loser or an arrogant victor. While we are socially focused, we do have a competitive invite only fleet for those who are interested in clan/fleet wars, team battles, and inter-fleet tournaments. Members wanting to participate in competitive style play will be evaluated on their performance as well as certain critical in-game statistics available to us. We use custom algorithms to determine eligibility to the competitive aspect of the fleet. Statistics are not the end-all-be-all, but they are important. Willingness to learn and being a team player are vital aspects we evaluate as well. So if you are looking for a fleet and have a zeal for victory come check us out. Our website is here. Once you fill out an application the Teamspeak info shall be provided. http://navygamingame....enjin.com/home Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/navygaming_america Please feel free to PM Jollyroger6969 or Calphayus if you have any questions.
  2. Our clan [TAFFY] often does not have enough players to field two teams. While waiting for a chance to jump in it is incredibly boring. Why can't we watch other clan members play as observers only, no text or voice to players in a battle? I suggest no voice or text during the battle to avoid confusion with too much chatter. As a new clan player, it would be helpful to get constructive after-action comments from observers. This is a complicated game and clans and even more to learn. Where or how can I print out ship info for reference? This would be the right-hand pane while in port.
  3. I see a lot of people complaining that the new arsenal is bad because, for the most part, the current reward ships are about as attainable for the average player as they were before. Granted, we dont know every single detail about steel and how it will be able to be earned. Most of what we have seen is conjecture. I do not understand the backlash against the arsenal. The only way that a player was going to get a flint, black, and Stalingrad before the arsenal, was by fulfilling the specific parameters that wg put them behind. Now it is more flexible to be able to get them. Yes, I know that it appears that you still have to fulfill those specific parameters to get steel to get those ships, so then nothing has changed. But I still do not understand why rewarding players who fulfill reward parameters is looked down upon. Why is there no daily backlash against the iwaki alpha and ark beta that the majority of the player base has zero chance to get. Am I disappointed that I do not have a chance to get either ship? Yes, but guess what? They were exclusive rewards for players that fulfilled the parameters for those rewards. So guess what, that's my problem and I'm not going to spite those players for having those ships. Although I have had the great pleasure of playing both of those ships on a press account. (and have the 5th highest iwaki damage game on the server on said press account...) I find it extremely ironic that some of the people complaining about these arsenal ships being locked behind a skill wall are some of the same people that say that wr doesn't matter, it's dependant on your teams, etc... And that they are a good player and they are being sunk by a biased mm. Hey, go play ranked and cb and try to fulfill those parameters. Thousands do every season. And you want to k ow who I think deserves those reward ships more than anyone else? Those players that are below average, but they set their mind to it and get it done. I have a lot of respect to those players that have the determination and thick skin to play 1000 ranked games and rank out. If they can do that repeatedly in ranked or cb, hats off to them. So why shouldn't these players have exclusivity to the ships that set out to get and have obtained because snowflakes believe they should get a participation trophy? Early in my warships career, I spent hundreds of battles trying to rank out without success. Was I frustrated? Yes. Did I want it to get easier? No, if I was going to get a flint or black, I wanted it to truly be a reward that I worked for and not everyone could get. Why should we now cheapen these people's rewards that they fulfilled the parameters to get? And why is there no outrage about the iwaki and ark? They have even more exclusivity...