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Found 53 results

  1. I see a lot of people complaining that the new arsenal is bad because, for the most part, the current reward ships are about as attainable for the average player as they were before. Granted, we dont know every single detail about steel and how it will be able to be earned. Most of what we have seen is conjecture. I do not understand the backlash against the arsenal. The only way that a player was going to get a flint, black, and Stalingrad before the arsenal, was by fulfilling the specific parameters that wg put them behind. Now it is more flexible to be able to get them. Yes, I know that it appears that you still have to fulfill those specific parameters to get steel to get those ships, so then nothing has changed. But I still do not understand why rewarding players who fulfill reward parameters is looked down upon. Why is there no daily backlash against the iwaki alpha and ark beta that the majority of the player base has zero chance to get. Am I disappointed that I do not have a chance to get either ship? Yes, but guess what? They were exclusive rewards for players that fulfilled the parameters for those rewards. So guess what, that's my problem and I'm not going to spite those players for having those ships. Although I have had the great pleasure of playing both of those ships on a press account. (and have the 5th highest iwaki damage game on the server on said press account...) I find it extremely ironic that some of the people complaining about these arsenal ships being locked behind a skill wall are some of the same people that say that wr doesn't matter, it's dependant on your teams, etc... And that they are a good player and they are being sunk by a biased mm. Hey, go play ranked and cb and try to fulfill those parameters. Thousands do every season. And you want to k ow who I think deserves those reward ships more than anyone else? Those players that are below average, but they set their mind to it and get it done. I have a lot of respect to those players that have the determination and thick skin to play 1000 ranked games and rank out. If they can do that repeatedly in ranked or cb, hats off to them. So why shouldn't these players have exclusivity to the ships that set out to get and have obtained because snowflakes believe they should get a participation trophy? Early in my warships career, I spent hundreds of battles trying to rank out without success. Was I frustrated? Yes. Did I want it to get easier? No, if I was going to get a flint or black, I wanted it to truly be a reward that I worked for and not everyone could get. Why should we now cheapen these people's rewards that they fulfilled the parameters to get? And why is there no outrage about the iwaki and ark? They have even more exclusivity...
  2. ANKER {on-ker} - German for anchor - is looking for high caliber, mature and communicative (Discord) talent with a proven track record to actively engage in clan wars, divisions and operations. Our track record: Top 20 NA clan (out of 9200+) Clan Wars, Season 1: Typhoon league Clan Wars, Season 2: Hurricane league Clan Wars, Season 3: Hurricane-bound (Alpha) Experienced & ranked-out veterans What we bring to the table: Consistent stability and sustainability -- never stale. Hurricane league Clan Wars caliber experience. Fully researched facilities in port. Divisions that make a game-changing and decisive difference in a match, win or lose. Free virtual coffee and beer. What you bring to the table: WR: 57%+ (Negotiable at 56%+ pending other factors) Avg. Damage: 55K+ (Negotiable at 52K+ pending other factors) PR: 1900+ (Negotiable at 1800+ pending other factors) Willingness to communicate on Discord. Other: Current roster If this has sparked your interest and you consider ANKER to be a good fit for you, feel free to drop us a line here or message the leadership in-game with a link to your statistics from WoWs Stats & Numbers. NOTE: Applications will be automatically denied without a link to stats. All current members not meeting the requirements have been grandfathered in as of 06.01.2017. Thank you for considering ANKER your home!
  3. Special Emblems

    To the point: I would love to see special emblems and/or backgrounds for Alpha, CBT, CC and ST.
  4. Premium Ship Review: Iwaki Alpha

    The Gerkin of Armaggedon. The Doomsday Baby Dill. The original Deathpickle. Quick Summary: A Super-Saiyan Tenryu with a smoke generator, stealth-firing torpedoes, and guns that can be upgraded to some of the most accurate weapons found in the game. Acquisistion: Iwaki Alpha was awarded to testers in March 2015 for those players who had played 100 matches during the Closed Alpha period. It has not been made available since short of the rare press account. Patch and Date Written: Patch 0.6.7. June 30th to July 11th, 2017. Closest in-Game Contemporary Tenryu, Tier III Japanese Light Cruiser Degree of Similarity: Clone / Sister-Ship / Related Class / Similar Role / Unique Iwaki is a theoretical upgrade with improved engine and weapon performance of the Tenryu-class. She's better armed and much faster than Tenryu, on top of which she has a whole load of gimmicks which sets her even further apart. PROs With upgrades, Iwaki has some of the most accurate guns in the game with good fire arcs. Powerful torpedo armament with a 10km range and 16,267 alpha strike. Very fast with a top speed of 35.0 knots. Tiny turning circle of 580m and a 3.8s rudder shift time giving her amazing agility. Good surface detection range of 10.1km stock, allowing her to potentially fire torpedoes from stealth. Equipped with four upgrade slots at tier IV. Has a Smoke Generator consumable. CONs The entire midsection, from keel to deck is a citadel. Exposed, unprotected magazines vulnerable to HE fire in the bow and stern. Tiny hit point pool of 18,600hp. Slow stock turret traverse. Short ranged main battery of 10.2km Poor forward torpedo arcs. Short ranged AA defense with only modest DPS totals. This one has been on the books for a long time. You don't know how excited I am to be able to cross this one off my list. Short of providing a review for a Kitakami (and I don't know how I'm going to get access to one of those), I will have finally cleared my backlog of older premiums to review. Hooray! Part of the problem with reviewing this ship was getting my hands on one. I am a Closed Beta Tester. I joined the game about two to three weeks after Alpha Testing concluded, so playing one of these (without breaking the EULA) was really tough. Thankfully, I finally given access through a temporary Press Account provided by Wargaming and played as many games as I could in her in the time allotted (sadly, no Kitakami on the account -- otherwise you guys would have got a two-fer). While I could have easily theory-crafted this review earlier, I really wanted to have some hands on experience with the ship before commenting. Now, just to ensure that I'm not all sparkly-eyed about the one ship I cannot have, I made sure to drag in the surliest gentleman I could find to assist me with this review. Their credentials include having Iwaki Alpha forever. So, rest assured they are blasé about the ship to counter balance my flappy-armed, super-bouncy enthusiasm. You all know him and his grumpy puss: Lert! He's (finally!) back in his box and provided us with some insight on the Deathpickle. The Lertbox I protest! I am not a gentleman! It's been a while since I did one of these, hasn't it? The subject of today's review is the Alpha reward ship. Iwaki is a theoretical upgrade on the Tenryu platform and is better than it in every respect. You know, as one might expect for a ship a tier higher. For this Lertbox I will be trying a variation on what I normally write. As the chances of Iwaki ever being released again in any form are slim to non-existent, I will be describing what you might do when you face one in a same-tiered cruiser, rather than how to defeat a same-tier ship while driving an Iwaki. I will be describing this encounter from the viewpoint of the three most popular cruisers by battles played over the past two weeks, which at the time of writing this are Duguay-Trouin, Phoenix and Kuma. The remaining tier 4 cruisers are quite similar in many respects to these three, so I believe this to be a decent cross-section of ships to compare Iwaki to. Poor lambs. They didn't stand a chance. Options Iwaki Alpha has four upgrade slots at tier IV instead of the usual two. Normally this isn't available until tier VI. On top of this, she has access to the IJN module, Aiming Systems Modification 0 which provides a huge list of upgrades, including buffs to the traverse speed of her guns and torpedoes and a 40% reduction to her shell dispersion (!). Last, but definitely not least, she has access to a Smoke Generator consumable. This is a special version with only a 15s emission time as opposed to the normal 20s found on destroyers. The smoke lasts longer than normal tier IV destroyer smoke, having a full duration time of 80 seconds instead of 73 seconds. Consumables: Damage Control Party Smoke Generator Module Upgrades: Four slots, with access to Aiming Systems Modification 0 in slot one. Otherwise standard tier VI cruiser upgrades. Premium Camouflage: Tier II to V Standard (Type 9). This provides 30% bonus experience gains, 3% reduction in surface detection and 4% reduction in enemy accuracy. As a fun little aside, Iwaki Alpha's camouflage is noteworthy because it was the one of the first (if not the first) camouflaged ships available in the game. This originally didn't provide any bonuses and effectively was a unique skin. It earned the ship the moniker of "the Pickle" with all sorts of descriptors tied to this (Death Pickle being the one I heard most often). Little did we know that almost all IJN ships would soon be able to paint themselves to match. You must install Aiming Systems Modification 0 immediately on Iwaki Alpha. You'd be a fool not to. When you slap it on there, her stats change in the following manner: Her main battery traverse changes from 8.49º per second to 10.23º per second. Her torpedo traverse changes from 25º per second to 30º per second. Her main battery dispersion drops from 103m at 10.2km to 62m. In your second slot, I strongly recommend Aiming Systems Modification 1. This takes the aforementioned stats and drops them even further. Her main battery dispersion drops down to 58m at 10.2km. Her torpedo traverse increases again to 36º per second. In slot three, take whatever you like. I prefer Damage Control System Modification 1 but it's really up to you. The gains are minimal for any of the upgrades for this entry. In your final slot, I highly recommend Propulsion System Modification 2. You're going to be sitting in your smoke often enough that it's handy to give yourself a head start when you need to get moving once again. Firepower Primary Battery: Five140mm rifles in single turrets in an A-P-Q-X-Y configuration. Torpedo Armament: Six tubes in 2x3 center line launchers mounted on either side of the funnels Iwaki Alpha gets the same torpedo armament as Furutaka but a full tier lower. These fish are phenomenal and what's more, the platform on which they're launched has a big trick up it's sleeve. An Iwaki Commander with Concealment Expert can get her surface detection down to 8.6km, giving her a 1.4km stealth launching window with her torpedoes. The general lack of spotting aircraft means that these torpedoes are unlikely to be detected until they close with their prey. While they are visible at 1.5km, opponents at low tiers are often unaware anti-torpedo tactics and attempt to dodge at the very last minute. The only flaw with Iwaki as a torpedo ship are the horrible forward fire arcs of her launchers. This is limited to a little over a 45º arc approximately 80º off her beam with a rearward bias. Veterans of the IJN Heavy Cruiser line will be familiar with this kind of limitation. Like with all IJN Cruisers, swinging the ship around to let loose a broadside of torpedoes will often just get your ship blown out from under you if you attempt it against a wary opponent while spotted. Such attempts are an easy telegraph of the coming torpedo attack and any veterans slumming it down at tier IV will have their eyes open for such an opportunity. When these torpedoes do hit, they hit hard and with one of the largest module-damaging explosions at her tier (only rivaled by Battleship caliber HE -- though these do not have as much penetration power). This puts every ship they strike at tremendous risk of not only sinking from multiple hits, but single hits are quite capable of one-shotting even a Battleship with a magazine detonation. The torpedo defense of lower tiered dreadnoughts just isn't up to scratch and these catastrophic hits are far more commonplace at this tier with ships like Iwaki being one of the culprits. Iwaki is armed with an unimpressive number (5) of unimpressive guns (the IJN 140mm rifle) with unimpressive range (10.2km). It's made worse that you're only ever bringing four guns to bear. These are the same weapons on Tenryu and Kuma. Overall, they have rather lousy ballistics, low shell damage and very bad penetration values. What you're left with is a cruiser that really struggles when facing other capital ships. This armament is more than sufficient to bully destroyers but they are not up to scratch to let you go toe to toe with other cruisers, even when she's top tier. The best feature these guns can boast is a very high fire chance -- base 10% per shell. Battleships will learn to hate and fear you, especially when you bombard them from smoke and set them ablaze from stem to stern. There is a ray of sunshine, though. Thanks to her module options, namely Aiming Systems Modification 0 and Aiming Systems Modification 1, Iwaki can have the lowest horizontal dispersion value found on any capital ship in the game. Aim properly and you'll hit your target almost every time -- it's really quite nice. This can (generally) make up for the lower number of guns she sports, particularly when you get the drop on an enemy ship. However, once they find the range to you, short of some epic butt wiggling or hiding in smoke, they will out trade you every time. The Lertbox Duguay-Trouin vs Iwaki: The Frenchman has an advantage in hit points and firepower, but most other categories go to the Iwaki. The Japanese ship has better speed, accuracy, armor, stealth, torpedoes and agility, not to mention her smoke. However, you have a very comfortable five kilometer buffer where you can hit her while she can't hit you back. The problem is that you won't be able to see her without someone else spotting her until it's too late and she's in range. Once you have her spotted though, keep your angles in mind and make your overwhelming firepower count to try and delete her as quickly as you can. Aim for center mass shots, but keep your angles in mind because you're softer than your opponent and her 140mm guns will hurt you badly if you show just a bit too much broadside. Once you've smacked her around a bit she's very likely to smoke up and send a surprise package of seafood your way, so be ready to pop your hydro acoustic and push into her smoke to bully her with your firepower. You might try using your torpedoes, but the fast and maneuverable Iwaki is difficult to hit with such slow fish. Manoeuvrability Top Speed: 35.0knotsTurning Radius: 580mRudder Shift: 3.8s Maximum Turn Rate: 7.26º per second. Iwaki is a cruiser with destroyer levels of agility. This probably makes some sense as a destroyer leader, and it's not like this agility is misplaced. Without it (and her Smoke Generator), she'd be a victim waiting to happen. Her most impressive feature, by far, is her amazing top speed. She caps out at 35.0 knots which is nearly the fastest ship at her tier, with only the German V-170 being half a knot faster. This allows Iwaki to run down and pursue any prey worth chasing while also being able to open up the distance on anything bigger than her short of a Phoenix-class cruiser. Iwaki has an excellent rate of turn at 7.3º per second that's almost fast enough to out traverse her turrets. Aiming Systems Modification 0 makes this a non-issue as it greatly improves her gun handling -- as if you needed more excuses to equip this. To put her rate of turn into perspective, USS Clemson, the tier 4 American Destroyer has a maximum rate of turn of 8.6º per second which doesn't place Iwaki Alpha that far behind. So not only as she as fast (or faster) than many of the destroyers she faces, she can also evade just as effectively. Were it not for her larger size, she'd be an absolute nightmare for enemy ships to try and hit with guns, bombs, or torpedoes. DurabilityHit Points: 18,600Maximum Protection: 63mm Min Bow & Deck Armour: 10mm Iwaki Alpha is a ship that allows for very little margin of error. Generally, it only takes two mistakes to get this ship sent back to the port. The first mistake is letting something shoot at you. The second is letting something hit you with said attacks. Iwaki Alpha is one big floating citadel. She has enough armour to arm the fuses of any AP shells that strike her amidships and not enough armour to repulse anything bigger than destroyer-caliber. Combine this with the painfully short ranges of low tier maps and you've a recipe for disaster. Iwaki melts under fire. Battleships will one shot you. Cruisers can one shot you with a well placed volley. Destroyers will destroy you in as little as two hits of their torpedoes. The good news is that in low tier matches, it's rare you'll encounter anyone that knows how to properly use their AP shells, never mind aim effectively. And that AP/HE disparity at low tiers would be great except Iwaki's powder magazines lie completely outside of her citadel. These are largely unprotected, with no more than 10mm of armour. While this will be too little to arm the fuses of most AP shells, this does leave them open and exposed to high explosive fire, particularly from 305mm battleship caliber shells, bombs and torpedoes so prevalent at lower tiers. Detonations in this vessel are, for a cruiser, quite commonplace, and shouldn't be unexpected. Sadly, Aiming Systems Modification 0 provides no protection from magazine explosions, so brace yourself for experiencing the occasional bout of fun and engaging fireworks displays at the expense of your ship. So this makes for a fun bit of irony. While Iwaki would succumb very quickly to AP fire, the inexperience of your opponents may just get you detonated dramatically instead through the use of derpy HE fire. Ah, justice never tasted so sweet. The Lertbox Phoenix vs Iwaki: You are the bully in this engagement. Bigger guns and more of them, better range, more hit points, better armor, the same speed and Hydro-acoustic to warn you of incoming torpedoes and ferret your opponent out of smoke should she smoke up. When faced with a Phoenix a savvy Iwaki driver might simply choose not to engage, knowing you have the advantage in a direct slug fest. Iwaki doesn't have the speed to close to engagement range, so as long as you keep your distance you should be able to bludgeon her without fear of reprisal. Should she smoke up, close the distance and push in. Use your hydro acoustic consumable to give you an early warning of incoming torpedoes, and simply devastate her with your far superior guns. Of all the tier four cruisers, Phoenix is perhaps the most well equipped to take out an enterprising Iwaki, and a smart Iwaki driver will avoid a direct confrontation. Unfortunately for you, any Iwaki you will encounter will be driven by someone with 2+ years of experience. That's a whole lot of 'nope'. Iwaki will surprise your opponents with how agile she is, but this will only last for so long. Concealment & Camouflage Base Surface Detection Range: 10.1km Air Detection Range: 4.8 km Minimum Surface Detection Range: 8.6km Main Battery Firing Range: 10.2km Iwaki feels like a big ol' fat destroyer and this holds true with her concealment rating. For a while, she was one of the stealthiest cruisers available in the game, though the British cruisers have made this trait considerably more commonplace. Properly specialized, Iwaki can get her concealment below 9km which allows her to use her 10km torpedo range to engage enemy ships from a position of stealth. This can be devastating, especially against the novice Captains that frequent low tier matches. Her concealment is a necessity, however. Iwaki is such a vulnerable ship that her only real defense when things go wrong is to silence her guns and hide. In the claustrophobic environments of low tier maps, this isn't always an option however which can make playing her successfully quite challenging. It's almost a blessing when you face tier V ships as it means you are (likely) to be on a map where her concealment can be used. Her fallback will always be the use of her Smoke Generator. I tried very hard to save the limited number of charges of Iwaki's smoke consumable for aggressive plays rather than defensive -- to set up opportunities to finish off ships with gun fire or to mask a close range torpedo launch, but this wasn't always an option. Anti-Aircraft Defense AA Battery Calibers: 25mmAA Umbrella Ranges: 3.1kmAA DPS per Aura: 31 For anti-aircraft defense, Iwaki has five triple 25mm mounts. This provides some medium range anti-aircraft firepower which might shoot down a plane or two, but that's not really her best defense against enemy air groups. Dive Bombers are your bane, while auto-aimed torpedo planes are only an issue if they set up a cross-drop upon you. Even then, Iwaki's best defense against aircraft will always be her speed, agility and, (if worse comes to worst) her smoke generator. The Lertbox Kuma vs Iwaki: A more even matchup. Both ships follow a very similar design philosophy, that of a small but fast, lightly armed destroyer leader. You have the same guns as Iwaki, but can bring half again as many to bear, and with superior range. With more hitpoints and armor, any direct gunnery duel between an Iwaki and a Kuma should go to the Kuma. Be wary of Iwaki's torpedoes though, they're considerably superior to your own with better range, speed and damage. The Iwaki is slightly faster than Kuma and has a tighter turning circle, but the real difference between these two ships lies in Iwaki's smoke. Here too the same basic advice goes, once Iwaki smokes up, activate hydro, close in and bully for the victory. Adding Omega to your Alpha With her 140mm guns, Iwaki might not optimize perfectly as a trainer for some IJN Destroyer Captain builds. If you've focused on trying to pad the awful performance of he 127mm/50s on your IJN DDs, those skills will do you no favours with Iwaki. Otherwise, she's a good ship to train up commanders for the Japanese cruiser and destroyer lines. Priority Target should be the first skill you grab. Follow this up with Last Stand. Iwaki takes a lot of damage to her engine and steering gears, much like a destroyer. Arguably the best skill at tier 3 is Torpedo Armament Expertise to reduce her reload time down to 68 seconds. And finally, take Concealment Expert to get her surface detection range down to 8.6km. Other useful skills include Adrenaline Rush, Demolition Expert, Vigilance and Radio Location. But when push comes to shove, she can still play her trump card. Overall Impressions Skill Floor: Simple / Casual / Challenging / Difficult Skill Ceiling: Low / Moderate / High / Extreme Iwaki is an unforgiving ship. She has a lot of advantages, but one misplay is going to get you sent back to the port in a hurry with your citadel blown out or simply overwhelmed by even a small volume of return fire. In the hands of an expert, Iwaki is a predator -- a barracuda among small fry. She's fast, she's agile, she's accurate and she strikes so very, very hard. Setting up these attack runs in the tight confines of low tier maps is a really uphill battle, though. Mouse's Summary: I feel so dirty. I can understand well why veteran alpha testers love this ship. So many baby seals died to bring you this information. The Lertbox Iwaki tops the leader boards for tier four cruisers, but that's more to do with the caliber of people playing her than with any quality of the ship itself. She is a destroyer lead with superb torpedoes, mobility and a smoke consumable, but sacrifices dearly for these advantages with all-round rather mediocre firepower and very low survivability. A savvy Iwaki driver will always seek to avoid a direct confrontation with same-tier cruisers as they all out-gun her, forcing the Iwaki driver to employ wits and strategy to beat her opponents. She truly is a destroyer lead, playing much like a large destroyer with a citadel. Still, with the caliber of players driving her and the specific tool set she brings to the table, an unchallenged Iwaki is a dangerous opponent. This is a ship that flourishes with player skill, and is owned exclusively by very experienced players. PS. If you ever run into MaliceA4Thought driving his Iwaki, murder him with extreme prejudice and tell him I sent you. It'll be funny. This one has been on the books for a long, long time. Iwaki Alpha has aged very well in World of Warships. She was unaffected by the removal of stealth-firing with main battery guns in 0.6.0. The more recent skill overhaul back in the Winter/Spring of 2017 was kind and skills like Priority Target have simplified playing this fragile ship. She did take a hit back in 0.5.3 when Basic and Advanced Fire Training no longer affected her 140mm guns, but the addition of Aiming Systems Modification 0 seems to me like a reasonable trade-off. For as well as she has aged, Iwaki is an increasingly rare sight and she's likely to become largely irrelevant to the low tier meta balance. On the North American server, it's rare that more than 100 games get played in Iwaki Alpha in a given week. There were nearly twenty times as many games played in the Arkansas Beta. This isn't an outlier, either -- other servers report similarly low numbers. On the EU server, the Iwaki Alpha accounts for less than 0.1% of the total game volume played by tier IV vessels in recent times. If you played tier 4 exclusively, you'd have to play 30 to 35 games straight before you were likely to run into one of these ships and that number is only going to drop as time goes on. When it came to prioritizing a review of Iwaki Alpha, this lack of relevance compounded the problems of access. Why waste time talking about a ship no one can get and so few people play? I'm glad I could scratch this one off my list, but it feels entirely academic. Iwaki Alpha is a pink unicorn -- a rare sight that, short of Wargaming incentivizing tier IV game play, is likely to vanish almost entirely over the life of this game. I enjoyed my time playing with this fossil, but how could I not in such an overpowered little monster? Her fragility was meant to keep her balanced but her Smoke Generator largely makes this a non-issue in my opinion. She hits too hard. She's too fast to catch and too stealthy and agile to stay visible for long with gimmicks to facilitate her escape. I felt super powered while playing her. She may be unforgiving, but once you hit your stride? The enemies just don't stand a chance. Angry YouTube Review How would the ship rate on an Angry YouTuber scale of Garbage - Meh - Gud - Overpowered? GARBAGE - Grossly uncompetitive and badly in need of buffs.Mehbote - Average ship. Has strengths and weaknesses. Doesn't need buffs to be viable, but certainly not advantageous.Gudbote - A strong ship that has obvious competitive strengths and unique features that make it very appealing.OVERPOWERED - A ship with very clear advantages over all of its competitors and unbalancing the game with its inclusion. Thank you, Lert, for the Dogebote review. I'd have placed her at overpowered.Lert and I differ on the point of her power level. He has more experience with the vessel, having owned it for two plus years. I got to play it over a weekend. What I saw impressed me greatly. Your own mileage may vary.
  5. After i read a topic about alpha, i decided to ask you guys to tell me anything about old WoWs! Like time when Myoko and Mogami are swapped, 12 140 mm Furutaka, or even when Hakuryu had ridiculous strike configuration! Anything goes, but all of them must be before version! Oh, and please keep this clean! I want to see everyone's opinion in their perspective!
  6. To guys who look at gamefiles... What is this number? Caliber 203 Type of projectile HE Alpha damage 3 300 Damage 1 150 Alpha DMG is the overall DMG of each rounds. I ask because once you look into it, its crazy. Here is 130 from USSR DESSY So its 570. Here is US dessy the Sims As you can see its a low 380 vs 570. Im starting to think its module DMG. Because look. So 1220 vs Atagos 1150? No im semi confused. To think IJN has less DMG to modules doesnt seem right, but maybe it maes up for IJN pure dominance in the area? There are these interesting numbers everywhere. US vs Rus Dessy would make sense seeing as how much faster ROF the US is. Maybe if it had 500 Dmg it would be criting things to heavily. Here are others. Like German BBB`s that have 70+ pen at T6 lol Here is Fuso and Bayern. Look at how ridiculous OP the Bayern HE is OMG 95 pen that cits cruisers all day, 35% fire, and 4290 HP DMG! Thats almost 100% its Alpha DMG. It is amazing round. It has so much pen it can Crit DD`s modules on both side of the ship at once. I saw a guy knockout engine, rudder and its port torps and its to front guns...Lol it was DOA from his secondaries as it just sat there. And 95mm ignores angles, so imagine a Pepsi`s 16mm+ 50ishmm armor does nothing and it gets full hits all the time. Look how much better than the Fuso`s lol. For god sakes the Bayern HE is best in class on the T8`s, let alone t6. Way less explosion radius, DMG, and only 54 pen vs 95. And 10% less fire. So can someone confirm my theory, that DMG and not Alpha DMG is the amount the modules take?
  7. What is the best for kills?- Alpha or DPM

    I would personally choose alpha as it stops kill stealing and kills the target faster in my opinion. I usually enjoy classes with torps and I like BBs.
  8. Navygaming America [NGA]

    NAVY GAMING AMERICA NGA is a World of Warships community fleet whose core players have been around since the early days of closed alpha testing. We are a fleet that was founded by Veterans and as such welcome with open arms former and active duty members from any nations forces. We are a militarily organized fleet and use the USN ranking system. We are a global community with members coming from across the globe and are looking to grow our community with both casual and competitive members. Our fleet is for those wanting a community where everyone is welcome! (18 and over please). Those who are interested in rising above the competition through skilled teamwork will have the opportunity to be invited into Navy Gamings Competitive fleet. We also offer a Naval Academy for those fleetmembers wanting to learn more about the game and improve their play. We play Team Battles most nights. We take part in inter-fleet skirmishes and tourny leagues as well. From social gamers to hardcore competitive gamers we have something for everyone. CURRENT REQUIREMENTS NGA Reqs. Must be 18 or over. No exceptions. Must have and use Teamspeak. Be online at least 2-4 days/nights a week. A Stellar Personality. Basic understanding of the games mechanics. (500 battles+) NGA-Alpha Reqs. Invite only at this time. Reqs change over time and can be discussed with potential recruits. This is a Clan that believes in: Freedom and Liberty. Honesty - Be truthful with yourself. Do not rumor monger or mislead others, as you will destroy your own image and the Clans image within the community. Loyalty - Support your clan and all its members. By working together we are all stronger. Humility - Be gracious in defeat and humble in victory. There is nothing worse than a sore loser or an arrogant victor. While we are socially focused, we do have a competitive invite only fleet for those who are interested in clan/fleet wars, team battles, and inter-fleet tournaments. Members wanting to participate in competitive style play will be evaluated on their performance as well as certain critical in-game statistics available to us. We use custom algorithms to determine eligibility to the competitive aspect of the fleet. Statistics are not the end-all-be-all, but they are important. Willingness to learn and being a team player are vital aspects we evaluate as well. So if you are looking for a fleet and have a zeal for victory come check us out. Our website is here. Once you fill out an application the Teamspeak info shall be provided. http://navygamingame....enjin.com/home Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/navygaming_america Please feel free to PM Jollyroger6969 or Calphayus if you have any questions.
  9. IWAKI ALPHA Divison(death pickle)

    I am looking for two IWAKI ALPHA drivers(or sailors whatever u consider yourself) to possibly division with, I've been using my Iwaki a ton and after like 4 months of using that ship almost exclusively, I have yet to see even ONE more Iwaki.(yes i know it was the Alpha test reward so it isn't common), any Alpha testers that actually use their Iwaki Alpha please message me in game(or on forum or reply to the post) if interested in "death pickling".
  10. Updated for! I changed the Alpha, Beta, and Beta Weekend flags to their equivalent Greek letters: α, β, and...with some artistic license for the Beta Weekend flag...βω ¹ There are two versions: "SD", using the same dimensions as the stock flags (2048x2048), and "HD", with four times the pixles (4096x4096). SD version: https://www.mediafire.com/file/cg4o73s6l50h801/alpha-beta flags SD.7z HD version: Soon ¹ The "w" in βω is actually the lowercase letter omega (Ω). The /w/ phoneme (technically, the voiced labio-velar approximant) used to be represented in Greek by the letter digamma (Ϝ, ϝ, ϛ), which was pronounced like "wau". In Greek, the letter (and the sound) went extinct something like 2500 years ago (6th-7th century B.C.,), although the glyph lives on as the Latin letter F. In modern Greek, the sound can be represented by the digraph οὐ or the trigraph οὐα
  11. im just generally curious here... been seeing alot of those "warning, the following user is extremely disaapointed in the changes made to this game during closed alpha" stickers in some guys sigs, and wanted to know, what were those changes? as a beta tester, and a very new one at that (one week in), im loving this game. sure i can see room for a lot of improvement, like ways to make it more challenging and stuff. so i want to know why the alpha testers feel the way they do...
  12. I was clearing out my garage when I thought i clicked on another ship and sold it .... it was my alpha ship. Is there any way for me to get it back? Will i get it back in the next account wipe? Please help.... don't tell me I just sold that away forever.
  13. Hi all, I have participated in the alpha test in World of Warships, but never received the special ship. Please help! - Thanks, lace8046
  14. Please Stop Asking for Alpha

    I wasn't going to say anything but this is getting a tad ridiculous. We all enjoyed the game and we would all like to play it more. It's possible that those who provided good feedback and participation in the weekend event might be asked to join alpha while it lasts for further testing, however I think creating threads and messaging the administrators would probably hurt more than help your cause. Gunlion did state that some might be included into alpha, however chances are the emails stating you would be was in fact a typo. Why would they include you before they could evaluate your performance? Typically with Wargaming you have to meet certain criteria before being included in such things and while forum participation has been one of those in the past it has never been the sole reason...probably because it's too easy to fluff your post numbers. Either way if you are one of the lucky ones you will know it when they tell you and not before. Chances are when they get a list of names together there will be a mass email to said players. I would be willing to bet that it won't be disclosed through the forums. Remember that the purpose of alpha and beta testing is to test for errors and help finish a product so that everyone can enjoy it. If you were one of the few who were lucky enough to snag a key for the weekend event (and there were MANY who wish they had) before they were all gone should be appreciative of the amount of participation you got and happy with the knowledge that you are guaranteed a spot in the closed beta and other weekend events. At most you'll have to wait a few weeks before another weekend comes up or a month or two before Beta officially starts. TLDR; Patience comrades! Appreciate what you have and don't call them they'll call you.
  15. Hello everyone I've seen a few forums where people have been asking about how to get into the closed alpha test and I thought I would make a page giving some tips on how to make your application stand out. Tip number 1 - Have a neat application that is well organised bullet points work the best for this. Tip number 2 - keep it professional, begging and pleading will not get you a alpha invite. Tip number 3 / required - leave a pastebin to your dxdiag. ( if you don't know what that is, it is basically a coded breakdown of what hardware and software your computer is running, along with other information about your computer.) How to get a dxdiag report. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/run-directx-diagnostic-tool Tip number 4 - actually use pastebin for your dxdiag report instead of pasting it into your application. If you do this you will have only a url to paste in your application instead of the entire dxdiag code which can be ugly and annoying. http://pastebin.com/ Tip number 5 - leave as much information about your past experiences with game testing, development, programming, and anything else that you think will make you stand out. However dont junk up your application with useless information. Tip number 6 - Take a few seconds to thank the developer for taking your application into consideration. This will leave a good impression on who ever is reviewing applications and can give you an advantage over someone who used the cookie cutter application. Tip number 7 as suggested by TwelfthSense - Have a clean forum record. You are more likely to be selected if you have little to no forum warnings than some one who is on their last chance. Also Don't forget to post your dxdiag report, it is important that the developers know what type of system specs your computer is running because not every computer can run the current version of the game. If you have an older computer or a cheap computer do not be discouraged from applying, the developers have not released the specific system requirements so the only way of knowing if your computer is good enough to play the game is by applying and getting an invitation. Alpha Test sign up forum link. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/11756-na-closed-alpha-test-recruitment/ Best of luck to all who apply and I look forward to seeing all of you in game eventually. If you have any tips, tricks, or questions about getting an alpha invite just leave a reply to this forum. Tip number 7 Suggested by TwelfthSense clonk2u, on 30 November 2014 - 10:13 PM, said: Hey, just a heads up, if you posted your app and have not received an E-mail, The last application with poster of full alpha tester status(blue text saying alpha tester under the poster's name) is post #241, and the penultimate fully accepted alpha tester is #111. This may take some stress off a lot of the posters shoulders(say #300 and onward) as the developers and/or moderators probably have not reviewed your application yet. This post was current at 11:05 P.M. EST 11/30/14 - 1:25 AM 12/1/14(since i checked to just now, there have been no changes to the numbers) I mean no disrespect to Wargaming or Wargaming employees by this post, and I only created it in order to ease the minds of those who have already applied and are ingesting dangerously large amounts of coffee while refreshing their e-mail and scouring the forums for any clue on whether or not they have made it into the test. If you have more up to date info (say you are a higher post number, and a recent member of the wait club) please add it!
  16. I want to play this as early as it is available. how can i get involved in the alpha or beta testing of this game?
  17. Any one here whos Excited for the new wave of alpha? I know I am!! I cant wait to play this game!!! if i get accepted of course. Post here if your Excited, or if your a Dev or Alpha tester feel free to post some tips on how to help people improve their application; or just wishing them good luck (I need some too! lol) here's a link for help improving your application too. Click me! I'm a Link
  18. With the arrival of the first emails for welcoming people to the closed alpha test the application page will most likely close soon, So make sure that your app is as clean and professional as possible, and again Good Luck Captains! If any of you still want suggestion on how to improve your apps or want to see some examples for revised apps please leave a link to it here: link I will try to get a response to you all today if you post today
  19. So shortly before I went to bed last night I pulled up my email on my phone and noticed I had a very special WoWS themed email. This video sums my reaction: See you all on the high seas
  20. Hello I am zanacan and I wish to be included in the World of Warships Alpha testing. I am an IC3 certified IT specialist, and sadly I have not participated in a Wargaming alpha test. Games I have participated in alpha testing though are Dust 514, and Verdun. I don't know how I can explain my pro-activity and decency, but i am native to English. I know it Takes a lot to prove ones self but i hope that my word at least carry some weight when i say that i would love to enjoy World of Warships as it stands right, to test out the game and make it the best game it can possibly be! My pastebin DxDiag for my laptop is this link: http://pastebin.com/kN4GCTH8 and my other DxDiag for my desktop is this link: http://pastebin.com/5AbiANmw Everything in yellow is what i posted originally for the purposes of getting into the alpha. I would like to have it reviewed for future posts regarding admission toward an alpha, beta, or other posts that are resumes for admission into that testing. I haven't gotta an email, but this is my third time posting for admission into the WoWS alpha so i do have something of a clue in regards to what is required. Please critically look over the post, suggest revision, and generally help those who don't get in now and those who come in later, to have some frame of reference to make their own resume for testing. Other resumes used for previous entry into the alpha and have gotten in would always be helpful as well, and if you do not have that old post, then people of this wave, who do get in, please save your post or try and remember it. Good luck to all!
  21. Gmail deletes emails from the spam folder after 30 days. If I missed my alpha invite because gmail put it in the spam folder and deleted it after 30 days is there a way for me to check with Wargaming if I got an invite?
  22. Hopefully a moderator can answer this... Just curious as the NDA form requires a driver's license, implying a minimum age of 16... However, the NDAs i've read in the past state the minimum age (usually 18). I don't see anything stating that in the NDA form for WoWs alpha, so i'm just curious about it (and whether or not parent consent is needed for anyone under 18 years of age)
  23. So now that the application thread is closed lets all sit around and pray we get in!
  24. NA Closed Alpha Predictions

    Whats up all?? I just wanted to give a shout out and maybe start a discussion of what we all can do collaboratively as possible testers this coming test period. I do want to know if there will be a message sent to you or an e-mail sent to w/e you used to sign in with? Non the less, I took a look at what other were writing on the other experiences that they had within the test. A few were lengthy essays that were worth the read, but many were just to the point and very little information given. Id like to know your thoughts of what you would test. For me its these things; 1. Lag time between command and ship actually turning (if this is realistic there should be .5 to 2 second delay due to relay of orders within the ship. 2. Consistent time of travel of rounds landing on a specific point. 3. Consistent turret turning speeds. 4. Torpedo commands and command relays 5. Torpedo speeds, change of direction, depth consistency, no glitch where torpedo passes through the hull of the ship (if lunched at higher depths), among others 6. Consistent damage assessments of same types of hits. 7. Looking for a consistent pattern of shell trajectory. 8. No ghost shells (shells hitting the ships but goes straight through with no damage like torpedoes) There are many more, but I'd like others Opinions on this and some people to collaborate with me and create a collective experience to provide to users and creators.
  25. I've gotten conflicting reports from everywhere so- what stage is this game currently in?