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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings all and happy new year. If you've been looking for a clan that isn't asking for WoWS to be your second job, look no further. I started this clan with the idea that gaming is a recreation and shouldn't be something to obsess over, stress out about, or feel obligated to do. I have work outside this game and want to enjoy it, as a game. For the members here that have families, have jobs, school, or other commitments that require your time, this is the clan for you. The objective of this outfit is to allow players to enjoy the benefits of clan membership without having to worry about oil quotas or mandatory attendance. Presently, the clan is offering 5% discounts to post service costs and research for ships tier 1 through 5 for membership. Anyone applying can expect admission until all available slots are filled. Terms of membership are that you play honorably along with the obvious no bigotry, racist comments, or other such nonsense. In the future, there may be a need for members to RSVP for clan battles and training. No point in having a clan if everyone is out there solo. I will be available for chat/discord/discussions usually every morning between 7AM and 10AM. When we have the members for clan battles, we will look for slots on Mondays. Once our membership is more flush, we will have options for the balance of the week. I have a discord channel setup for our clan and will forward any and all details concerning membership once you've joined.
  2. i_r_sensitive

    DS-DL Always recruiting

    No pressure, no requirements. A few of the low hanging port perks already picked up. Make finding division mates easier, and hey, if you wanna be competitive, still want you to join, particularly if you are a better recruiter than I!