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Found 1 result

  1. WoWs used to show on the top bar of the Port Screen the current number of WoWs Players logged into the NA Server, but removed it some updates in the past. I know Aslain's has a MOD that provides that information but I, and many others I've spoken with would prefer to have it returned by WoWs to the Port Screen once again. This information was an asset to the player when making a decision whether to play; Ranked, Random, Brawls, CooP, Operations, and specialized short term games. Please consider restoring this information to the Port Screen. Secondly, Aslain's has a mod that shows a player's Armory Assets; Steel, Coal and any currently available Tokens. It is shown on the top bar of the Port Screen immediately in front of the current display of a player's; Doubloons, Credits, and Free XP. Having that information available on the Port Screen saves a lot of manipulating back and forth between the Armory screens and the Port Screen to simply view and utilize that information. Please consider placing this information on the Port Screen so all player owned assets are readily viewable in a single location - the opening Port Screen.