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Found 3 results

  1. tm63au

    All Alone Again

    Funny was almost finishing up a tongue and cheek post on the PR event and the web page kind of glitches and then froze for second or two, however I finished it and then found I was logged out of the WOWS website, so I tried to log back in but I kept getting put onto the WG log in page you know the one shows 27 ( exaggeration ) different WG games when I get to WOWS it asks me do I want to go to the Asia website, finally get back to logging into the NA website and forum only to find I am the only human here. Strange coincident indeed time to get out my tin foil hat because not 10 minutes ago the "who's on line" at the bottom of the page on the forum showed quite a few community members here, now the " Who's Online says and shows and I quote Member 1 Anonymous 0 Guests 0 wow not a soul here just me again and to think its only just been a few weeks that the community lists had just been restored. Scary is it Aliens at work or some sought of conspiracy but I'm all alone again just like this guy
  2. I am normally not a conspiracy theorist, but does anyone else think it was an impressive stroke of luck that AA power is rising and CV numbers are dropping right before the release of a ship line that is especially susceptible to counter by aircraft? I do not normally subscribe to such thought … but that is one hell of a coincidence.
  3. Blorgh2017


    Nah, I'm just kidding with the overreaction in the title, lol. Still, as a long time fan of the Aliens franchise, the news is disappointing. The long awaited sequel to Alien Isolation is... a mobile game that may be a clone of FNAF? I mean, somebody please correct me if I'm wrong, but that's the vibe I got from this short trailer. Yes, I do play two mobile games myself (Azur Lane is one of them), and there're certainly GOOD mobile games in the market (AL is certainly one of them). However, this is suppose to be the sequel to the venerable Alien Isolation. This feels like the whole Diablo Immortal shenanigans all over again, albeit with less fanfare/outrage, lel. I just learned the news from today's Angry Joe Show (please pardon few... colorful words in the video): Well, not all hopes seem to be lost, as there is an another Alien game being separately developed for PC & console... hopefully it's nothing like the maligned Aliens: Colonial Marines... and more like the classic Alien vs Predator FPS games from late 90's/early 2000's.