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Found 5 results

  1. Hey All, Just a suggestion for the T8 USS Alabama Premium ship. When it comes to the Alabama, it seems to run in the middle of the pack when it comes to T8 American Battleships. Its unique compared to the Constallation, the Massachusetts, and the North Carolina, but I don't feel its unique "enough" from the other ships. I would really like to see if receive one thing and one thing only, DFAA consumable with 2x charges. I think by adding this it would stand out a bit more from the rest of the pack as the "AA ship" of the lot, and since it historically took part in the great turkey shoot with strong success, it fits the bill from that thematic point. I just think that the Alabama needs something to set itself apart more. You take North Carolina cause its Free and cause its very accurate, the Massachussetts because secondary range, and the constallation cause you want to go super fast, but the Alabama is kinda a middle ground. Other than that I still really enjoy the ship a lot!
  2. Hello! I was trying to search builds for some premium BBs. My first question is regarding Gascogne (1/1.000.000 players use it). I have a Massachusetts with secondarie build (captain 14 yet) and i am making Tirpitz the same. This one is farily easy, but i dont reduce the fire time neither the chance to ship get fire. I know Gascogne cant do the same as germans and USN. How may i build her? Commander and upgrade slots Usually on BBs like Massa, Tirpitz, i use: 1 - Priority target 2 - Manual Fire control 3- Expert marksman 4- Basic fire training 5- Superintendent 6- Advanced fire triaining I know for Amagi, Ignis, Ragnarok i cant build secondaries... And even further, on French premium line it is like a 3rd branch... I have: Ignis Purgatio/Ragnarok, Gascogne, Alabama, Massa, Tirpitz, Kii, Georgia, Champagne.
  3. MockingBird94

    Massachusetts or Alabama?

    Should I get Massachusetts or Alabama? The other page was deleted so I had to make a new one.
  4. Hey guys, im running low on credits and decided to get a T8 premium ship to grind them out, the problem is i dont know what ship to get that will give me consistent good battles and credits, so far i have heard good things about Alabama and Atago so i dont know which one of these to get, any other ships are welcome for suggestion aswell! Edit: Hey guys! thanks for all the replies, i have read every comment and despite many people recommending ships like Scharnhorst and Tirpitz due to my experience with German Battleships, i have decided to get Atago, i have seen a couple of videos of it and looks very fun, the concealment, access to health repair party and great torps are very appealing to me. Reasons for not getting scharnhorst or Tirpitz is because i dont really want another close range Brawler battleship, Bismarck and Kurfurst are really fun but i do want to explore other game styles aswell. Thanks again for all the help, i didn't expect this many people to reply and help me out, what a great community! P.S: dont say Missouri 😂
  5. Just a heads up, but Alabama is next on the Summer Day Sale. She is already live on the EU and Asia servers. LIVE NOW. SHIP OF THE DAY: ALABAMA NA PRICE: $37.58 (30% OFF) BUNDLE CONTENT VIII ALABAMA PORT SLOT DETAILS Today only: Battleship Alabama with a 30% discount! Alabama will take her rightful place in the collection of any admirer of U.S. battleships or fan of naval history. This ship boasts a combination of maneuverability that is quite good for a battleship with accurate and efficient main battery guns. Discover new tactical solutions and playstyles! Advantages: Nine accurate and reliable 406 mm main guns. Excellent anti-aircraft firepower. Good anti-torpedo protection, a priceless advantage in any close encounters with hostile light ships. Impressive maneuverability for a battleship. Extra credits per battle and 50% more XP provided by the camouflage. If you already have this ship in your Port, you will receive 8,540 Doubloons as compensation. See the Wiki for the performance parameters of Alabama. (Or just Read LWM's Review)