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Found 2 results

  1. This Battleship had a surcharge which does not pay at all, despite being a Tier IX, IT HAS NOTHING TO BENEFIT IT: - Useless Secondarys. - An Anti-Air that leaves much to be desired. - The Fighter is terrible and never shoots down planes. - Bad dispersion which makes it worse than the German BBs. The only decent thing about this Purchase is the Captain of Azur Lane because the ship sucks wherever you want to see, extremely disappointed with what this collaboration is currently selling. "Premium BB or Useless BB"
  2. AL Sov Rossiya is currently one of the weakest Tier 9 battleship in the game. The Tech Tree Sov Soyuz was balanced according to the average battleships at Tier 9. But for AL Sov Rossiya, the 0.1 sigma increase cannot compensate for losing the increased main gun accuracy at close range. This makes AL Sov Rossiya incapable at contesting and very weak at any range. I would like to ask the devs to try increasing the secondary base range to 7.7km or so, and maybe even increase secondary reload/accuracy according to the spreadsheet's feedback. This can greatly help AL Sov Rossiya captains that find their ship nearly always outgunned when contesting a cap, and surely increase sales.