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Found 4 results

  1. Koogus

    Ducky Acquired

    just got my hands on the akizuki i am excited to play my first game in it (and likely suck in it at first). I just have a small question. what are some good builds and upgrades for this ship?
  2. With the upcoming addition to the tech tree of the T9 Kitakaze and the T10 Harugumo, I'd like to poll and troll for a bit and ask the forumites what they plan to do to exploit how these ships might affect the meta and balance of T8-10 battles....?
  3. Curious what my fellow forum dwellers think. My uncensored opinion:
  4. Well now, we all know that with the on coming of Kitekaze and Harugmo our Akizukis are no longer in elite status. At the moment Akizuki has the ability of two different torpedo launchers. First the Type 90 mod 1. Reload time 101 seconds damage 17233 speed 62 knots. Basically Akizuki's stock torpedoes. Now with the upgraded torpedoes via research, the Type 93 mod 2. Reload time 112 seconds Maximium damage 20967 speed of 67 knots and a range of 10 kilometers. These are great. Even though it's only 1 set of 4 tubes. Why am I bringing this up? Well I would like to throw this pitch. Asasho (or how ever you spell that). She has the Type 93 mod 2 but with this spec deep water torpedoes. Now if Wargaming ever did this highly unlikely but they could. They could actually add in to the Akizuki research modules for torpedoes and add the charlie torpedo tubes. They could do the Type 3 mod 2 deep waters. How ever their range would or could be limited to 10 Kilometers. Still with a very low detectability range. It would probably give the Akizuki a different style of play if players decide to go this route and research and upgrade to that Type 93 Mod 2 DW if it would ever get added to Akizuki. They already exist in game why not increase their population.