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Found 6 results

  1. teleStraightShooter

    Harugumo/ Kitakaze observations

    What are your observations about the performance of the new IJN DDs Harugumo & Kitakaze? The dakkaDakkaDakka on the Harugumo is wicked. With a reload nearing 2 seconds I racked up ~40k in gun/fire damage in under 2 mins on a charging Alsace BB, then sunk it w/ 2 torps; damage scoreboard suprisingly went from 29k to 100k - just like that. I have noticed captial ships like Stalingrad facing me bow on beyond 12km default range, then creeping up for its 11.7km radar. I am going to try the range upgrade & perhaps AFT. I read on these forums that past 13-15km(?) the 100mm ap speeds up due to gravity assist & pens upto 75mm. Problem is hitting @ past 15km, but at a +45% drop it might be able to arch over less than towering mountains. For max damage I recommend IFHE/ DE/ BFT/ AR
  2. With the upcoming addition to the tech tree of the T9 Kitakaze and the T10 Harugumo, I'd like to poll and troll for a bit and ask the forumites what they plan to do to exploit how these ships might affect the meta and balance of T8-10 battles....?
  3. Curious what my fellow forum dwellers think. My uncensored opinion:
  4. Since the IJN 100mm HE will now pen 25mm (32mm w/IFHE), this OP buff is very much liked by this captain w/1.3k battles w/ her. Here is how rank the new order of usefulness of its commanders skills. 1) IFHE - on average 30% - 40% of hits are shatters; this should drop it to 15%(?) Translating to 40 more pens, up to.... ~20k more damage. 2) SurvExp - the rudder shift nurf from 4.8 seconds to 5.8 seconds will mean absorbing more hits, even if your running 2 rudder shift upgrades. (Well, duh! Its really a CL w/730m turn radius) 3) AdrenalinRush - for a measly 2 cmmdr pts approach 20% buff in RPM, from 160 to 192. 4) PriorityTarget - need to pick one from row 1, slightly better than PrevMaint. 5) BFT - 10% buff in RPM & 20% more AA in this boat that was historicly designed for AA. 6) AFT - it takes advanced skill to drop rainbow shots between 11.33 - 13.6km, but the landing shells sound like a cash register. 7) ExpMark- w/11.25 secs to rotate 180, the 1.5 seconds faster make a difference in a unexpectes knife fight. --- 19 pt threshold for skills listed above -- 8) DemExp - +2% in fire chance is nice, but I expect BFT will net slightly more damage w/IFHE . Do the math. 9) LastStand- very useful but it's low on my list because if your cap diving w/ this even slower turning, more visible CL..... your doing it wrong. ConcealmentExpert, RadioLocation, ManualAA - I love theses skills but there is a big opportunity cost in using them & skipping more efficient skills.
  5. Well now, we all know that with the on coming of Kitekaze and Harugmo our Akizukis are no longer in elite status. At the moment Akizuki has the ability of two different torpedo launchers. First the Type 90 mod 1. Reload time 101 seconds damage 17233 speed 62 knots. Basically Akizuki's stock torpedoes. Now with the upgraded torpedoes via research, the Type 93 mod 2. Reload time 112 seconds Maximium damage 20967 speed of 67 knots and a range of 10 kilometers. These are great. Even though it's only 1 set of 4 tubes. Why am I bringing this up? Well I would like to throw this pitch. Asasho (or how ever you spell that). She has the Type 93 mod 2 but with this spec deep water torpedoes. Now if Wargaming ever did this highly unlikely but they could. They could actually add in to the Akizuki research modules for torpedoes and add the charlie torpedo tubes. They could do the Type 3 mod 2 deep waters. How ever their range would or could be limited to 10 Kilometers. Still with a very low detectability range. It would probably give the Akizuki a different style of play if players decide to go this route and research and upgrade to that Type 93 Mod 2 DW if it would ever get added to Akizuki. They already exist in game why not increase their population.
  6. Carbapenem_17

    Akizuki CE or IFHE first?

    So I have 10 point captain on my Akizuki and was wondering whether I should take CE or IFHE first? The concealment doesn't look soo bad at 6.6km. While IFHE will earn me more damage and able to get my captain to 14 faster. Suggestions?