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Found 2 results

  1. I tried to attack this Hermes with HE bombs today. Flak ahead, bank left, bank right, steady on target, climb, dive, flaps out, yaw right, aim for the island, steady on tar-WHAT THE ?!?!? As soon as the bulls-eye passes over the arrester wire all planes do a snap roll to port and pull out of the dive. Turns out the border avoidance system screwed me over. Is this why so many people hug the map border when the game is almost lost? So you can't bomb them? Luckily one bomb did hit the flight deck edge, but since the Royal Navy puts armored decks on their aircraft carriers all it did was do ~2400. Wargaming, can you please extend the plane avoidance to 1 km outside the map? This is blatant abuse of a mechanic in the game since the beginning. ♦
  2. Nicely produced video - see what you think of the build and video quality.