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  1. So a few of the questions that me and a lot of my friends have been talking about. #1: How to make RN Carriers Unique. #2: How to fix the Graf Zepplin. #3: How to add a 2nd CV Tree? _____________________________________________________________ So a few quick answers and thoughts. - First the Graf Zeppling. Looking at German Dive bombers (Historically) I came up with a very interesting and fun answer to the problem. Mixed multi-bomb payloads. So let's say we take a standard (Used historically) bomb load for the JU-87. 1 x SC250 (250kg) 4 x SC50 (50kg) So why not let this be a bomb load? Maybe even mix the AP/HE bombs. So a 250kg AP bomb. and 4 50kg HE Bombs. This gives the Dive Bombers 1 bomb that can hit and damage larger ships pretty well. And a number of smaller bombs that can explode, knock out AA Mounts. Set fires. And if dropping on a DD give a kind of "shot gun" pattern. The only reason that I can see this not being a great ideal is that MAY be a bit to much math. I mean that WOULD be a lot of bomb drop positions. This of coarse can be used for some other Carriers also. (Maybe the 1 Italian Premium CV that will make its way into the game) Maybe the French Premium CV? ______________________________________________________________ As far as a matter of RN Carriers or a 2nd Tree. (Maybe for a Escort Carrier tree) - As anyone ever thought about the Ideal of some CV's that are allowed to use there "Secondaries" Manually? I mean its not like a lot of CV's have overpowered Secondary guns. The only ships it would be useful against would be DD's. Or maybe heavily wounded Cruisers. Maybe this is not a great ideal for the RN Carriers but I feel like short (3-4 ship) Escort CV's might be a good ideal.
  2. So simply put, this thread will be the thread I'll update for any and all mods I create, it's purpose is to allow you guys to have a one-stop shopping area if you want anything Strangereal and beyond. As long as I'm playing the game I'll be updating these mods as soon as possible. Status: All Mods 6.10 ready! Mod #1: Aircraft of Strangereal Description: This is an ongoing mod to change most aircraft to display the roundels of the Ace Combat world. Status: Most, if not all US, IJN, Soviet, and additionally the UK aircraft sport their Strangereal nation's roundel. 3 German scout planes plus Graf Zeppelin's aircraft also have their Strangereal Roundels now. Link: of Mod #2: Nations of Strangereal Description: a simple mod that changes the names of the nations to that of Ace Combat's world. so U.S.A. is Osea. U.S.S.R. is Yuktobania, and so on. it also changes the filter options, no longer will it say "Show USA ships", it now says "Show Osean ships". Status: Ship related mods that Strangerealed them have been moved to Ships of Strangereal. Link: Nation Mod #3: Flags of Strangereal Description: This mod changes most of the national flags to their Strangereal counterpart. Legendary squadrons have their emblems as some of the Ranked Battle flags. It'll also change the Battleship Missouri's and Cruiser Belfast's turret flags to that of their Strangereal national flag. Status: All currently modded ranked season and Enterprise flags now display a custom picture when looking at the "Flags" tab when selecting one. Link: of Mod #4: Arpeggio Smoke and Fire for All Ships Description: This mod changes all gun, stack, and deck fire smoke to be similar to that of the Arpeggio event ships (energy contrails not included). Status: the smoke effects have been fixed as best as I am able to in the quickest of fashions. the only "issue" I've encountered in tested is if a target is 1.5km or closer to you while using sniper mode will result in a loss of the target for a second due to the bright orange flash of gunfire. Since this mod has failed to work for some captains, here's a picture to show you where to install it, just change "5.7.0" to whatever version is the current version. Link: Smoke and Fire for Mod #5: Warships of Strangereal Description: This mod is where you'll find any and all special skins I've edited or created to make them fit in with all the other Strangereal mods I've created. Ships like Kaga have had her Rising Sun replaced with an Erusean Roundel, Missouri's flag is an Osean one, and fancy skins for your warships to wear, like giving Iowa/Missouri a black and white scheme, modernizing Midway, and eventually, a pretty little skin for Enterprise too. Status: Erusean Carrier Kaga is finally ready for naval combat proudly boasting her nationality with an Erusean Roundel on her flightdeck. Belkan Carrier Graf Zeppelin has displays Belkan flags and roundels along her deck and bridge. Enterprise's skin has been touched up improving the look of her red underbelly. North Carolina has received a special skin similar to Battleships Iowa and Missouri. Link: of
  3. Hey guys, I've been thinking about this topic the last few days and wanted to put it out there, even though we are on the verge of the British BBs being released. Here is my idea for the lineup of a full British CV line. I welcome any feedback or comments and suggestions on how WG could balance RN CVs in relation to their U.S. and Japanese counterparts. I'm not that big of a CV player myself, but the British CVs could be something interesting and different compared to the only 2 nations that have CV lines in the game right now. Tier IV - Argus Tier V - Eagle or Hermes (leaning towards Hermes myself) Tier VI - Furious Tier VII - Illustrious Tier VIII - Ark Royal Tier IX - Implacable Tier X - Malta or Audacious
  4. The tutorial doesn't go in great detail. I am new to this game. I am using a IV tier Cruiser. It has a plane on it. I know I press T to launch it. Does the plane automatically attack the enemy on its own. The help says to press ALT hold + left mouse button. Does that assign the ship for it to be attacked by the aircraft? Do I have to continue holding it till the plane finishes? There is no info on it. Thank you!
  5. When an aircraft carriers is destroyed and it still has planes in the air you should be able to control them are you trying to say that the Pilots are stupid and that they need flight control guidance from the ship
  6. well, i say underpowered to not say its complete trash. its so much garbage its not even worth it my time. it doesnt matter how you see the zuiho, it cant fulfill ANY of a cvs role. i cant use as a escort because my fighters are useless. if you see the bogue has a 6 plane squadron of torpedo bombers, that the narrow spread is incredibly hard to dogde every single one of them even when youre already aware that there are planes heading your way. the zuiho has a 4 plane squadron, if you hit 1 torp in someone that tries to evade youre lucky. the bogue also has a 6 plane squadron of fighters. every single time the bogue fighter squadron simply MELT my planes no matter what. today for example, my full squad of fighters got completely destroyed by half of a bogues fighter squadron. HALF. THATS 3 PLANES. but ALL of my fighters were destroyed and i only managed to destroy ONE of his fighters. the bogue, and american in general, dive bombers are WAY better than the IJN ones with a much better dispersion and survivability. besides, the bogue itself has a much better AA than the zuiho so, bogues torpedo bomber squadron has 2 more planes, same speed, same damage better survivability (more planes = more time to destroy them all) bogues dive bomber squadron has 2 more planes, same damage, a MUCH better dispersion and better survivability HALF of a bogues fighter squadron is capable of completely executing a FULL zuiho fighter squadron losing only ONE plane can somebody tell me wthis wrong with wargaming to think this is SOMEHOW balanced?
  7. Rain, sure they can fly. Cyclone? Unlikely - and if they did their effectiveness needs to be cut WAAAAAAaaayyyyyy back... It's not well... reasonable - for TB and DB to come screaming down on you in a cyclone then not appear until they're like "indicated 2.x km" which means they're right on top of you, drop and laugh all the way back to the carrier. If they are not receiving the same kind of visibility punishments as the surface ships then they need it. If they are then something needs done about making them visible to surface ships. tia fyc
  8. I've now seen this three times in the last few days. Competing against another CV and suddenly ALL that CV's Aircraft show up, not one squadron at a time - ALL OF THEM. How is this done? Anyone? Help is most appreciated. I just got blown out of the water by 4 squadrons of torps and 2 squadrons of Bombers - and I had already shot down his 2 squadrons of fighters. Very Much Thanks in advance.
  9. Last night I was having really off night. missing strafes, torpedo drops, rng hating my bombers, no floods, ect ect. So bad in fact that I actually benched my Ranger for my Saipan. Rather than going into detail; in one game against a well played T7 IJN CV that I felt useless (good stats but not "Good" stats). My allies and reds were badmouthing the Saipan as a CV. The red CV piped in and made my night with some kind words about my game play. I just wanted to pass along the good feelings. As a BB main I can say with absolute certainty that everyone knows every CV player does their best and even when it is not enough we understand. Just keep at it and good games will come and even become more frequent with more practice.
  10. I was watching my torpedo planes attacking an aircraft carrier in a Co-op battle. The enemy carrier's fighters engaged my aircraft who were firing back. The carrier was destroyed by gunfire from another ship. The game ended at that point (the carrier was the enemy's last ship) but I could hear the machine guns still firing even after I returned to the port screen.
  11. So, before I get a lot of crap for what I am about to say, let me say I am an average player! I do buy premium ships just to have them, or play them for fun. I HAVE PLAYED CVs IN THE PAST SO I AM NOT A COMPLETE NOOB. THE POINT HERE IS TO MAKE THE SHIP MORE PLAYABLE BY THE AVERAGE CONSUMER. So, after playing a few games in the Saipan, even with the "air supremacy" captain skill, necessary ship upgrades, necessary captain skills, the ship still gets creamed! Let me explain what I have noticed: 1) "It's a boom and zoom carrier mate!" - No it's not, you can strafe and try to run, but while you're in a strafe once the enemy engages you, you are stuck in one place as they duke it out, and YOUR PLANES GET CREAMED. -2 squads on one, YOU GET CREAMED. -Against a Ranger loaded with fighters, YOU GET CREAMED. -Against a Hiryu with 2/2/2 loadout, YOU GET CREAMED. -Against higher tier CVs, YOU GET CREAMED. 2)I love the 8/9 DB loadout, it's probably the best thing about the ship! (No complaints here.) 3) The TB loadout, so low in defense/HP pool with 3 planes. (YOU GET CREAMED.) -If you engage anything but a Kongo or Fuso, basically with anything with half a decent AA rating, YOU GET CREAMED. I have noticed that while the CV is playable against a Ranger or Hiryu, the sheer number of planes on those ships will be able to out play you. Some suggestions I have thought of while playing the Saipan. -Give the Saipan the planes it deserves (those jets it actually had). -Give the Saipan more planes per squad (just one would do) AND give its fighter more AMMO capacity, so once you do engage, you don't get screwed after running out of ammo. --I have noticed that even if my fighters are doing well against a squadron of Rangers or Hiryu, you run out of ammo, and as you're heading back, YOU GET CREAMED! -Give the planes the ability to actually "BOOM AND ZOOM." Meaning if the enemy engages your planes, give them the ability to run away instead of HAVING TO BE LOCKED IN A FIGHT! -Disable friendly fire during Strafes. --The Saipan already has limited number of fighters, but it makes it even worse when you're fighters are engaged in a fight, doing well, then your team mate sees an opportunity to strafe, and capitalizes at your cost. -Give the ship preferential MM. --Obvious reasons...... -FINALLY, the ULTIMATE SOLUTION THAT WOULD MAKE THE OTHERS UNNECESSARY! --For those saying, "oh hey mate, that's not historically accurate" - the Izuchusi/Izumo never existed. Need I remind you of the Arp ships in the game. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the Japenese ever painted their Myoko class ships pink....... -So the solution: Give the Saipan more planes. The Ranger has 74, the Hiryu has 72, I'm saying, give the saipan about 60-65. --It's not historically accurate mate! ---1) It's a game. ---2) It's a number - if some programmer decides to have more planes, he just adjusts the code by a couple number and boom, a better and playable ship. ---3) WITH THE ESCORT CARRIERS WITHIN A FLEET, AND ACCESS TO GROUND BASES, THE SAIPAN COULD HAVE HAD ACCESS TO MORE PLANES. I have a 1.95 KDR, and a 56% Win Rate. I am a noob by no means. I do well in all other class of ship, and even decent in CVs. So I am not a noob just randomly complaining. I have played other classes of ships, and even if they were bad, I never complained because those ships WERE STILL PLAYABLE! The Saipan, in its current condition has only two options, GET CREAMED BADLY, OR GET CREAMED MODERATELY. THE END OPTION IS STILL TO GET CREAMED!
  12. When a Mission includes multiple Carriers and one carrier is sunk, the aircraft become lost; would be nice to be able to recover and service those aircraft on any remaining friendly carriers providing there is deck space to do so. This would be the actual course of events so why not replicate for the game? Losing a carrier would not necessitate the loss of all aircraft for the friendly side.
  13. Though in general I do enjoy the game and think that a good bit of it reflects things historically I would like to point out and possibly get some clarification about certain issues I have. It appears to me that whoever designed the game thought 2 dimensionally (which works for surface ships) but when you add fighters into the mix it doesn't add up. Most fighters (and even dive bombers until they make their bombing run) would stay at a high enough altitude that surface ships either couldn't hit them or couldn't be very accurate about it. This, in fact, was the entire reason dive bombing was created--stay at a high altitude above the AA guns and dive at the last moment to drop a bomb. Ignoring this fact makes the Carriers less powerful in the game than they were historically in my opinion. All that being said I do enjoy it and will continue playing. Thanks for listening.
  14. ​I know its going to be difficult for players to grasp the idea of choosing any three ships for a Division but to allow for 2 carriers in one division must be scary. I would like to hear what others think of letting two Carriers be in one Division, to allow for the team talk option to be more useful. The next point is going to be a killer. In the same division, using the same countries' ships, could one carrier send their planes to re-arm and re-fuel on the second carrier? To extend coverage or to resupply the other carrier's lost planes from one to another. Example: I am going to be sunk, so I order my aircraft, in flight, to the other Carrier to resupply their flights, to the starting level. No more than that second Carrier could have had. Thank you for your responses.
  15. Seems to me that there are a lot of abandoned aircraft when a carrier sinks. When will the surviving aircraft carrier be able to rescue these survivors and put them back into the battle instead of leaving them to die? If a carrier sinks and there is a surviving carrier, the surviving squadrons/planes should pop up on the surviving carrier's page to accept them or decline. If accepted, the survivors become part of the air arm of that carrier. Should be relatively simple fix and extend the play of carriers....especially at lower levels... Enjoy! Former Navy guy! Jon
  16. When I imagine British CV aircraft, I imagine slow, tough little biplanes that get a survivability bonus against AAA partially due to their slowness throwing-off the flak predictors of enemy AAA guns, with very fast, good fighters as a support. I expect British fighters to significantly out-perform the current American and Japanese fighters, due to their widespread use of Hispano 20mm cannons, which were far better at taking down air targets quickly than .50 caliber machine guns. One downside I see of British fighters is the need to land and reload more commonly, as the Hispano cannons could not carry as much ammo as the .50 cal MGs could (due to the increased size of the projectile being fired). British aircraft I would expect: VTs (Torpedo Bombers): Fairey Swordfish: Tough-as-nails, slow old biplane dive/torpedo bomber that was obsolete by the time the war began. Still went on to sink the Bismark, however. Fairey Albacore: An updated version of the Swordfish that was faster and could still dual-purpose as a dive bomber or torpedo bomber. Fairey Barracuda (Mk I, II, and V): The first successful full-metal monoplane design made by Fairey, the Barracuda was difficult to take-off due to its ungainly characteristics on the ground, and early versions had a poor climb rate. Later versions had an enhanced powerplant, increasing their speed and climb rate and their payload capacity to 2,000 lbs. Like the Albacore and Swordfish, the Barracuda was a TBR (Torpedo/Bomber/Reconnaissance) aircraft, so it dual-purposed as both dive bomber and torpedo bomber. TBF Avenger: The British received several American TBF-1 Avenger aircraft later in the war, which were tougher, faster, and had better climbing characteristics than the Fairey Barracuda. Often carried better ordnance, but, interestingly, they often served cooperatively, that is, RN carriers that carried Avengers often also carried Barracudas. Fairey Spearfish (Prototype): The Fairey Spearfish was a prototype torpedo/dive bomber designed to operate off of the planned Malta class carriers. It had a much better powerplant, an internal weapons bay (finally), and carried 4 .50 cals, 2 forward-firing in the wings and 2 in a remote-controlled barbette behind the cockpit. It was better than the Barracuda in almost all respects, despite being significantly larger. (This would go with a premium Malta-class carrier) Blackburn Firebrand (produced, never saw combat)- The Blackburn Firebrand was a monoplane, single-engine strike aircraft capable of carrying both torpedoes and bombs. Westland Wyvern- This was a turpo-prop multi-purpose strike aircraft capable of carrying and delivering torpedoes as well as bombs and rockets. Would make a suitable fighter as well. VBs (Dive Bombers): (see VTs) Also, the USN F4U-D Corsair VFs (Carrier-Fighters): Fairey Firefly- A powerful full-metal monoplane fighter capable of carrying 4x 20mm Hispano autocannons Fairy Flycatcher- A single seat biplane fighter suitable for tier IV Hawker Sea Hurricane- A good tier V, the Sea Hurricane carried 20mm Hispanos, but limited ammunition Supermarine Seafire (Mk I, II, V, XII, 24)- The Supermarine Seafire was the modification of the famous Supermarine Spitfire designed to fly off of carriers. The later modifications (XII and 24) became very powerful, as they were fitted with the more powerful Griffon powerplants. Mustang Mk. 1A: Not sure where this would fit, but the Mustang Mk.1A took the climb rate and speed of the Mustang and buffed it with the power of the British 20mm Hispano autocannon. Powerful fighter. Westland Wyvern: (see VTs) Supermarine Attacker- A jet-powered rendition of the experimental Supermarine Spiteful. Very powerful, very fast.
  17. I am experiencing an occasional problem in which I am using a CV and suddenly I lose the ability to issue commands to my planes that are in the air. It has happened to me twice in the past week out of probably 20 or so matches. I am able to use the keyboard to switch between squads and to order them to land and take off; however, the cursor displays an icon which is a circle with a line running through it as though to say the action I am trying to take is invalid. When this happens, I am unable to use the mouse to direct my planes to travel, attack, cover, or follow; no commands can be issued with the mouse. At first I believed I had just accidentally switched to commanding the ship, but that was not the case. I next tried hitting escape to enter and exit the menu, but to no avail. Alt-tabbing out and then back into WoWs also didn't work. On the first occasion, the problem lasted for about 30 seconds and then stopped as suddenly as it started. On the second occasion, it lasted for about two minutes and, again, suddenly stopped. The issue seems rare, but is a major problem when it happens as it leaves your CV essentially incapacitated until it stops. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a way to get it to stop when it happens?
  18. Now I have been thinking about this for the past few days as a long time carrier player, and like most I have found that a lot of battles seem kinda one sided... Now most people would say the balance issue is USA vs IJN carriers, but I'm not sure that is entirely the case.... For the most part I think this has to do with captain skills and modules. PS. I will be leaving Bombers out of this talk for the most part due to them being a carrier VS everything else issue (that I think has for the most part been fixed as of late.) For example with most of the other classes even a stock ship can easily beat a fully upgraded ship no problem. This is due mostly to player skill, teamwork, and a tiny bit of luck... But it works! For carriers however I doesn't work this way... Even if you haven't played a carrier you know it's almost always a 1 on 1 fight, with maybe a tiny 2 on 2 fight every now and again, Most of which is one higher tier carrier and a lower tier one working together... BUT let's get to my main point! Carriers, don't have optional parts when it comes to fighting or holding back other carriers... This is due to, in large part dogfight being completely automated, Any Carrier without upgrades when it comes to dogfighting will ALWAYS lose. Got Less planes? You lose. Don't got fully upgraded aircraft? You Lose. Don't got modules? You lose... And so on for the most part... Also some modules tend to favor one side over the others, So since I got my game open right now let's run through em all! (I'll leave out upgraded aircraft since you already have seen my point there.) First Moduals! Slot 1 1.Air Groups Modification 1: increase fighter damage by 10% Fighters are the only thing that really matter in a carrier vs carrier fight for the most part so anybody without this will probably be in a world of hurt... Slot 2 1.Flight Control Modification 1: Not a big deal for the most part so I think this one is fine since it mostly concerns bombers... 2.Air Groups Modification 2: Fighter HP +20% Makes it even harder for a player without this to take down someone with this upgrade... Again fighter combat is Automated... Slot 3 only really has travel time and bomber HP which don't really cover fighter VS fighter combat... Moving on! SKILLS! This get's kinda complex cause some are good and some are useless now... First one is at level 3 (so you need a level 6 Captain.) Dogfighting Expert: For those of you who don't know this only effects carriers who have lower tier planes then there opponent... Which doesn't happen anymore due to carriers always being the same tier... or unless your facing a saipan which already has less planes then the other ships it's tier. (yes I know a carrier with upgraded planes, might benefit from this however when said carrier is fully upgraded this skill becomes useless... (level 10 Captain) Aircraft Servicing Expert : only problem here is once again the boost to fighter HP, which again is due to the way dogfights work... (Level 15 Captain) Air Supremacy: Extra fighter = Extra HP and Extra damage... Need I say more? Also there is a problem of IJN vs USN necessity vs options. Anything with fighter HP? IJN Necessity USN Option Anything with fighter damage? IJN Necessity USN Option Anything with service time? USN Necessity IJN Option The extra fighter? IJN Necessity USN Option So some of you may ask why? Well the USN needs more damage output so they need faster delivery. However with the IJN there fighters are always outnumbered and outgunned so they need as much of a buff as they can get. This makes it very unfriendly to newer players trying the class cause anybody with skills or the right parts can curb stomp them... But what about the Hakuryu vs Midway debate? Well this may have something to do with the way things increased over time. the jumps in squad numbers have been fairly consistent most of the time, however Hakuryu got one while midway didn't. So Hakuryu got a extra squad and some extra hanger space to store them. Where as Midway is just a Essex with an outrageous hanger capacity. Heck her top load outs are even the same... One option is to remove the Hakuryu's 8th squad making it 7 just like the taiho, and giving it the same load outs as taiho This would make it so like the Midway it's a improved tier 9 with more longevity, cause as it stands though the Hakuryu does better overall I find you tend to lose more planes and run out during the match VS midway players... As well as while they are not perfectly balanced essex and taiho seem to be more even then there tier 10 counterparts. so to summarize the points to contemplate here are! Fighter imbalance based on -Modules -Captain Skills -Upgraded aircraft Carrier Game play automation And the tier 10 load outs So what are your guys thoughts on the matter?
  19. What do you guys think the next three possible Premium CVs should be and why? Sorry I don't feel like writing three paragraphs on the subject, it's late.
  20. Do AA guns have a field of fire? Secondaries can't fire on the starboard side if they're on the port side, nor can they fire if something is in their way (Dunkerque being the best example I can think of with her side mounted guns obscured by some boats). If not, then an aircraft's angle of attack means nothing since all AA guns can fire regardless of their position. If they do, then dive bombers would have a slight advantage in survivability when attacking from the front or rear, their ideal attack angle, while torpedo bombers (which are from my own experience and what I've seen posted are more reliable in doing damage) would face more AA when attacking from the side: their ideal angle of attack. I've seen too many posts to know that implementing this one thing (if not already in game) would balance IJN and USN CV's, so I'm just throwing this out there to know for sure, and as a suggestion if and when WG gets around to reworking carriers.
  21. A while ago, I bought me a Langley. I now have the upgraded hull, fighters, and torpedo planes, and am going to get upgraded dive bombers very soon. I'm playing in co-op battles, at least for now, so as to get comfortable in the ship. I use auto drops for my dive bombers, but feel some improvement with manual drop for TBs. For upgrades, I got Auxiliary Armaments Modification I and Propulsion Modification I. For my captain, I have Basic Firing Training, Torpedo Armament Expertise, and Expert Rear Gunner. If anyone has any additional advice, as far as captain skills and gameplay go, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  22. The main question regarding Carriers is how to keep them balanced while keeping them fun to play. This singular question has prompted many answers from the player base across these forums but I personally have yet to encounter a proposal that satisfies both, equally important, parts of the question. The balance between the other ship classes in the game is one that works very well, to the point that Carriers are struggling to find a resonance within that balance. As you read through this, understand that I am going to propose more than a set of Nerfs and Buffs but a rework to improve the current system as whole. As a player, I have been on the receiving end of a CV attack more than I have delivered aerial payloads myself. While playing as a Carrier interested me at first, I didn't find it rewarding or fun to play. CV's are a massive threat in any game and the only counter to them (based on replies in the forums about this topic) is to travel in groups. Sounds easy enough, but in most situations it is only partially effective. However, what I find most "Over-Powered" about carriers isn't the inadequacy of this counter but that they can strike anywhere on the map with perfect accuracy no matter where their ship is on the map. No other ship in the game can do this. All other ships have a maximum range where they can influence the results of the battle. (Gun range, torpedo range etc.) The accuracy of these armaments decreases as the distance to the intended target increases. The system I am going to propose brings carriers under this rule. Essentially Aircraft Carriers would have an "effective" range (ER) that would be comparable to the range of a same tiered cruiser. Essentially carriers would operate the same as they do now within this range. A CV an still attack outside this range but the orders must be given before the planes leave the effective range. No orders can be given to planes once they leave this range. You would also be able to set a squadrons "Rules of Engagement". You can set this before your planes leave the ER. There would be an aggressive stance and a passive stance. If your intended target becomes concealed after the planes leave the ER the set rules of engagement will determine their behavior. If set to passive they will immediately return to the ER if set to aggressive they will proceed to the last known location of their target and attempt to require them and attack. If they do not find their target after reaching their last known location they will return to the ER. In domination captured points that connect to the ER extend the ER around the point. Carriers could park between two captured points and vastly increase their range. Also, carriers planes cannot spot enemy ships if they are outside this range. Being able to change the aggressiveness of your squadrons is the first of many strategic options that I am proposing for CVs. Being able to change the armament of squadrons while they are being refitted should be an option. Torpedo bombers should have access to slower and longer range torpedoes to break up enemy formations and shorter range faster torpedoes for strategic strikes. Dive bombers should have access to their standard bombs, or larger "AP" bombs that make the plane itself slower but deal more damage. I am also open to fighters being dual purpose bombers. Dropping payloads in order to increase aircraft speed and escape enemy fighters should also be available to all squadrons. These strategic options would help combat the behavior change in the next paragraph. This change is more optional: If torpedo bombers are ordered to attack a target and come under AA fire from 2 different enemy ships they will panic and scatter their payloads. Dive bombers will scatter if 3 enemy ships fire on them. The Defensive fire cooldown will now create a protective bubble that pilots will refuse to enter into and if they are inside the bubble when triggered the aircraft will attempt to escape. AA coverage should be shown to the CV captain so that they understand what they are sending their pilots into. Overall these changes aim give CV players a more dynamic and strategic experience while also balancing these changes against other ships in the game. Do you agree with these changes, let us know below!
  23. I was recently playing my Fujin against a team with 2 CV's, which we also had. When I asked the CV drivers for fighter support, I was told "I don't have fighters, they don't sink ships". While this is true, for me that attitude is really unhelpful when playing a team sport. In my opinion, carriers should have balanced squadrons and not all attack aircraft or all defensive. This would enable, or in some cases promote, more rounded play on the part of these ships, allowing them the options of scouting, offensive, and defensive operations simultaneously, as well as engender more of a spirit of teamwork and co-operation amongst the players themselves on any given team. It is very harmful to team morale when many of the teams members are doing nothing more than dodging spotter aircraft and torpedo and dive bombers while the teams carriers are ignoring them and concentrating on building their personal stats at the expense of the team. If every carrier had equal numbers of fighters, torpedo, and dive bomber aircraft then the ship, and the team, would both benefit, and the game could be improved. Umikami
  24. Hello! I like playing aircraft carriers very much (especially assault setup for USS Essex and Lexington). But the worst problem is not enemy fighters - they can be avoided or lured. The biggest problem is AA aura of heavy ships (or AA-designed cruisers like Baltimore, Des Moines or even Dmitry Donskoy). Since this fire can't be avoided or redirected my attacks must be fast and precise - that's why I need to make some manoevers around the target to choose the best attack angle. Unfortunately most of my planes can be destroyed during these manoevers because I don't know the distance between the plane and the AA point of defense... Even when I switch to "view from aircraft" camera I see the distance "carrier<->target" and not "plane<->target". In 0.5.9 we can use map options that show the ship's detection range, AA range and others as circles on the minimap. So here's the request: Is it possible to create circles not around the ship but around the planes' icons? No need to make them dynamic - 5km radius will be enough to understand the distance between the plane and the ship I'd like to see something like that:
  25. What do you think if Air Superiority loadout on carriers will only have fighters? Just played on Lexington and barely used bombers but was feeling I really need more fighters' squads. Really, bombers (both DB and TB) only work well with manual drop and it takes quite a lot of attention which I needed more on fighters. This will also allow some skills to be used on secondaries in case of destroyers popping up nearby.