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Found 8 results

  1. NippleSnipplez

    Noob CV Tips

    I've just picked up the US Langley IV and am wondering what kind of things might a new CV player be doing wrong/not know about that could help improve their performance. In my most recent games Ive been getting around 20k damage, should I be focusing down one enemy at a time and push for the kill or just escort my allies? Should I be the one to scout the enemies in the beginning of the match? I get at least 6 spots at the beginning if I take my rockets and use the engine boost to get to the enemy spawn, is this a waste? Should torps be reserved for enemy BB or is it ok to use them on the occasional CA or DD? Is there any secret trick to aiming DBs, the 2 bombs in my payload seem to be a little bit RNG and generally miss if the ship is broadside to my Dive Bombers but they seem to hit 100% of the time if the ship is front-facing first and I can get the entire aiming zone on top of the ship. Also, should rockets and dive bombs be used exclusively on DD and CA or can they be used on BB too? Should I sit in the corner of the map or push with my team? Is sitting in the back of the map at the beginning of the game but then later on pushing with your BB safe? Should I be aggressive with my planes or just escort exposed/low allies? Thanks for any info!
  2. Wargaming, give us the night-capable, all-weather torpedo bomber we deserve!
  3. Finally spent some time making some squadron camo with actual color texturing instead of the cheese from before. These will be linked to aircraft in Unified Aircraft 1942 so it'll be easier for you to pick and choose from resmods Download:http://www.mediafire.com/download/1oaf0kfl0v314pk/RazgrizA6M5.zip Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/a79f74aafyqfoc8/RazgrizA6M5_RedTip.zip
  4. Just a quick little question do different countries aircraft have different turn times(how quickly they turn)
  5. ELOFan

    I am excited!

    I miss my Independence, Bogue and Zuiho but thank you for giving me the Ranger. :) I know I have to rebuy Hosho to get Ryujo and I played smart move by saving my commanders by placing in reserve. I am excited to relearn to play CV's I first going to go play against bots it will give me time to master by practicing how get better control of aircraft. But still I miss my other carriers so I will leave this song here. :(
  6. Airplanes shouldn't be able to spot if they don't have direct line of sight on the ship, and yet, ships will be spotted on the other side of tall islands while they have even left the catapult while launching
  7. So during my quest for USS Midway, I couldn't help but notice something. Granted it's not news, but has really only gotten me thinking about it recently. Throughout both CV lines, each Carrier gets it's aircraft at it's same tier. This holds true for both lines until Tier IX. USN Aircraft hit a wall and stop progressing for a full tier at Essex. Tier VIII Fighters and TB, with only DB retaining tier. Taiho retains all Tier IX Aircraft when maxed out. Then, at my dream ship Midway, the fighters progress one tier up to IX, the TB stay at VIII, and only the DB retain their tier. Hakuryu's aircraft all retain their tier. Why? What is the thought process behind under-tiering USN Aircraft at top tier? Also, how much does it actually affect the performance of said aircraft? Something in the back of my mind says it's to counteract the larger flight sizes, but I'm not sure. I can live with Essex having only Tier VIII TB. But why does Midway have to as well? The only USN CV to have Tier IX TB is Saipan. Why does Midway only allowed Tier VIII TBM's when it could, and in my opinion should have access to Tier IX Douglas Skyraiders. If performance is not that much affected by tier, then I could almost see having Tier IX vs Tier X fighters because of the Dogfighting Expert captain skill. But the TB? Really looks handicapped to me. Maybe a bit too much. I don't want it to sound like I'm complaining, but it doesn't make much sense to me.