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Found 16 results

  1. Could an "aim here" indicator option be added to the training rooms? Players can practice aiming at various ranges on static or moving targets. A training room is the perfect environment to learn aiming in. I'd appreciate a training room to practice spotter plane aiming with an indicator.
  2. DumplingWarrior

    Wonky Dispersion

    Hello, I've experienced several times wonky dispersion as described in a thread I created in another section: In these cases, the dispersion suddenly behaving strangely and it felt like as if the target locked on was not working properly even though the display shows it was, or the dispersion algorithm is mistakenly believe the ship was at max 20 km range, or the source code is mistakenly taking dazzle skill for destroyers on the enemy battleship. This doesn't happen often, but when it does, the wonky dispersion persists untill the ship I was shooting at was dead or until I switched to another different target. I don't run any mods when playing WOWS. Note I'm not here to complain my dispersion not favoring me. As a verteran in this game I can tell the difference between shell dispersion for locked-on target and not locked-on target. But this is like the third time that has happend to me, one of the past similar incidents, I was shooting at a russian cruiser in my bb (don't remember which cruiser and which bb I was driving). What was wrong: shell dispersion at a close target is far from normal, shells behavior is similar to firing without target being locked on. What should be happening: closer grouping of the shells when at close range. How to replicate this: not sure since it doesn't happen very often and it appears no specific thing is triggering it, sometimes it just happens. Screenshots and replay: they're all attached in the original post. Thanks for taking a look at this.
  3. This is one of the weirdest aiming methods I've ever seen. More than just minimap circle shots,
  4. I have been using the IMPROVED SECONDARY BATTERY AIMING SKILL for nearly all my games. I play for 2 to 3 hours a day. The skill does not work. I've played games activating and deactivating this skill and can see NO change in my secondary aim whatsoever. I think it is broken.
  5. I've noticed on certain maps it is nearly impossible to visually see the White, Tan, or Green reticle against the backdrop of the ocean. It would be nice to change the contrast especially for aircraft carriers so that the reticle can be more easily seen. Here is some examples:
  6. HeavenlyWind_

    Lock-On Fix?

    There have been countless times where I've aimed at a ship and it locks on to the ship behind it. Then no matter how much I aim at my desired target, the lock-on sticks as long as the undesired ship, the one I'm locked onto somehow, is just about within frame. Happens a lot when I'm trying to torp too. Is there something that I'm missing in order to lock-on to my desired target every time or is the lock-on actually broken at times?
  7. I'm going to combine two topics into one here, as they have a similar point (The HUD/Camera has some iffiness to it...) First Topic: Gunnery Cams (Binocs, ETC) Second Topic: The Torp Guide Not that these break the game for me, but I think I'd do better in several situations with these corrected in some way (or a better grasp of how to get around them).
  8. We have the aiming circle on the mini-map for DDs, CLs, and BBs, but why not for CVs? I feel this may be useful for dropping on a smoked target. Just an idea
  9. The game needs better aiming sights. The standard ones give false info at full zoom which you have to adjust for and the dynamic sight is all messed up. New sights need to be built into the game and not have the players rely on 3rd party spam ware and virus bucket called Aslains mod
  10. ARTICULO PUBLICADO EN www.profesionalreview.com https://www.profesionalreview.com/2017/10/07/trucos-bajar-ping/ Jugar en línea, ya sea solo contra desconocidos o con los amigos, sin duda es la mejor y más divertida parte de los juegos en la actualidad. Pero por desgracia, esa experiencia de diversión puede ser arruinada debido a problemas con la calidad de la conexión de internet. El ping no es más que una medida para saber cuánto tiempo demora un paquete de datos en ser enviado a un servidor, recibido en dicho servidor y otra vez descargado en el ordenador. Por lo tanto, es la distancia medida en tiempo. Por ejemplo, un ping de 40 milisegundos significa que cada comando que se envía al servidor del juego online (caminar, disparar, saltar) tarda 40 milisegundos para ejecutarse y mostrarse en la pantalla de tu ordenador. Obviamente, tener una latencia por debajo de los 100 milisegundos es lo ideal, siendo que en promedio los jugadores tienen entre 200 y 300 milisegundos, dependiendo del tipo de juego. Las latencias mayores a 500 milisegundos, especialmente en los juegos de disparos en línea (FPS), hacen que el juego sea imposible de ser ejecutado. Mucha gente asume que una conexión a internet rápida y receptiva depende únicamente de una buena velocidad de descarga y carga, pero hay más que eso. También está el ping, que es esencialmente un tiempo de reacción. Si tienes un ping de 98 ms (milisegundos), ese es el tiempo que le ha tomado a tu ordenador responder a una solicitud de otro ordenador. Desde hace unos meses, presté especial atención a la precisión de los disparos. Debido a eso, eché un vistazo más de cerca a la respuesta de tiempo de FPS y PING. ¡Y voilá! ¡Parece que me enteré de la respuesta! Mi PING es de unos 220 milisegundos. Significa que, desde el momento que disparé al objetivo hasta que cae mi disparo, la demora es de unos 220 milisegundos. En otras palabras ... le disparé a un fantasma. El objetivo se movió 220 milisegundos antes de que disparara. Por lo tanto, mi disparo va a "un fantasma" que estaba allí. ¿Podría ser la razón de la falta de precisión de tiro? ¿O simplemente me pasa a mí? Estoy jugando desde Argentina. Mi retraso en PING para otros juegos de Steam es inferior a 220 ms, pero no ocurre con World of Warships. Escuché que es por eso que es tan difícil ganar una batalla contra otros jugadores con menor retraso en el PING. ¿Es verdad? ¿Cuánto tiempo dura tu PING o FPS en el juego? ¿De donde eres? ¿NOSOTROS? ¿Brasil? Argentina? ¿Otro? Solo para tener una idea real de lo que está pasando ... ¡Gracias!
  11. AMajor

    Aiming your guns in a dd

    For all of you (myself included) who watched the original Captain's Academy and were frustrated because you could never get the crosshairs to jive with the shell time, we were NOT crazy. The dynamic crosshairs have a bias for distance.
  12. I would like to see more cross hair options. I for one don't see why I need to download aslain whatever pack to get more options. I think WG should at least give us 2 or 3 variations of the dynamic cross hair and maybe a few more static ones. Finally I think one should be able to purchase/module install or captain skill extra magnification
  13. Bellow are my tips for aiming, tested with tech tree CVs over 416 post rework battles, mostly with T8 and T10 CVs (Most T8 CVs carries over armament from the early ones). 143 battles with USN 192 battles with IJN 81 battles with RN More information is required on topics such as the AP bombs for the IJN and any additional information is welcome. I'll be trying to keep this post with the best information and images while also trying to answer questions about CVs, this will be a slow thing since I'm not playing the game as often, for starters I'll just leave 2 images of reticle aiming for rockets at the end, this aiming technique is important since some people might think that the right thing is to just aim the center of the reticle at the center of the target and let go, disregarding spread and ship's height. USN: Attackers: HVAR: Go for the side, aim for superstructure, aim a little bit ahead against angled targets to get more hits due to height differences. Tiny Tim: Front/Back: Aim for the superstructure but make sure to lead so as to not hit turrets' armor. Sides/Angled sides: Aim for the superstructure again but with a bigger room to lead, most Tiny Tims land really close to the center, put the center of the reticle at the opposite end of the ship you're targetting (if you're aiming for superstructure) Torpedo: Use the cursor in the middle of your screen as a "movement checker", aim it at the tip of where you think the enemy is moving (stern if moving back and bow when moving forward) and check if the target will move past the cursor to determine where you should be leading, this is done when you can't see the enemy movement with their smokestack and waves alone. One go: Aim for the slightly broadside drops and aim 1 ship's lenght ahead depending on speed, try to aim for an angle that puts your planes into a 105º from the enemy's movement vector, this way is to ensure all torpedoes hit the target. Cross Drop: Aim for the first torpedo run from either the front or back, drop torpedoes 5km (front) and 0.5km (back) away from your target, for the second run you go for the One go tactic, this will ensure your target either takes 1~2 (2~4 for midway's) hits to maneuver or have to keep sailing straight, which makes it easier to land the next torpedoes. HE Bombers: Front/Back: Aim the reticle ahead of the ship's movement so when it touches your target you start the attack run, boost at will to aim for the superstructure. During low altitude bombing, the bombs tends to drop forward, meaning that the top side of the reticle retains more bombs (The exploit has been fixed, though). Angled Sides: Aim for the space between the main battery and the superstructure, enemy movement + drop time will make it so you achieve better hits than going straight for the superstructure. WARNING: AVOID PERPENDICULAR DROPS LIKE THE PLAGUE, not only you have less chances of scoring hits, the next patch will reduce HE drop effectiveness and perpendicular drops will score almost no hits. IJN: Attackers: Aim the outside part of the reticle for the bow as lead, its circle says that it's an pattern such as tiny tims but a little bit bigger, the dispersion and ship's height makes it so you can use aiming anywhere, avoid angled sides though since effectiveness will reduce by about 50% Tl;dr: If the ship is small, sides or front, if the ship is big, aim for the superstructure. Works like many small Tiny Tims. Torpedo: 2 drop: The same as USN torpedoes, the only difference is that it takes more time to get a good aim, avoid maneuvering during the attack run. Aim for half a ship's lenght ahead. Possible to cross drop but not recommended. 4 drop long range: Drop it outside detectability range, lead for 2~4 ships ahead depending on the enemy's speed. 4 drop close range: Like USN torpedoes, aim for a ship's lenght ahead. Not worth cross dropping. AP Bombers: Against DDs: Don't...just don't...but if you have to, do low altitude drops. Against Cruisers: Superstructure all day, no matter the angle. Against CVs: You'll mostly score normal penetrations but you should try to aim for the part of the deck right next to the superstructure. The aiming time varies from 1 second to 5 seconds, needs more testing due to the lack of opportunities to do CV fights. On T10 matches it's mostly penetrations. Against BBs: German(KM): Superstructure, 3~4 seconds aiming. USA (USN): The gap between main battery and superstructure, 2~4 seconds aiming. French: Needs more testing, up until now aim for the gap between main battery and superstructure, 0,5~1 seconds aiming. UK (RN): Needs more testing. Japan (IJN): Superstructure, 2~4 seconds aiming. Russian (URSS): Needs more testing, up until now aim for the superstructure is the go to. RN: Attackers: The same as IJN, don't aim too far since those are fast rockets, aim for the center of the reticle for the bow as lead. Works like many small Tiny Tims. Torpedo: Same as USN, cross drops works wonders with RN since their spread actually closes on the target and their planes can make tight turns with fast aiming times. Lead is the same as USN. Bombers: Aim for the center of the reticle to hit the Bow/Stern of the ship (depending on the movent of the enemy ship) if the target is going straight. It's extremely important for you to lead the the reticle on where the target WILL BE when trying to hit maneuvering ships, for example, if the enemy is making a turn, aim the reticle around 1 ship's width so as to catch him during the turn. Up until T8 you can score good hits against enemy's CVs, on T10 only the Audacious doesn't have full armored deck. GENERAL TERRAIN TIPS: Avoid using terrain to aim with bombers, the terrain more often than not prejudices your aim by making the plane go super fast or super slow deppending on the terrain it's currently in and the terrain that it's going to run into. When using DBs right after a terrain, aim sooner, the terrain will "boost" your aircrafts forward. When using DBs right before hitting a steep terrain, be ready to drop as soon as the reticle is above your target, the planes will try to make a climb (even in the middle of a Dive) in order to not collide with the terrain. When using TBs while flying over terrains, the torpedoes will either: Fall sooner and hit the terrain because of the angle of the drop. Fall later and hit the water at an almost 90º degree angle. Those happens because of the movement of the plane at the time of the drop, dropping when the plane's nose is up will make the torpedo drop like a "mid range battery shell" while dropping when the nose is down will make the torpedo drop like a "long range battery shell"...you know, like when you see those shells making a 90º turn right at the end of their trajectory. Terrain can also be used, to extend the aiming for rockets, the same principle of the torpedo drop applies here, when the nose is up, the rockets will fly further while it'll fly shorter when the nose is down (when the plane is descending the mountain). If you want to use terrain with your attackers, make sure to instal the attacker attack run mod to increase it by 2 seconds. Terrain can be used to reduce the time it takes for the plane to reach safety altitude. Terrain can be used to reduce the speed or aircrafts and make even tighter turns, it applies both while climbing and descending. Terrain can be used to hide your torpedo bombers from both detection and flak during their attack runs, make sure to have a very maneuverable plane to do so (Don't even try with Midway's). HEIGHT FOR ROCKETS: When using rockets with a large reticle, this is what you see when the aim is above the target: And this is the ideal when aiming at bigger targets: The same applies for HVAR and other rockets but the effects aren't as noticeable as with Tiny Tims EDIT: 21/05/2019 (02:33 [-3 UST]) Added pictures for USN HE DB and USN Tiny Tims attackers, as well as citadel timing for IJN BBs and IJN CV Kaga with links to their videos.
  14. There are two fundamental questions that I do not have an answer to after reading many posts/videos about proper aiming: It is obviously shell travel time and target speed affect lead, but how about target distance? Should I lead the same ticks for a ship at 10km and the same ship at 20km which travel at same speed/direction and with (assuming) equal shell travel time? For my experience in game they are not the same but many articles tell us you lead the same ticks as shell flight time for a battleship sized target moving at 20 kt without mentioning/saying regardless of distance. Furthermore, there is a custom dynamic crosshair in Aslain's mod called "Nomogram" whose tick mark's intervals change according to target distance (not zoom level when you scroll the mouse wheel). Someone recommended it greatly Here in 2017, but not many people had interest in it. Why are 99% of players using the bow as the reference of aiming? When talking about lead, naturally we make prediction of where the shells will land after some time. However, all the tutorial videos about aiming put the prediction tick mark at the bow whereas they expect the shells to land at the center of the target. This makes the lead calculation illogical and people need to adjust lead according to different sizes of ships (lead more for smaller target). Imagine that you want to shoot a moving animal's head, naturally you will aim at the head but not at its feet expecting to hit the head, right? The more I played the more unreasonable I feel about this. There is only one topic date back to 2016 that proposed the theory of aiming at where the shells will land (Check here). I feel the theory is somehow in the right direction but he a) ignored the distance impact and b) he has no solid proof of the speed the crosshair is calibrated for, which are 12 kt (static) and 21.5 kt (dynamic). I had played over 5k battles in wows at which time my aiming is not too bad I believe. I can hit where I want 90% of time regardless of target ship type, speed or angle. Then I decided to switch to dynamic crosshair from static since I watched many CCs and unicum players using dynamic crosshair. Another reason is that I play DM/Worcester/Atlanta a lot. Under static crosshair I often have to aim out of the tick marks or even the binocular sight due to the slow shell speed. Then for the recent 50 games I totally messed up with aiming. I found that I could not hit anything reliably and that is why I wanted to start doing research on all this math/calculation theory. I know that many people will just aim by eyeball and experience, and it works perfectly. When you have 10k battles maybe aiming is just a matter of muscle memory. If you play wows just for fun and leisure then you may feel this topic meaningless. However, personally I just want to have a more logical/mathematical calculation of lead because we all know wows is a math game despite those crappy RNGs. We have 14.3 overmatch coefficient, 1/4 or 1/6 HE pen threshold, IFHE pen threshold, etc. If anyone wants to play well in wows he/she has to remember these numbers and makes use of it. Another benefit is having an accurate aiming mechanic can help people adapt to any ship faster, not only for novices but also for experienced players. Think about playing a Worcester after you played dozens of games in Moskva, by experience I know I have to lead more, but how much more? I may need another 3 games to re-adapt to the DM, while with a precise calculation, I might be able to re-adapt in just 3 salvos. Long words in short, what do you guys think of how exactly the aiming system works?
  15. Greetings from the home of Davey Jones. Recently I have noticed that I've gotten shot from 15 to 20km away. (maybe less). How can this be ? So, someone who is a Red Man from the other side (or a human) has a way to make that terribly important shot make it square to the ship - MINE !! Well now, I would like to do that as well and cannot figure out that from that distance far away it can be done with precise-ness. Dead-on shot. I have noticed on the Bug report in the forum, a series of bug fixes that included this statement - "In some cases aim lock is not displayed on a minimap " How does this work ? I didn't think this was allowed because of the fairness mods. Not just the mini-map, but the aim lock. Thank-you.
  16. HI guys- I have noticed most recently in my Yamato that when i am trying to shoot over the foreground target to the background target which are both sailing broadside to me if i line up the cursor target line on the background target it misses entirely and often either 1) - sprays the foreground target or 2)- shoots somewhere in-between. IT IS NO WHERE NEAR WHERE MY TARGET LINE IS.. This happens more frequently than i think it should considering the Yammy is usually very accurate. Shooting AP - have you guys seen this? Is this a known bug?