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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings from the home of Davey Jones. Recently I have noticed that I've gotten shot from 15 to 20km away. (maybe less). How can this be ? So, someone who is a Red Man from the other side (or a human) has a way to make that terribly important shot make it square to the ship - MINE !! Well now, I would like to do that as well and cannot figure out that from that distance far away it can be done with precise-ness. Dead-on shot. I have noticed on the Bug report in the forum, a series of bug fixes that included this statement - "In some cases aim lock is not displayed on a minimap " How does this work ? I didn't think this was allowed because of the fairness mods. Not just the mini-map, but the aim lock. Thank-you.
  2. HI guys- I have noticed most recently in my Yamato that when i am trying to shoot over the foreground target to the background target which are both sailing broadside to me if i line up the cursor target line on the background target it misses entirely and often either 1) - sprays the foreground target or 2)- shoots somewhere in-between. IT IS NO WHERE NEAR WHERE MY TARGET LINE IS.. This happens more frequently than i think it should considering the Yammy is usually very accurate. Shooting AP - have you guys seen this? Is this a known bug?
  3. ok aim at target, control left mouse will designate aa/2nd priority targeting. If you select it how do you cancel. Like cancel one you selected to select another one. Also do you have to be in the line of sight to designate aa/2nd priority target. I seem to have problem designating aa/2nd priority target when the target is behind a island. thanks