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Found 13 results

  1. I generally don't have a high opinion of co-op AI, whether or not they are allied or enemy, but today I witnessed the most horrific display of allied AI incompetence I have ever seen. Before the enemy had even gotten into serious engagement range (there were 5 bots on our team, IIRC), one friendly AI destroyer had torpedoed another friendly AI destroyer. Over the course of the match, 3 ships total, including 2 allied AI battleships became pink, one of which even managed to get a team-kill (and one which managed to miss its target and hit me while I was brawling an enemy BB). Meanwhile, the enemy AI leisurely cut its way through them before engaging the human-controlled warships. Even we 3 humans couldn't compensate for this sheer amount of incompetence that seemed to have becalmed our AI allies that round. With only one remaining human Grober Kurfurst at 4k health and on fire (the rest of us were dead) and the 2 pink allied AI battleships gallivanting off and completely failing to meaningfully engage the enemy, I left that particular co-op battle before it finished. Seriously, is there some sort of coding difference between allied and enemy AI ships in co-op? It constantly seems that in a fair fight or even when at a slight disadvantage against friendly AI co-op bots, the enemy AI essentially always comes out on top. I get that there needs to be an incentive for the human(s) to not let the bots do all the work or carry them, but can we at least have bots that would stalemate each other, instead of giving the enemy team fairly decent AI and the human team AI which makes even dedicated team-killers jealous in the sheer grief they cause the team? Replay is attached if anyone is interested in watching the sheer [edited]ry. 20190502_040020_PRSC509-Kronshtadt_45_Zigzag.wowsreplay
  2. Recently I was playing the USS Langley, and I saw a Duguay-Trouin on my team-definitely AI-fire a full spread of torpedoes into a friendly Courbet. There were no enemy ships in the vicinity except a cruiser on the other side of the Courbet, going in the opposite direction from the torpedoes. And...that is how we lost. Does anybody know why a bot would start teamkilling? In addition, no warning showed up in the chatbox like they normally do when a bot accidentally hits a teammate. ♦
  3. Thunder_Feet

    Bots smarter in

    Got up this morning and waited for the update on the server to finish, updated my client and the modstation, and noticed immediately the bots are acting in a significantly different manner now. After 4 battles they haven't full speed charged through the caps, they are hanging back way more - acting like humans in Randoms a lot more. Anyone else notice this? Maybe it's just RNG and my perception, dunno yet....
  4. Analysis of the Botz Encountered in Random Battles Thur the progression of battles a player builds his instinct as to how other players react to other players reaction and random kinds of weirdness one might encounter in a normal battle with various players. Eventually you will see some very poor players still learning there way around and some very good players who have multiple “Cracken” ribbons and are pretty much just hunting skeet/noobs in random battles and would pretty much earn them every other game if not neutralized by Match Maker(MM) in the name of fairness. There appears to be a discernibly breakdown of players skill in term of total number of battles play. Consistence on player skill understand seems to be at 200,500,1k, 2k, 5k, and 10k Plus battles. These numbers are subject of course but in the ball park of correctness. In looking at Botz the player with 10k battles who play thru all tiers with large diverse fleets notice them with out much effort usually. The smart ones identify them with in the first minute of the game before shots are fired, and develop or have developed counter measures accordingly. There are several general kinds of Botz you might encounter in Random Battles. A few are: Aim Botz – A player assist tool (I didn't name them) Player Developed Macro Tools - Keyboard and/or Mouse Assist tools specifically Player Programmed Language Tools – There are various programming tools designed to assist the gaming community to play various video games. Linux(its diagnostic tools evade almost all detection) and Windows(has some very good tools, but are more easily detected by WoWs) both seems to offer the best choices. I believe there is a Clan specifically dedicated to these tools listed above. WoWs forum policies forbid name it. WoWs House Bots – These are created by WoWs and place into random battles to short the wait time and Balance out the Teams in the name of Fairness. This review will focus on the WoWs House Bots. How the WoWs House Bots work. In its zeal to make every game balanced even in ranked, it makes decision based on players ability(win percentages, total battles played, etc), ships ability(upgrades, consumables, and Commander skill points allocated). Thru the ability of rating each ship mathematically and the power of averaging, the MM Algorithm can theoretically balances the teams out. In Practical Use/Application not so much. Preface of Know Facts A1 Co-Op Botz are really off topic, but provide the a basis of understanding for some. The Co-Op Botz do no perform the same way in a Tier 3 Vs a Tier 10 Battle. The Tier 10 Botz are a 3 out of a 5 scale of difficulty where as the Tier 3 are a 1 on the same scale. A2 Senerio Botz are off topic also, but provide the a basis of understanding for others. In senerios, the WoWs House Botz abilities and Tweaks become clearer. The advantage the player has is that the player know the Spawn Points of the enemy ships and there plotted Way Points. The Botz on the other hand have a priority target list of the most dangerous ships on the board based on the mathematical Algorithm. The will ignore other threats if those targets are available. Often the senerios need to be tweaked to correct for patch updates. A quite obvious one was Patch 8.x as it virtually destroyed the game balance of WoWs. BTW, the botz in sernerios are notorious for firing/torping well after being sunk. A3 Training Botz , again off topic but getting close and a interesting study non the less. The training botz are suppose to be floating targets for getting the feel tactical advantage and training purposes. The interesting point here is WoWs offers 3 levels of Difficulty. In other words it offers 3 levels of the AI these ships are running in for all practical purposes in a random battle. A skilled player of course blows thru the hard levels/AI level 3 with easy. Lets review the issues,trends, and the facts(with focus on Very Good Players and Very Good Boats). Issues, Trends, and/or Counters Measures - B1 You and your ship are Mathematically rated in the Queue before a battle even starts. MM is trying to decide how to balance out the teams in the name of Fairness. No one want to get skunked 12:0 in a battle and its bad for business. This would explain why multiple groups kick off for battle and your left in a queue. An example of other anomalies is if you have as AA setup and cant draw a CV match or vise versa. B2 In the Queue the timer is ticking and there are limits as to how long a ship can wait in queue (example we see this in Co-Ops clearly). MM is faced with the decision “Can I build a fair match with the ships I have in queue? If not it will create one or more”, and wolaa – Botz are born. B3 The Spawn Set Up. Takes over now that the teams have been artificially balanced, but that's not good enough. The botz which have been added need to be able to engage you, There for they will be place in proximity to your position on the opposing team. There by allow them to engage you quickly. The better you are the more botz that will be assigned to target you. Just as in the senerios. Only in this case if they are running 3 botz to target you. At least 1 bot will suicide toward you to draw you out for the others to kill you. I have seen this many time and can predict it well in advance. The counter to this is to draw them out and do a U-Turn(180 degrees) and Kite them till your team mates can assist. They will open up there broadside to those team mates cuz you are a priority target. No normal player does such sillyness. You may not get the Kill(s) but they will have been neutralized. B4 The Level 5 on a scale of 5 botz, have dispersement modifiers and target modifiers. The level 5 AI bots normally only hit me a midships or in the engineering area. They also usually hit first salvo, normal players just don't do that at max range botz will (AKA guided shells/torps). The counter to this is always zig-zag with only the A/D keys in erratic ways. Q/E keys wont cut it. Never sail in a straight line. However the Botz seem to dumb down when targeting other player of a lessor threat. The counter is to pair up with(preferably a clan member using voice chat) team mate or tow and bushwhack them as the come in. B5 The Level 5 Botz also have modifiers on their Armor on both the “To Hit” and “Damage Done”. They are fully Tweaked out on the deference mode. This is back in senerios we see ship 3 tiers less taking out ships with ease. The counter is to this is same as above team work and bushwhacking seems to work nicely. These is a conciseness of multiple players once we started to look into this seriously over years. Btw this is the short version there is a lot more. Enjoy. I know what I am seeing as I have 2.3k Ranked Battles and over 13k Random Battles under my belt(on this account). BTW the patch I wear indicates that I have been around since the Beta version of World of Warships. In short I know what I am seeing.
  5. Although Akulov still ended up getting sunk (and unfortunately, because the only 3 ships alive at that point in this particular run of Aegis were a cruiser on the other side of the map, a carrier, and me in my 21 kts max speed Arizona, we weren't able to save him and the whole op was only a 2-star run), I dare say he did better than some of the actual human-controlled ships that battle. Attached is the replay for proof for if anyone wants to see proof. 20190502_220805_PASB506-Arizona-1941_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  6. Rustyguns49

    Bot CV's

    Any new info on when, or if, bot CV's will be included in Coop? I have extensively built ships and captains for AA and secondaries. A lot less battle enjoyment without a good use of defensive fighters and AA.
  7. Warlock_75075

    Aiming Mods

    I have been playing for over two years now and just read that there are several different firing/range indicators I can use instead of the default "Binocular" view. Where can I review these and decide which one to use? Thanks in advance... Warlock75075
  8. Was attempting a DD sneak attack on the CV in Raptor Rescue earlier. I wasn't detected, and I arrived before Haoto CV spawned in. I spotted the group and was moving in to attack, the Kuma immediately dropped smoke once it spawned in and the CV's planes immediately converged on my position without me being detected. Does the AI in the Ops cheat? Because the way it converged seems very unnatural if it were a search pattern, it was a straight B-line towards me.
  9. As much as it sometimes hurts to fail an operation due to a combination of the team being outmatched or too slow to react to the enemy AI ships, it hurts ten times as much when the loss occurs because of the incompetence of friendly AI ships. In co-op, this also occurs at times when the AI (both friendly and enemy) runs aground and then either sits there, unable to comprehend the idea of reversing, or repeatedly reverses and then runs into the same landmass again and again. At the very least, in co-op human players are usually able to win regardless of the failures of their AI allies. In operations, especially those that require one or more AI-controlled ship(s) to somehow be escorted somewhere as a primary mission objective, these failures are much more severe—even if the human-captained ships manage to wipe out all of the enemy ships and complete all the side objectives, the operation may still end up a failure because the AI controlling a crucial ship is incapable of compensating for very basic things like backing up after running into an island. Raptor Rescue may be a prime example of this, as very few operations are reliant solely on the survival and escape of a single AI-controlled ship. Destroying the enemies themselves isn't particularly challenging—probably the most "daunting" part is fighting the last wave of enemy ships and destroying the enemy carriers before Raptor reaches the end. It takes an especially rich abundance of potatoes to mess this up. Yet—and this has not been the first time: there have been documented incidences of Raptor getting stuck in the past—it's absolutely infuriating when you have a team that has successfully cleared all the side objectives and completely wiped the map clean of all enemy ships, and then you check the mini-map and find Raptor still in the middle of the battlefield, futilely attempting to push an island out of its path. Indeed, this is what happened today: an otherwise entirely successful run of the operation completely negated by Raptor making every potato in the game look like a unicum. The timer runs out, and the empty holes where your hard-earned stars are supposed to be appear to mock your defeat—especially bitter when everyone has otherwise played competently and correctly focused the objectives. (Note Raptor's position and orientation: run aground on an island in the middle of the map and facing the wrong direction while making no effort to reverse) (I'd imagine the xp rewards for everyone would have been far greater had Raptor actually known how to reach the rendezvous point—we had otherwise completed every other objective) While teams that fail to enact the proper strategies or just don't battle well enough should and do fail operations, I do not believe that teams which do properly battle should fail simply because the friendly AI could not do something as simple as pathfinding correctly.
  10. CalamitousIntent

    The new Garbage AI. round 2.,

    So you've done it to us again. I thought yesterday was an aberration but now the new AI is back in coop. If i wanted the feeling and Time investment that went along with playing humans, I would hit the Drop down, Switch from COOP to random and i would play against humans. sprecific reasons why I feel the new AI is garbage. 1. I'm tired of having to chase down retreating bots. aint nobody got time for that. 2. Battleships are still snipers. 3. Bots can dodge CV torps in such a way that if you don't have manual drop hitting them is extremely more difficult. 4. DD's with extremely short range are left holding the bag chasing down fleeing bots 5. DD's with long range torps are very unlikely to land anything with the extremely erratic behavior of all ships. 6. BB's are group up making later cruiser play next to unbearable. 7. CV just sits there, keeps it's fighters in reserve. Meanwhile when your CV is a bot, it still plays terribly. There is a huge difference between how well enemy cv and friendly cv bot plays. BONUS: The Acosta. just the worst. once this English even thing is over I'm selling it and going to thereapy for help forgetting it. ITS FAKE NEWS!. I play coop because I don't need the stress of PVP. Now I have to fight just as hard as i would in PVP but with no reward. I don't want the reward i just want my casual play back and not have to spend twice as much time per match. The amount of time I play this game is going to be in direct correlation to how much i enjoy playing it and friend. I am not enjoying this. Please change it back or at least re-tool the bots so they are bold. This chasing them down stuff has got to go. respectfully CalamitousIntent.
  11. CalamitousIntent


    AND THEY'RE BACK. Just as quickly as WG fixed their biggest mistake , they decided to unfurl their giant middle shaped finger flag to co-op players. These new bots are GARBAGE. Yeah, they play more like humans, but if I wanted to play against humans I WOULD PLAY AGAINST HUMANS. If anyone else despises This change sound off below with your own comments and critiques. griefs- Bots are cowards, they panic and sail around in circles once hit. games take way longer , more time for the same low reward battleships still deadly accurate. I'm old and I'm getting older every day. This wans't so bad because I had my co-op play so now I don't so much. SO I"M BLAMING YOU WG. Why the Hell did a buy and American Dasha just to have her speak in Russian.I'd say worst mail order bride ever but my actual one steals from me. things you could have done to make it more interesting. 1. unlock co-op to 12v12 2. unlock 2 CV (rare but possible) 3. better balancing. never more bb's then cA's never more dd's then either. 4. bring back matlock. !!!!RRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Full discloser I don't play carriers, but I want to see them in the game. I've watched CC vids on the new play style and Flambass had a good point, are they going to be fun and worth the grind to play. Doesn't look like it for me, so perhaps its time to just let AI play them.
  13. This is a general frustration thread as well as a possible solution to the problems with bots in the game. If players are going to receive less XP and credits in coop and receive a harder bot algorithm in Operations then something has to be done about the AI. AI about a month ago or so was tweaked so badly that it reverted to the hard AI that existed in the PTS for operations. I as well as a lot of players suggested that the AI needed toning down extremely to make it balanced for the players as well as making it fair. I'm not sure who in the WG devs decided that they needed to be tweaked back to that PTS phase garbage but it really needs to be reverted back. I understand that the change probably has to do with statistical wins based on the players but it shouldn't be since this is PvE not PvP balance. An easy fix would be to lower the RNG chances that the bots have for hits/fire chance/ flooding/ incapacitation. This is also a fairly new field for the WG team to develop but the tweaking of the bots back to the PTS phase has basically made operations not enjoyable and the AI tweak has bled into Co-op mode making the bots frustratingly hard and insanely accurate. If there is going to be a change to the AI in such a dramatic way that you literally break a mode that was a new set of progression for players that like PVE and lets be honest there are a lot of players in this game who enjoy coop more than PvP. Then you can't break their mode without tweaking some other aspect. In summary, I feel like the AI needs to be toned back again. The imbalance created from this has ruined a perfectly balanced mode that literally could have been tweaked by altering the economy not the bots themselves who were to be honest perfectly find the way they were. Granted Narai needed to be changed that's understandable but the AI didn't need a tweak just the economy if you had a problem with too many player wins. (Also release Narai again you've had like 5 months. Just tone back the economy and change the bots back to before the garbage AI we have now.)