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Found 2 results

  1. I had this game today, where there were three AFKs on my team, the worse part? We still manage to win the game. The battle ended by time, my team was ahead around 10 pts. Great job to my team , out of the AFKs of course. I dont know what its worse, three AFKs on the same team or that the enemy team managed to lose a 12v9 battle...
  2. Two things I believe have increased this week, as far as seeing them taking place. Bots. AFK's. AFK's first. Yes, tonight I went AFK at the start of a match. Heard an unknown noise in the house, a thump/thud. Woke the wife up. Did a quick check saw nothing. So got the dog and did a quick check of the backyard and all windows. Good. Checked inner rooms and found the culprit. A wet towel had fallen onto the floor, slipping off the rack on the bathroom door. Got back to the match and played, apologizing to the team. Man they were great - all said no problem. We won. But AFK's do happen. You have to check stuff like that out, you know. But Bots playing games for players. It seemed this week they're on the rise. When a ship is sailing in a straight line looking at nothing in particular with their guns whilst half the red fleet approaches and fires on them from the starboard side, something's wrong. I was playing my Tirpitz so it's not like we're down in the lower tiers. At T8 and above matches uhm... you shouldn't be seeing people play like that... it may have been a person... What I'd like to know - if anyone knows for sure - is WoWS/WG tracking/intercepting bot software in matches these days? And does anyone know if they monitor AFK's for players? Just curious I guess. Oh and say - isn't that prize for keeping your nose clean due about now?