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Found 8 results

  1. Slimeball91

    Cvs in Aegis.

    I'm late with the CV/ops discussion this week. I didn't get as much time to play this as I would have liked. I probably played this op 15 or so times this week. I find this op similar to Raptor Rescue in that you need to be fairly sharp with your CV skills to do well. AA levels are moderate overall, with the first and last waves with some heavier AA. Plane losses seem easily manageable in most cases, but enough to cut into your DPM. I think Ryujo is the winner of the tech tree CVs, and Lowenhardt is probably the best overall. For some reason I just didn't like the Ranger in this op. I think that's because its planes are generalized, and have no specialty. The CVs with a specialized squadron can focus on those planes and bang out more damage. Earlier in the week I was focusing on helping the team wear down the BBs in the first two spawns. This is good for the team but I found its a good way to lose out on XP. Later in the week I tried playing a bit more selfishly and found the XP increase to be worthwhile without any real risk of losing stars. I have to mention the proper way to start this op in a CV; and that is to not be the one to spot the first wave of ships. There are several ways to do that, I generally just waited to launch my planes. I know others like launch right away then fly out wide to delay the spotting. Its also important not to run torpedo bombers on the first attack since that can force the enemy bots to start to turn right away. That causes all sorts of problems. Also, watch for incoming torps if you move forward at the start. After, that you just shoot the bots as they come. The last wave I would usually focus on Fuso unless it seemed like the team was in position to take care of it, if so I'd go after the BBs farther to the west. As always feel free to leave your route, tips and comments. One last thing, @GandalfTehGray sent me a video in his Lowenhardt, he's got a bit of a different route than I've seen others use. I tried it tonight and it seemed to work reasonably well for me. I'll let him talk about and he can share the video if he wants.
  2. An informative article comparing the Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers and the Type 45 Class Destroyers by an author named N.R.P. from the Defencyclopedia. I think he sums it up best saying that they were built with different emphases and that they excel in their own areas. A good article for less technically savy people like myself. (Part 1) https://defencyclopedia.com/2015/07/10/the-ultimate-showdown-part-1-arleigh-burke-vs-daring-class-destroyers/amp/?fbclid=IwAR3FXVPJfgN8wbxSIU-1g6C-VcEfWQ4oenspKlWMB3iWeqd0hKpVygNuIrs (Part 2) https://defencyclopedia.com/2015/07/10/the-ultimate-showdown-part-2-arleigh-burke-vs-daring-class-destroyers/
  3. So I did a reset on all my commanders when they gave us the option a few weeks back. So at this point I have lots of nonskilled commanders I like to play operations and currently one of my few 19pt commanders is in my Dallas, to help me rack up some help for others. I did give him IFHE, but did not give him Demo Expert, and that is where my question is coming from. The Dallas is base 12% fire chance and the IFHE bumps my pen to 31mm from base 25mm, but I now only have 6% Fire chance. In either Aegis or Killer Whale, the only ships I remotely need IFHE for (in my memory, which is questionable) are Konig, Kaiser, Myoko, and Fuso. The majority of those I only get the bows and aft, as the main deck is still something too strong. Question: If my HE would pen, say 16mm bow, without IFHE, it will deal X damage and have 12% base fire chance. Does that damage actually increase WITH IFHE and fire chance go down, or I can just pen MORE things (up to 31mm) and that helps me deal more damage over time to better armored targets, and my fire chance goes down? I am thinking that I should not have used IFHE and instead gone Demo for the specific and narrow use that this commander sees regularly (I don't play randoms, and play co-op for the lines I am grinding when I am not running OPs.
  4. Sovereigndawg


    I think I love you. The Perth is only a 4 star. All of these are from random teams. I heard it through the grape vine that not much longer will she be mine. Aegis departing 4 am Wednesday.
  5. My new personal high score on Aegis: 264,325 damage with 17 citadel hits. RNGesus must have liked the thousand virgins I sacrificed for him.
  6. My new personal high score on Aegis: 249,122 damage with 35 citadel hits. Or maybe Lord RNG looked favorably on my squishy ship today.
  7. A total of 60 hits if you count overpens and such. She took first place though with a great team. Every one survived and all were complimented on a great battle. The Mutsu in Aegis is great fun, the torps are even usable a lot of times. 20190905_205926_PJSB506-Mutsu_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  8. NeutralState

    Just DD in Aegis Things