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Found 12 results

  1. Now that I have him, I'm not really sure what to do with him. His 100 hit with main battery skill seems a bit weirdly ill-suited for Italian CAs, given their slow reload speeds. I guess I could put him on my Duca, since that has pretty good reload? Though then he'd be kind of worthless on any tech tree ship, since the Duca plays very differently. Duca is my only premium Italian ship, so no Roma or GC as an option... Anyone out there who has finished the Italian cruiser tech tree grind? How does he do on the Venezia? If the answer is "pretty good," then I guess I can just slap him on my Montecuccoli and skill him toward the Venezia build as I go up the tech tree. I know there's an Italian premium DD coming up that he'd probably be good on, but given that it's a T10 and will likely be pretty pricey, I don't imagine I'll be getting it.
  2. In this World of Warships replay, I earn the Die Hard achievement with an Akatsuki ! I also provide a little history of the class, some build advice, and offer some tactical advice playing Destroyers, especially when up-tiered. The Die Hard is earned at the 6:00 min mark Enjoy this fun match of us playing T7's in a mainly T9 match...
  3. So I've been working my way up the IJN torpedo boat line because I wanted something different from my usual USN DD gameplay, and I've been doing reasonably well so far. The line really started to click with me starting with the Akatsuki: she had good torps with reasonably fast reload times, she was fast, she was decently maneuverable, and her guns—while not exactly award-winning—were better than most people thought they were. Then I unlocked the Kagerō. And I gotta say, I'm pretty underwhelmed so far. She's about as maneuverable, but she's slower. Her guns are almost identical to the Akatsuki's, but at a tier higher and with shorter range, so decidedly worse. Her torpedos take forever to reload, and she has less flexibility with them because she only has two launchers (and one fewer torpedo total). Granted, they hit harder than the Akatsuki's, but I wasn't exactly struggling to kill things with her, so this doesn't feel like much of an upgrade to me. I guess I can take torpedo reload booster instead of smoke, but given that she's slower than the Akatsuki and can't evade enemy gunboats as easily without smoke AND that means I'm playing more selfishly, I'm not a huge fan of the idea. She definitely does have the stealth thing going for her, but again, I wasn't really struggling with managing spotting distances in my Akatsuki. Overall, she just feels like a bit of a downgrade to me. I would honestly rather be facing Tier IXs in my Akatsuki than in my Kagerō. If anything, she just kinda feels like the power creep hit her pretty hard. What, if anything, am I missing? Are there any Kagerō pros out there that can give me any advice? I'll be playing her all the way through, since I do intend to complete the IJN torpedo boat line, so I'd love to actually learn to enjoy her.
  4. Hey guys, So I'm quite new to the game (about 150 battles I think), but I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Because of what it uniquely offers in terms of gameplay, I could see myself playing it (somewhat casually) for quite a few years. Well, I just got this 200% coupon, and I'm big on value, so I'd definitely like to put it to good use. I think my limit in spending would be about ~$60 Canadian, but I'd be willing to go higher if the value was there. Also for the record, I don't see myself spending a lot in the future (unless there are similar very high-value options), so I'd like to maximize my value with this purchase and just get the most out of it over time. Note, the coupon only lasts 5 days. Problem is, the game seems quite deep and I know/understand very little about it. I could really use some help/recommendations about how to put it to good use. I read a few other posts on the topic but am really not sure what to do. So far I'm considering the following: -I've heard really good things about the Scharnhorst, and it's even on the summer sale today. However it comes with random ship containers, which I've heard may not be so great? -I'm Canadian, so consider Canadian options (I think the Haida is the only one currently?) a little bit extra appealing to me. -Perhaps I should purchase doubloons straight up instead? Please help this desperate noob to make a smart purchase decision! Thanks guys!
  5. In this post thread, I will be dealing with my approach to this final section of Fly-Strike-Win with all the rich prizes it offers. I want the permacamos for the T9 Saint-Louis and Buffalo, T8 Charles Martel and T7 Algerie. Even though I have the Congratulatory permacamo for the Martel, it does not offer ship XP bonuses; only captain and free XP. With a T9 permacamo to act as a carrot to grind beyond T8 in the French cruiser line, boosting ship XP becomes more important than it previously was. Directive 1 had a series of tasks which in my opinion was best undertaken in co-op. Wins were easy to come by, as were kills. Even aircraft kills were not hard to farm in co-op, relying entirely on spotter and fighter aircraft launched from bots, and despite going into randoms and even getting carrier games, I didn't get focused there and only got three of the fifteen necessary in PvP (and then got extras in the final battle that finished out this mission for me). I did not have a Nueve de Julio or Boise, and thus was reduced to doing the missions for the grinding scrubs. I did it in two nights and still have time to spare before the next directive starts. The ship XP task remains unfinished, but that will complete all by itself. The first two Air Supply crates from this phase yielded only a handful of flags and camo. I am aware of one person who defied RNGesus and unlocked a Graf Zeppelin. Directive 2 consists of a series of XP-grinding missions in cruisers, destroyers, battleships and carriers (25,000 XP each after bonuses), a 1,000 ribbon farm, a farm for 45 ribbons of any of (incapacitations, set fire, cause flooding), spotting 15 torpedoes, and get 25 bomb hit, torpedo hit, rocket hit or flooding ribbons, plus a 25,000 free XP farming mission. The full task list for this directive (shamlelessly copy-pasted from @Kizarvexis's excellent threads on the topic) is as follows (spoilered for post-volume reasons): Bearing in mind the old adage that no plan survives first contact with the enemy, I intend to approach it as follows: 1) Finish the greatest number of tasks as quickly as you can. 2) Look for tasks that help to finish other tasks, and select your ships appropriately. 3) Think about the things you are NOT OBLIGED TO DO, and cast those worries aside. In fact, dwelling on the fact that you do not HAVE to do them will make you a happier person. Note that despite its name, the "Piloting Expert" task does not demand that you use a carrier; it merely specifies Tier 5-plus SHIPS. Torpedo hit and caused-flooding ribbons can be achieved in cruisers, destroyers and the occasional battleship. This is important, because the "Assorted Damage" task wants FORTY-five Incapacitation, set-on-fire and (conveniently) flooding ribbons. So it is quite probable that completing this task alone will finish "Piloting Expert" at the same time, or at the very least help you with it. Also pay attention to that "set fire" condition. The secondary guns of British cruisers WILL set fires if you YOLO hard enough, though this is something I would only do in co-op. While you are setting fires in this brave and reckless manner, you can also be firing main gun AP that will break modules and incapacitate things, and you have torpedoes that can and will cause flooding. So if you are on the 25,000 XP cruiser grind and the only cruisers you have are British tech-tree cruisers, consider that. "Watch out for torpedoes!" is something we all have to do, and I don't doubt that this task will finish itself long before you do all the others. If you are a kind soul, think about taking a Shiratsuyu or Shimakaze (if you have one) and delivering your full salvo in the direction of some poor soul on the Red team. That will assist them with this task and hopefully also assist you with the torpedo hit and flooding missions at the same time.\ For the FXP grind, note that the 4th, 9th, 14th etc. of this month offer free XP for the dailies, which is counted as part of your ship's winnings and will assist in the completion of this task. Unless you are on a specific FXP grind at this time, this should be the last mission you think about trying to complete. It will happen eventually by the end of the event, and you will almost certainly get six others first. Note that at least ONE of the grind missions MUST be completed, even if you have a Boise/Nueve, and you cannot do it all in the Boise/Nueve because they don't have torpedoes. For the XP grinding tasks, Randoms is the best place (though I have on occasion ground out 30K XP in co-op by spamming flags and camo; this may be worth it for you). Here is where having a wide variety of T5+ ships helps, because you can just spam random games in one ship after another, then if you die early, go instantly into the next battle. Make best use of your time. I am not advocating YOLO-ing and dying wastefully here; I am advocating giving it your best shot but wasting no time if you don't last out the entire battle. Note also that the Cruiser, Battleship and Destroyer XP grinds and the FXP task can be done in Space Battles. Space Battles mode is not for everyone, sure, but it gives us all at least one T5-plus destroyer, cruiser and battleship, so no matter where you are in your own grinds (provided your account level is high enough), you will have something to complete the XP grinds with in all three categories. Hold your nose if you have to, but the tools are there to get these missions done. I would not bother with the Aircraft carrier XP grind unless I was really confident in carriers. However, the first stages of this event should have given anyone at least as good as me (and I am a 50% win-rate seal-potato who's never ranked out) a Tier 6 aircraft carrier to play with. USE IT if you have to, if you want to, or if you merely want to get a few extra rocket, bomb or torp strike ribbons for that first task. In addition, the Space Battles captains are 19 pointers, and you WILL earn elite commander XP from them even if you don't have one of your own. There's at least 75,000 ECXP up for grabs here, because commander XP is NEVER less than ship XP. Remember that ALL ribbons count towards the thousand-ribbon mission. I know some of you will want to grab your Harugumos, Worcesters and Minotaurs and go right out there for this one, and you will be more than justified (especially for the Worcester; those fire ribbons should stack up nicely at the same time). But if you don't have a fast-firing hell-boat, those ribbons are going to stack up over the battles you need to grind out the XP; you could easily find this one auto-completing. Do not count out scenarios if you have the right ships for them, where the bots are scripted and vulnerable and the right sort of ship can rack up ribbons like a boss, with no fear of team damage. So to summarise: Unlike the previous directives in this event, YOU DON'T HAVE TO GET IT ALL DONE IN ONE NIGHT. These directives open three or four days apart, so there's more than enough time to get it all done if you pace yourself. Remember you only have to finish six out of ten missions, so NOT having a Boise or a Nueve de Julio isn't going to stop you. You're only missing out on ONE flag. Don't sweat. 1000-ribbons - likely to auto-complete over one or more of the XP grinds, arguably requires no special effort. Spot 15 torpedoes - likely to auto-complete over one or more of the XP grinds, arguably requires no special effort. XP grinds and ship availability - we are given Space Battles ships in three of the four categories, likely to be all you need. Do not neglect to use them if your own port does not have one or more of battleships, carriers or destroyers, and don't forget that you get elite commander XP in the process. Winning a battle or surviving the battle are NOT conditions of this upcoming directive, so don't sweat too much if your team derps or you die early; keep calm and press on with the next battle. Getting kills is NOT a condition of this upcoming directive (though every kill ribbon adds its own little bit to the 1000), so don't sweat the kill-stealers. If you finish the XP grinds and the ribbon-farming missions are somehow not done, consider your best ship for the task and run to co-op or operations. TRY not to get yourself confined to co-op. 25,000 XP in a night isn't impossible, but you'll be throwing flags and camos at it to get it done in a sane number of battles. Maybe this is worth it for you, or you are a co-op exclusive; in that case, pick your ships to get all the ribbon tasks done in the most effective manner. Carriers are NOT essential to complete any of the tasks except the specific Carrier XP grind. And since you only have to complete six of ten, it's easy to put this one dead last if you want. I will keep you updated with my progress and how theory meets reality. Good luck, everyone.
  6. I made a thread a few weeks ago asking for skill recommendations for RN battleship captains after the new AA changes. My main source of advice used to be the game's wiki for captain skills, but the advice, writeup and skill suggestions are clearly still pre-0.8 and refer to a time when certain warships would benefit heavily from AA skills like AFT, MFC-AA etc. Like the Des Moines or Minotaur with their 152/155 dual-purpose main batteries creating lethal high-calibre fire with the MFC-AA skill. British and American cruisers also used to benefit from their 100+mm secondary batteries with MFC-AA. Now it's just an incredible generic stat boost that applies equally to all warships and I assume not worth four points. So this leaves me with an Edinburgh and (soon to be) Monarch captain, each with 10 of 14 skill points assigned because I don't know what's worth picking up as a second 4-point skill. I feel Edinburgh has probably been kicked from AA cruiser stroke DD hunter to mostly DD hunter, but if I'm packing surveillance radar as a consumable slot, do I really have that much use for radio position finding? I could just throw the typical fire prevention skill on the Monarch, I guess, because British secondaries aren't worth spending points on benefiting. AFT just makes explosions deadlier in AA batteries now - how useful is this really, on warships whose AA was always kind of middling to begin with now that it doesn't provide a range increase like before? Seriously WG, rewrite the wiki pages already.
  7. Of the ships that I won in Santa Crates thus far this year, the Aigle is one I haven't taken out just yet and the main reason why is because I'm not entirely certain how to play her. Now just as a prefix: I have no problem with DDs that have subpar concealment, not-great torps, or guns with slow shells. I have a Benson, Kiev, Blyska, and Haida that make that perfectly clear. However, none of those ships have all three in the same package like the Aigle does. She has the same detection range as my Blyska, but she doesn't have the flat-arc'ed guns that my little Polish beast or my Kiev (with it's 7.1 km detection) have. She also has only 200 m of stealth torping range and her guns fire slower shells than both my Benson and my Haida. This all combines together to leave me with one perplexing question: How do I play her right? Should I do what I do with my Benson or Haida: get close, smoke up, and let loose with the guns? Should I hide behind islands and wait for ambushes? Should I go into caps, smoke up, and wait for enemies to come my way? I'd just like some advice. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.
  8. I have been playing this game for around 1 year now. It seems that I am still not very good as players I play with and play against. I mean out of 12 shells in 1 salvo - I only get 2 or 3 hits??? Most of my end games stat's no matter what ship I play - DD, CC or BB - it is like 30% accuracy or less :-( When I play CV's - recently it seems most ships all have high AA - making it hard to target any ship without losing most of my planes in 2 strikes :-0.... only play T5 CV's because not comfortable using the "straffing (takes the fun out of real dog-fights between the fighter planes)" I have been told to try and watch you tube videos - which I have done. I still get destroyed - usually 1 of the first 3 ships usually sunk. I really don't want to spend more cash for flags.. So any good advice will greatly be appreciated!!! Good luck and fare seas shipmates!!!!!
  9. So I got the Roon recently after the nerf and having a bit of trouble with it. All commentaries I found on youtube was before the nerf telling how it has great gun reload. Now with 10 sec reload I am very tempted to get the 6th equip for the buff in reload (to 9.7s ugh) but at a very heavy price in turret traverse. So I want to get the expert marksman instead of 10% reduction in damage control, but wasn't sure if it is worth it. I think the turret traverse is slow but haven't played other heavy cruisers to compare it to or if the ship needs it at all. Any suggestions?
  10. StraightAndSalty

    Looking For Advice

    The reason I made this post is to ask for advice and information. I've reached a point where I consider myself relatively skilled at the game overall, and so I want to know where I stand compared to most players. I started playing WoWs 80 days ago. In 912 random battles across 195 total hours spent in-game I have reached one line's T10 (Minotaur), one line's T9 (Lion), one line's T8 (Kagero), three lines' T6 (Ryujo, Aoba and Nurnberg), two lines' T5 (Omaha and Jianwei) and one line's T4 (Myogi). 251 of those battles were in premium ships and I have a 47% win rate and a 0.9 destruction ratio. Most of those battles were with a premium account, I'd guess about 850 of them. I have played 15 ranked battles, all of them in the Massachusetts, and I have a 60% win rate and a 2.78 destruction ratio in them. At the time of making this post, this is what my profile summary looks like for random battles: Is there a way for me to compare my performance and progress to the average, and if so, how? Where do I stand compared to the average player, and apart from in-game settings is there anything I should be using/changing? (IE mods/add-ons)
  11. WarDemon1

    Republique vs Yamato

    To the good BB players out there. I just unlocked the Alsace, but haven't started playing it yet. I heard they nerfed her so the videos about it are out of date. I also have the Izumo at 39k XP and am trying to decide which line to focus on first. I've had good and bad games in the Izumo and have mixed feelings on her. First - Is the Alsace still fun to play? Or at least more fun the Izumo? Second - Which is the better pay off? The Yammy or the Rep? Thanks!
  12. Doomwaffel

    Tirpitz captain struggle

    Hello everyone, recently I earned myself a Tirpitz from the Camo contest. And so far I enjoy it a lot, very brawler ish, which fits my playstile. So thats what I want to maximize. Now I have a little problem when it comes to the captain skills: I have 2 german captains so far that I could use: 1 is a regular one, the other the one that gives you a bonus on the torp detection skill. Sadly I ran the torp detection one on my cruisers so far and would have to retrain with hard earned cpt points. ^^ And since the other cpt is already skilled for the tirpi it would save me a lot of points. But I wouldnt get the torp skill bonus. So I am struggeling a bit on the skills and what to pick. So far: R1: PM R2: EM R3: BFT R4: AFT going for MFC for 14 points but besides that I am torn. I run the spotter range upgrade, so using the bonus captain+ improved Vigilance would grant me a big torp spot range, but do I need it? That would give me Vigilance + AR. in the end, but no concealment whatsoever. As an alternative I could go full stealth and replace the upgrade with the concealment one + Skill? Or a mix maybe? Like concealment upgrade, butu Vigilance skill or concealment skill + concealment upgrade? I am really torn right now about which captain to pick, and for which skills to plan. Open for all help. Thanks.