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Found 2 results

  1. I have been playing for about 9 months now (casual player with a fair amount of free time) I play mostly Cruisers and DDs (mostly USN, otherwise equal opportunity on flag), with a side of USN BBs I enjoy the operations (except that which shall not be named) and co-op play mostly, with only occasional 5-7 tier random battles My clan does not do clan battles (or hasn't for some time anyway), and I haven't really done much with ranked lacking higher tier ships My first coal ship was the Jean Bart cause I saw a Jingles video, and I already have the Aigle from a Santa crate and St Louis from a supercontainer I have been saving my very limited steel for a Flint or Black, but now I am going to wait for them to come back next fall as coal ships. I am up to just over 200K in coal as of last night and do still have my coupon I do have Russian ships, I am currently grinding in Budyonny, not really up to speed on coming Euro Destroyers/Blyskawica, or high tier BB play Am I going to kick myself for not getting the Smolensk while it was available? I don't know much about the ship, have never (maybe in co-op) faced it in battle, and will probably never be good enough, or have enough time to learn it properly for pvp play. That said, I could always use it to farm up some commander xp and for lighting fires for directives. Do I bite the bullet and put off my Salem (grandfather served on the Salem and Des Moines) for another while as it seems safe as a coal ship, until I can earn more coal?
  2. Could someone explain how I am getting strafed when I strafe out of a combat? Also, could someone also explain how I am not able to kill more planes when I strafe his torp planes? I have added my replay to this post. Thank you in advance. 20180705_211525_PJSA017-Hakuryu-1942_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay