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Found 5 results

  1. 1) What kind of setup would make "Torpedo Acceleration" appropriate? I've focused mostly on US DD's, and the payoff of range isn't worth the speed boost to me, but is it valuable on IJN DD's (or other nations/classes), and if so, what other skills should I couple it with? 2) Does Adrenaline Rush apply to CV plane servicing time? Thanks!
  2. Does the skill Adrenaline Rush work with servicing time of aircraft carriers?
  3. Does Adrenaline rush impact AA? I know it now impacts secondaries but they are treated separate from each other so I am trying to find out if AA is influenced as well. I did a search in the forums but either I missed the answer or it hasn't been asked this way yet. If no one knows I may just have to throw it at the next developers Q&A.
  4. Has anyone done thorough testing? I have a few questions: Are reloads times only calculated at the time of firing? Or is it updated constantly? My question is do you lose the bonus if you use heal or gain bonus on current cooldowns if you eat damage? Example 1: Launch Torps in a RN CL at 50% then heal to 75%. Is the total torp reload time -10% or does the game recalculate? Example 2: Launch Torps in a DD, eat a huge chunk of damage. Is the torp reload time reduced? or does it only apply on the next salvo? Is the %hp lost calculated from Base hp or total with SE? Since the Dreadnought achieve is calculated on base HP allowing DDs to get it. Possible for a DD with SE at low HP to get more than 20%?
  5. The description on adrenaline rush in 6.0 test says that it works with all types of armaments...which brings up the question: Does that include carrier planes? So without further ado... Test subject: Independence, with Aircraft Servicing expert (10% increase), Torpedo Armaments Expert (20% increase for torpedo planes), and Servicing mod (15% increase). This is the rate at full health, note that the reload has already progressed a bit: I bombed and burnt myself down to 20k HP, extinguished fire, then let the dive bombers return. Note the 21 second while gauge at bottommost level. Launched and return torpedo planes: 17 seconds with gauge at bottommost The effects is noticeable due to the buff to 0.2% reload for each percent of HP lost. Either this will go back to the drawing board, or it will be so gimmicky and impractical (perhaps dumb, even) that it will be left as is. ...this battle was won, however, so all was well and dandy.