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Found 3 results

  1. KAAOS_Frosty

    Armory Ships

    When and if ever are the lower coal cost Ships in the Armory ever going to change????? The top ships change every so often but the Lower tier ships haven't changed in well never. Can we get them replaced as I own them all except the ones that are 250+ coal. Frosty
  2. PWiseMaN

    ISSUE with Aircraft carriers!!!!

    Dear Developers of world of warships, The aircraft carriers have been nerfed to the point to where they are non-effective against any ship in the game... I have sent several torpedos to an enemy battleship TIER 3! keep in mind, that it is non-effective at all cost I can only get kills if they have been so damaged that a rough wave would kill it... All three types of planes getting effective hits on any type of ship does such a small fraction of hit points that by the end of the game I can have 15 hits and only 10k damage... if I'm lucky. Summary; make the aircraft's on the carrier more effective to real-time damage against the enemy ships, equal to enemy ships vs enemy ships, I have to say for an example the destroyers torpedos do real-time damage. From the perspective of a beta tester to current. Thanks!
  3. KAAOS_Frosty

    Premuim DD

    This is for WG to answer. I have a question in reference to the Aigle tier 6 DD. In the arsenal in game it says 7km Torps in the premium shop it says 8km which is it??? This is the same ship. Thinking of getting it but with conflicting Stats it does concern me. Frosty