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Found 26 results

  1. Campain - Naval Warfare - Arson

    I am doing Science of Victory campaign, and at task 8, I need earn 1 "arsonist" achievement. This achievement can only be obtained once. I think I did it before, because I have it, but it seems it was not tasked or it did not meet the requirements. I think I did killed other ships by fire after the task was on. Is it a bug? Can I really obtain it again? Or will I never be able to complete the campaign?
  2. I am new to Operations and I have been successful in perhaps 35 of 50 attempted Ops. The heroic achievement "Tactical Expertise" requires a 5-star finish with all the secondary tasks completed and all the players surviving. That has happened in a number of operations and i have yet to have that achievement awarded to my profile. What am I misunderstanding or what other elements need to occur for this to happen? Thanks for the help.
  3. Hey Wargaming.... I noticed in my in-game profile that I have not been properly credited with several "Torpedoman" achievements that I have earned. Could you guys please correct the glitch and get my four (4) achievemnts (and rewards) credited to my account? (screenshots are below) Thanks! Nocona Capt, CO Tactical Strike Group 4 "A Family of Friends: One Team, One Fight!" http://www.tsg4.org/
  4. Feels like the new changes to remove Clear Sky and replacing it with two higher requirement achievement is pretty insane. Clear Sky is already very rare, due to CV population and just pure luck. Why make it even harder? The reward (per 24 hours) is not that good, or even no where near useful.
  5. Achievements Bug

    As you can see from the pic, the Chief Naval Architect achievement is bugged for me. It shows that I have to fully research 50 ships, and I have 62 of them, and it is showing in the progress bar... ... yet the achievement is not considered complete.
  6. Number of Achievements

    How many achievements and of what type have you all compiled? And what are the relative frequencies? I'd expect everyone to have a lot of "Devastating Strikes" and "First Bloods", with very few numbers of "Unsinkables" and "Solo Warriors". My list is as follows: Devastating Strike: 898 First Blood:521 High Caliber: 399 Confederate: 285 It's Just A Flesh Wound: 225 Dreadnought: 181 Kracken: 106 Arsonist: 91 Close Quarters Expert: 81 Whitherer: 63 Detonation: 50 Double Strike 46 Fireproof: 46 Liquidator: 30 Clear Sky: 16 Unsinkable: 5 Die Hard: 5 Solo Warrior:2
  7. Steam Achievements Merger

    So I was looking at all the negative reviews on steam which were related to account merger. Hopefully WG changes their opinion to allow some kind of compatibility. The second gripe was having to do the achievements all over again. I am curious what the possibility is to allow steam to recognize that we did the achievements from our independent accounts. Like it ports our profile achievements to steam, not downloading the game with our main account. Then we get them unlocked. If that happened I would be less disappointed. If it hasn't been considered, it would be nice if it was. At least show my friends that i've played the game. I really don't want to start all over with a second account when i've done about 7K and unlocked 15 tier Xs. It's a very big turn off but it isn't as worse as the EA Star Wars disaster, SAD!
  8. ....did you find the most challenging to complete? Ironically, I found the two Co-Op missions to be rather tough, but only because the damn bots die so quickly. You basically have to YOLO in just to snag a couple of kills before they all die off.
  9. Fancy chart is complete (the formatting in these boards is terrible) ordered them as they display in the players port UI by collection set/reward group. Please note any errors and apologies for the chart size, smaller resolution monitors may need to zoom out. All achievements are for a single battle as listed. All achievements may be completed once per day for collection reward items, some achievements award more than one medal per day (but additional reward items are not counted for duplicates in the collection), but only once per battle (earning 800k credits for example does not generate x2 "Not a Pyramid Scheme" medals). None function in Operations. Achievements that require winning a battle, state "or more" in the requirements, as well as the Bismark achievement are awarded at the end of a battle. Awards with a hard amount that does not state "or more" may be awarded during the battle when objectives are completed and are shown in match chat. You've Got a Parcel Waiting For You! does not appear to show in the team screen at battle end, it appears to be the only achievement not to do so. Icon Achievement Name Requirements Mission Type Reward Set Item Name Item Image Not a Pyramid Scheme! Earn 400,000 or more credits in a single battle Random Battles Only Kiev Camo Economic Reforms Fabulous Fuse Deal 50,000 or more damage by main battery in a single battle using any T5-T10 regular tech tree UK cruiser Random Battles Only Kiev Camo British Invasion You've got a Parcel waiting for you! Earn 1,500 base ship experience or more using any ship in a single battle Random Battles Only Kiev Camo Battle Day Delivery Foes Way Past Their Prime Destroy 2 enemy BOT ships in a single battle using St. Louis, Nassau or Wakatake Co-Op Battles Only Kiev Camo The Struggle of Darkness and Light Paint It Gold! Earn 500,000 or more credits in a single battle using any T10 ship Random Battles Only Charles Martel Camo Golden Paint Not By Torpedoes Alone Deal 15,000 damage by main battery and 30,000 damage by torpedo in a single battle using Minekaze, Hatsuharu, Shiratsuyu or Akizuki Random Battles Only Charles Martel Camo Ninja'd!! Will Now Have Stories Win a battle using Shinonome Random Battles Only Charles Martel Camo Mission Briefing I Will Find You and I Will Sink You Destroy an enemy destroyer in battle using any T5-T10 German destroyer Random Battles Only Charles Martel Camo Hunting the Hunters Look Who We Have Here! Deal 50,000 damage in a single battle using a Kongo, Myoko, Atago, or any clone of their base hull (any ARP or Dragon ship) Random Battles Only Z-23 Camo Ship Beauties Ho-Ho-Ho! Win a battle using Admiral Graf Spee (NOT the HSF ship), Tirpitz, Leander, Fuso, Bayern, Budyonny or Farragut Random Battles Only Z-23 Camo Chime of Bells Skipper on Deck! Earn 2,500 commander experience or more in a single battle Random Battles Only Z-23 Camo Winds of Change Like a Pro Earn 1,000 base ship experience or more in a single battle that you win using any T7 ship Random Battles Only Z-23 Camo I Smoke Wherever I Want Rush C! Deal 30,000 damage by main battery and 20,000 damage by torpedo in single battle using Ognevoi, Udaloi or Grozovoi Random Battles Only New Orleans Camo Need more DDs Death by Baguette Deal 35,000 damage by main battery and 15,000 damage by fire in a single battle using any T5-T10 regular tech tree French Cruiser Random Battles Only New Orleans Camo What's Next? Engine Boosters for Battleships? Before Zee Germans Get There! Earn a Dreadnought achievement in the Bismark Random Battles Only New Orleans Camo The Mighty Bismark Eat it, Toaster! Destroy 2 enemy BOT ships in a single battle using any T5-T6 ship Co-Op Battles Only New Orleans Camo Revenge of the Bots 2 Years of World of Warships Collect all 16 of the above listed collection items* N/A N/A** N/A *Note the "2 Years of World of Warships" achievement does NOT require earning all 16 achievements, only collecting all 16 collection items (which can be done with duplicates) and awards. This can be achieved at the end of a battle, or in port. **Also note that the complete collection awards you the WoWs birthday flag and permanent camo for the HMS Monarch.
  10. Halloween 2017!?

    Hi, Just was wondering about the upcoming Halloween Missions 2017! I still remember the last year Halloween mission "Saving Transylvania" & rewards. I am wondering about 2017 Halloween Mode, rewards & achievements! My birthday is 31st of october lol its Halloween!
  11. O Great and Mighty Pigeon

    Pigeon, I just realized that the Heroic Achievements we earn from scenarios aren't counting towards Battle Hero/Legend of the Seas/Bane of the Oceans. The criteria for those states that it is any Heroic Achievement that counts. I have 17 Heroics outside of scenarios, and I've earned Tactical Expertise, 2 Assistants, Will to Win, and I think one other, in scenarios. If this is how it's supposed to be, then the achievements need to state that it's only PvP matches that count towards them. I have no issue if that's the case, I just feel it needs to be clarified one way or the other. Have a great weekend. :)
  12. There was a new achievement in a scenario battle "I'll be back" Does anyone know what is required to get it?
  13. Why do I even bother trying? For a short while I had 'Science of Victory, Mission 3, Task 8,' and 'The Hunt for the Bismark, Mission 6, Task 5,' both being 'Earn a Dreadnaught,' figuring I could clear both at the same time... Fail, fail, fail, etc, ad nauseum... Screw this, I can't waste any more time on Bismark.... Next game; three guesses what happened, and your first two don't count... Of well; I take comfort in the fact that I finally cleared all the non-Hood tasks up to Mission 7 of Hunt, and that that Dreadnaught was my 100th Heroic, thus finally earning me 'Bane of the Ocean...' Boy, never thought I'd get that...
  14. Hey guys! I was just curious how many containers you've gotten so far. As many of you would probably have realized by now, almost no one has gotten the Senior Supply Officer achievement yet. Now, it's been 6 months, or about 194* days since the patch went live. Therefore, the most containers anyone could've gotten by now is about 580, as you can get 3 daily. Now, currently, I myself am at 485 containers open... So that means I've opened about 2.5 per day (Yes, I'm addicted to this game). So by my estimations, it will be about 140 more days, or a little over 4 more months, until, by regular gameplay, we get the first player to obtain this Achievement! That's right, this achievement is even rarer than Solo Warrior, or Clear Skies!! TLDR; So the question is, how far are you along in getting this achievement yourselves? * Notes: Patch went live on NA server on October 12. I used this website to calculate the days since October 20th till today.
  15. I got all my Christmas Achievements, and I still don't have Gold reward for "To The Bottom" and "Hoarder 2017". Is this happening to anyone else?
  16. This one is the best game I've ever had. Did it in Tashkent. This bad boy happened about 5 minutes ago too. Loving these VMF DDs. Can't wait for Udaloi and Khabarovsk. 185k damage, almost 3,000 base EXP, and walked away with Arsonist, Witherer, Confederate, High Caliber, and Kraken medals under my belt, with a total of almost 400k credits to boot. This one was my best game. What's yours? Please do provide screenshots if possible, preferably in a spoiler for the sake of space and scrolling
  17. Solo Warrior

    Out of the three or four Solo Warriors I spectated, and the one Solo Warrior I got, all of them were achieved by having a cap point advantage and simply running away and surviving until the time limit runs out, or cap points reached 1,000. Honestly, this seems like the best method of getting Solo Warrior. I have seen YouTube replays where the Solo Warrior was achieved by killing all the opponents. So my question is, for those of you who have gotten it at least once, how did you get it? (keep it simple, no lengthy play-by-plays needed)
  18. Christmas Events have begun, and a new set of hidden achievements await us to complete! Fellow captains, please report your guessed findings here! I will update on how to achieve them as we go along. PLEASE REMEMBER: You can earn these achievements in Co-Op as well. And there is no shame in playing Co-Op - this is meant to be a fun game guys. Alright, the list seems complete. Please check to see if I've made any errors here. Achievement Medal Reward Gold Reward How to Get Good Start 17x New Year Camo Commander's Present (Standard Container) Note: This acts as a container drawing from the menu (i.e. you still have a chance of getting a supercontainer) and the game will not choose TYL option Win a battle Feelin' Good 1,000,000 credits Commander's Present (Standard Container) Use 100 signals Tin Can 1 Day of Premium Commander's Present (Standard Container) Open 17 containers (during this event only, prior opening of containers do not count) Race to the Bottom 17x Zulu signal flags 17x India Bravo Terrathree flags 17x Juliet Charlie flags 17x Smoke Generator II 17x New Year Camo Commander's Present (Standard Container) Get 1 ship launched torpedo hit on each ship class over any number of games (torpedo must do damage upon impact for it to register?) Aiming? Too Much Effort! 17x Zulu signal flags 17x India Bravo Terrathree flags 17x India Delta flags 17x Repair Party II 17x New Year Camo Commander's Present (Standard Container) Get 25 secondary battery hits in any ship over any number of games An Epic Journey 17x Sierra Mike flags 17x Engine Boost II Propulsion Modification 2 Commander's Present (Standard Container) Travel 201.7 km total over any number of games Break the Bank 2,017,000 Credits Commander's Present (Standard Container) Earn 2,017,000 credits over any number of games Hoarder 2017 100x New Year Camo Special Holiday Container (What's inside?) Get all other achievements Good luck and fair seas! Alright, we've done it guys! All of them have turned gold!
  19. Hi everyone! I don't know about you, but for me this has been one fun adventure, going from knowing nothing besides the names and icons to where we are now. Between the great effort of everyone, not just in NA but across other servers, we've managed to put together requirements for every one of the ten event achievements in just about a day and a half, summarized in the table below. Achievement Requirement Possible Alternative Reward King of the Party Get the other 9 event achievements Possibly bugged and shows up earlier for some players for unknown reasons 5000 Free XP Life and Soul of the Party Get an in-battle compliment (compliments awarded from the post-battle screen don't count) - 25x Juliet Charle flags Festive Soup Get 10 ship torpedo hits over any number of battles Get 10 torpedo hits from any class, carriers included 25x Juliet Whiskey Unaone flags Fire Show Score 100 main battery hits over any number of battles - 25x India X-ray flags Run! Admiral! Run! Playing as a carrier, score 4 torpedo hits over any number of battles Works on 5 hits for some. Bombs also seem to count. 25x Victor Lima flags Queue Jumper Enter your first battle post-0.5.11 update - 10x Type 5 camouflage Rise of the Machines In Co-Op battles, sink 5 bots over any number of battles - 25x Zulu flags Big Roll Earn 1 million credits over any number of battles - 1 million credits A Shot in the Dark Shoot down 15 airplanes over any number of battles Hit an unspotted enemy 25x November Echo Setteseven flags Manners Maketh Man Complete 10 consecutive battles without inflicting any team damage - 25x Zulu Hotel flags Special thanks to GG_Bootcamp for putting together a guide to achieving all 10 in a quick manner. You can find the guide here. It's worth noting that while we have reliable requirements that are guaranteed to win you the achievement, there's some evidence that some achievements have at least two ways to get them, and achieving either requirement nets you the award. There's also still a big mystery surrounding how to get King of the Party without needing to get the other 9 first, but be assured that it is possible to get it by grabbing the others even if we don't fully understand how to get it otherwise. I'll keep updating this post if new information for requirements comes to light (especially that pesky King!), but at the very least we now have a reliable way to get all 10, and hopefully turn them gold before the birthday celebrations kick off next weekend to see what these "special prizes" are. The original post starts below As you might have found out, the patch brought special achievements to celebrate WoWS' birthday. http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/b-day-coming/ But the trick is that WG won't say what triggers them, and we have to discover for ourselves. Each one awards in-game items, and making the achievements turn gold will apparently award special prizes. This thread is meant to compile what we know about the achievements and see if we can figure out all of them. You can track how many have been awarded server-wide from the main page. The achievements are: King of the Party - Solved! Requirement: Awarded after the other 9 event achievements are awarded Alternative: Seems bugged, and appears for some before they get all 9. Reward: 5000 FreeXP Life and Soul of the Party - Solved! Requirement: Get a compliment in-battle Reward: 25x Juliet Charlie flags (-100% detonation chance) Festive Soup - Solved! Requirement: Get 10 ship torpedo hits over any number of games Reward: 25x Juliet Whiskey Unaone flags (increases chance of flooding, increases chance of own detonation) Fire Show - Solved! Requirement: Score 100 main battery hits over any number of games Reward: 25x India X-ray flags (+1% fire chance for guns over 160mm/+0.5% fire chance for guns under 160mm/+5% detonation chance) Run! Admiral! Run! - Solved! What we know: Requirement: Playing carriers, get four torpedo or bomb hits over any number of gamesReward: 25x Victor Lima flags (+1% fire chance for bombs and shells >160mm/+0.5% shells <160mm/+4% own detonation chance) Queue Jumper - Solved! Requirement: Enter queue and join a battle for the first time post-patch. Reward: 10x Type 5 camo (-3% detectability/+4% enemy dispersion) Rise of the Machines - Solved! Requirement: Sink 5 bots over any number of battles Reward: 25x Zulu flags (+20% credits) Big Roll - Solved! Requirement: Earn 1 million credits over any number of matchesReward: 1 million credits A Shot in the Dark - Solved! Requirement: Shoot down 15 airplanes over any number of games Alternate Possibility: Hit an unspotted enemy Reward: 25x November Echo Setteseven flags (+10% effectiveness to AA and aircraft rear gunners) Manners Maketh Man - Solved! Requirement: Go 10 consecutive battles with zero team damage Reward: 25x Zulu Hotel flags (+50% Commander XP)
  20. Achievements--How to Earn Them

    So I've given this a little thought, and I have come up with some tips to get achievements. Some of them happen more easily than others, and some are just completely random. But anyways, here is one or two pieces of advice on getting medals in the game (in the order from the main website.): Unsinkable: If you take damage from torpedoes, your first instinct is to hit the repair button. Oftentimes, the surefire way to get this is get torped, and wait for the flood to run out--then pop the damage repair kit (if you're in a BB or some CAs.) Then, to survive the whole thing, don't charge for the front lines. Stay back, and mop up what's left. Liquidator: Most of the time, if you use torpedoes on a less-armored ship, that kills her instantly. If you use it on a BB, then it's highly possible it can happen, especially if she uses her repair kit too early. Once you hit her the second time--with torps--just back off and let things take care of themselves. It's Just A Flesh Wound!: Now, this one is harder to get. The gold standard for this is if you're in a DD or CA with torps, and you get killed, but not before you get them off. If your tormentor continues straight on, he might eat some of your fish, getting you the medal. If you're in a BB and your secondaries set your killer alight and he doesn't extinguish it, you might also get it. First Blood: There's not much to this, just make sure that you kill your intended target before he can do the same to you. Fireproof: Same as Unsinkable, but if you get set ablaze and can't (or don't) put it out and then follow the strategy I outlined, you will get the medal. Double Strike: This one is hard to get. You have to have two enemy targets lined up, and have your guns set on both. Or, if you have torpedoes, those also can work. Just make sure that you can get both the targets in the 10-second time window. Firing on low-health opponents also helps. Die Hard: If your ship has stronger bow armor, it'll work. If you have the ramming flag flying, that will help a ton. Same if your target doesn't have a lot of hp and/or has thinner armor (like a DD.) Devastating Strike: This one is easy, especially if you're in a DD and the target is at close range. If you're in a BB, getting that perfect waterline shot will take some practice. But once you get that figured out, getting it will be easy-peasy, Detonation: The most-hated one. I can't really offer much advice on how to get it. Let's just say that it will happen randomly, and anyone who has it happen will be very pissed off about it. If you have one of those flags flying, it won't happen. Close Quarters Expert: This one will be rather common for the German BBs. Whether your BB is German or not, having the flag will make this achievement easier, getting you more of those flags. If you have the Manual Secondary Fire Control skill, use it! Clear Sky: Use the strafe ability on your fighters. Use it mainly on slower targets, like torpedo planes, especially if they're lining up for an attack. If you are in a cruiser, use the defensive fire ability whenever necessary, such as when you're about to get attacked. Like this: wait till the last possible second, then flip the switch. Then just sit back, relax, and watch the fireworks! Arsonist: Same thing as Liquidator, but with fire. Just throw HE at your victim like there's no tomorrow. Witherer: Stay out of the line of sight as much as possible. Use your HE and torps to effect. If they put the fire or flooding out, set it again! Solo Warrior: To get it, you don't have to kill your enemies. Just stay undetected, try to grab cap points, and run out the clock if your team is ahead on points. If someone's coming your way, stay back and set up a trap. High Caliber: To do this, BBs are your best option. Do whatever it takes in the book to do the necessary damage: Spam HE, throw torps, line up citadel shots, the whole nine yards. All that just might get you the medal. Dreadnought: This one will work if you get citadelled, torped, set ablaze, but still hit the 'R' key and get to cover. You could even hide out on one corner of the map and still survive! Confederate: Basically the same thing as high caliber. Only it'll take some more skill. Setting up ambushes is the way to go to get the achievement. Kraken Unleashed: To get at least five kills, you have to be both cautious and aggressive at the same time. Using some of the tactics I outlined to get HC and Confederate will work. That's a thing or two I thought of on getting the achievements. If you have any other ways of getting them, please comment them below. Thanks!
  21. Wither on only 8 fires

    got my first wither ever in my DM, on only 8 fires. Also German battleship, their was two tier X in the game one, on each team. Its good at tanking BB fire but not enough HP to take a concentrated HE fire. Was able to bag me one with some AP to the bow after softening it up with some HE and fires. imgur-http://imgur.com/a/I9Znu Been chasing this achievement for a while. Now, only two left I haven't gotten, clear sky and unsinkable.
  22. All, Has anyone else accomplished amazing feat's and not gotten the Achievements? I managed to wipe out a Destroyer by ramming it, and I survived the incident, but didn't get the Ramming Achievement. I also launched a battery of Torpedo's, got wiped out and still killed the other ship, but didn't get the "Flesh Wound" achievement. Anyone else have this issue too? Thanks,
  23. Just had three draws in 6 matches today... each and every one of them on a map where a lone CV or DD ran or hid even when their team failed bad. So instead of ranting and raving about this same crap, I decided to channel my rage into an idea for a new achievement for this game.... (EDITED: New picture minus the offensive word, so people actually know what this thread topic was about) *** [Content Moderated - Inappropriate Language] --Rhonico
  24. The bugs with the signal flags seem to be getting worse. I just had a match where i basically one-shotted a Phoenix with my Arkansas Beta and I got two achievements.. First Blood and Devastating Strike. (See first photo below) Now, AFAIK, you shouldn't get any flags for Devastating Strike and the pic below shows that none are indicated, even though my First Blood shows me having a reward waiting as it should. Now imagine my surprise when i get back to port and see I have two sets of flags waiting... one batch of 10 for a "It's Just a Flesh Wound" which I never achieved this game (and i already got a couple of hours ago for another match) and the sigle Zulu flag for First Blood. So it seems I got credited for the wrong achievement
  25. Hello Captains! Hello Sailors! You may have noticed on the forums that some players have ribbons or medals on their signatures or avatars. This innovation was firstly introduced September 15, 2013. Most of you love the idea, so, now we are glad to present you Navygaming's Official Awarding Program together with WoWS Wiki! The following awards are given to World of Warships Players who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to contribute their skills, talents, and time to the World of Warships community. Awards are also given to those who participate in the publication of Navygaming, editing and providing content to the World of Warships Pre-Release Wiki, etc. Awardees are entitled to proudly display their accomplishments in their forum signatures, avators, and/or any other place they feel the urge. Awards are listed in order of precedence. The awards at the top of the list are the most prestigious! Read below to see the various awards and who has been granted awards! Congratulations to all of the awardees! Medals that have been received more than once by a player will receive Bronze and Silver Stars or Oak Leaves. Four Bronze devices = One Silver Device. E.g, if a player has been granted an award six times, they will have one Silver Star, and one Bronze Star on their medal (The Medal itself, plus 5 additional awards). On medals associated with service on a particular project, such as the Pre-Release Wiki, a Gold Star or Oak Leaf denotes the project leader/creator. An extra star may also be granted for extraordinary service on a project. All the awardees can ask me and triptyx to create a sig for them including their medals and/or achievements. You can also ask me or triptyx to bestow you with the medal you qualify. New medals are added to this topic as soon as they appear. Community Commendations and AwardsThese awards are bestowed upon users who have made contributions to the World of Warships forum community. Commendation Medal ...................​The Commendation Medal is awarded to players that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help the Community, by creating important posts or web sites used by other players as a game resource, or other actions that have greatly added immense value to the World of Warships community. * Bronze and Silver Stars are granted for repeated grants of this award. View Awardees Navygaming Victory Medal - 1st Class ​...................This medal is awarded to players who have achieved first place in a Navygaming Magazine contest. * Bronze and Silver Stars are granted for repeat wins. View Awardees Navygaming Victory Medal - 2nd Class​ ​...................This medal is awarded to players who have achieved second place in a Navygaming Magazine contest. * Bronze and Silver Stars are granted for repeat wins. View Awardees Navygaming Victory Medal - 3rd Class ​...................This medal is awarded to players who have achieved third place in a Navygaming Magazine contest. * Bronze and Silver Stars are granted for repeat wins. View Awardees Courageous Medal ​...................The Courageous Medal was awarded to players who wrote articles for the First Edition of Navygaming Magazine. View Awardees Outreach Medal ​...................Players who are consistently friendly and helpful to new users are recognized with the Outreach Medal. * Bronze and Silver Stars are granted for repeat wins. View Awardees Navygaming Contribution Medal ​...................This medal is awarded to players who have written articles for Navygaming Magazine. * Bronze and Silver Stars are granted based on the amount of contributions a user has made to the Navygaming project. View Awardees Wiki Contribution Medal ​...................This medal is awarded to players who have helped Triptyx with the World of Warships Pre-Release Wiki. * Bronze and Silver Stars are granted based on the amount of contributions a user has made to the Wiki project. View Awardees