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Found 15 results

  1. _KlRlTO_

    Mercenary questions

    Last night, I played a few battles with our [IND6] clan, and I noticed a lot of the usual information isn't visible when you are a mercenary. That said, it made me wonder. Six is lower than eight in league, so the following wouldn't apply to me, but what if it's the other way around? When a player does mercenary work with a clan from a higher league than their own, do they earn steel and get achievements from the higher league of the clan they are sitting in with when they win?
  2. So, taking off this previous thread https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/244231-wows-anniversary-2021-hidden-achievement-requirements/ where the hidden requirements for 2021 Anniversary achievements were being discussed, a new achievement dropped in my notifications today Which is an achievement for "winning all the games". I didn't do anything at all this morning other than opening the signal crate that drops for the calendar today. So......thoughts?
  3. Before it's lost to memory, here's what the achievements used to award before patch 0.10.4. This was a pain in the butt to find, so I figured I'd put it all in once place. You could only win these once in a 24 hour period. Heroic Achievements Confederate: 10x Zulu Hotel (Commander XP). Before patch 0.5.2, Confederate used to award 10x Equal Speed Charlie London instead. Dreadnought: 10x India Delta (Improved healing) High Calibre: 10x November Foxtrot (Faster consumable reload) Kraken Unleashed: 10x Equal Speed Charlie London (XP) Solo Warrior: 10x Papa Papa (Free XP) Witherer: 10x Victor Lima (Improved fire & flooding chance) Honourary Achievements AA Defence Expert: 10x November Echo Setteseven (Improved AA efficiency). Arsonist: 10x India X-ray (Improved fire chance, increased detonation risk) Clear Sky: 10x November Echo Setteseven (Improved AA efficiency). Later renamed "King of the Air" with CV rework and then removed. Close Quarter Expert: 10x Mike Yankee Soxisix (improved secondary range and rate of fire) Detonation: 10x Juliet Charlie (removes detonation chance) Devastating Strike: Never awarded signal flags. Die Hard: x10 Hotel Yankee(increased ramming damage done, reduced ramming damage received) Double Strike: x10 Sierra Mike (increased ship speed) Fireproof: x10 India Yankee (reduced fire duration) First Blood: x1 Zulu (Credits). Note this isn't a typo. You only got one. It's Just a Flesh Wound: x10 India Bravo Terrathree (reduced post-battle costs) Liquidator: x10 Juliet Whiskey Unaone (Improved flooding chance, increased detonation risk) Unsinkable: x10 Juliet Yankee Bissotwo (reduced flood duration) Signals that were never tied to an achievement: X-ray Papa Unaone (Increased smoke screen action time) Sierra Bravo (Increased Hydroacoustic Search and Defensive AA Fire duration).
  4. Ever since the latest update (0.10.4) on Achievements/Profile went online, I've noticed a particular lack of progression on the Scenarios Achievements sections. I've been stuck on the same amount of numbers (144/150) (among the others also not being counted) and even thou I play them non regularly, I should have gotten (example given) the Ravager achievements a long time ago, no kills is accounted nor is registered. I also noticed my Engineer of the Future Achievement is missing, even thou I won it fairly and have it late than I should have it. But after the 0.10.4 update, is long gone without a warning nor a message. I found it on my own. It's been weeks since I had nothing in return and its frustrated to the max. Update 02/07/21: the Engineer of the Future Achievement has returned to my achievements sections, however the same cannot be said to the other achievements, still not being counted for whenever I do Operations more regularly than before. Update 25/09/21: After the Subs update, it seems a new "directive" is needed in order for achievements to be accounted for: winning; something it was never necessary nor mandatory to get them in the first place.
  5. So, to the best of my knowledge, earning achievements will grant one some flags, right? But....strangely it is not accounted for in the post battle notifications dialog. Everything else we get, always appears there, in the form of 'additions" Am I missing something? Lately I earned some achievements and I wanted to see the quantity which I will be getting. And ....nothing zilch, nada. So, again, am I missing something?
  6. To promote good team play, can we get better XP for spotting damage, potential damage, and aircraft shot down? Also, I think it would be an easy but great addition to have achievements for potential damage and spotting damage. Effective BB tanking and DD spotting is instrumental in winning games but there is no reward mechanism for it.
  7. I have to ask, since I haven't seen anyone getting one of those after the flooding rework, is it even possible for someone to earn Unsinkable/Liquidator anymore? With the way the system functions after the changes it seems far more likely for someone to die to torpedo alpha than getting flooded to death. I'm not criticizing the change, just that these achievements were designed with a different system in mind that's no longer in place. It stands to reason that maybe the conditions should be reworked to conform to the new changes.
  8. Recon009

    Achievements Lists

    Is there a complete list of all available Achievements in the Game? I recent received one I had never even seen before, just want to know the criteria it took to gain it as it was achieved during the Operation: Defense of Naval Base Newport My main account I have been playing for over 3 years and have never received it
  9. How about this idea for two new achievements 1) the first would be for damage upon your spotting of ships. For X amount of damage you would receive an award at the end of a round, for arguments sake say “Keen Eyes”, where the award would grant you 10 flags that buffs your concealment range by 1%. 2) the second would be for tanking potential damage based upon a multiple of your health pool, again for arguments sake call it “Helmsman”, that buffs the dispersion of incoming rounds by 1%. Since these stats do not help our Base XP amount significantly I thought this might be a good way to reward these actions. My apologies in advance if these ideas have been brought before in the forum.
  10. Let's come up with some difficult, fun, wth-moment achievements. I'll start: Engine Troubles - Have your engine broken 7 times in one game and survive the battle. Reward 1 premium DCP consumable. Defective Torpedoes - Score 15 torpedo hits in one game with no flooding. Reward 5 increased flooding flags. See the Unseen - Sink a ship that was never spotted by you or your allies. Reward 1 Basilisk flag. Hitting 'em Softly - Win a battle and score 300 hits with main battery guns without sinking a ship. Reward 1 premium MBR consumable. 'Tis but a Scratch - Win a battle with all main batteries and torpedo tubes permanently disabled. Reward: 1 premium engine boost consumable. Eagle Eye - Win a battle and score 200,000 spotting damage. Reward: 1 premium spotter plane consumable. Unbreakable - Win a battle with <10% health, score 1st place in base EXP on your team, and earn 50% more base EXP than your team's next highest EXP. Reward 1 Scylla flag. Ace in the Sky - Shoot down 20 aircraft in a battle with fighter or catapult fighter consumable. Reward 1 premium catapult fighter consumable. Terror of the Seas - Sink 8 ships in one battle. Reward 1 Leviathan flag. Big Bertha - Cause more than 60% of the enemy team's total base health in damage. Reward 1 Dragon flag. Feel free to add your ideas, but keep them reasonable, civil, and not tempt players to farm them at the cost of team play.
  11. Although Akulov still ended up getting sunk (and unfortunately, because the only 3 ships alive at that point in this particular run of Aegis were a cruiser on the other side of the map, a carrier, and me in my 21 kts max speed Arizona, we weren't able to save him and the whole op was only a 2-star run), I dare say he did better than some of the actual human-controlled ships that battle. Attached is the replay for proof for if anyone wants to see proof. 20190502_220805_PASB506-Arizona-1941_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  12. I've been gone from the game for ages. How does this work specifically? Do I actually have to have all the ships I've ever acquired in a port slot? What happens if I buy a ship then sell it? What happens if I research a ship, but don't actually purchase it?
  13. Does one get any sort of achievement for completing the PEF campaign (and getting the alternate camo for PEF) or for simply completing the directives to get PEF in the first place? I recall we had achievements in the past for completing temporary campaigns, are they still there for the PEF campaign?
  14. I am doing Science of Victory campaign, and at task 8, I need earn 1 "arsonist" achievement. This achievement can only be obtained once. I think I did it before, because I have it, but it seems it was not tasked or it did not meet the requirements. I think I did killed other ships by fire after the task was on. Is it a bug? Can I really obtain it again? Or will I never be able to complete the campaign?
  15. Just had three draws in 6 matches today... each and every one of them on a map where a lone CV or DD ran or hid even when their team failed bad. So instead of ranting and raving about this same crap, I decided to channel my rage into an idea for a new achievement for this game.... (EDITED: New picture minus the offensive word, so people actually know what this thread topic was about) *** [Content Moderated - Inappropriate Language] --Rhonico