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Found 10 results

  1. Today I noticed that four achievements I had gained in the past had vanished from my list of those acquired: three "Liquidator" achievements, and one "Save Commander Jenkins" achievement. It is one thing to not offer certain achievements anymore, but it is an entirely different matter to simply take them from those who earned them in the past. Why try to earn an achievement if WG just decides to take it away from you at some later date? This is wrong.
  2. I have to ask, since I haven't seen anyone getting one of those after the flooding rework, is it even possible for someone to earn Unsinkable/Liquidator anymore? With the way the system functions after the changes it seems far more likely for someone to die to torpedo alpha than getting flooded to death. I'm not criticizing the change, just that these achievements were designed with a different system in mind that's no longer in place. It stands to reason that maybe the conditions should be reworked to conform to the new changes.
  3. Recon009

    Achievements Lists

    Is there a complete list of all available Achievements in the Game? I recent received one I had never even seen before, just want to know the criteria it took to gain it as it was achieved during the Operation: Defense of Naval Base Newport My main account I have been playing for over 3 years and have never received it
  4. How about this idea for two new achievements 1) the first would be for damage upon your spotting of ships. For X amount of damage you would receive an award at the end of a round, for arguments sake say “Keen Eyes”, where the award would grant you 10 flags that buffs your concealment range by 1%. 2) the second would be for tanking potential damage based upon a multiple of your health pool, again for arguments sake call it “Helmsman”, that buffs the dispersion of incoming rounds by 1%. Since these stats do not help our Base XP amount significantly I thought this might be a good way to reward these actions. My apologies in advance if these ideas have been brought before in the forum.
  5. Let's come up with some difficult, fun, wth-moment achievements. I'll start: Engine Troubles - Have your engine broken 7 times in one game and survive the battle. Reward 1 premium DCP consumable. Defective Torpedoes - Score 15 torpedo hits in one game with no flooding. Reward 5 increased flooding flags. See the Unseen - Sink a ship that was never spotted by you or your allies. Reward 1 Basilisk flag. Hitting 'em Softly - Win a battle and score 300 hits with main battery guns without sinking a ship. Reward 1 premium MBR consumable. 'Tis but a Scratch - Win a battle with all main batteries and torpedo tubes permanently disabled. Reward: 1 premium engine boost consumable. Eagle Eye - Win a battle and score 200,000 spotting damage. Reward: 1 premium spotter plane consumable. Unbreakable - Win a battle with <10% health, score 1st place in base EXP on your team, and earn 50% more base EXP than your team's next highest EXP. Reward 1 Scylla flag. Ace in the Sky - Shoot down 20 aircraft in a battle with fighter or catapult fighter consumable. Reward 1 premium catapult fighter consumable. Terror of the Seas - Sink 8 ships in one battle. Reward 1 Leviathan flag. Big Bertha - Cause more than 60% of the enemy team's total base health in damage. Reward 1 Dragon flag. Feel free to add your ideas, but keep them reasonable, civil, and not tempt players to farm them at the cost of team play.
  6. Although Akulov still ended up getting sunk (and unfortunately, because the only 3 ships alive at that point in this particular run of Aegis were a cruiser on the other side of the map, a carrier, and me in my 21 kts max speed Arizona, we weren't able to save him and the whole op was only a 2-star run), I dare say he did better than some of the actual human-controlled ships that battle. Attached is the replay for proof for if anyone wants to see proof. 20190502_220805_PASB506-Arizona-1941_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  7. ....I've started to keep a tally of how frequently the First Blood achievement leads to victory for a given side....My hypothesis is that WR = roughly 2/3 and that over time it will trend closer to 2/3 because if I'm right further data will show a closer and closer relationship with the 66.67% mark. ....The early data is of course very limited, but in my last 21 battles FB has led to exactly 15 victories. .....One analogy for gamblers/handicappers/athletes etc. is that in baseball, the first run scored typically leads to victory 2/3 of the time....So I'll be gathering data on how likely it is we're looking at a similar beast here, irrespective of the current meta and other variables that're going to be chaotic and hard to pin down given the variance of opinion, experience, and the way the WoW universe tends to change over time. ....any help on your part will be greatly appreciated....gl hf.
  8. I've been gone from the game for ages. How does this work specifically? Do I actually have to have all the ships I've ever acquired in a port slot? What happens if I buy a ship then sell it? What happens if I research a ship, but don't actually purchase it?
  9. Does one get any sort of achievement for completing the PEF campaign (and getting the alternate camo for PEF) or for simply completing the directives to get PEF in the first place? I recall we had achievements in the past for completing temporary campaigns, are they still there for the PEF campaign?
  10. I am doing Science of Victory campaign, and at task 8, I need earn 1 "arsonist" achievement. This achievement can only be obtained once. I think I did it before, because I have it, but it seems it was not tasked or it did not meet the requirements. I think I did killed other ships by fire after the task was on. Is it a bug? Can I really obtain it again? Or will I never be able to complete the campaign?