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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, a couple days ago I exchanged coal for Marceau using the discount coupon. However, I forgot I was going to use that for another exchange (with steel) and get Marceau without coupon. Is there any way my account can be rolled back to before I did the exchange? I don't care if I lose some of my progress of the previous days, I want to reset before I used the coupon so I can get Marceau without it and save the coupon for later. Please notify me if this is possible or I should just resign, thanks in advance
  2. So, based on today's news Ranked is getting an overhaul. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/updates-to-ranked-battles/ Various information aside, it was also announced that Ranked Battles will be unavailable at night, to ensure quick matchmaking; to that end some time periods were mentioned to specify: Now, I'm from EU and normally I have no problems playing on NA, nor did I have any issues with previous Ranked Seasons time zone wise. But due to the announced time periods in which Ranked will be available, I won't be able to participate due to irl commitments, since they coincide with the little available time I will have for Ranked. I'm pretty sure that other NA players outside of the Americas face similar issues. So what I'm asking is for a new round of server transfers to be initiated. The system already exists as evidenced by this offer the previous year: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/server-transfer-offer/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/server-2-server/ It's a semi-automated system so the load on support shouldn't be much. Pinging @Hapa_Fodder as well, as I believe it's something to consider. Thanks in advance for any consideration.
  3. My beta test account cannot be accessed and also the email i used is not recognize. It is killedbynoob. You know it by some of stupid topic i used to post asking about why arky got no AA and stuff please help me staff i created this second account using EXACTLY the same email i used before what is happening? Who deleted my account and why?
  4. anonym_I6TAAdrPP8dY


    Hola gente, les queria consultar si alguno ha reseteado su cuenta. Les comento que no estoy satisfecho con mi desarrollo en el arbol tecnologico y lei que se puede resetear la cuenta sin perder ni los barcos premiums que tengo ni los doblones, alguno lo ha echo??? Se que resetear la cuenta implica perderlo TODO, pero mientras no pierda mis barcos ni doblones no me molestaria volver a 0
  5. So War Gaming has stated that is it not possible to transfer accounts, but this is not entirely true as they have done it in the past. But even if that were the case, it shouldn't be impossible to make it possable. It would be nice if War Gaming offered paid account transfers and I think they would make quite a bit from it, (probably not as much as people rebuying their premiums on the new account). As it stands, it sort of incentivises people to sell their old accounts, which is against the EULA.