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Found 5 results

  1. Ive ground 2 cv brit packs myself but the third is hard work and after grinding 2 packs im kinda worn out. Should i bung $20 in the air drops to help me out some or deffo not? Thanks for your help appreciated.
  2. Ive almost got my 2nd cv bundle in the fly strike thing what am i to expect? dont think ive seen one in battle as yet? I mean the hermes is garbage. The langley new version also garbage. Im hoping to sell hermes very soon.
  3. So i bought a cv with florins or something and got a cv and some flags figured i would give it a quick bash. The old cv system was harder work but fun and you could do some damage low tier wise. Ok i tried the brand new cv system and it seems to have been designed for a atari 2600 playerbase. Its very basic ,its very low damage,its very potato compared to the old cv system. Its kinda brain dead game play for the masses. Launch some planes then do a little damage then launch planes then launch planes yawn and asleep we go. The brand new cv game play system seems to have been designed for console users and has zero skill involved. Its ok i will rate the new cv game mode at 2/10 right now and the skill required at novice level or lower even potato level.
  4. abyssofthetriffid

    I love my mutsu but.........

    Love ma mutsu but playing last night i got focused most battles by 2 cvs. Nothing i could do wave after wave ........ Whatever. Then a after battle question are you satisfied with the current game lol...............go figure.
  5. abyssofthetriffid

    What happened to the graf zeppelin?

    Not seen one as yet? what tier is it?