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Found 1 result

  1. Disclaimer: I only have tier 6 and cant participate in clan battles, but here is something interesting that no one is talking about. 1. Alpha and bravo teams make no sense, here is why: The premise of having an alpha and bravo team seems to be the fix that WG wanted to allow more people to participate within clans in the clan battles season, but that problem with this is that the various bravo teams can fight Alpha teams. In the various clan battles twitch streams I have been watching about people playing clan battles, you can see if they want to fool around and play bravo (and eventually train it up to say, typhoon) and they have their main team typhoon. They can use the bravo team to take points off of the other clans' points without affecting their own. Say if somehow I was like a member of a great clan, and I am sitting at number 4 in the hurricane league with both my Alpha and bravo team in hurricane, I can then spam the Bravo team in an attempt to take points away from those in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd spots without having any risk at all to my own team's standing. This is a concern of mine because people here seem to find a huge issue with a few clans moving people around the first season (not naming names, lots of clans did stuff) and now it seems like WG implemented a system that makes every single clan have a built in clubbing clan to take points for other clans. This system also makes it harder for those just starting to push leagues with their main clan when a good team is running their bravo (That starts in squall) and just murders their way up the food chain. What can we expect to be done about this (probably nothing this season, but for next season)?