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Found 5 results

  1. Two things but could be one. First - the flak in this game. The amount of graphics generated by the heavy AAA/flak is really excessive. I run an i7 MSI gaming laptop which is more than able to deal with the graphics. I think the issue is on "your side". Perhaps the servers can't keep up with the amount of data needed to fulfill the graphics related to flak/AAA? I've noticed when the AAA gets heavy, the game starts stuttering, skipping. It's not fun as a carrier. And really, all you CV haters, when you best us in a match, you want a fair match, don't you? Can't lay claim to any stern whoopin' if the game's half the battle. Second, along this same subject, flak/AAA. I'm not sure which is the black puffy clouds, but I'd think it was flak. Whatever it is, it completely obscures my vision. Completely. Totally. You got to "guess" when to pickle the ordnance and of course when you do, the game staggers like a drunk. Of course, the RETICULE IS TOO DARK TO SEE among all this wonderful flak/AAA so it's a double whammy. If you can't fix this, can you tell me exactly how I can turn it off, turn it down or can someone make a mod that removes 75 percent of it? If fellow players know how to turn this junk off, please to share? tia fyc
  2. MaxMcKay

    Proof AAA works!

    If they are using Cap to warn about it then, and the advice is still sound now. :)
  3. Jumarka

    Small rant

    This is me venting here so I don't do it on chat in the game and annoy people. These things break the game for me, they totally ruin my enjoyment of it. Every time I get radared trough an island that should conceal my ship ( and by ship i mean dd ) Every time my planes get blotted out of the sky by a ship sitting in a smoke screen. EVERY SINGLE TIME I get shot with pinpoint accuracy from inside a smoke screen. So, just some, simple ideas that would improve the game for me, a great deal. 1 - Radar won't work trough islands. 2 - Ships inside smoke can't see or target ships outside of it. You can still track them in the minimap. 3 - AAA can't work inside smoke. A lot of me me me here, but like I said, these things ruin the game for me, If you enjoy those things OK I am not against you.
  4. Decided to start a brand new thread as the OP of the original thread had gotten a little messy with all the edits. I'll have to do a new video. Skip to the bottom of this pos for the link. The new version is version 7.0. This is a major overhaul compared to last time, with much of the effort focused on making my life easier when adding new ships. But i've also integrated AA Mod 3 Functionality. Some Credit deserves to go to @iDuckman for pointers and general help. Long time viewers will note that there appear to be a lot of sheets missing containing all the math, fear not they're just hidden and you can grab your own copy and unhide them. I hid them for now to help new users feel less overwhelmed. I've also generally improved the formating. In addition whilst it is still considered an experimental feature, (Maybe i should get @LittleWhiteMouse to bug sub_octavian about the semi-illegible formulas he provided that this feature is based on), i've made the average plane kills the default sheet display. The absolute damage numbers, (which are definitely acurratte), can be found on the other non-hidden sheet. I'm going to need to do a new how to video at some point but i'm a bit pressed for time atm so that will have to come in a few days. I also apologise for the long delay since my last update, i've had some IRL health issues that have kept me from really working on this. Linky: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bw33FqTXxM80WF9XTlpkSW9QTms Enjoy. EDIT: Preview is now working again, not sure what i did but w/e, it works again.
  5. sulghunter331

    AA/Flak Fire Graphics

    Just watched a recent Flamu video on the boat game made by Gaijin, and in several parts, I saw how the AA guns were going off, sending off storms of tracers and flak shells. This really drove home, for me at least, just how pedestrian WoWS's AA graphics are. I've been playing since CBT and I feel as if AA graphics have fallen since then to what it is now. Does anyone else feel as if the AA graphics are too tame now, and that CBT era AA was better? Does anyone know any mods that makes AA look more interesting?