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Found 55 results

  1. I’m aware there’s little possibility of these ships getting added into the game (or maybe there are on their plans, who knows). However, in the current meta full of so many paper ships, hybrid monstrosities and “we can assume…” (like the upcoming high tier Pan American cruisers), it would be interesting to see real historical ships once in a while (or other paper ships, but with a historical background). Again, it’s hard to see these added on the near future, but at least I can dream about it. So, this is my list of ships that would be interesting to see on WOWS. Disclaimer: this is all 100% my opinion. You can feel free to agree or disagree with some of them. No worries about that. Spoiler alert: there’s gonna be some CV, but please, stay with me. Submarines Just kidding. Of course there are options, but please no. Now, let’s start. Destroyers San Giorgio: a post-war Capitani Romani-class destroyer with 6 5”/38 caliber American guns and without torpedoes. Could be a decent Tier X gunboat with the Italian exhaust smoke and the engine boost. Johnston: we all know this one. I know, another Fletcher, but one that would sell like crazy (specially in the NA server) for her history. IMO, I’d see her at Tier IX with the heal of the Kidd (or even a zombie heal), the typical American smoke, the 10 torpedo launchers and an engine boost. Piourn: the Polish DD that screamed “I am a Pole” to the Bismarck the night before her last battle. Maybe at Tier VIII, similar to the Orkan but with smoke instead of radar. Laffey: an Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer (like Gearing, but a bit slower) that participated on the D-Day and survived a fierce kamikaze attack. Today is a museum ship. A similar concept like Gearing (Tier X), but with DFAA and maybe a heal. Churruca: a Spanish destroyer with 5 120 mm guns, 6 torpedo launchers and a decent top speed (36 knots). A solid Tier VI. ZH1: a Dutch destroyer captured by the Germans scuttled at the Battle of Ushant after being crippled by British forces. It was armed with 5 120 mm guns and 8 torpedo launchers. Could be a Tier VII. Holland: a Dutch destroyer similar to Friesland, but a bit slower. Could be a decent Tier VIII gunboat. Eversten: a Dutch destroyer (very similar to Acasta) that was sunk in 1942. At Tier V. Cavalier: a British destroyer that is currently a museum ship. Armed with 4 4.5” guns and 10 torpedo launchers. Would need IFHE. A good Tier VII torpedo boat. Cruisers Sheffield: a light cruiser with a rich history behind. A solid Tier VII. Similar to Fiji or Edinburgh, but with HE added. SMS Blücher: not to be confused with the Admiral Hipper-class cruiser sunk in 1940. The last armored cruiser built by the German Empire, which was also sunk. Good artillery (210 mm guns), good armor, but not so fast (25-26 knots) and pretty much no AA. A beast at Tier V, but will suffer when up tiered. Bolzano: in a nutshell, a Trento with Zara’s guns and forecastle. Another glass cannon. Because of it, I’d slot her on Tier VI (maybe with a small heal, like Maya’s). Canberra: a County-class cruiser in service with the Australian Navy and sunk off Savo Island in 1942. Very fragile, but with guns that can hit hard. As her sister ships, Tier VI. Duquesne: a French treaty cruiser with basically no armor that will explode only when you see it. Maybe a YOLO cruiser or a sniper one at Tier V. Gotland: a Swedish hybrid cruiser with also not armor, nor good guns, and slow (28 knots). Could be reliant on her aircraft (similar to the Swordfish with HE bombs) and torpedoes. I’d slot her at Tier V. Tre Kronor: a post war Swedish cruiser with the same guns found on mid-tier Dutch cruisers, but with torpedoes. A decent Tier VI or VII. Averof: another armored cruiser with an outstanding history. Similar to Blücher, good guns, good armor, but slow. However, with not-so-mediocre AA. A good Tier IV, or a Tier V that would struggle (like Viribus Unitis). Houston: an American cruiser which was between the Pensacola and the Indianapolis (much closer to the latter) sunk alongside the Perth in 1942. A similar concept to the Indianapolis, but without the radar, a bit less range and worse AA at Tier VI. Ajax: a New Zealand Leander-class that fought against the Graf Spee in 1939. Similar to Leander (Tier VI), but with HE added. Admiral Scheer: the sister ship of Graf Spee that received some updates throughout the war (different superstructure, a clipper bow, more AA). Same speed, with a thinner armored belt. Like her sister, Tier VI. Quebec: a Fiji-class transferred to the Canadian Navy. Quite similar to Mysore (Tier VI), with torpedoes and HE added. Veinticinco de Mayo: an Argentinian heavy cruiser built in Italy armed with 6 190 mm guns, but light armor. Could be slotted at Tier V. Battleships Royal Oak: a Revenge-class sunk early on WW2 while anchored at Scapa Flow. A bit slower than QE, with slightly better armor an this particular one with torpedoes at the bow. Could be good at Tier VI, with the gyroscopic torpedoes of battlecruisers. Maybe sold alongside the U-47 (just kidding). Almirante Latorre: a Chilean battleship built in the UK, served with the Royal Navy and fought at Jutland, before being sold again to Chile. Good guns (10 14”), decent armor and not-so-mediocre AA (in her 1930’s configuration). Either at Tier V or VI. Erin: a battleship ordered by the Ottoman Navy but seized by the Royal Navy at the beginning of WW1. Similar to Iron Duke, but smaller and with pretty much no AA. A decent Tier V. Ersatz Monarch: basically, a bigger and better Viribus Unitis with bigger guns. Still, slow and with pretty much no AA. A better Tier V. No. 13 battleship: a project of a big battleship with 8 18” guns and better armor than previous Japanese designs. Seems like a bigger Nagato. I’d put it at Tier X (with a similar refit like Amagi or Kii), because there’s already a lot of Tier IX Japanese battleships. New Jersey: yes, another Iowa. Maybe taking a similar approach to the Massachusetts or Georgia (a brawler with precise secondaries), but that could still be able to snipe if necessary. Tier IX. Salamis: a cancelled Greek battleship (which by armor seems more like a battlecruiser) with 8 14” guns and lots of secondaries. A good Tier V. Seydlitz: a German battlecruiser based on the Moltke-class with improved armor and machinery. Was a big piñata at Jutland. Either Tier IV or V. Tosa: a Japanese battleship that was never completed with 10 410 mm guns. Similar to Amagi, but a bit slower. Either Tier VII or VIII. N3: a big, slow battleship with 9 18” guns. Also, ugly as hell. Preceded the Nelson-class design. A Tier IX fattleship. Arkhangelsk: oh yeah, Soviet bias. Like Royal Oak, a Revenge-class that was leased to the Soviet Navy. Like her sister ship (Tier VI), without the torpedoes, but with less mediocre AA and Stalin-guided shells. Pennsylvania: the sister ship of Arizona that survived Pearl Harbor. She was given a refit, on which she received better secondaries and AA. Still, very slow. Unlike California, she should sit at Tier VI. Spanish Littorio: yes, there was a plan for build a Littorio-class for Spain. If this come into fruition, please not another copy-paste of the Roma. At least with different secondaries at Tier VIII. Riachuelo: a Brazilian battleship project similar to the Queen Elizabeth and Revenge classes. Also at Tier VI. L20e a: a proposed German battleship that was intended to succeed the Bayern-class. Armed with 8 420 mm guns, but somewhat slow at 26 knots. An interesting Tier IX with a “what if..” update. Rivadavia: an Argentinian battleship built in the US. She carried 12 305 mm guns an had a speed of 22 knots. She served for quite a long time. Either Tier IV or V. Aircraft Carriers (I’m sorry. Please, don’t be mad) Akagi: a famous Japanese carrier with similar characteristics as Kaga, but a bit bigger and faster. An aircraft printer at Tier VIII. Wasp: a deviate of the Yorktown-class carrier with a smaller air group and no torpedo protection. Also, slower at 29 knots. Could be slotted at Tier VI. Sparviero: an ocean liner intended to be converted into a carrier for the Italian Navy. Never completed. It was supposed to carry a small air group, and be slow at 20 knots. Due to the aircraft carried (same as Aquila), I’d put it at Tier VI. Unryu: one of the last fleet carriers built and commissioned by the Japanese. It was similar to the Soryū and Hiryū. Fast, agile, but lightly armored. With a smaller air group, but with late war aircraft, could be a “balanced” Tier VIII. Shinano: the sister ship of Yamato converted into a support carrier that wasn’t completed when she was sunk by a submarine (how the turnarounds). Even though it was supposed to be a support carrier, I’ll see her as a broken Tier X with an absurdly large hangar. Europa: a gigantic ocean liner planned to be converted into a big carrier. I’d see her as a hybrid of Loewenhardt (same planes) with the sheer amount of planes of the Kaga, at Tier VIII. Karel Doorman: a sister ship of Colossus that was sold to the Dutch Navy in 1948. Could be a similar concept to the Saipan (Tier VIII with small air group but up tier aircraft with Dutch air strike). Glorious: a British aircraft carrier sunk by the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau in 1940. A similar CV to Ark Royal at the same tier, with different fighters and carpet bombers (only the Swordfish torpedo bombers). Elbe: a proposed conversion of a German ocean liner. With the same planes as Weser (Tier VI), but quite slower. Intrepid: I know the plans for uneven carriers removed during the CV rework. However, there can be an Essex-class with characteristics between Lexington and Midway at the same tier as the latter. Jun’yō: a small Japanese carrier that looks like a mini Taihō. With a decent amount of aircraft aboard, decent speed at 25.5 knots and no armor. Could be slotted at Tier VI. Joffre: a French carrier project that was cancelled when Germany invaded France in 1940. With similar characteristics as Béarn, but with updated planes and at Tier VIII. So, these are my proposals. I know there’s little possibility of one of these getting added into the game, but again, at least I can dream. Let me know what you think about. If you have other proposals, or anything else, feel free to write it below. Just be respectful, please. Thanks. Good luck and fair seas!
  2. Hi Can anyone help Since the last update, when in game it either does not respond or on accepts one key press and then locks that in place for wasd and shift keys. as such i either go in a straight line or in circles, the scope either does not zoom in or refuses to zoom out. i thought at first it might be sticky keys. but they are turned off, and then i thought it might be something wrong with my keyboard, however the keyboard works fine with any other application. I have however bought a new wired usb keyboard and the same issue continues even though a different make and have reinstalled drivers, plus in all other programmes the keyboard works fine. I have remapped the keys in settings. does anyone have any ideas
  3. Hello, So first off Disclaimer: apoligies if this is supposed to be in a different part of the forums, couldnt find where it would fall into and mods can move it if its in the wrong place im sure, Apoligies ahead of time,. Anyway, i come here to ask a favor, im in the process of getting a Brand new Computer, Short story, My father sold a House and distributed some of the money among his side of the family, I got $1000 (CAD) had plans to upgrade my current machine, decided since id only be able to take this current machine so far before needing to start new anyway, so i decided to make a new one entirely and plan to build it with future upgradability in mind if the need arises. Problem is, ive never Built or Picked the parts for a new PC before so this is all new to me, i come here as i figured its best to ask a PC only game community, this. i am buying the parts from New egg and have them selected for the build and within my comfortable price range, thing is im not 100% if all the parts will fit together or be compatible so i wanted to ask and confirm now if the parts will be compatible and how itl perform before i proceed with buying it, the idea is primarily to have it run WoWS with performance in mind, compared to my more "Potato PC" which does run the game but its been struggling lately, and usually only reachs around 40 FPS at low settings. but i do plan to play other games on it moving forward, hardware was just the limiting factor (Cities Skylines, Payday 2, And other future titles that come out) So here is the parts i have selected, help in this will be greatly appreciated. and by all means let me know if theirs anything better for the price point or if something needs to change. Thanks. the price before Taxes i assume, comes out to $1,425 (CAD)
  4. So after working for several days over the past week for the torpedo graffiti contest, I made a huge, huge mistake... and read the max time for submitting contest entries was tonight 12 midnight CT, and it turns out it was 12 noon CT... so I'm 3 hours late and can't post on the contest anymore, and yep, you may imagine the frustration... So since I invested a lot of time in these illustrations, I thought of at least uploading them here including some photos of the process in case there's still some remote chance of participating or else at least to compensate for not having been able to post them in the contest topic. Entries: Process:
  5. Hello, I have both versions of Wows installed .. Public test and non-test versions. Both fully updated. I login and play wows non-test without issue. I click on the wg net gaming center running in the Win-10 system tray and select / launch - Wows public test and it comes up attempts to login - It fails. It didn't fail to login other times I used it. In the upper left hand corner of the window it shows my screen / nickname. It looks like I'm already logged in - See screenshot. It fails to login and leaves me with - Connect. I've tried it several times and it still fails to connect. Checked for updates and installed any available. I've tried logging in and out of my wows account. Tried restarting the wows net gaming center. Tried restarting the computer a few times. I think it might be trying to log me in while already logged in, or it's trying to connect me to another server network that I don't have access to with my regular (NA) credentials? I'm about to call it quits ... Can someone help?
  6. Introducción Para empezar, este tema no pretende generar controversias entre los jugadores de las distintas clases. Al contrario, el objetivo de este post es reunir diferentes opiniones y puntos de vista que ayuden a corregir las mecánicas y la influencia de los portaaviones en las partidas; especialmente, de aquellos jugadores más experimentados del juego competitivo. Si bien el post no está en inglés, invito a toda la comunidad del habla hispana, para que puedan aportar sus experiencias en este tema. Por otra parte, se preguntarán ¿por qué quiero que me gustaría que sean escuchados con mayor atención los jugadores con bastante conocimiento competitivo en el juego y no los jugadores casuales? Según mi punto de vista, la respuesta es simple y paso a explicarla. Para competir en las ligas mayores como la Liga Tifón y la Liga Huracán, los diversos jugadores requieren dominar ciertos aspectos de la batalla que los jugadores regulares o casuales no han incorporado aún a su estilo de juego; en otras palabras, la competencia demanda diferentes estrategias, combinaciones de barcos, distribución de puntos de comandantes; además de posicionamientos correctos, momentos de sincronización o timing y muchas otras variantes, que se pueden dar a conocer en partidas de la alta competencia. No obstante, todos son bienvenidos a replicar este asunto. Recordando al obsoleto RTS CV Antes de nada, recordemos al famoso modo RTS (Real-Time Strategy) de los CV, que se caracterizaba, principalmente, por tener una perspectiva de la partida completamente diferente al resto de las otras clases de barcos; una visión aérea de la totalidad del mapa en modo estratégico. Entre otras particularidades se encontraban los siguientes factores: Control de múltiples escuadrones; Daño alfa muy elevado por cada ataque; Sincronización de ataques simultáneos; Defensa manual y en seguimiento mediante fighters; La dificultad aumentaba proporcionalmente con cada tier; Gran diferencia de habilidades entre jugadores de portaaviones. En efecto, en esta vieja modalidad RTS, los portaaviones eran más difíciles de controlar y su curva de aprendizaje no era amigable. Asimismo, los puntos anteriormente mencionados, si bien le otorgaban al jugador una experiencia más realista en cuanto a la gestión de un portaaviones, resultaron ser muy negativos en lo que respecta a la jugabilidad. Por consiguiente, no era habitual encontrar portaaviones en una partida y, en definitiva, la clase era poco popular. Las estadísticas, de una baja cantidad de usuarios que utilizaran portaaviones en una partida, alentaron, durante un tiempo, una reelaboración de las mecánicas de la clase. En consecuencia, a partir de la actualización 0.8.0, llegó una nueva dinámica de juego de los portaaviones. Los nuevos portaaviones En los inicios del 2019, WG retiró el RTS de los portaaviones por un estilo de juego mucho más dinámico. Esto alentó a que nuevos jugadores se animaran a utilizar esta clase que, de alguna manera, estaba olvidada. Debido a su aumento de popularidad, actualmente, encontramos portaaviones en las partidas de manera muy frecuente. Por lo cual, independientemente de la experiencia de cada jugador, la clase tiene una gran influencia en la partida que no puede pasar desapercibida. Y lo redacté en negrita porque su impacto es muy visible ya que, las restantes clases, adoptan diferentes movimientos ante la presencia de un portaaviones en una partida. ¡Y mejor ni hablemos de cuando hay 2 por equipo en una misma partida! xD Influencias del portaaviones en una partida Quizás para los que no estén muy interiorizados en este tema o, peor aún, aquellos que aún no interpretan al juego de manera global, se cuestionarán: ¿de qué manera un portaaviones repercute en una partida? Pues, revisémoslo juntos. No arriesga puntos de vida o hit points (HP) Si bien este punto es algo retórico y discutible, la gran mayoría de los jugadores de portaaviones, por lo general, tienen tendencia a jugar toda la partida en los extremos del mapa, por detrás de la línea de defensa dispuesta por la formación de barcos aliada. Por tanto, la probabilidad de su detección mediante superficie o por la aviación enemiga es muy baja; en consecuencia, el riesgo de que sufra daño directamente por otros barcos es escasa. Rango operativo de aviación ilimitado A diferencia de las demás clases, que están limitadas por un rango máximo en sus baterías principales, en sus baterías secundarias o en sus torpedos, la aviación posee la capacidad de operar por todo el mapa, sin restricciones de distancia, independientemente de la posición del portaaviones siendo, de esta manera, una clase que puede prestar servicio en diversos lugares del mapa y en cualquier momento de la partida. Reconocimiento de la flota enemiga El traslado en toda la extensión del mapa le otorga, a la aviación del portaaviones, la capacidad revelar las posiciones enemigas siempre que los aviones entren en el rango de detección por aire de los barcos. Sin dudas alguna, es el “mejor armamento” de un portaaviones. Competencia para ejecutar ataques cruzados En relación con los barcos de superficie, en cada una de las partidas y, particularmente, en Batallas por Rango o en Batallas de Clanes, el posicionamiento está orientado a lograr el mayor rendimiento posible en la partida, sin necesidad de comprometer sus debilidades. En cuanto a la aviación de los portaaviones, su maniobrabilidad y el rango operativo ilimitado le permite ejecutar ataques desde los ángulos más débiles de los barcos enemigos como, por ejemplo, efectuar maniobras de ataques utilizando las islas para bloquear el daño AA de medio y largo alcance, hasta frenar el avance oportuno de un push con torpedos en un lateral del barco. Este tipo de accionar, que puede ser aplicado en cualquier lugar y momento de la partida, le otorga al portaaviones la capacidad de desasir formaciones enemigas. Restablecer puntos o zonas de captura fácilmente La suma de puntaje del equipo, mediante la captura y la conservación de puntos o zonas estratégicas, es un factor determinante para trazar el camino hacia la victoria en cualquier partida. La obtención de éstas requiere que los barcos ingresen al territorio de dichas zonas durante un tiempo determinado, sin recibir daño, para efectivizar la misma. Por lo que se refiere a la aviación de los portaaviones, al tener un rango operativo bastante extenso, con diversas combinaciones de armamento con diferentes ángulos de ataque y, sumado a la capacidad de reconocimiento; le confieren, potencialmente, la facultad de restablecer puntos o zonas de captura con mucha facilidad. Soporte aéreo efectivo Por un lado y a diferencia del modo RTS, en el nuevo concepto de portaaviones, los cazas son un consumible y pueden ser llamados a la batalla por el jugador cuando sea necesario. Además, a partir de la actualización 0.10.0, la actualización de habilidades de los comandantes trajo consigo nuevas habilidades especiales para portaaviones que mejoran las características de los cazas. Por otro lado, el llamado de cazas en lugares estratégicos y sincronizados con el posicionamiento y movimiento de los barcos aliados, posibilitan al portaaviones el bloqueo efectivo del avance y de los ataques de la aviación enemiga. De esta manera, en su máximo resplandor, un jugador de portaaviones puede anular y dominar la presencia del portaaviones enemigo en la partida. Control y dominio total del mapa En consecuencia, a los puntos anteriormente mencionados, asociados a una curva de aprendizaje y a una jugabilidad más amigable, un jugador de portaaviones experimentado, a través de diferentes modos de ataque y/o soportes sincronizados a barcos específicos, puede lograr una supremacía aérea en toda la extensión del mapa. En resumen, cuando el portaaviones interpreta de manera precisa la distribución, la posición y el tipo de barco del enemigo y aliado, posiblemente su reacción en consecuencia le permitirá, como portaaviones, ejercer su influencia en toda la partida, a través de un control y dominio total; una característica propia de esta clase. Puntos de discusión INTERACCIÓN CV VS AA IA (¿NO PLAYER vs PLAYER?) Por lo que se refiere al armamento antiaéreo, uno de los comentarios más frecuente, luego del rework, es el siguiente “las AA antes eran manuales y ahora ya no lo son” y, realmente, es un mal concepto. Las AA dentro del juego, al igual que las baterías secundarias, funcionan de manera automática controladas por la IA (Inteligencia Artificial). En el caso de las AA del modo RTS, uno podía seleccionar a uno de los múltiples escuadrones que atacaban a nuestro barco, dirigiendo toda la artillería hacia un escuadrón en específico, pero nunca la controlábamos, ya que el barco las disparaba de manera involuntaria hacia el grupo aéreo seleccionado. Por el contrario, a diferencia de las baterías principales o de los torpedos, donde los diferentes jugadores pueden manifestar sus habilidades entre sí durante una batalla, la interrelación entre los jugadores de la aviación del portaaviones y de otras clases, NO ES DIRECTA. En otras palabras, el jugador de portaaviones, a través de la aviación, se enfrenta a la defensa aérea dominada por la IA del barco enemigo y no al jugador en sí mismo. De esta manera, podemos observar que no hay un duelo de habilidades entre la aviación y la defensa aérea del barco de superficie. Por último, los jugadores solamente pueden modificar el equipamiento y las habilidades del comandante (además de los consumibles y la prioridad de sector) de su nave para potenciar la eficiencia de los montajes AA controladas por la IA; pero NUNCA podrá controlarlas manualmente. De esta manera, por ejemplo, el jugador de crucero no puede interactuar directamente con la aviación del jugador de portaaviones. Puesto que las AA estén controladas por un IA y no por el jugador de manera directa, probablemente, debe tener como objetivo “ahorrar preocupaciones” o “evitar mecánicas adicionales” para que el jugador de superficie priorice su interacción contra otro barco de superficie, mientras que la AA hace su trabajo de manera independiente; pero todo este último párrafo es una suposición mía y es totalmente discutible. INTERACCIÓN DD VS CV En mi opinión, la interacción entre jugadores más difícil de balancear. Desde la introducción de cruceros con radares de largo alcance, sumado al aumento de popularidad del portaaviones, el trabajo de los destructores se fue dificultando con el tiempo. En efecto, estos últimos se han convertido en la punta de la lanza de todo equipo debido a que, entre otras cosas, pueden capturar puntos estratégicos con mayor facilidad, proporcionar coberturas a los aliados mediante cortinas de humo, demorar avances agresivos de los enemigos mediante el lanzamiento efectivo de torpedos, y por último (y lo más importante), proporcionar inteligencia y revelar la posición enemiga gracias a sus buenos parámetros de ocultamiento. Como he mencionado anteriormente, en la sección de Influencias del portaaviones en una partida, la mecánica de reconocimiento proporcionada por la aviación del portaaviones es, sin duda alguna, el “mejor armamento” de un portaaviones. Esto se debe a que el impacto de esta mecánica del juego es imposible de bloquear, excepto con pantallas de humo, pero sólo de manera transitoria. Y sí, lo mencione como transitoria porque, por ejemplo, el ocultamiento del destructor mediante humo puede ser, luego del reconocimiento provisto por la aviación, vencido por la activación de un radar con alcance suficiente para hacer retroceder, e incluso, obligar al destructor a retirarse de la posición de su humo exponiéndolo, nuevamente, a la mecánica de reconocimiento de la aviación del portaaviones. Por tanto, la repetición de esta secuencia de mecánicas, disminuyen drásticamente la jugabilidad del destructor, limitándolo a tal punto que, su impacto en una partida es entre escaso a nulo. Entonces, lo que quiero demostrar con este ejemplo es que, en mi consideración, no es el daño directo ni la habilidad del jugador de la aviación del portaaviones la principal preocupación de un destructor, sino que, lo que entorpece la jugabilidad de esta clase es la mecánica de reconocimiento de los portaaviones. ¿NERFEOS AL CV REALMENTE SON CORRECTOS? (RNG Y DAÑO) En cuando a lo que respecta a la aviación del portaaviones, debido a la falta de adaptación por parte de los jugadores de las demás clases y por una AA controlada por una IA, no ha podido WG lograr, al día de la fecha, un balance eficiente del portaaviones. Por el contrario, siguen apareciendo nuevos barcos de esta clase, que tienen una jugabilidad bastante peculiar, son divertidos, pero independientemente de la habilidad de cada jugador de cv, siguen impactando de manera drástica en una partida. De esta manera, considero que, el agregar nuevos barcos de esta clase, sin balancear las otras mecánicas producen, por lo general, un odio y rechazo a los cv por parte de la comunidad de World Of Warships; además de una indefinida cantidad de reportes (créanme que lo sufro día a día). En consecuencia, debido a la incapacidad de balanceo de la clase, los portaaviones han sufrido muchos nerfeos a sus parámetros de daño y a su RNG (Randon Number Generator). Seguro se preguntarán ¿cómo te das cuenta de que se modifica el RNG?; simplemente, los juego todos los días y me doy cuenta inmediatamente de estas modificaciones que, quizás algunos, la pasan por desapercibida. Entonces, hoy en día nos encontramos con lo siguiente: Una línea alemana de portaaviones cuyas bombas son un dolor de cabeza (y hay que cruzar los dedos para hacer daño por ciudadela) porque su retícula aumento drásticamente de tamaño, provocando un aumento en la dispersión de estas. Una línea estadounidense que tiene el mismo problema para lograr impactos con bombas a los destructores. Su modificación en el RNG fue tal que, hoy en día, es casi imposible de golpear a un destructor. (y eso que todavía no mencione nada sobre la modificación propuesta por la PTS 0.10.5). Una línea británica que, si bien es divertida, hace años no destaca en nada, por lo cual no puede ser considera para el juego en competitivo. Salvo excepciones, un AUDACIOUS aliado es considerado, por la gran mayoría de los jugadores, como un “ya perdimos la partida”. A pesar de estas cuestiones, el problema no es el daño de la aviación ni la habilidad del jugador lo impacta sobre el juego, sino la falta de un sistema de mecánicas eficiente que, en el caso de cruceros y acorazados, les permita a los jugadores la posibilidad de decidir entre enfrentar manualmente a la aviación o disparar a los barcos de superficie que estén a su alrededor; y en el caso de los destructores, le permitan moverse con mayor tranquilidad en toda la extensión del mapa. En conclusión, a partir de lo todo lo expuesto, y considerándome que soy principalmente jugador de portaaviones, vengo a proponerles a los desarrolladores de este juego, posibles mecánicas que permitan, quizás, balancear estos impactos de la mejor manera, evitando destruir a las clases. Propuestas de nuevas mecánicas EXPONER AL PORTAAVIONES A LA BATALLA Mi primera propuesta es lograr que los portaaviones sean móviles y que no sean estáticos. De esta manera, como a cualquier otra clase, los cv también se exponen al daño directo de la flota enemiga. ¿Cómo podemos hacer esto?, de la siguiente manera: Limitar el rango operativo de la aviación respecto al barco; de esta manera, los portaaviones, al igual que el resto de las clases, tienen un rango máximo de alcance. Limitar el tiempo de control de la aviación por el jugador a través de un contador de combustible tiempo dependiente. Esto debe realizarse de manera proporcional a las diferentes características de los escuadrones y portaaviones; así, se limitaría a un cv estar todo el tiempo operando con el mismo escuadrón. La limitación del alcance de la aviación debe obligar a los portaaviones a moverse por el mapa para poder operar por sectores y no por la totalidad del mapa. Disminuir el ocultamiento del portaaviones de manera proporcionada para permitir el desplazamiento. Debe exponerlo al daño enemigo (no puede tener el ocultamiento de un destructor), pero tampoco tiene que ser visible desde todo del mapa. Reforzar la dispersión de batería secundarias en portaaviones. En la actualidad, por ejemplo, no tiene sentido utilizar un Manfred Von Richthofen a secundarias si no se puede defender efectivamente. Como el portaaviones se expondrá mucho más a la batalla mediante su desplazamiento continuo, las secundarias deben ser ajustadas para que el barco sea más autónomo. De esta manera, la exposición del portaaviones es balanceada por una build de secundarias, que estará disponible opcionalmente por el jugador de la clase a través de la distribución de puntos de comandante. NUEVO SISTEMA DE RECONOCIMIENTO AÉREO La segunda propuesta es optimizar la interacción de la mecánica de reconocimiento entre la aviación y el destructor. El objetivo es que el spot aéreo, trabaje de manera similar a un radar; de esta manera, cuando el límite de detección por aire de los destructores sea superado por la aviación, estos puedan ser descubiertos por el portaaviones de manera instantánea para sí mismo, pero revelados, tanto en el mini mapa y como en rango de visualización, a los enemigos luego de 7 segundos. Por un lado, el jugador de la aviación de los portaaviones podrá elegir si mantendrá posición dentro del límite de detección del destructor para aportar información a los aliados, o si continuará su camino para atacar a otras clases. Por otro lado, durante este periodo de latencia de 7 segundos, el destructor podrá adoptar acciones evasivas con mucha anticipación hasta que su revelación, hacia la flota enemiga, sea efectiva. En caso contrario, si el jugador de destructor decide activar sus montajes AA (que tiene que ser de menos a más), y la aviación enemiga se encuentra dentro de su rango de AA, su posición es revelada instantáneamente a la flota enemiga, omitiendo la latencia de 7 segundos. De esta manera, el jugador de destructores podrá elegir entre dos escenarios diferentes: Mantener sus AA apagadas, activando el periodo de latencia de 7 segundos, para adoptar acciones evasivas o; Activar sus AA de manera, omitiendo el periodo de latencia, para combatir a la aviación al mismo tiempo que su posición es revelada a la flota enemiga. NOTA: los montajes AA de los destructores deben activarse de manera proporcional, por ejemplo, en un período de 3 segundos desde el 50 al 100% del daño (sin incluir la prioridad del sector); compensando, de esta manera, el riesgo adoptado por la aviación del portaaviones. NOTA 2: los fighters deben tener la misma restricción que la aviación del portaaviones, en cuanto al sistema de reconocimiento. Para el resto de las clases, la mecánica de reconocimiento y el daño de las AA debe mantenerse tal cual se encuentra en la actualidad. Nuevo sistema de defensa antiaérea En este último ofrecimiento, quiero proponer un nuevo sistema de defensa antiaérea que le permita a todas las clases, decidir entre defenderse de manera manual contra un portaaviones o mantenerlo en modo automático, mediante la IA, para combatir a otros barcos de superficie. La posibilidad de diseñar un nuevo modo defensa AA es lograr que, tanto el jugador que controla barco de superficie como el que controla la aviación, puedan batallar entre sí de manera directa, exponiendo sus habilidades en cuestión. Este nuevo sistema deberá contar con las siguientes características: Un modo AA manual que le permita a todos los barcos controlar la dirección del disparo de sus baterías AA, facultando a los mismos la posibilidad de interactuar directamente contra la aviación. Un modo AA automático que, en caso de estar en un combate directo contra otro barco de superficie, les permita a todos los barcos amortiguar el ataque de la aviación o, al menos, dificultar este ataque. De esta manera, todas las clases podrán adoptar entre dos escenarios posibles para defenderse del ataque de la aviación. Por un lado, podrán protegerse de manera manual pero no podrán maniobrar las baterías principales; de esta manera, la eficiencia AA dependerá de las habilidades del jugador y no de la IA. Por otro lado, la utilización de la AA en modo automático tendrá como objetivo resguardar al jugador mientras controla las baterías principales; así, la eficiencia AA será mucho menor que el modo manual, y será controlado por la IA. En consecuencia, lo importante es que cada jugador tenga la libertad de elegir que quiere hacer; si defenderse de la aviación o atacar a otros barcos con sus baterías principales; pero lo importante es DARLE AL JUGADOR LA POSIBILIDAD DE ELEGIR entre las opciones que mas les sirva ante cada situación. Conclusión Para finalizar tanto palabrerío, los que me conocen saben que soy un jugador, principalmente de portaaviones, y debido a que es un juego al que le presto un buen tiempo de mi vida, y que, por lo general solo veo comentarios negativos, vengo con estas propuestas que pueden ser discutidas; a algunos les gustaran a otros no, pero la intención de proponer esta y es lo importante. Saludos a los miembros del clan ARMADA DEL SUR y a SUR_S
  7. Overestimating WG's ability to adding new ships to the game, here's some Canadian light cruiser line suggestions (then again, a commonwealth line would be easier to do probably but idk). This is a bit of a pipe dream as most of these ships are fictional. Anyone with more experience can hop in and give input of you want. Saw some people proposing lines and thought it would be fun to try adding my proposal ideas. Gimmicks (gimmicks are average and subject to change, the higher the tier) Basic Stats: Low detectability Average speed High maneuverability High HE pen Mediocre AP pen Poor armor Consumables: Torpedo Tubes [available at III and beyond] Crawling Smoke [available at VI and beyond] Hydroacoustic Search [available at VII and beyond] Fighter and Defensive AA Fire [available at VIII and beyond as options over Hydro] Surveillance Radar [available at VIII and beyond as an option over Smoke] Repair Party [available at IX and beyond] Specialized Repair Teams [available exclusively to premium IX Edmonton] Spotting Aircraft [available exclusively to premium VII Quebec] Ships (w/ main battery armaments) {reimagined = adjusted armament to fit the line) I Sackville (reimagined) (4x1 120mm) II Niobe (reimagined) (8x1 152mm) III Aurora (reimagined) (8x1 152mm) IV Moncton (3x2 152mm) V Ottawa (4x2 152mm) VI Montreal (4x2 152mm) VII Ontario (3x3 152mm) VIII Halifax (4x3 152mm) IX Vancouver (5x3 152mm) (similar turret layout to Mogami) X Victoria (4x4 152mm) (similar to Plymouth) Premiums: II Rainbow (reimagined) (8x1 152mm) VI Toronto (4x2 203mm) (imagined CAN CA of the UK County-class heavy cruisers) VII Quebec (3x3 152mm) (Surveillance Radar is available as well as Spotting Aircraft, but no Smoke) IX Edmonton (3x4 152mm) (Victoria with one less turret, but with exclusive Specialized Repair Teams) It's really late as I'm making this post so add and take what you want from this. IMAGES OF EXISTING SHIPS: I Sackville II Niobe III Aurora VII Ontario Premium II Rainbow Premium VII Quebec
  8. In light of the fire over CVs and Subs, as well as the lack of game modes, maybe a new game mode can be implemented as a random battle subcategory. You can choose to play regular random battle with all ship categories, or you can choose another random battle option that excludes, CVs, Subs, or even both. Then those who are willing to face CVs and Subs can play with them while those who wish not to play with CVs and Subs can play without them. This can bring back the old strategic gimmicks of WoWS pre-CV while still keeping CVs (and Subs) in the game. Thoughts?
  9. People may be asking, how is Wargaming capable of attracting players to the game, even when there is an increasing number of controversies, monetization and players (especially veteran ones) leaving the game? Do they: A)Start an effort to rebalance the game, make an effort at introducing content like maps, Scenarios, modes (remember the Axis vs Allies mode?) or just addressing bugs affecting the game for a number of patches? B)Try to solve their communication issues, both internally within the company and externally with the community? Try to get more interaction and develop a more transparent and honest image? C)Pay you to shill Wargaming products to your readers/viewers? If you picked C, the newly announced WoWs Affiliate Program has just been announced and might just be what you need. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXgihQnEpl0 Now you can turn your hobby into money by promoting WG products, as the sleek guy in a suit said on the video, the average monthly reward for a partner is 3000$!11!1!!!!!!
  10. This article is dedicated to all WG-CC for their hard work contributing their time and effort to WoWS. As with any complex endeavor, a jargon — a set of specialized words or expressions — develops around a game. World of Warships's jargon incorporates nautical jargon as well as that specific to the game. As a result, there are many unusual terms that may appear in a discussion. Below is a list of some of the most common terminology that players may encounter. This list will attempt to explain some of the more common jargon found within WoWS that is not always readily apparent to the newer player, and also mention and give background to a few WG-CC or twitch streamers that will help the captain out. Please note that most of the following is not the authors own work, but put together from WoWS wiki, and other WG articles and fan articles. (Giving credit where credit is due) In order to have a guide available here in forums game guides and tutorials. Please also note that this glossary may be edited in the future if the author discovers more jargons, or more content to add to the list. :-) General Terms (by letters) Example: TERM | DEFINITION 899 Brigade: | A division which consists of a Tier VIII aircraft carrier and two Tier IX battleships. Usually formed to snipe-kill enemy aircraft carrier during battles. A AA - "Anti-Aircraft" usually refers to "AA" guns and capabilities (those guns capable of firing at aircraft). AA Sector - Refers to a side of the ship (port or starboard) where AA gunfire can be reinforced using the Sector Reinforcement mechanism. AAA - "Anti-Aircraft Artillery" or "Anti-Aircraft Armament" or "Triple-A". Same as AA. AFK - "Away from Keyboard". Considered unsportsmanlike conduct. AFT - Commander skill Advanced Firing Training. (before commander skill rework) Aft - Toward the stern of the ship. Alpha - 1) From Alpha Strike - The amount of damage a ship or weapon can do in a single strike. 2) Alpha Test - the first semi-public phase of World of Warships development. Amidships- The middle of the ship, roughly half way between the bow and the stern. Anchor - In battle, a position — typically on or near a flank and usually next to an island — that forces the enemy to deal with the anchor ship in order to win the flank. Angle-ed -ing - Orient a ship at an angle to the enemy such that the profile is narrow and the side armor presents a sharp angle that will bounce most shells. AP - Armor-Piercing shells. Ammo article. AR - Commander skill Adrenaline Rush. Area Denial - A spread of torpedoes that is used to deter or prevent an enemy or group from entering a desired location, or a consumable (esp. radar) use that prevents a ship from occupying or pressures a ship out of a location. B Term Definition Baguette - Nickname for ships from France. Bait-Dodge - A technique used primarily by cruisers and gunboat destroyers where a player baits the enemy to take a shot at his ship, only to evade, thus negating most or all damage. Balans - from 'balance' A term used ironically in reference to Russian/USSR ships being powerful. Banzai - Japanese equivalent for "WITNESS ME" i.e. suicide attacks (Ramming, YOLO rush). Sometimes accompanied by the war cry "Tenno Heika Banzai!"(Long live the Emperor!) Battery - A group or organizational unit of guns, usually by caliber and purpose. A battery is usually controlled by a common director. Battle Line - A continuous area of influence that extends between ships in a given sector. Advancing the line applies pressure to the enemy while pulling the line alleviates pressure. BB - Battleship. Beam - The breadth of a ship's hull at its widest point. BFT - Commander skill Basic Firing Training. (Before commander skill rework) Big Mamie - The nickname of the Tier VIII premium battleship Massachusetts. Blap - To do a large chunk of damage to an enemy ship. Blindfire - Salvos fired against a target that cannot be seen from the firing ship. Often done as counter-fire against a ship obscured by smoke. Boggzy - A WG-CC @Boggzy who has his own podcast, twitch streams, and also casts live KoTS commentary. Bot - A game-directed combatant. In a PVE mode, one side in battle is composed of bots. Bote - A joking reference to a ship. (A ship is not a "boat", so the misspelling.) Bounce - A shell hit that ricochets off the target due to the impact angle. Bow - Front of the ship where the porpoises hang out when underway. Bow in / Bow-on / Bow tanking - Facing the bow of the ship directly at the enemy. The orientation restricts the number of guns that can bear, but reduces the ship's target size and forms sharp angles that tend to deflect incoming projectiles. Bracket - When a well-aimed salvo misses to both sides of the ship due to dispersion. Brawl - A close-quarters engagement between ships. Some ships are better than others in this capacity. BRB - "I'll Be Right Back" Broadsiden. - 1) The long ("broad") side of a ship. Turning the ship's broadside to an enemy allows the greatest number of main battery guns to target the enemy, but presents a large, flat-faced target in return. The opposite of angled. Shells arriving perpendicular to a broadside are much more likely to penetrate than shells arriving at a sharp angle. 2) A salvo of all main guns that can bear on a target. Buff - To increase the effectiveness of a ship or mechanism. BZ - "Bravo Zulu" or "Well done". C Term Definition CA - Heavy cruiser. (The 'A' comes from 'Armored', but the post-WWI CA is distinguished by the larger caliber of its guns.) Generally assigned an anti-cruiser role. Camp-er -ing - To sit in one spot for the majority of the game. Usually pejorative. Cap - from 'capture' - n. 1) An objective circle. 2) The capture of an objective circle. v. Short for capping. 3) Name for a WoWS mascot with a playlist centering around "Cap" and his friend "Fishy" Capping - Attempting to control or capture an objective area or enemy base by occupying it. Carry - To perform far better than the rest of the team in an effort to secure a victory. Carwash - The soaking of an enemy ship with seawater splashes from shells that fail to hit. See 'bracket'. CBT-er- Closed Beta Test — an early period in World of Warships development following Alpha test. The test period was by invitation only. CC - Community Contributor. Community Contributors are players who assist and help other players of World of Warships, such as showing off their love for the game over their Twitch stream or by posting YouTube videos, running a fan site or Facebook page providing helpful answers, writing guides, running in-game events in our contest area, etc. They are basically players who voluntarily dedicate time and energy towards their love for World of Warships and in doing so, improve the online community experience for others! (side note: o7 to all of you CC - appreciate your hard work) CE - The commander skill Concealment Expert. Chad - Taken from a meme, this is similar to a "YOLO" rush, in which a single ship rushes forward to engage enemy forces. Chunk - A noticeable amount of damage, but not crippling. Cit / Citted- Citadel hit. Citadel - n. The vital areas of a ship containing engines, machinery, magazines, etc. v. To penetrate the citadel and explode within, causing great damage or 100% of the shell's maximum damage. Citadel City - A ship that is easy to citadel such as Emerald, Kuma, Omaha, Shchors, Hawkins, Mikoyan, Italian cruisers, British "Heavy" Cruisers, and "Light" Cruisers. These ships are preferred targets for early elimination. CL - Light Cruiser. A cruiser with smaller-caliber guns. Generally assigned an anti-destroyer or anti-air role. Clam digging - Running aground. Close inspection of an uncharted island. "Pulling a Notser". Cockpit - The place where the crew and the stewardae have their parties. Oh wait. That's World of Warplanes. NVM. Cockbote - Nickname for Tier X USN cruiser Worcester (rhymes with 'rooster'). Consumable - 1) Items that are expended in battle, notably signal flags and single-use camouflage. 2) A class of equipment that provides new or enhanced capabilities to a ship and is consumed in battle. Council - Nickname for Tier IX French battleship Jean Bart (due to her large amount of secondaries on her stern). Crossfires - Intersecting lanes of gunfire that make it impossible for the enemy ship to effectively angle. CTD - "Crash To Desktop". CV - Aircraft Carrier. (haet cv) D Term Definition Daily shipments - Small gifts for logging in each day - usually available with the advent of a new event. Damage Farming - Doing damage to enemy ships as the primary objective, possibly at the expense of team objectives such as winning the battle. Damage Saturation - When a part of a ship has sustained damage equal to its health pool. DB - Dive Bomber. DCP / Damacon - The Damage Control Party consumable or its use. DD - Destroyer. DE - The commander skill Demolition Expert. Death ball - A tight huddle of ships intended to protect against air attack by overlapping AA auras. Mutual defense is good, but a death ball is not recommended. Deleted / Deletion - When a healthy ship is destroyed instantly; see "Devstrike," "One-shot". Derp - Acting without skill or critical thought. Typically used by players to acknowledge a silly mistake (either in the battle or in chat). Derpitz - Nickname for Tier VIII premium KM battleship Tirpitz. Des memes - Nickname for Tier X USN cruiser Des Moines. Desync - A bug that some players experienced lag, i.e; delayed firing, delayed movement, sudden damage taken especially when high ping occurs. Detected / Detection - The enemy obtaining enough location information to target a ship. Detonation - A massive explosion caused by ignition of a magazine that destroys the ship. In Random battle it awards an achievement to the detonated. (The Juliet Charlie signal prevents detonation.) Devstrike - Short for "Devastating Strike". DFAA / DF - The Defensive AA Fire consumable. Disconnect / DC - When a player disconnects from the battle, whether accidentally or intentionally. Results in AFK. Disengage - Break contact with the enemy. Dispersion - The spread of shells fired in a salvo, typically described by the lengths of the axes of a containing ellipse. Vertical dispersion (the major axis) being the distance between the farthest and the closest shellfall (re: the firing ship), and horizontal dispersion (the minor axis) being the distance between farthest shellfall left and right. Doubloons  - A currency in World of Warships, similiar to WoT/WoP Gold. DPM - Damage (health points) per minute. Usually refers to the damage output of anti-ship batteries. DPS - Damage per second. Usually refers to the damage output of AA batteries. Draft - How deep the ship sits in the water. The distance from the waterline to the lowest point of the ship. E Term Definition "Earn your trusty flags" - "Detonation" - Earning flags from getting Detonated. (The Juliet Charlie signal gained from detonation.) Economy - The earning and spending of the many in-game currencies. EXP - Elite XP, or ship experience on Elite ships. ECXP - Elite Commander XP - experience earned by elite (19-point) commanders. ECXP farming - er - A player who uses 21 skill point commander on premium ships, with signals, with premium account, and other bonuses whose desired result is to farm high Elite Commander XP for the captains uses. Also a very effective way to gain the resource. Elite ship - A ship that has all of its modules, and all dependent ships, researched or unlocked. The term usually refers to tech tree ships as premium ships are always Elite. F Term Definition Farming - Taking advantage of a situation to accumulate a desired result. e.g. damage farming, farming fires. FDR - Abbreviation for "Franklin D. Roosevelt" tier X American CV (haet cv) Fighter - An aircraft designed and tasked to destroy enemy aircraft. See Aircraft. Fish - Torpedoes. Flank - An outermost side of a team's battle line. Flanker - A ship whose attributes make it ideal for holding or exploiting a flank. Float - v. The opposite of sink. A desired practice for a ship and her crew. n. A ship that maintains a position usually around the center of a battle formation for screening and line integrity. Focus Fire - Organized and repeated fire against a single target in the attempt to sink it or force it to run away. Frag rate / KDKill/Death Ratio. - How many kills (frags) you have vs. how many times you fail to float in battle. Freeboard - The height of a ship's side above the waterline. Fun and Engaging - Traditional phrase expressing frustration over a game mechanic. "Detonating is so fun and engaging." or also mean being focused by a CV. (haet cv) "Furry Taco" - Nickname for Tier V IJN cruiser Furutaka. G Term Definition G2G / GTG- "Got to Go." Gaishu - Gaishu_Isshoku. Probably the best WG-CC @Gaishu_Isshoku in terms of stats, running his own twitch streams. And also runs his own professional clan. GG - "Good Game". Also Big Grin. A sportmanship abbreviation for "Good game" GLHF - "Good Luck and Have Fun!" Also a sportmanship abbreviation for wishing well for teammates and/or enemies (!) alike. Going Dark - The act of disengaging or going back into concealment. Gold - A World of Tanks currency. The equivalent in World of Warships is Doubloons . Grind - The amount of time and effort it takes to play and progress through the tech tree, missions, or campaigns. Gun Bloom - When firing the main guns there is a "bloom" of fire and smoke that can be seen from afar. As a result, the ship's detection range "blooms" to the maximum range of the guns for 20 seconds. (Secondary and AA batteries do not bloom.) H Term Definition Hapa_Fodder - WG community manager @Hapa_Fodder and "Praefecti" for NA server. Also a well-loved mate in WoWS, USN Military vet, and history buff. He also runs NA community streams, usually with a guest. Hard Cover - An object, such as an island, that breaks line of sight or protects ships from incoming shells and torpedoes. Hard Spotted - Being spotted by a ship within the player ship's detection range. HE - High-Explosive shells. See the ammo article. Hold - A hold is usually near the center of the map near an island and is positioned for supporting fire on one or more capture points. HUD - Heads Up Display. Hull - The part of the ship that makes it float. Hydro - The Hydroacoustic Search consumable. I and J Term Definition iDuckman - A Wiki editor @iDuckman edits wiki and also helps players out on forums. Very friendly and quackable....er, should I say lovable.(About: 🦆 iDuckman 🦆 is an over-educated rules lawyer and a proud Texan — the not-laconic type. He loves his cruisers. Rumor has it that the witch, Salem, is considering his proposal of marriage. [<hiss> Get away from him, you witch!] (Naively, Sir Ducken believes that he owns a cat.) On the wiki, 'Ducky' sticks mostly to the rules pages, trying to keep up with ongoing, constant, never-ending improvements. Sir Ducken is the Deputy Team Lead. 🦆) IGN - In Game Name. IJN - Imperial Japanese Navy. Impregnator - Lewd nickname for Tier IV VMF battleship Imperator Nikolai I. Island hugging - Hiding behind an island for cover. Usually in an Anchoring or Holding position. K Term Definition Kek - Alternative to "LOL," indicating amusement. Kiting - The act of moving away from a superior chasing enemy while engaging them, thereby maximizing the risk/reward factor. Knot (Kn) - A unit used to measure the speed of ships on the water. 1 knot is equal to 1 nautical mile per hour. 1 nmi = 1.15 mi = 1.85 km. KoTS - "King of the Sea" a tournament run independently. First started by EU players, and now a WoWS well-known name where top clans from all servers compete for the top. KM - Kriegsmarine (Germany). KMS - A ship of the Kriegsmarine. "KMS" is not used in German. Presumably of an Anglophone source attempting to simulate the non-existent German term "Kriegsmarineschiff" or "Kriegsmarines Schiff". KS / Kill Steal - A misguided accusation for the act of eliminating an enemy ship without "earning" the kill. L Term Definition Lead - v. To aim a distance in front of or behind the target to counter its speed and direction. n. the amount offset. Lemming - A small rodent that inhabits arctic and sub-arctic tundra and taiga environments. Lemmings are believed to migrate as a large, mindless horde. Lemming Train - A group of ships that travel together in close proximity to one area or objective, often neglecting the capture of strategic points and leaving other ships without support. Lert - The black cat. @Lert (Lert is the black cat you see pawing around in the forums and also a friend of mouse, helping her with ship reviews and such) "LL / Load Lock "Late Load" - A frustrating glitch where the ship gets hung up on the battle load screen instead of entering battle with the team. The hang-up can last several seconds or the entire match. Killing the game client and restarting will usually bypass the glitch, but takes a while itself. Failing to enter battle can result in an unsportsmanlike conduct warning. Lit up - Spotted by the enemy, usually with radar. lol/LOL- "Laughing Out Loud", "Laugh Out Loud", or "Lots of laugh" Lolibote - (derived from Japanese slang) A destroyer. LOLcit / LOLpen- Receiving a citadel or penetrating hit from an unlikely angle. LoS - "Line of Sight". Lord_Zath - A certain skilled WG-CC @Lord_Zath which is calm, kind, and fun. (About: Lord_Zath was one of the first members of the EN wiki team, joining at a time when most wiki pages were but empty shells. His passion for photography quickly earned him the position of "resident wiki screenshot guru". Zath is also a Supertest Coordinator and a Community Contributor. An avid fan of World of Warships, he aims to teach players as much as he can with his streams on Twitch and his YouTube channel. You can see some of his favorite death pics on Twitter or join his Discord (https://discord.gg/5y2Nrx7) to submit replays your most epic replays!) LWM - LittleWhiteMouse, another skilled WG-CC @LittleWhiteMouse which is downright hilariously funny. (About: LittleWhiteMouse got her start writing guides on the North American forums. When she's not collecting skulls for her daddy's comfy chair or stuffing a certain black cat into a box, much of her time is spent working on reviews of premium ships for Ship Comrade.) M Term Definition Magazine - The area where explosives and ammunition are stored, usually in close proximity to the guns. Hits on this armored storage room are understandably deadly. Main - Usually prefixed with a type of ship, e.g. "DD main", "PVE main": A player who prefers and mostly plays a certain type of ship or battle mode. MalteseKnight - A skilled WoWS player @MalteseKnight known to be nice and friendly. He also has his own twitch streams. (fan of him) Meme-o-taur- Nickname for Tier X RN light cruiser Minotaur. Meta - The common practice in outfitting ships and fighting them in battle. "Ship X is ineffective in the current meta." Often references a map strategy such as camping or island hugging. MM / MatchMaker- The game's matchmaking system that groups players together for battle. MN - Marine Nationale (France). Mods - 1) Moderators - Forum moderators who maintain order in the forums. 2) Modifications - 3rd party game modifications that alter the game in some way. Some are illegal. Legal mods are often bundled in such as WoWS' ModStation and Aslain's Modpack. Mong Rush - Similar to Shoving, except with the bulk, if not the entirety, of your team's ships, all in one concentrated blob. MvP - "Most Valuable Player" MvR - Manfred Von Richtoffen N Term Definition Nerf - Decrease the effectiveness of a ship, a characteristic, or a mechanism. NS - "Nice Shot." NVM, nvm - "Never Mind." O Term Definition o7, <o - A text emoji representing a salute, typically used as a sign of respect. [O7] Devastating Strike - A Hurricane league professional clan which is made up of highly skilled players located on NA server. Accomplishing achievements such as multiple #1 in KoTS (King of the Sea) events, WoWS tournaments, and also finished off #1 in Verizon tournament of 2020 Global. OBT - Open Beta Test -ing -er: An early period in the game's development, after CBT. OOR - "Out Of Range." OM - Over-match OMW - "On My Way." One-shot - To destroy a healthy ship with a single salvo. May involve detonation. Op - Operation, syn. scenario, one of the choices in the Scenarios battle mode. OP - 1) Original Post -er in a forum thread. 2) Overpowered - Said of a game ship or mechanism that is unfairly powerful. 3) Over-Penetration. Open-Water Fighter - A ship who's gun arrangement or survivability is better suited for fighting in the open ocean, vs. using terrain. Ordnance - Generally, weapons. Usually, what is delivered by weapons: shells, torpedoes, bombs. Overmatch - A game mechanic in which large-caliber armor-piercing projectiles ignore thin armor on impact, regardless of angle. A shell overmatches a piece of armor if its caliber exceeds 14.3x the armor's thickness. See this table. Overpen - Over-penetration: A shell hit that passes straight through a ship without doing significant damage. See penetration mechanism. Awards a hit ribbon. P Term Definition PA - Pan-Asia Pasta - nickname players give to italian ships Paint Scraper - A torpedo that passes close enough to scrape paint from the hull. Pen / Penetration - When a shell passes the target's armor and explodes inside for significant damage. Perma fire - A fire on a ship that has recently used its Damage Control Party consumable, meaning the fire will deal considerable damage. Sometimes applied to flooding. Pink, pinked - The result of a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct: the player's IGN and ship icons are colored pink. Poi - The infamous tic of an animé character. [1] The word has no meaning. Pop-es -ing - A consumable has been activated or used (Ex: "I just popped DFAA"). Port - 1) Nautical term for the left side of the ship. 2) A protected place to park the ship. Port Screen - The main screen of the World of Warships user interface. Potato - A poorly-skilled player. Not always pejorative. Preemptive launch - A salvo of torpedoes toward where an unseen target is predicted to go. Often used for area denial. Pressure - Attacking an enemy ship to achieve a desired outcome. That outcome includes but is not limited to; stopping a push, distraction, etc. Proximity Spotting - (sometimes Proxy Spot) Detecting an enemy by being within the assured detection range, which overrides all concealment. Detection. PQ - abbreviation for a twitch streamer Potato_Quality @Potato_Quality, the player is one of the best BB players in WoWS and also has his own YT channel with rich content. "Pulling a Notser" - Grounding the ship on an island, sometimes intentionally. Coined for WG-CC and YouTuber, Notser. Push - Moving closer to the enemy in an attempt to gain ground (or sea water) against them. PVE - Player vs. Environment; used to refer to Co-Op battles or Scenarios, where players fights game entities rather than other players. PVP - Player vs. Player; used to refer to Random, Ranked, and Clan battles, where players fights other players rather than game entities. Q and R Term Definition Railgun - A semi-joking term used to describe guns with very good ballistic performance and penetration, esp. Russian. Ram - To perform an intentional collision with an enemy, usually resulting in the destruction of both ships. Can be an effective tactic. "Ramming Speed" - A term used by a player meaning that the players ship is on course and speed for a ram. (From a classic) Random Torp(s) - An unexpected encounter with torpedoes, though said torpedoes may not have been aimed at the encounterer. Too often, wayward torps from an ally. Rekt - Wrecked. Badly damaged or destroyed. "I pushed around the corner and got rekt." Reverse Push - Reversing toward the enemy in a way that all of your firepower can be used while also giving your ship a viable escape. A form of kiting. RL / RDF - Commander skill Radio Location, a.k.a. Radio Direction Finding. RM - Regia Marina (Italy) RN - Royal Navy RNG - Random Number Generator, the output of which controls many occurrences in World of Warships. RNGesus - The embodiment of RNG. Praying to him for good luck in battle has a 50% chance of not working against one. Rounds - Shells. Ammunition. Rudder - A large flat surface used for steering a ship to port and starboard, usually located beneath the stern and behind the propellers. Russian Bias - A term used ironically in reference to Russian/USSR ships being powerful. S Term Definition Salt-y - What an angry player spews in chat. Screening - Advance ships scouting threats for larger ships. Sometimes, providing a smoke screen to help another ship break contact. Seal Clubbing - When a veteran player ventures into low tiers to fight inexperienced players — a controversial, if fun, practice. SeaRaptor - A certain skilled, lively, friendly WG-CC @SeaRaptor in WoWS. (About SeaRaptor: Joining the community in open beta, SeaRaptor00 also hails from . Having served his time herding kittens that just happen to look a lot like the other wiki staff, he is now semi-retired, though, as a self-appointed Apostle of the Church of Hindenburg, he still edits wiki pages. When not sinking ships on behalf of the Kriegsmarine or mining the game client for images, he can occasionally be found on Twitch casting competitive matches of World of Warships, such as King of the Sea. Also best friends with Lord_Zath, another well-loved WG-CC) Shadow - Following an allied or enemy ship using concealment to remain undetected. Shooting the bow - Passing close in front of another ship's bow. Shooting the Stern - Passing close behind another ship's stern. Shove - In competitive modes, a tactic involving a push up a flank, typically with cruisers. Sigma - A number representing the probability of a gun's shells falling close to the point of aim. The higher the more likely. Silver - Credits. Smoke Camping - Sitting still inside a smoke screen. Sniping - Typically, a battleship far from the heart of the engagement trying to hit enemy ships that are more than 15 - 20 km away. Not a popular tactic with teammates. Soft Cover - Something that obscures a ship from detection but does not protect from ordnance. Ex: smoke screens, weather. Spawn - Where on the map a ship or team starts a battle. "On X map we spawned in the NE corner." Spec-ed - 'fm. specialized' What a ship/captain is specialized for. "I'm spec'd for AA." (haet cv) Squat-ing - Hold a position, undetected, early in a battle to exploit a hole in the enemy lines mid-game. ST - Super Tester, a player who has volunteered to assist Wargaming in testing the game, and thus has access to unreleased ships - but also agreed to a Non-Disclosure Agreement about them, and cannot discuss them with non-ST players. Statpadder - Refers to someone who uses certain ship to inflate stats. Statpadder's stats may give a artificial picture of the player, making him seem better than he actually is. Also see Seal Clubber Starboard / STBD - Facing forward toward the bow, the right side of the ship. Stats - Player statistics. Stealth torp - Launching torpedoes while undetected. (The best way to launch torps.) Stern - The rear of the ship. The propeller(s) and rudder are located under the stern. Strats - Battle strategy. Stream sniping - Following the Twitch Livestreams of Community Contributors in the hopes of ending up in the same match as them. The ultimate goal is to find and sink them. Often considered poor sportsmanship. Superstructer - Structures on the deck of a ship. T, U, and V Term Definition Teamkill, TK-ing -er - Destruction of an ally, resulting in penalties. See this article. Tech tree - The ships of a nation organized by type and tier. Higher tier ships are more powerful. A player progresses upward through the tiers. Tedster_ - A wiki editor (About: Tedster is the other resident black cat, a wiki team member (and former lead wiki editor), and a supertest coordinator. He is a battleship player who started during the 2nd wave of closed alpha in June 2014, and he is probably whining somewhere about the simplification of the game over the course of testing and release or is making "back in the day" comments. When not attempting to citadel destroyers with whatever battleship is currently being tested, he plays artillery for the current top NA Clan Wars clan in World of Tanks, while also spending way too much time playing Kantai Collection, or reading Friedman-level tomes for entertainment.) "That's a Paddlin" - Phrase used by WG-CC 'The Mighty Jingles' to describe the often poor results of thinly-armored ships presenting their sides to hostile battleships. Tomato - A pejorative term used to describe players who have poor win rate/PR statistics. The term is derived the the color coding used by stat-tracking websites and mods, which display low or bad statistics in red. Torpedo belt / bulge - A specialised armor zone on the lower hull of a ship designed to mitigate torpedo damage. Torpedo Soup - A bunch of torpedoes churning up the sea. Torpedo Beat / Torpbeat - Skillfully maneuvering through torpedo soup without being rekt, especially to the sound of eighties European dance music. Torps / Torps out - Often, a chat warning to friendly ships that a ship has launched torpedoes behind friendly lines, and to take care to avoid them if possible. Turn-out - When a ship reaches a certain position on the map, putting itself at an angle where it can begin kiting once contact is made with enemy forces. TY - "Thank you" U2 - "You too." Unicum/Unicorn - 1) A highly skilled player, as evidenced by remarkable stats. 2) A name for one of the top players in the game, in terms of personal statistics. Usually refers to Winrate and/or PR Stats. From Latin ūnicus. USN - United States Navy VMF - Voenno-Morskoj Flot (USSR) W Term Definition Wall of Skill - A large wave of torpedoes, usually from a Japanese Torpedo Destroyer. Ironic. Wallet Warrior - A premium ship player. It can be used to describe players who buy a lot of premium ships, or pejoratively to describe inexperienced players who buy their way into the higher tiers by using a premium ship. Warcanoe - Nickname for Tier V premium ship destroyer Okhotnik. WASD - The principle keys controlling the direction and speed of a ship in combat. Often used to refer to maneuvering to avoid damage. "I used WASD hacks to dodge that wall of skill." Waterline - The perimeter area of the ship just above and below water. WG / Weegee - Wargaming.net. Weevee - Nickname for Tier VI premium ship West Virginia. Wide / Narrow spread - The choice of spread between torpedoes. Typically a narrow spread is preferred against a specific target. Wide spread is used for area denial or hunting destroyers in smoke screens. (On some DDs the choice is between wide-ish and single-shot.) WITNESS ME - "I'm going for the ram!" WITNESSED - Acknowledging a successful ramming attempt. WoWs - World of Warships. WP - "Well-Played." An abbreviation for a sportsmanship term congratulating your teammates or enemy teammates for a "Well-Played" tactic, maneuver, or strategy. X, Y, and Z Term Definition XP - Experience, used to research (unlock) ships and modules. YOLO - "You Only Live Once" — the necessary battle cry to let the team know that the player who just typed it into chat is about to do something very brave or very dumb (suicide charge). Zone-out - Using islands to prevent certain enemy ships from engaging your ship.
  11. Greetings Fellow World of Warships Commanders! My name is Iolair, and I’m the host of a YouTube channel featuring educational and entertaining content about WoWs. I’ve been an active player of the game since August 2016 with the experience of nearly 15K random battles. I opened my channel in March 2018 which now has more than 250 videos. I feature content with guidance and education, news and information, reviews of ships, and commentated replays which highlight instructive and entertaining gameplay. Many replays are provided by fellow players like yourselves from the NA, EU, and SEA servers. I invite you to stop by my channel and review what it has to offer. I’ve included here a playlist of sample content, featuring the channel trailer, news from the WoWs Development Blog, a ship review, guidance for secondary builds, a GK funtage, a channel update, plus a few replays, including a multi-perspective “division” replay with a nail-biting ending. I hope to see you out there on the virtual seas, and I wish you happy sailing! Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIBGWHC8KiYDAVownJaZCoQ Sample Videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5-8bdoZQUN1vU24SFRnFycpUjNwr7DD
  12. Ever since the latest update (0.10.4) on Achievements/Profile went online, I've noticed a particular lack of progression on the Scenarios Achievements sections. I've been stuck on the same amount of numbers (144/150) (among the others also not being counted) and even thou I play them non regularly, I should have gotten (example given) the Ravager achievements a long time ago, no kills is accounted nor is registered. I also noticed my Engineer of the Future Achievement is missing, even thou I won it fairly and have it late than I should have it. But after the 0.10.4 update, is long gone without a warning nor a message. I found it on my own. It's been weeks since I had nothing in return and its frustrated to the max. Update 02/07/21: the Engineer of the Future Achievement has returned to my achievements sections, however the same cannot be said to the other achievements, still not being counted for whenever I do Operations more regularly than before. Update 25/09/21: After the Subs update, it seems a new "directive" is needed in order for achievements to be accounted for: winning; something it was never necessary nor mandatory to get them in the first place.
  13. Commander_Steel_94

    Logros faltantes o no contabilizados.

    Desde que se puso en línea la última actualización (0.10.4) de los Logros y del Perfil, he notado una falta particular de progresión en la sección de Escenarios. Me he quedado atascado en la misma cantidad de números (144/150) (y los otros tampoco se cuentan) e incluso si bien no los juego regularmente, debería haber obtenido (por ejemplo) el logro de Devastador hace mucho tiempo, pero no se contabiliza ni se registra ninguna muerte. También me di cuenta de que faltaba el logro Ingeniero del Futuro, aunque lo gané de manera justa y lo tuve más tarde de lo que debería. Pero después de la actualización 0.10.4, desapareció hace mucho tiempo sin una advertencia ni un mensaje. Lo descubrí por mi cuenta. Han pasado semanas desde esto y nada ha cambiado y esto frusta muchísimo. Actualización 21/02/07: el logro Ingeniero del Futuro ha regresado a mi sección de logros, sin embargo, no se puede decir lo mismo de los otros logros, todavía no se cuenta cada vez que hago Operaciones con más regularidad que antes. Actualización 25/09/21: Después de la actualización de Submarinos, parece que se necesita una nueva "directiva" para que los logros sean contabilizados: ganar; algo que nunca fue necesario ni obligatorio para conseguirlos en primer lugar.
  14. Navalpride33

    A Promise is a promise (Kami REPLAYx2)

    As promised to the guys in tonight's Kami match... The replay of the match is going to be available for them to enjoy at their leisure, on the Forums... (PLUS A BONUS)A Draw Match up. I would like to thank all who's participation enhanced the enjoyment of the matches displayed... I've enjoyed the battle immensely. TY guys... The replays 20210505_222907_PJSD025-True-Kamikaze_41_Conquest.wowsreplay 20210505_225853_PJSD025-True-Kamikaze_41_Conquest.wowsreplay The draw... Enjoy guys!
  15. For a little bit of comic relief, I ask my follow forum readers the following question with evidence... What was your brown alert moment in a WOWS match??OR what was the best brown alert moment you gave to an opponent? In today's replay, one such event happened ... I would like to share the comedic events with the public. Background on the replay... (spoiler alert). Its a loss I tried at least. I lasted 11 min I took out the Puke of York for the LOLz and grinding out the campaign. Dont get triggered for the abuse of HE.. The "brown" alert happened when the red ship in "Halloween Disguise." Tried hard to outsmart me.. "Tried" was the best way to put it. The file is here. 20201008_211741_PBSB527-Duke-of-York_46_Estuary.wowsreplay Enjoy. BTW Be happy I am not gas lighting on the flat tops... They're still disproportional in DMG dealing (close second, high tier BBs). Que sera sera.. GL/HF
  16. (I have a 2014 Mac Pro) It works just fine but its a MAC) Well, Ive played almost 5000 games and I love playing WOWS, but this most recent update may be the end for me and this game. Ever since I downloaded WOWS 2 years ago, Ive encountered problems running it. Crashing every 2-3 games, sometimes every game. Slowly lowering all my settings just so I could get minimal playing graphics. I mean its always laggy but I still enjoy the game and I understand that when I play. Unfortunately, its not the new update that has [edited] me. Its the CV update. Whatever you may think of the new CV update, it requires a higher level computer to run. I know this because if there is a CV, and it comes to fight near me. The whole game goes to crapand it has a 50/50 chance of crashing. When there is no CV in the game, it runs just like before and I can get 1-3 games in before a crash. However even then its so laggy and crapthat i'm a detriment to my team. I actually like the direction the CV update went (even Eurobeat likes it and he quit the game) but there are always players playing CVs and now im [edited] cause I just simply cant play the game anymore. I mean I could, lagging everywhere, screwing my team and playing like crapbut Im competitive and want to be a good player. so no, Its done. its over. Time to watch flambass and noster to slowly bleed myself out. Maybe when I get a new computer, Ill look at a different one than a mac, but thats unlikely cause I really like them. You just cant game. ALSO BUFF the [edited]ROMA, its unplayable but I love it. And at some point you cant hit anything between 0-10 km
  17. Is this true? @Hapa_Fodder and @Boyarsky If it is true and you will stream that. IT WILL BE EPIC!!!!!! (take my whole wallte!) Optimus Prime Bumblebee Megatron Rumble (4 ships like AL collab) " "Wargaming and Hasbro are bringing the Transformers to the popular naval combat game World of Warships in a new crossover event. The Autobots and Deceptions will engage in a new theatre of war later this year as part of a Transformers crossover event with World of Warships on PC and World of Warships: Legends on mobile. Both Transformers factions will be added the hit naval combat games as themed ship skins and commanders this September. At launch, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee will represent the Autobots, and Megatron and Rumble will fly the flag for the evil Decepticons. source: https://www.thumbsticks.com/transformers-roll-out-to-world-of-warships-08032020/ PC (tier X: Montana, Kurfust, Kahba and Gearing) and Legends (tier VII)
  18. Out of these gamemodes, which would you choose? NOTE: Some of these game types are potentially already being added, or are never going to be added! These are simply suggestions for what I’d like to see be added, and I am wanting to see what gamemodes people agree should be added! If you don’t agree with any of these options or notice one that is currently being implemented or is already implemented, then don’t call me out on it as I am aware that some of these are being added already!!! Randoms Deathmatch - Is a mode where two teams fight to the death. There is no secondary objectives like capturing a certain point on the map or capturing the enemy base, you simply sink the enemy ships. Potential benefits: Could result in additional options for clan battle gamemodes, could be an additional game mode for more diverse game play. Historical Deathmatch- Is basically the same thing as the previous suggestion, but the ships you play as will determine what team you’re on. (For example, One team will consist of ONLY German, Japanese, Italian and SOMETIMES Russian ships [including premiums of those nations), and the other team will consist of ONLY US, British, French, and SOMETIMES Russian ships [including premiums]. Ships of other nations [such as pan Asian and Pan American/European ships] will go on the teams that the ships were historically allied with.) Potential benefits: could draw in more players who are interested more in historically accurate battles, could be another variant of gamemode for clan battles. Capital ship Deathmatch- Can have a historical AND random version. Similar to Deathmatch, but there is a main objective AND secondary objective. Primary objective is to sink the capital ship. (This ship is a randomly selected player who becomes the primary target for the enemy team, and the objective that needs to be defended at all costs.) The capital ships on each team could receive a form of slight buff in order to allow them to both stand out as the primary objective (like a unique color) and to allow them to last a slight bit longer as so the ship doesn’t blow up as fast. The capital ships would ONLY consist of battleships or carriers. The buffs the capital ships would gain would vary depending on what ship is made the capital ship. (For example, carriers could have planes with additional health or battleships could have a super heal that both heals the player ship, but also the any allied ships within 4 km or so of the ship.) The buffs could also vary based on the nation of ship. (For example, the German battleships could have super secondaries, or improved dispersion by say 40%, whereas Japanese battleships have a form of shield that is limited in use, or super armor piercing shells, or the British battleships could have super HE shells that can set five fires that burn for a slightly shorter amount of time.) Potential benefits: could be a new and fun game mode people are willing to play (if done right and balanced properly). Historical Convoy- Plays similarly to the Halloween Hotel Transylvania gamemode, but in this case it is several ships that one team (Consisting of British, US, French, and sometimes Russian ships) have to defend until either the entire convoy gets to the objective point on the map, or as many as possible get to the objective point, while the other team (Consisting of German, Japanese, Italian, and sometimes Russian ships) have to sink as many of all ships in the convoy. Potential benefits: The gamemode could be fun for random and coop battles, but not for clan battles, and would bring in history fanatics who want to see a realistic game mode. Free For All (FFA)- This is heavily inspired by the savage battles of 2019. The game starts where each and every player’s objective from the start of the battle is to be the last one standing or the one with the most points when the timer runs out. Potential benefits: Would be fun for random battles, and could bring in more players due to more gameplay features. With all that said, which of these would YOU like to see in WOWS? Feel free to explain your choices, and also feel free to give constructive criticism as to why you think these gamemodes would or would not work and potential ideas as to fix the issues with them!
  19. The California will be coming to Warships legends soon, so I thought people who want it on computer should know and be expecting it.
  20. HeavenlyWind_


    Dear WarGaming, STOP NERFING THE GERMAN SHIPS!! Thank you.
  21. Like them or not, the community is really torn about CVs. I'm on the hate side, but I think i have a legitimate solution on how to keep them in the game, but make them 1) more rewarding 2) Increased danger 3) strategic in way that benefits all classes. This is my gamification of what I learned from watching a youtube video on the Battle of Midway and the struggles the CVs actually faced at the time. 1) Range Currently there is no range restriction. You can get in a squadron and just fly forever until you fire a few times or get shot down. There is no urgency to using the squad and no detriment to going to the wrong location or just flying forever to find that last DD when the rest of your team is dead. Where you fly should matter, and unplanned random discovery flights are unfair to classes that rely on stealth. The ideal distance would be between 14km - 18km depending on the type of plane used / country. This would become a stat that differentiates the carriers. They have stats now, but they all feel about the same. Range +1 km would also be a good captains skill as long as it's a choice between another valuable stat like faster flying or additional plane in a squad in the 4th tier. 2) Invincibility for average intelligence As long as you aren't a complete idiot, staying alive in a CV is really easy for the first 5 minutes minimum, and many matches it's easy to never even feel threatened in an even match. Decisions should have consequences. The range forces the CVs to move forward to deploy a squad (stay with me CV players). The idea that a CV isn't under threat during a battle is not based on anything but a lack of a realistic mechanic that works. 3) Plans instead of Spam CVs don't have 3 fully geared squads ready to go at any given time. Choices are made in advance. It should be at least as time consuming to attach a torpedo to a plane as it is swap between HE and AP. This also increases the value of pre-selecting the right type of plane to suit your current objective. Now, the CVs benefit from DD spotting more than they prevent DDs from being able to spot. Class balance is returning, and DDs are being given a chance to be DDs. Launching ships requires nothing right now and it shouldn't be so boring. When CVs are maneuvering, you aren't launching planes. Ideally, a squad should be taking off into the wind, but I would accept that it has to be moving at a minimum between 12kps and 18kps to give make launching a squad more meaningful. You can't just sit behind the island and spam from your magical deck of 3 ready to launch squads. There should also be time added when an unused ship needs to be stripped down from one use and converted. 4) In real life, explosions aren't an issue you solve with a signal When prepping for a strike, the CV is most vulnerable due to high-explosives being more exposed to shells, fire and shrapnel. This real life danger isn't represented. Shooting a CV feels like shooting a cinder block that operates separate from it's bombardment. CVs should be more susceptible to damage when struck on the deck with a squad being prepped. Maybe you thought having 40 torpedos on the deck that you might use later is save until one gets hit and a chain reaction kills you for littering your deck with explosives. This only works if there is flight setup time, but just adding arbitrary boring time onto the game feels like it would be arbitrary and boring... Call it redundant. Now, you start with a set amount of planes, and you can queue up their equipment set. Best of all, you can make choices. 5) Strategy and consequences Send all 50 at once for a massive attack, but now you have no planes equipped to be a fighter, so you are extra weak if the other CV comes after you. Might want to have 5 dressed out fighters on standby to defend your ship. Might not want to risk everything as you can the attack would be bigger, but not necessarily more ships sunk. That will be the most challenging gameplay balance. What is the incentive to risking more planes? Maybe you need 10 dive bombers and a 10 fighter escort. This is going to really ramp up CV strategy and create a higher skill gap then someone crosstorping using 1 move over and over again to set damage records, without ever being in danger of running out of ships or someone shooting their boat. If you lose a plane, it's gone and there will not be a magic plane building factory in the CV anymore. This might also help with that nightmare scenario when after a tough battle there is a team that has a DD and say a Cruiser both low on health, and the other has a CV that had 100 planes shot down and can now make a few more to kill the Cruiser with a DB and the DD with rockets... make from magic. If the CV stashed a couple away for an emergency, that's great, but he would have to sacrifice more defense or offense throughout if he doesn't utilize all of his planes earlier when they could have tilted the scales. 6) Fighters as spotters Sure, but they run out of gas and have to fly back, which means if you want them up for more than a few seconds, they have to start close to the CV. no more dropping a fighter on A 10 because a ship has terrible detectability by air and can't shoot the fighter down 12km away. This also would ideally remove the dpm types from crapping out a fighter on their way to flying on magic fuel. if you want a fighter, go for it, It will leave from your deck if you have one queued up, and it will probably die, then it's gone forever. Now they matter and aren't just another way to dump on the DDs trying to play. 7) DPM These changes obviously reduce the frequency of attacks, but they allow for bigger and more complex attacks. Fighters on a BB can get their butts kicked by the 10 that came along, but those 10 will probably get shot down. Bigger attack, bigger risk. 8) The dumbest thing The dumbest thing that is effective on this game is loading a plane, taking off, then immediately firing a third of the arms you loaded into the ocean so those planes will be ready faster... I get it. It's a game. But please remove this. This had to be on the list of nonsense you wanted to get out of the game, but ran out of runway to fix. You just sold a bunch of 'ships' for 25k dubloons... for Christmas. Make some runway, we deserve it and the guys that bought the PR paid for it. Best part is it's not a total overhaul. Rather than boost, you have range, you might consider burning range faster in exchange for boost, but the logic is minimal, the CVs gain more character, the DDs get to play the game again and if you suck... (the best part)... we can kill you without having to take ourselves out of the game to do it. 9) The spotter plane Rarely did a fighter plane circle over AA and take it until they died. CVs would send out spotters. They had a big area to cover, usually flew out like bicycle spokes then cut a few degrees and came back. Less likely to be shot down, but less likely to radio back while in fight. Last knows update when the spotters return to the ship.
  22. HeavenlyWind_

    New Ribbon/Medal Idea

    There should honestly be a ribbon or medal for completely destroying a module, such as a turret or a torp tube. I know there's the incapacitation ribbons for temporarily disabling a module, but then there's the times where your turret or torp tube gets completely decommissioned and it can't be repaired or used for the rest of the match. There should be a separate ribbon/medal for that occasion. It would be cool and funny to know that you've just ruined someone's match lol
  23. HeavenlyWind_

    Lock-On Fix?

    There have been countless times where I've aimed at a ship and it locks on to the ship behind it. Then no matter how much I aim at my desired target, the lock-on sticks as long as the undesired ship, the one I'm locked onto somehow, is just about within frame. Happens a lot when I'm trying to torp too. Is there something that I'm missing in order to lock-on to my desired target every time or is the lock-on actually broken at times?
  24. HeavenlyWind_

    German T10 Premiums

    When are we gonna see some German T10 premiums? Seeing how they are the only main nation in the game without T10 premiums. German T10 prem H-class BB with 457mm guns? (or maybe even 480mm lol.) Lutzow?
  25. Well is seem that as the time goes on , it come harder to win, most team seem always to ended up on the back on the map were there no return point. here an example of what it take to win sometime! WHen the team want ot throw away the game and you have to kill 7 of them to win .... That moment you get 2 brother and both flank run away on the AB line and you got up the middle , dev strike the enemy midway and turn the table around When you get a standard battle and the right flank run away giving the base to the enemy team and you now have to leave the left flank to save the day ....