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Found 1 result

  1. Quaffer

    View Basics

    While most players will find the views intuitive to use there a few subtleties I hope to show here.Characters enclosed in [brackets] represent keystrokes based on default settings. Most of them can be customized in the Settings, Controls section. Standard View Note the grey arc on the minimap. This indicates your current field of view. Zoomed View Pressing the [shift] key toggles between the current zoom setting and the standard view. You can adjust the amount of zoom by scrolling the mouse wheel. Lofted Zoom View When you are zoomed to the full extent you can slide your mouse forward and your point of view will raise up letting you peek over low islands. Minimap details Overview Mode There is a tendency in combat to stay in zoomed view. This can result in a loss of situational awareness. The minimap can keep you up to date but there is no substitute for putting down the binoculars and having a quick look around. Press and hold [RMB], right mouse button, and you will be in a standard view which you can swing about with your mouse and have a quick look around. In overview your guns will not track your cursor so you will not lose your target lock. You should do this often. Quick Zoom Artist When in zoomed mode your sight bearing changes very slowly. For a quick change in your zoomed view press [shift] to get back in standard view, look where you want to look and press shift again to go back to zoomed mode. Note that it may take a while for your guns to catch up with your view point. Unless you are in overview or you have fixed your guns on a sector, (see Weapon Bearing (Shift-X) (Ctrl-X) (X)) your weapons will always try to train on your view point. Tactical Map Pressing [M] brings up your tactical map. This is a view of your minimap that fills the whole screen. Clicking on the tactical map will set a way point. Shift clicking will set more. You can have five in total. Holding down [Ctrl] will allow you to grab and adjust a way point position. (Thank Sotaudi for this tip.) The tactical map will show you the locations of all the ships and aircraft on your team and the locations of known enemy units. Press [M] again to cancel. The tactical map will not only show friendly and enemy units, it will also show torpedoes. Note the red icons in 7C trying to pick on that poor little South Carolina. Standard Navigation View Standard Navigation View for a carrier is toggled with the [shift] key. Note the way points show up in this view as well. All way points will be cancelled by manually changing your heading with the rudder. They used to be cancelled when you changed your speed but this feature has been removed. Cinematic Shoot Pressing the Middle Mouse Button [MMB] will fire one turret or torpedo mount and the camera will follow the shells or torpedoes until they stop. Some people like to use this to help aim but I find the normal zoom modes for shells more useful and there is no point when using torpedoes as you can't really correct your aim for the next spread. They are just too slow. Tracking Camera View Shells Tracking Camera View Torpedoes Tracking Camera View Planes If you have fired your guns or a spread of torpedoes or if you have a flight of planes selected you can switch to a camera view that will track their progress at any time. Use the [Z] key to track an object and the [Z] key to resume your normal view. Note the yellow border and the fire icon at the bottom of the last two screen shots. Coincidence? I don't think so. The things I do for my art.