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Found 1 result

  1. During OBT I was sailing a South Carolina in an Islands map tier 3 match. I was giving suggestions to teams mates in how to play the map. One of my team mates ask if I was an Alpha, and I told him I was. He then responded I was seal clubbing the enemy. I then told him if I wanted to seal club at this tier I would do so in a DD. Then I saw Red_Raven_168 thread here on the Umikaze and I begin to wonder how I can do in really playing the ship and not just grind through it. So I went back to the ship with a new crew and played it. For this match I fired 64 torpedoes. Not all hit of course.The enemy ignored me for the most part and kept on shooting at my team mate's cruisers. I was about to get the six'th kill, however my torpedeos were not fast enough. This is what I got from the match. Personal Score Team Score Detail Reports - Credits This is a very deadly ship. And the great part about this is that everyone can drive this ship in matches. You can make credits and glory with this ship. Edit: Forgot to add Red_Raven's thread link.