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Found 280 results

  1. Now that I'm in the rarified air of T9 and 10 fights, I've noticed that I've carried a bit of my lower tiered tendencies with me (I fight USN and IJN dds mostly with the occasional cruisers from the same nations). My captains builds tend to keep me in the fight longer (Last Stand, Adrenaline Rush, Survivability Expert, Superintendent). I'm wondering if I should think about more aggressive builds. All my USN captains get BFT and all of my IJN captains get TAE. Should I be thinking more offense than defense at this level? I'm holding my own, but I'm not exactly lighting the game on fire in these 9 and 10 fights.
  2. Upon reaching my goal of not only getting my first Tier X ship, but also my favorite ship, USS Midway, I feel like I need to reflect on what I learned through my Journey, even though I still have a whole lot more learning to go. Tier IV-VI: Langley, Bogue, and Independence are all pretty similar; 1-1-1 loadouts across the board, still pretty on par with your IJN counterparts. I personally found them to be the least enjoyable of the line. Every battle felt like a chore, and I don't think I have any desire to re-purchase any of them. Independence is particularly rough because Tier VI MM sucks. (Both out of 5 "*") Air Superiority: **** Strike Capability: *** Tier VII: Ranger is where the line really became something to me. Despite almost never bringing it out of Co-op I still had a lot of fun with this ship. If I ever chose to get her back, I'll probably keep it to just relax in Co-op without having to worry about how much I lose from it. My 4 Random Battles with it were not enough to gauge how she holds up with her competition, but anyone will tell you she falls short pretty often. It's generally accepted Saipan runs Tier VII when she makes her now somewhat rare appearances. Kaga can be rough as well, but still a better foe than the King. Air Superiority: *** Strike Capability: *** Tier VIII: Ah, Lexington. I have mixed feelings about her. She taught me how to kind of conduct myself and my squadrons for the next 2 tiers. She also showed me my favorite targets: German Battleships. The ability to dish out insane damage numbers without a flawless Torpedo drop in one go was jaw dropping to me at first, and I never looked back at my HE DB ever again. On the other hand, she never did me many favors, and it was in her that I was utterly humiliated by a GZ, which is also where I kind of had a wake-up call, that I wasn't quite as good as I initially thought, and that things were gonna be harder from here on out. She wasn't unenjoyable, but even through the latter half of the grind she felt less than what she could be. Enterprise and Graf Zeppelin are your worst nightmares in it. Shokaku is manageable enough if you have some form of competence. Air Superiority: *** Strike Capability: *** Tier IX: Essex to me, while certainly lacking in certain departments, still felt strong. I think I can safely say I had the most fun with her, and where I think I had the most success. Taiho wasn't usually too much of a problem for me though. Very manageable to fight. It felt like the most balanced of the line, minus the starter tiers. While not the hardest hitter, she can dish out punishment where opportunity allows, especially the usual KMS BB Nuking. She was also the first Tech Tree USN CV to get 2 fighters, which are a welcome addition. 2 fighters allows so much more flexibility. Though having both the Fighters and TB stay Tier VIII seems like a bummer at first, especially the TB. The fighters being undertiered sort of makes sense, especially when you go up against a totally stock Taiho and just plow him over with little effort. Air Superiority: **** Strike Capability: *** Tier X: The Dream. The Big One. The Mother of all WW2 Carriers. Midway was always my favorite ship, and getting her in WoWS feels fantastic. Until I met her competition: Hakuryu, The favorite child. The one with full Tier X loadouts. The one with 3 fighter squads and Taiho's massive payload. What of Midway? Well, it seems she gets the short end of the stick. No awesome comeback for USN CV. They stay on the short end. For some reason someone figured that Midway was too good, so they nerfed her. Tier IX fighters, Tier VIII TB, Tier X DB in 2-2-2. Reduced hangar capacity as well. But it's not all doom and gloom. She can still put up a fight. If you let your guard down, she can smack you silly. Yamato is probably the most vulnerable BB at Tier X for CV, and for me, one of my more favorable targets. If dropped right, you can send a 60-70k damage care package all at once. Even though her TB are only Tier VIII (she gets Mods that really help with this and pretty much make them Tier IX equivalents), having 2 squads is awesome. I personally haven't found a whole lot of success with my baby yet, but I will keep at it, and keep improving. It will come in time. Air Superiority: *** Strike Capability: **** If I had to rank each Tier (From Great, good, meh, and trash), taking into accound MM and how well it can strike and fight for air superiority with it's rivals, It would go: Tier IV: Langley Great Tier V: Bogue Good Tier VI: Independence Trash (T6 MM) Tier VII: Ranger Meh Tier VIII: Lexington Meh Tier IX: Essex Good Tier X: Midway Good I am happy to have actually done it and gotten myself the ship I always wanted, but didn't think I could get. I know I'm struggling with it now, but with enough patience, diligence, and open mindedness, I will overcome my shortcomings and make myself a decent CV captain one day. If there's something you feel should have been added, feel free to share them. I know I'm no expert, but I think it would provide an interesting perspective into CV from a more casual player's perspective, rather than an expert's. Anyway, that's all. Thanks for reading. Hope I wasn't too rambly or got something horribly wrong.
  3. The need to hump islands always irks me as a requirement to play USN light cruisers. So while I was grinding down the cruiser lines an experiment was conducted on a different play style. The result shows that the alternative play style is viable. The alternative play style suggest is simply, not hump islands. Using the great concealment of USN cruisers to its fullest advantage. Using Seattle as an example, at full concealment the detection range of the ship is a mere 9.37 km. Not only the detection range is lower than any ship that can pose serious threats to Seattle. The range is also lower than the radar rage (9.45 km). This means that Seattle can always spot any ship that can kill her with artillery first and also can react to unspotted underage botes with proper radar usage. This is a powerful combination open to exploitation, especially open to exploitation in OPEN WATER (scary I know). In comparison, cruisers such as Zao or Hindenburg have at least 1 km more in detection range and thus can be easily avoided by the stealthy USN Cruisers if required. The low detection range allows the ships to closely support friendly DDs fighting for objective at the start the match. It also allows the ships not to be restricted to map features and be very unpredictable during the match and can surprise opponents. This alternative play style requires constant vigilance in regard to all the enemies's LoS and track any potential spotter at all time. It is not as easy as just sit behind a rock bow on and holding down the mouse button, but it sure is hella more fun. The Build for Seattle is here (ship and cpt): http://bit.ly/2K1r1y4 The flow of the battle is generally the following: 1. match starts, move with your friendly DD into key areas (obj or choke), stay close with the forward DD but not so close that you are the one being spotted first by red DDs. To achieve this, it is important to know the camo values of your own DD as well as any potential red DDs coming your way. You also should keep in mind enemy fast ship's camo ratings, such as cruisers, so you can deduce if the enemy DDs are being supported or is alone. 2. Once friendly DD spots enemy DDs, turn, mid turn, open fire on enemy DDs, do as much damage as you can while the turn is on going, then once the 180's complete, stop firing and go back to stealth. If you are a good marks man, you should have completely surprise against red DDs, 2 or 3 salvos is enough to cripple any DDs within 9.5 km of you and your friendly DDs and other ships can do the rest. - if the enemy DD is unsupported or supported by light ships, press on with your friendly DD even closer, use your radar and hydro to kill the enemy DDs outright. - you will take damage doing this, but your HP really doesn't matter in fact lower HP helps to boost your DPM with AR, find out why below. 3. if enemy capital ships are spotted, re-stealth, and move back to a position that's at least 15km away, with plotting room module the ship can achieve 18.22km firing range. A very comfortable range to harrass all BBs and camping cruisers with very little risk to yourself. At more than 15 km range, incoming shell travel time will be > than your rudder turn and with engine module equipped > your acceleration time. It means that you can comfortably dodge incoming AP shells, even if you are broadside on. The chance to get hit in the citadel, one shotted or even hitting you at all is EXTREMELY low, if you are vigilant enough to keep track of incoming shells and potential capital ships with LoS. Tried using both engine module and rudder shift, the better acceleration provided by engine module is far better than decrease in rudder shift time in this context. 4. Set everything on fire. This is where the fun begins. You should have longer range than almost all other island humpers, and at long range your shells will drop straight down, and enemy campers will have no where to hide, no rock can protect them from your sky shells. Even the ones that can match your range (like Worcester), since they are humping islands and thus stationary, you will land more hits on them than they do to you. That is if they can see you in the first place, because you've routed or killed their DD in step 1 & 2. If there are enemy BBs in key positions, such as a Yamato bow on holding down a flank, harass them and force them to move. If there are cruisers holding down a position behind an island, force them to move with your sky shells. The beauty with 18.22 km range is that you can support other key areas on the map more easily. - keep an eye out on random smokes around the map, you can put them between you and potential enemy spotters and you can remain stealthed while still firing in open water. This is easier said than done, and really requires eyes to be fixated on the minimap. But once if you master it, WoWS in its entirety is your oyster. My DD experience helps greatly in this regard. - also calculate where you can sail and put potential map features to their fullest LoS blocking potential. It doesn't mean hump an island, but simply put it between you and any potential spotters. - keep scanning all enemy ships, especially capital ships. The reason is to find opportunities to fire without getting any retaliation. For example, a Yamato needs almost a min to turn their turrets, so if you surprise one from opposite direction of their guns, you can just sit there for a min and do whatever without any risk of retaliation. 18 in guns can't do nothing if they are not aiming at you. - the general idea in this phase is to force enemies out of favorable positions. If they choose to stay, with IFHE and great rate of fire and fire chance. You can easily help to destroy even a Yamato or Kurfurst. - you are NOT kiting. Kiting is firing while running away, if you do that in light cruisers you will have a bad time, because you'll still be constantly detected and even from your stern BBs can punch clean through into your citadel. It is "hit and run", once you scanned enemies with LoS to you and determined the chance of being focused is low, let it rip. Once enemies start to target you, re-stealth and relocate. While relocation move to a direction opposite of where the enemies are pointing their guns. Then fire again. If no one bothers you, just keep firing. If you are firing from 15-18 km range, chances are you will be ignored because no one likes to miss their salvos on a dodging cruisers that far away. So you weave in and out of enemy LoS as well as weaving between several positions. 5. Mop up, all remaining enemies near the end of a match should all have vastly inferior camo values. You can pick your targets at will, hit and run, or sneak up and open with a broadside of AP at 9 km against other cruisers. The few, if at all, surviving DDs can only spot you if they enter your radar range. So if you are stealthed, but they suddenly spotted and can't see anything, that means a DD is within your radar range. Your hydro will also make torpedo attacks pointless and is a great alternative to detect enemies doing going around the rosy near islands. This means by yourself alone you can zone out and pick apart any surviving enemy ships. People should try some alternative ways to play light cruisers, especially the more experienced among you. Since this strategy really requires the player to have good knowledge of potential enemies as well as maps. As the pictures above suggest, this play style is tried on Baltimore, Seattle, and the new Cleveland.
  4. VERY excited to have my first 19 pt captain! Big shout out to RedSeaBear and Xanthro for advice in an earlier post about using my premium ships to get him to this point. First question, what is the optimum skill set for a USN dd captain? Here is his skill set: 1- PT, PM 2- LS, AR 3 - SE, DE, BFT 4 - CE I might be willing to trade PM and DE for one 4 pt skill IF it's worth it. I've tried AFT (the long-range arcs are bad) and RL (didn't find it that helpful). Is inertia Fuse a big enough skill to give up DE? Second question, should he stay in the Benson? My Fletcher captain is currently a 12 pointer (have a ways to go before I go for the Gearing). Would be nice to have the Benson's captain's skills in my Fletcher fights. Is it worth the doubloons to retrain the 2 captains to switch ships?
  5. USS Alaska is coming!

    Facebook Dev Blog post Text from post for those on mobile. ST, American cruiser Alaska, Tier IX Hit points – 60 800. Plating - 27 mm. Armor belt – 229 mm. Torpedo damage reduction – 13%. Main battery - 3x3 305 mm. Firing range – 20 km. Maximum HE shell damage – 4300. Chance to cause fire – 27%. Maximum AP shell damage - 8900. Reload time - 20 s. 180 degree turn time - 36 s. Maximum dispersion - 216 m. HE initial velocity - 762 m/s. AP initial velocity - 808 m/s. Sigma value – 2.05. The parameters of the dispersion ellipse are equal to the values of the Graf Spee cruiser (better than battleships, but worse than common cruisers). The parameters of the ricochet angles of AP shells are equal to the values of the American cruiser Des Moines. Secondaries - 6х2 127 mm, range - 5,0 km, Maximum HE Shell Damage - 1800, Reload Time - 6.0 seсonds. AA defense - 34х1 20 mm, range - 2,0 km, damage per second - 122. 14х4 40 mm, range - 3,5 km, damage per second - 223. 6х2 127 mm, range - 5.0 km, damage per second - 91. Maximum speed - 33 kt. Turning circle radius - 850 m. Rudder shift time – 13,8 s. Surface detectability – 16,2 km. Air detectability – 12,1 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 12,8 km. Available consumables: Slot 1 - Damage Control Party Slot 2 - Defensive AA Fire / Hydroacoustic Search Slot 3 - Spotting Aircraft / Catapult Fighter / Surveillance Radar Slot 4 - Repair party All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change during the testing. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary. USS Alaska Wiki page This thing is going to be a monster. 305mm AP with Des Moines autobounce and penetration angles is going to be disgusting. Free XP or we riot!! I'm stoked for this ship. It doesn't have as colorful a history as some ships, given how late in the war it was commissioned, but I couldn't be more excited for it.
  6. Alabama or Massachusetts??

    Pretty straight forward: Had to yank my NC Captain to move to USN CL line. I don't drive NC enough to want to grind another Captain for her. I have 19 point DM and Monty Captains ready, which T8 USN premium BB should I get to replace NC? What sucks is that NC is the better ship, right?
  7. Alaska "gimmick" idea

    Just curious as to what the rest of the community thought of this idea. How about giving Alaska the USN BB upgrades, artillery plotting room 1/2, as it's "gimmick" (removing the mods they replace is debatable). using the assumed range of 18.05km (this is the expected number based off RF height) . I would also assume a sigma of, or between 2.05 or 1.9, and a dispersion between 142M and 293M ( based off 3 mount USN battleship and cruisers) for those who don't know what they do off hand I believe this is something that a lot of people can be happy about for a few reasons. It's very flavorful, the USN named her after a territory to signify her middle ground between battleships and cruisers. This reinforces that further. Would compliment the guns well, as they only get better as range increases. This just helps the guns achieve the plunging fire they were designed for. increasing the range would play well with the armor scheme (the deck in particular). This would help differentiate it from the kronstadt. The ships are close in a lot a ways with some subtle differences. Highlighting the guns would help get away from that, especially with kronstadts poor dispersion as a contrast. It's not a very outlandish gimmick, it makes sense, it's not going to be some new wild concept. It's neither to hot or to cold. everyone likes consistent guns. offsets the awful concealment value of 16.9/13.9 giving the ship a little more breathing space. 1km of stealth fire room is really tight and uncomfortable. It allows for player choice. it opens up room for a lot more builds (especially if you dont remove the mods that that the plotting rooms replace) all of the following are mods i would expect players to use as alternatives, or in tandem with. Thoughts everyone? thanks for making it this far. Credit where its due because i stole some numbers from here-
  8. Hello friends, I recently got the iowa after a long grind, and the first thing I did was install the artillery plotting room 2 modules for that -11% bonus. However playing it in the past few games has been anything but accurate. I constantly struggle to get past 40k damage on average for a game with this ship. First I thought I was just bad, but I do very well with cruisers and even when I took out the New Mexico again for a spin. I've seen videos from Noster, etc. on youtube playing with the Iowa and their shot groupings are very tight, however when I shoot most of the time my shots end up all over the place. I try to limit my engagement range between 13 to 16km so I should not be having these problems. Did something change in recent updates, why is the Iowa so bad?
  9. My Claim of Naval Service

    Well I have been trying to stay off my soap box about issues. But on a different thread I got told this "Since you claim your former Navy, I'll refrain from commenting on your awareness/intelligence." Well the insult to my awareness/intelligence did not bother me, heck I have never claimed to be the brightest tool in the shed, BUT that one little word CLAIM just really got got under my skin. So I want to assure everyone on the Forum that in Fact I am a United States Navy Veteran, I did nothing more than serve for 8yrs in the bowels of ships working on everything from 650lb Boilers to Diesel Engines, I have known my port from my starboard since 1978 and did not learn in this or any other game. I have been half way around the world, and gotten drunk in ports that I care to remember. I am not a Hero, I did not serve in "combat duty", but I have seen men come home in body bags. I felt the sea spray hit me the face, I seen the Sun rise and set on several Seas, I have rebuilt 6-71 Diesel Engines, and crawled round inside of the Oil Sump of Diesel Engines with Pistons 2.5 feet diameter. I have taken salt water from the sea and changed into fresh, I am USN Veteran. Did I have a perfect career, heck no I messed up big time and I will freely admit it! There was no gold on my sleeve, BUT I am USN Veteran and NO ONE can take that away from me. I have TWO DD214s and TWO Honorable Discharges to back it up! BUT now that I think of it, I must have some brains, since I could run/rebuild Diesel Engine, I could operate/repair Evaporators, and was also the Engineering Department Duty Supply Petty Officer work with the Snap II system. Also learned to fight Fires on board ships, from Navy Fire Fighting School and from real life experience, so I have seen REAL shipboard fires. Strange how one little word can set you off, sorry to bug you all on the forum. But I had vent, one last thing I am posting a picture of my Veteran ID Card - in the State of Ohio you can only get these if you have your DD214s, so I am a USN Vet, there is NO CLAIM to it, it is FACT! (EDIT: I took down my Vet Card, for personal reasons).
  10. Premium Ship Review #102: Monaghan

    The following is a review of Monaghan, a ship kindly provided to me by Wargaming. This is the release version of the vessel and these stats are current as of June 8th, 2018. Cue crowd singing: "Monaghan! Monaghaaaan! Monaghaaaaaan! MONAGHAN!" (Mono...! Doh!) Quick Summary: An AA-specialized Farragut that has the option for being outfitted as a gunship or torpedo-specialist. Cost: Undisclosed at the time of publishing. Can be won through the American Cruiser Collection crates. Patch & Date Written: 0.7.5. May 30th to June 8th, 2018. PROS Option of two different armament load-outs -- a gunship or a torpedo-destroyer. Gunship destroyer has solid DPM on her main battery. Long fuse timers on her AP shells make them excellent at citadelling cruisers at point-blank ranges. Torpedo destroyer has access to quintuple torpedo launchers with tier VIII fish and has a Torpedo Reload Booster too. Good AA power for a tier VI destroyer with access to Defensive Fire. Fast and agile. CONS Horrible ballistic arcs on her 127mm/38 main battery. Very long range on her main battery which increases her surface detection while firing her guns. Gunship destroyer has short ranged torpedo armament. Torpedo destroyer only has two guns mounted on the bow, making her largely unable to defend herself. Her tier VIII torpedoes are slow at 55 knots. Large surface detection range. Does not have access to the American Smoke Generator. (!) Defensive Fire and Torpedo Reload Booster are mutually exclusive. Overview Skill Floor: Simple / Casual / Challenging / Difficult Skill Ceiling: Low / Moderate / High / Extreme Monaghan appears deceptively simple on the surface. She's a Farragut-class destroyer -- a destroyer even relatively new players can get access to even with only a week's worth of casual play. This will suffice to familiarize most inexperienced players with the first hull option. The second, however, is more reminiscent of the tier V Japanese Mutsuki. I would not recommend Monaghan for novice players that haven't already got a handle on these two types of game play lest they frustrate themselves. Monaghan's play style is immediately familiar to Veterans. However, her torpedo-specialist build will feel awkward given the size of her surface detection range. Here's the break down of her components: - One of, if not the worst at its tier. This is a pronounced weakness. - Middle of the pack at its tier. Not terrible, but not terribly good either. - Has a significant advantage over her tier mates. A solid, competitive performer. - No other ship at its tier does this as well as this ship. Whichever hull option you choose, Monaghan will have either guns or torpedoes. This hurts her overall Firepower performance with her overspecialization leaving her with a rating. Her Vision Control (Refrigerator) and Defense are unremarkable while her Agility is . Her Anti-Air is weird, having the potential to be the at her tier, but only if you specialize deeply into it. Monaghan only really excels in one place, and that's the potential (not the initial value) of her anti-aircraft guns. Most of the time, you're not going to want to bother with touching them anyway. On the whole, the ship rates only a rating in the categories where it matters. Ye be fairly warned, says I. Options Monaghan is two premium ships in one. She has two armament choices between her A-Hull (four guns, eight torpedoes, or "four-eight") and her B-Hull (two guns, ten torpedoes, or "two-ten"). The former is a gunship, with short-ranged torpedoes that best performs as an anti-destroyer role with spotting and harassing of larger ships as secondary role. The latter is a torpedo destroyer, woefully under-armed to perform any kind of interdiction against enemy lolibotes. She can scout as a secondary role, but she must give way to any enemy opposition in between her torpedo reloads. Consumables: Monaghan's consumables are odd. Her Damage Control Party and Engine Boost are standard for an American destroyer, but her Smoke Generator is not. You also have a choice in your 4th slot on which consumable to take between Defensive AA Fire and a Torpedo Reload Booster. Be warned, running this ship can get hella expensive. Normal American Destroyer Smoke Generators have a longer emission time. In addition, their smoke clouds last longer than either Russian, British, French or Japanese destroyers. For whatever reason, Monaghan doesn't get access to the American consumable and has to make use of the ghetto one instead. This has a 20 second emission time and each cloud lasts 81 seconds. By contrast, Farragut's smoke has a 26 second emission time and each cloud lasts for 118 seconds. Boo-urns. Monaghan defaults to a Defensive AA Fire consumable in her fourth slot. This has a 30 second action time and it increases the damage done by her 127mm/38 and 40mm Bofors by a 4x multiplier. You can swap this for a Torpedo Reload Booster. This will reload all of her torpedo tubes in 30 seconds. Camouflage Monaghan comes with Type 10 Camouflage. This provides: 50% bonus experience gains 10% reduction to repair costs 3% reduced surface detection range 4% increased dispersion of incoming fire Upgrades For Monaghan's upgrades, they're mostly standard for a destroyer. Start with Magazine Modification 1 to reduce your detonation chance. If you like to live dangerously or you intend to be using a Juliet Charlie signal most of the time, then Main Armaments Modification 1 is superior. Take Propulsion Modification 1 in your second slot. Speed is life for a destroyer. In your third slot, you have a choice. Take AA Guns Modification 2 if you intend to specialize her as an anti-aircraft ship. Otherwise, stick with Aiming Systems Modification 1. Finally, take Propulsion Modification 2 to increase Monaghan's acceleration. Firepower A-Hull Main Battery: Four 127mm/38 in four turrets in an A-B-X-Y superfiring configuration. A-Hull Torpedoes: Eight tubes in 2x4 launchers mounted amidships B-Hull Main Battery: Two 127mm/38 in two bow-mounted turrets in an A-B superfiring configuration. B-Hull Torpedo Options: As A-Hull above or ten tubes in 2x5 launchers mounted amidships Both versions of Monaghan use the infamous American 127mm/38. It's renown comes from it's excellent rate of fire, gun handling and good shell damage with both AP and HE. Its infamy comes from horrible ballistics and terrible fire setting properties on a per-shell basis. Mongahan's range with these guns borders on ridiculous, rivaling even USS Sims for maximum reach which is a mixed blessing (though primarily a liability). With sufficient numbers of these weapons, Monaghan becomes a fierce prospect in a knife fight. Without, she's a victim. USN 127mm/38 guns are some of the most interesting destroyer weapons in the game. They are plagued by horrible shell flight times which makes them lob shells in "rainbow arcs" at even modest ranges. Yet somehow they are among the best AP shell throwers -- rivaling even Soviet 130mm -- with their ability to devastate cruisers at point blank ranges with citadel hits. These are weapons you need to be in close to make operate efficiently, particularly in an anti-destroyer role. There, with her fast reload, a four-gun Monaghan can shred opponents in short order. Four-Eight Monaghan Monaghan's four-eight configuration is a near-identical load-out to that found upon a C-Hull Farragut. This is the knife fighting variant of Monaghan, designed to excel in close quarters combat. Her short range torpedo launchers necessitate using ambush tactics to put them to use outside of suicidal brawls with larger ships. On paper, four-eight Monaghan is only outgunned by contemporary destroyers Aigle and B-Hull Farragut. In practice, she's an excellent contender for one of the better cap-point bullies at her tier, but this performance falls away quickly when facing higher tiered opponents. Outside of knife fights, this version of Monaghan begins to struggle. The horrible ballistic arc on her 127mm/38s, while facilitating catapulting shells over obstacles like islands, makes gunnery against anything but slow and predictable targets almost impossible at range. Monaghan can seldom take advantage of her phenomenal reach. However, she still must suffer the additional spotting range every time she opens fire. Without Inertial Fuse for HE Shells, her ability to directly damage tier VI and VII battleships is limited to superstructure hits. Even with the skill, she cannot hurt the extremities of tier VIII battleships wiht her HE shells. Her short-range torpedoes are limited to ambush uses which are most easily deployed around islands. Four-Eight Monaghan's torpedoes are limited to the short-ranged, Mark 12 torpedo. With a full concealment build, it is possible (if only just) for Monaghan to launch these weapons from concealment. You have only a 210m window of opportunity to do this and it's best done by sailing just in front of an enemy ship and dropping her fish into their path with the hopes that they sail into them. This tactic is easily foiled by any form of detection consumable, however. This version of Monaghan's armament does not up-tier well. Not only must she contend with other gunships with better DPM and larger hit point pools, some are stealthier besides. In higher-tiered matches, engagement ranges increase and the amount of island cover decreases -- two banes for a close quarters specialist like four-eight Monaghan. Opportunities to use her torpedoes outside of knife fights melt away when she's bottom tier. The prevalence of Surveillance Radar and longer-ranged Hydroacoustic Search further compounds the difficulty of making her short-ranged weapons work. Four-Eight Monaghan peaks early, often having its most dramatic moments when top-tier and early on in matches. Two-Ten Monaghan The Two-Ten Monaghan gives up any pretense of being a gunship destroyer (or even being able to adequately defend itself) to turn into a torpedo specialist. I must stress this is an option -- you may still equip the two quadruple launchers with the short-ranged torpedoes if you wish, but that would be a mistake. Her access to the quintuple launchers firing tier VIII fish is probably the reason most players have any interest in this destroyer in the first place. First, the bad news: if your Two-Ten Monaghan gets tracked down by another destroyer, you're dead. In theory, you may be capable of outfighting a Mutsuki, but that would be a closer battle than anyone would want to reasonably admit. Monaghan sacrifices of any pretense of competency with artillery to get access to the following: Those are Benson's upgraded torpedoes and ten of them between two launchers. While they're pretty meh at tier VIII, they're hella powerful at tier VI. Even one of those slammed down the throat of an enemy lolibote at tier VI and VII will kill them good. Only a scarce few German destroyers (and Aigle) are able to suppress their gag reflex and manage to hold on after getting one of those shoved in their faces. These fish are not without their flaws, however. They are slow -- their 55 knot speed means that it takes almost 62 seconds for the torpedoes to reach the end of their run at 9.2km. If they're spotted anywhere along their course, even at close to their 1.1km detection range, they're quite easy to dodge. In addition, their flood chance is only on the better-side of average for a tier VI destroyer. It's comparable to that found on the IJN torpedo boats. Finally, being quintuple launchers, they have an appalling two-minute reload timer. I strongly recommend looking at Torpedo Armament Expertise for any commander dedicated to sailing Monaghan. All of these flaws can largely be forgiven when you account for Monaghan's Torpedo Reload Booster consumable. Before you get too excited (because you skipped the Options section and didn't read it there first), this isn't the lightning-quick, 8 second torpedo reload consumable found on Japanese destroyers. Monaghan isn't capable of deploying a twenty-torpedo wall of skill. Her consumable accelerates the reload to 30 seconds. Those of you with a touch of evil in them will have realized that this is just long enough for an enemy that got hit by your first wave of torpedoes to go "Oh, shoot, I'm flooding!", activate their Damage Control Party and have it go back on cooldown before your second wave hits. Hilarity and Liquidator medals ensue. That's Monaghan in a nutshell really and why people will want her. You can turn a Farragut-class destroyer into what amounts to a Mutsuki with a consumable that allows her to double-dip fish into unsuspecting enemies sailing in straight lines. As good as this sounds, it barely keeps pace with ships like Fubuki or Shinonome. If you map out the maximum number of torpedoes that can be fired over ten minutes, Monaghan puts out 70 torpedoes compared to 72 of Fubuki and 81 of Shinonome (Fubuki needs another 8 seconds to get out her next 9). Monaghan just doesn't quite keep up with these torpedo specialists, especially given the versatility of three triple launchers and the massive Japanese warheads on their torpedoes. Evaluation: What it would have needed to be : Of her two builds, the Two-Ten Monaghan is closer to boasting a rating but even that's a long ways off. She's not as good of a torpedo destroyer as Shinonome or T-61 for example. In Monaghan's gunship build, she doesn't stand up to Farragut (B-Hull) and Aigle. Defense Hit Points: 13,900hp Minimum Extremities & Deck Armour: 16mm Remember when destroyer durability was relegated to just hit point totals? It's nice being back at a tier where it's just about hit points again and not wonky armour schemes or Repair Party consumables. Compared to Farragut, Monaghan has a fine ol' slug of hit points. Skills like Suvivability Expert will help, adding another 2,100hp putting her just shy of Gaede. This is especially handy in her Four-Eight build where she's expected to trade hit points in gun duels with enemy destroyers. In the grand scheme of things, though, she's decidedly average for a tier VI destroyer -- neither fragile nor tough. Evaluation: What it would have needed to be : Monaghan would need another 2,000 hit points to be any kind of contender here. Agility Top Speed: 36.5kts Turning Radius: 560m Rudder Shift Time: 3.4s Maximum Rate of Turn: 8.4º/s Monaghan is almost identical to Farragut in terms of her agility, with only a minor disparity in her rudder shift time to differentiate the two. What defines Monaghan (and Farragut's) agility the most is their small turning radius of 560m. American destroyers have always been incredibly agile with tight turning circles and Monaghan are no different. She's only outdone by HMS Gallant in this regard at her tier. Monaghan also boasts a decent top speed which helps her progress through her turns faster while also giving her the option of dictating engagement distances against slower ships, like Japanese destroyers. Overall, Monaghan handles beautifully. This is arguably one of her best traits and it makes her super-comfortable in knife fights. Evaluation: What it would have needed to be : Rejoin the British Empire, you rebel. Gallant has a tighter turning circle and nearly as much speed which makes her more nimble by far. Anti-Aircraft Defense A-Hull AA Battery Calibers: 127mm / 20mm A-Hull AA Umbrella Ranges: 5.0km / 2.0km A-Hull AA DPS per Aura: 22 / 28.8 B-Hull AA Battery Calibers: 127mm/ 40mm / 20mm B-Hull AA Umbrella Ranges: 5.0km / 3.5km / 2.0km B-Hull AA DPS per Aura: 6 / 49.8 / 21.6 It's time to celebrate mediocrity! Monaghan, regardless of her configuration, has the potential to have the best anti-aircraft firepower at her tier. Lemme preface this by saying that stock, she doesn't have the best anti-aircraft firepower among the tier VI destroyers. That honour belongs to Hatsuharu (of all things) which really puts everything into perspective. Monaghan does take upgrades well -- specifically, she takes Defensive Fire well and, on paper, she looks like she may be a competent anti-aircraft picket ship. With her consumable blazing and every upgrade stuffed down her throat, Monaghan puts out some decent killing power. But at what cost? Let's be real: If you're using the Two-Ten Monaghan, you're going to want Torpedo Reload Booster instead of Defensive Fire in your final consumable slot. Upgrading her for anti-aircraft firepower is a waste of points and upgrades that could be better spent on emphasizing her torpedo performance. It's only the Four-Eight Monaghan where taking Defensive Fire makes any kind of sense and even then, I'm not entirely convinced you wouldn't be better served sticking with the Torpedo Reload Booster anyway. If you do go this route -- if you go full hog and bathe Monaghan in all of her anti-aircraft potential, then you get comparative killing power to a mid-tier British cruiser while Monaghan's Defensive Fire is active. Unlike a British cruiser, you will have the added bonus of a disruption effect. This can be hella-annoying for enemy CVs; especially for inexperienced aircraft carrier commanders not expecting this from a mid-tier destroyer. They may even make the mistake of trying it twice, not recognizing that you're the one scattering her drops. Throughout this, you shouldn't expect to swat down entire waves of aircraft. You're likely only to bruise them unless the squadrons linger. Still, this can be a nice supplementary source of credits and experience if you want to go this way. Just keep in mind what you're giving up. So Monaghan has great AA power -- AA power you're unlikely to ever exercise to its full potential because there are better choices out there. Evaluation: What would have to happen to DOWNGRADE to : Don't take Defensive Fire. If you don't, then Hatsuharu is better. Refrigerator Base Surface Detection Range: 7.2km Air Detection Range: 3.48km Minimum Surface Detection Range: 6.29km A-Hull Detection Range when Firing from Smoke: 2.68km B-Hull Detection Range when Firing from Smoke: 2.43km Main Battery Firing Range: 12.51km Much ado has been made that Monaghan has better surface detection range than the lead of her class, Farragut. This is accurate. It's entirely irrelevant, mind you, but it is accurate. Monaghan is a total cow when it comes to being stealthy which is really not what you want to be when you're a gunship that specializes in close-range knife fights. It's even less desirable in a torpedo-destroyer that can scarcely defend itself from a Japanese destroyer, never mind a competently played hunter. While Monaghan is able to stealth fire her fish in both configurations, her large detection range is a nuisance. Her guns make it worse. Her main battery range is an alarming 12.51km but most of this range is already useless given the horrible shell flight times. So not only do you have useless range, it also allows Monaghan to be spotted from a long ways away when she has to pull the trigger. Where this gets just downright idiotic is that this range weakness compounds if you have the audacity to try and specialize Monaghan towards her AA power -- y'know, one of the selling features of the ship? Yeah, tacking-on Advanced Fire Training to boost the range of your AA power also boosts her 127mm/38 guns to have a reach of 15km. So she's a stupid, fat cow with a bullhorn screaming at the Reds to shoot at her. And for whatever reason, Monaghan doesn't even get access to the improved American Smoke Generator consumable. Instead she has to make do with the same one found on Soviet, British, French and Japanese destroyers. This means less smoke made and your smoke clouds don't last nearly as long as other American destroyers -- because reasons. Ugh. Monaghan's only saving grace is that she's not German. Or tier VII. Evaluation: What it would have needed to be : She needs to get her surface detection below 6km with upgrades. Genuine Bona Fide Electrified Six-Tier Monoghan There are two builds to consider with Monaghan. First off, though, a caution: A full anti-aircraft build just generally isn't worth it for this destroyer. Her Two-Ten hull doesn't have enough AA DPS situated in her 127mm/38s to be worth upgrading with Manual Fire Control for AA Guns and Advanced Fire Training is a loser-skill option that will only make it easier for enemy ships to spot you when you're engaged in gunnery battles which is bad news for both hull types. For both builds, start with Priority Target and then pick up Last Stand at tier 2. Tier 3 is where all of the choice begins and where the two ships diverge. For the Two-Ten Monaghan, take Torpedo Armament Expertise to accelerate your reload. The Four-Eight Monaghan should look at Survivability Expert or Basic Fire Training for their first tier 3 skill. Grab Concealment Expert at tier 4 next for both builds. For your next nine skill points, you're spoiled for choice. The Four-Eight Monaghan should look towards skills that help with gunnery. Inertial Fuse for HE Shells will help damage battleships. So too will Demolition Expert. However, Superintendent is very useful for the extra smoke charge which, in long games, will allow you to sit still and bombard enemies with less worry about being damaged. With any points leftover, take Adrenaline Rush or wherever you wish. The Two-Ten Monaghan should look to skills like Survivability Expert, and Superintendent as a matter of course. Any leftover points can go where the player wishes, though I would highly recommend trying to squeeze in Radio Location so you can be where other destroyers aren't. Final Evaluation Harekaze 2.0 this is not. You're getting the choice of playing a Mutsuki or 4/5ths of a Farragut How many people use the C-Hull on their American DDs anyway? Am I the only one that avoids it? Two different armament options!? Sign me up! That was my initial thought when I heard that Monaghan could swap between two very different builds. This got me all kinds of excited. I loved the change in game play styles offered when you can equip different weapon types. This is part of what makes Harekaze and Mogami so much fun, in my opinion. Yet for whatever reason, Monaghan just hit a sour note with me. I never found my earlier excitement stoked further with compelling game play. I find this incredibly strange given the enjoyment that can be found in torpedo destroyers and gunships respectively. It took me a while, but I think the issue that makes me feel 'meh' (foreshadowing!) about Monaghan is her surface detection range. I guess the Japanese destroyers have spoiled me. If I'm running with so few guns, I want to get close to ensure torpedo hits. But Monaghan's too fat to get that close and unlike the higher tiered American destroyers, she doesn't have the self defense armament to protect herself if she gets spotted by a picket ship. Once you factor in the slow running speed of her torpedoes, this extra launch distance really makes landing those hits difficult. Benson, with Concealment Modification 1 can get a whole 500m closer to fire off her fish and she's generally not worried if she's lit by another destroyer beforehand. As for her Four-Eight hull, well -- I have never found the C-Hull variants of the American destroyers particularly compelling. Give me the choice between more dakka versus surface ships or more dakka versus planes, I am going to choose the former every time. So Four-Eight Monaghan feels just under-gunned for me. Her extra concealment over Farragut helps a bit here -- I mean, you can choose to turn away, rather than engage some of the bigger, scarier boats but I'm still left wanting more. Oh well. Monaghan isn't terrible, she's just not for me. The variety offered by this ship is a good thing. Would I Recommend? This isn't a ship I would get for myself. If I won it in a crate, hooray! It would still most likely sit in my port unused barring use in some occasional Daily Mission. PVE Battles How well does the ship maintain profitability in Co-Op modes and how does she fare against bots? Yes. Monaghan can spit out a lot of damage very quickly with her massive torpedo walls. So long as you can survive closing with bots, you should be able to derp fish at point blank range up their nose and score some big damage in Co-Op. Random Battle Grinding:This includes training captains, collecting free experience, earning credits and collecting signal flags from achievements. Yes. Monaghan makes a great trainer for either your gunship destroyer captains or if you've specialized some of your high tier American destroyers commanders to emphasize throwing torpedoes instead. For Competitive Gaming:Competitive Gaming includes Ranked Battles and other skill-based tournaments. This also includes stat-padding. No. Monaghan doesn't have a competitive edge over ships like Shinonome, T-61 or Aigle. For Collectors:If you enjoy ship history or possessing rare ships, this section is for you. Yes. Monaghan earned 12 battle stars in her service during WW2, including fighting at Pearl Harbour. For Fun Factor: Bottom line: Is the ship fun to play? No. This one surprised me, but I just couldn't get into this ship. You would think with two hull options, the variety would appeal, but we just never clicked, Monaghan and I. Your mileage may vary, though. What's the Final Verdict?How would the ship rate on an Angry YouTuber scale of Garbage - Meh - Gud - Overpowered? GARBAGE - The boat is unbalanced, not fun to play and weak. The ship desperately needs some buffs or some quality of life changes.Mehbote - An average ship. Has strengths and weaknesses. Doesn't need buffs to be viable however she's not going to be considered optimal.Gudbote - A powerful ship, often one of the best ships at a given role within its tier. Usually considered optimal for a given task.OVERPOWERED - The boat is unbalanced and powerful. Typically she's either horrible to play against or she redefines the meta entirely. In Closing This took longer than I had planned. I caught the summer flu that's been going around locally and that cost me a few days. My next review will be USS Salem, the tier X American cruiser. Expect it around the week of June 18th. Thank you all for reading. If you enjoy my work and find it useful, please consider sponsoring me on Patreon. Appendix A list of sites, programs and people I rely upon to create my reviews.
  11. Have worked up to Tier VIII in the USN, IJN, and Pan Asian dds and Tier VI in USN cruisers. When do I know that it's time to sell my Tier III/V ships? I don't want to be one of those people who play the lower tiers just to make themselves feel better and beat up on newer players. On a lark this morning, I played my Clemson (attached). Honestly, I was a big bully. It wasn't much fun for me and aside from my team winning, it probably wasn't that much fun for them either. Here's what I'm thinking of selling: IJN: Isokaze, Minekazi USN: Clemson, Nicholas, Phoenix (I'm keeping the St Lo for sentimental reasons) Pan Asian: Phra Ruang, Shenyang Is there a reason to keep any of these ships? It's not that I don't have slots for them. Many of them do have valuable 10 pt captains that could be doing something more productive than taking up dock space.
  12. Hey everyone, Isaac here! Back with another video on the current iteration of the World of Warships PTR (Or PTS, whatever. lol) and in this one I've got 2 consecutive games showing off the new night battle for Operation Cherry Blossom (and also some feedback for the devs if any of them are watching). CAUTION: I am a salty one, and sometimes in this video my language does slip a little. So if minorly adult words offend you, then you may want to tune out now. Don't worry we will wait.......okay, now that it's just me and the one sole remaining person left watching the vid, we can get right into it! BLINDED BY THE NIGHT! COOKED UP LIKE A GOOSE, THE CRUISERS BURNING IN THE NIGHT!!! Okay I'm really done with the bad Manfred Mann references now....no seriously..... Sooooo......night battles. Interesting concept. Still not sure if they've just altered the desktop gamma settings during the match or whether the WG devs managed to find some other way to do it, but so far they look alright. Could be done a little darker imho and really give that feeling of being in the near pitch black of night. On the other hand though, in the second match you do see me looking up at the skybox they've coded for the night part of the operation and it *does* show a full moon, so I'll digress. As I do mention, it does seem like they have ratcheted up the difficulty in the scenario since Jingles made his video (link to his in the video description of mine if you haven't seen it yet). There seem to be a few more ships, and also it seems like they tweaked the AI to almost always ignore players until they're within like 3.5 km to 5 km and only then do they start shooting at you. The Marine regiments on the island get chewed to pieces really fast if you don't all go FULL AHEAD and go straight for E9 to intercept incoming ships. However I did stray into the area of one of the star shells and got lit up, but it didn't seem like the enemy AI were overly concerned with me.....at all. They seem to flat out ignore any player ships in the effects of the illumination rounds and just focus on killing the troops on the beach. Pros: Night battles: This is something the player base has been wanting for a while, especially in Random battles. Testing it out in an operation is definitely the way to go first. Tier 8 operations: The first of their kind, and opens up the opportunity for some serious credit making potential above what even the tier 7 operations offer. USN Cruiser Split PART 2: Looking forward to getting my hands on the *FOUR* new ships of the line and testing them out in some matches. Videos to come on those as soon as I'm able! IJN Gun(loli)boats for Tier 9 and 10: Finally, after having the tier 8 Akizuki capping out the IJN DD split for quite some time, that branch will be seeing its completion SOON (TM). Cons: Enemy Bot AI: Holy mother of god. If you do not do exactly what you are supposed to do at exactly the right time in exactly the right way while dressed in drag, doing the Hula, during a rainstorm in Africa, all while sacrificing a small goat on an altar made up of the bones of 1000 virgins......Good luck. And it's not just a problem with this new scenario. Since introducing the missions for all the other scenarios, hundreds of players have noticed the same thing in those as well. Focus fire by bots is stupidly prevalent, their guns almost never seem to miss, AI high explosive seems to have well above an 80% fire chance, their torpedobeat volume is cranked up WAY past 11, and AI torpedo launches, despite WASD hacks, are like radar-guided AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles unless you've got hydro up and running. Seriously, it's ridiculous. Player starting distance to the intercept point (approx E9): +20 km distance you have to travel. If everyone goes in a straight line at full speed without maneuvering too much (if at all), it's BARELY doable. But by then, the 2 Marine divisions on the beachhead are STILL gonna be down to about 3/4 to 2/3 health remaining. If your teams' focus fire isn't on point, and people aren't stacking their radars properly, well tough luck. You'll fail before the sun even comes up. If even 1 of your team fiddles around or changes course too much, well tough luck. You'll fail before the sun even comes up. Tier 8 Cruisers ONLY: This is the part that really sucks. There aren't many tier 8 cruisers available that are in the game under the Allied Powers. USN, RN, VMF, and France. That's it. 4 countries and 6 cruisers in total (Baltimore, Cleveland, Chapayev, Kutuzov, Charles Martel, and Edinburgh). The only one of which that is premium being the Kutuzov, and that ship is no longer on sale and is (possibly) only available from Santa Crates during Christmas time. Gotta stick to tier 7 ops for that if you wanna grind credits and free EXP in PvE to have a larger selection of premium ships that are readily available (at least for now). Overall: I'm looking forward to 0.7.6, if not necessarily for the scenario, but for the 4 new USN cruisers being released. Time will tell on the Operation, and I really hope they tune it down a little because as it stands, the margin of error on it (as of the recording of this video) is quite literally non-existent. Most scenarios give you a little bit of wiggle room. This one really doesn't. Definitely looking forward to the finishing of the IJN gunboats too. And realized that at the time of this posting, I've only got like 10k exp left to get to unlock the Akizuki. Buuuuuut since they nerfed the Shiratsuyu to the bottom of the ocean, I'm just gonna burn free EXP to unlock the Akizuki with the stored XP i have on the Shira. I ain't playing that tier 7 anymore. If you get a chance, hop onto the test server and try to complete some of the missions for those Live-server awards. Especially the dragon flags! As always, take care and stay safe captains!
  13. A Minor Complaint from the USN

    I am almost certain that this will sound silly to someone but I have one minor complaint about the current cruiser collection. The specialty badges that we can collect for the different naval jobs in the USN cruiser collection are misnamed. I just noticed today that they are referred to as 'ranks' (or at least the three that I have unlocked so far are referred to as that) which is not the correct nomenclature. Each job is not a 'rank' but rather a 'rate' and the combination of the job with the rank is known as a 'rating badge' which is what we're collecting in the game. I fully realize this is a silly complaint to make, but as a USN veteran there is a part of me that looks at that and twitches at the inaccuracy.
  14. Hey all, I've been working my way through the American BBs and I'm currently on the New Mexico. In general, I love it-as long as I sit between 10-16NM from the enemy fleet, take advantage of the pretty solid turning abilities of the class, and avoid DDs like the plague, I do pretty well for myself, especially given my skill level (I'm definitely never going to be posting YouTube how-to guides, but I'm also usually not bottom of the barrel either). However, this all changes when I get caught out by enemy cruisers with high DPS and a strong inclination to lob HE all over the place. I do try to stay with at least a few other ships (preferably at least one cruiser, one other BB, and whatever DDs there are that haven't gotten lit TF up yet), but when either my help all goes down, I get abandoned by the (much faster) fleet, or I over-extend myself, what's the best way to fend off high-DPS cruisers trying to Tommy-Gun me with HE?
  15. WE will try this on this coming FRIDAY on June 8th 6/8/18 8:30-11:30PM US Eastern standard time , 7:30-10:30 PM US CENTRAL TIME, 6:30-9:30 PM US MOUNTAIN TIME, 5:30-7:30 PM US PACIFIC TIME , 10:30AM -1:30 PM in Sydney Australia 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM in Perth Australia. this will be in the training room labeled naval battle Guadalcanal part 1 chapter 6. search for training rooms by Outwardpanicjoe (Chapter 7) Naval Battle of Guadalcanal part 2 IJN force : 1 myoko 2 kongo (kirishima ) 1 atago 2 kuma or similar CL, 5 DDs tier 5-8 Asashio, Akatsuki, Shiratsuyu, Kagero, Akizuki, fubuki class. the kongo classes will lead the forces on each flank north flank is more ship heavy. Objective protects Battleship kirishima so you take out battleship South Dakota ( alabama) and take out Washington along with a one dd. USN force: the new battleships Washington and South Dakota, of Enterprise's support group, together with four destroyers, as TF 64 under Admiral Willis A. Lee to defend Guadalcanal and Henderson Field. For this scenario we are having 1 North Carolina restriction free , 1 Alabama but can only fight bow on and can only zoom to the min amount due to electrical difficulties, 1 enterprise but can only use its planes but can only have 2 reloads of strike aircraft after that they can only launch planes from then on because front elevator issues can use dive bombs against DDs and cruisers and enterprise main mission is to sink BB hiei . And 6 dds tier 7-9 Mahan, Benson/Gleaves, Fletcher 2 dd escort the enterprise and 4 dds escort the 2 Battleships. Fighting will be around north island volcano. Objective: destroy one battleship with NC and Alabama ,keep Alabama afloat, and one DD as a minimum to claim tactical victory . (CHAPTER 8) Battle of Tassafaronga IJN force : Takanami(Yugumo-class), Oyashio(Kagero), Kuroshio(Kagero), Kagero, Makinami(Yugumo), Naganami(yugumo) , Kawakaze Shiratsuyu-class) , and Suzukaze(Shiratsuyu-class) 8 dds Objective : stay inside of the sound by the volcano. Sink 3 crusiers and 1 destroyer USN FORCE : Fletcher, Perkins( Gearing), Drayton(Mahan), Minneapolis( new orleans), New Orleans, Pensacola, Honolulu( we will use a Cleveland), Northampton(INDY), Lamson(mahan),. 5 crusiers and 4 dds. Objective push the IJN force out of salvo island kills 3 dds. if anyone is interested in helping to make new events or suggestions feel free to join the workshop discord https://discord.gg/ygjyP2G TRAILER v
  16. ...you're stuck in here with me... Yeah, this is gona be a fun weekend for me...
  17. WE will try this on this coming FRIDAY on June 1st 6/1/18 8:30-11:30PM US Eastern standard time , 7:30-10:30 PM US CENTRAL TIME, 6:30-9:30 PM US MOUNTAIN TIME, 5:30-7:30 PM US PACIFIC TIME , 10:30AM -1:30 PM in Sydney Australia 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM in Perth Australia. this will be in the training room labeled naval battle Guadalcanal part 1 chapter 6. search for training rooms by Outwardpanicjoe (Chapter 7) Naval Battle of Guadalcanal part 2 IJN force : 1 myoko 2 kongo (kirishima ) 1 atago 2 kuma or similar CL, 5 DDs tier 5-8 Asashio, Akatsuki, Shiratsuyu, Kagero, Akizuki, fubuki class. the kongo classes will lead the forces on each flank north flank is more ship heavy. Objective protects Battleship kirishima so you take out battleship South Dakota ( alabama) and take out Washington along with a one dd. USN force: the new battleships Washington and South Dakota, of Enterprise's support group, together with four destroyers, as TF 64 under Admiral Willis A. Lee to defend Guadalcanal and Henderson Field. For this scenario we are having 1 North Carolina restriction free , 1 Alabama but can only fight bow on and can only zoom to the min amount due to electrical difficulties, 1 enterprise but can only use its planes but can only have 2 reloads of strike aircraft after that they can only launch planes from then on because front elevator issues can use dive bombs against DDs and cruisers and enterprise main mission is to sink BB hiei . And 6 dds tier 7-9 Mahan, Benson/Gleaves, Fletcher 2 dd escort the enterprise and 4 dds escort the 2 Battleships. Fighting will be around north island volcano. Objective: destroy one battleship with NC and Alabama ,keep Alabama afloat, and one DD as a minimum to claim tactical victory . if anyone is interested in helping to make new events or suggestions feel free to join the workshop discord https://discord.gg/ygjyP2G
  18. I'm wondering what people think the best build for a USN T8 Baltimore is these days for Random Battles. I'm no expert at this sort of thing nor do I pretend to be. So what do you guys recommend I go with exactly? Goal: To make a build for the T8 Baltimore with its captain that optimizes its abilities for Random Battles. What I'm Considering: Ship Modules: Module Icon: Module Name: Main Armaments Modification 1 Because this ship only has turrets. Losing one or more of them could mean the different between this ship being capable of helping the team and being a kill in the making. Damage Control System Modification 1 Because if you take Last Stand as a captain skill then it makes the other two basically pointless. or AA Guns Modification 2 or Aiming Systems Modification 1 Anti-Aircraft is one of the things that USN ships seem to do very well in general. Since it adds 11 points to the score and broadens the AA range so much it seems like taking this really capitalizes on one of the major strengths of the USN line. Since this ship relies solely on its guns, I also feel like this might be a good choice too. Since most games don't seem to have many aircraft these days. That said, if you want good guns I feel like you shouldn't be in the American Cruiser tech tree. I feel like, at best, this upgrade helps the ship catch up to its peers but that it won't put it ahead of them. Still not sure though or Damage Control System Modification 2 or Steering Gears Modification 2 The first one mitigates damage. The second one helps me avoid damage. Which do you think? I'm really not sure. or Target Acquisition System Modification 1 or Concealment System Modification 1 This one I honestly have no idea which to go with. On the one hand the Baltimore has a lot more armor in some places (6 - 203mm) than an Admiral Hipper (13 - 160mm), Mogami (6 - 140mm), Edinburgh (6 - 114mm), or a Charles Martel (6 - 140mm). Which would imply that it would be better at surviving being detected more than usual and might imply that a good choice would be the Target Acquisition System Modification 1. However, thicker armor or no the fact remains that you don't want to be a target for battleships no matter what. Especially since T8 seems to be bottom tier most of the time. So with that in mind I'm thinking of going with Concealment System Modification 1 because the less visible my ship the less people will fire at it. But I'm still not sure. Captain Skills : I really have no idea what to go with for this. What do you guys suggest?
  19. Keeping in mind we have to wait until 0.7.6 for the full trees, its always good to plan ahead. I cover the two lines, Heavy and Light and help you decide which one is right for you.
  20. Hey everyone, Isaac here and I'm back with another video! In this one we're gonna be taking a look at the down-tiered USS Baltimore! Much like going from the Pensacola up to the New Orleans was a massive breath of fresh air, the Baltimore is an upgraded New Orleans and another breath of fresh air: She's got: Better AA suite Slightly better turret angles slightly better turret traverse WAY better armor layout A Radar consumable And as icing on the cake, she RETAINS her Superheavy AP shells with a whopping 5000 damage per shell if she hits a citadel on any poor, unsuspecting fool in a cruiser from any nation not Germany that's stupid enough to show you their broadside within 12 to 13km. Keep in mind these can also be used in conjunction with her 10sec reload, unbuffed by Adrenaline Rush, to heavily punish sleepy BB drivers that are within 10-12km of you who don't deem you as a credible threat. *insert Grand Moff Tarkin "Fire when ready" memes at your leisure* Ahhh, but Isaac, what's the catch for all this you may be asking. What price does she pay to get and/or keep all these things? Well, compared to the Pensacola, she turns like an old woman on crutches, she can't quite reach out and touch people as far as the New Orleans can, her AP shell speed is ABYSMALLY slow clocking in well below 800 m/s which is far worse than the N'Ola and even the Pensacola. Oh yeah and I hope you didn't want that 6th Upgrade slot.....you know, that one you mount Main Battery Mod 3 on? The one that jacks your DPM up by reducing your reload speed down below 10 seconds? Yeah.....that's gone too. So all these bonuses she sees are offset by the negatives. Can't have our cake and eat it too it seems. With USN cruisers it's very much a case of feast like kings or dine like swine with not much in the way of All-You-Can-Eat-Appetizers-At-Olive-Garden happy mediums. Once again, echoing the sentiments from my New Orleans video, the Baltimore isn't the best heavy cruiser at her new slot of tier 8, but she is ***good enough*** to do the job, provided you're smart about playing her. Standard rules apply: Don't show broadside. Don't fire AP at long ranges (with the anemic shell speed, you'll almost never hit). DON'T FIGHT IN OPEN WATER for the love of God, unless you're POSITIVE you can kill your target before they and any of their friends Swiss-cheese your citadel!!! Veteran Baltimore captains will not notice much difference in her other than most likely that loss of Upgrade Slot 6 with the reload module. Out of all her drawbacks, that will be the one thing that hinders her the most in my opinion. As long as they leave her armor scheme alone at 27mm plating all around her hull and her decks. If they drop that to 25mm, she's gonna lose A LOT of her tankiness and playing her will become very much painful. Especially since tier 8 MM is smashed all to pieces (kinda like in World of Tanks) and you will *frequently* be facing off against tier 9 and 10 opponents who want you for lunch (looking at you Yamato and Musashi). Overall Impressions: Once again, just like the New Orleans, is she the best at what she does? No, *BUT* She's **good enough** to get the job done. (Provided you've learned the lessons taught to you in the N'Ola) As always, take care and stay safe Captains!
  21. Hey everyone, Isaac here and I'm back with another video preview on the PTR USN cruiser changes! This one is on the New Orleans which has taken the tier 7 slot, down from tier 8. Changes were to be expected from the down-tiering of the ships, and the New Orleans was actually a refreshing change from the Pensacola. Still definitely an upgrade over the Pensacola, and despite what she's lost, she will be far more useful in Tier 7 Operations than the Indianapolis will EVER be (barring a RoF buff, but that's just a pipe dream and wishful thinking currently). Nothing the USN has for cruisers can top the Atlanta however for tier 7 Ops (yet), but the N'Ola is looking to be far better off than Indy is, especially if you're grinding down the line. All in all, her theme is very much what a certain historian said of the US Army's M4 Sherman. "She wasn't the best, but she was *good enough* to do the job." That is very much true for the New Orleans. She's not the best, but she is good enough to do the job..... and certainly leaps and bounds better than the Pepsicola is at tier 6. You will be breathing a sigh of relief when you finally get into the New Orleans, and since she is now at tier 7 she enjoys much better matchmaking odds of being top tier where her decently quick firing 203mm rifles can wreak havoc with both HE and AP on anyone unfortunate enough to land in your gunsight. Hug those islands though and find one to make your waifu as her armor still won't support risking going out into open water. Her concealment, while leaps and bounds better than the Pensacola, still suffers at having lost the Concealment Systems Mod 1 5th upgrade slot upon the down-tiering. Her shell velocities are the same as Pensacola's are, while her range is just slightly further. Her guns spin onto targets *MUCH* quicker than the Pensa's currently do and that is probably the biggest relief you'll find when playing her. Reload isn't as good as the current tier 8 New Orleans (13 sec vs 12 sec) but it's not the horrible 15 seconds that Pensacola deals with. The loss of radar is a very hard hit however, and you'll have to try and make up for this with nothing more than a fighter plane consumable for peeking over islands. All in all? She's good enough. And definitely one that I'll probably be keeping in my port, especially for the tier 7 operations. Despite lacking the Radar that the Indianapolis has, you won't be suffering as much with the reload speed as Indy, the gun range is better, and your AA is good enough to do the job. Keep those 203mm rifles singing and stick with your fleet to provide cover from enemy planes and you'll do good enough. For Tier 7 Operations: Is she better than the Atlanta? Nope, not even close. Is she better than the Indianapolis? Definitely. Is she better than the old tier 7 Pensacola? ....Seriously? Did you really need to ask that question? F*** yes she's better! Overall Impressions: Is she the best at what she does? No, *BUT* that doesn't matter as much as what one might think. She's **good enough** to get the job done. As always Captains, stay safe!
  22. I've read the wiki pages, but I'm still a bit confused about the mechanics of how I use my USN Premium dd to train up my Commanders from my other USN ships. Here's what I have right now for Captain's skills: Farragut=12, Mahan=12, Sims=12, Benson=17. Say that I want to increase my Mahan skipper's skills. How do I do that without having to pay to retrain them? I THINK that I've figured it out, but I want to ask for your confirmation on my process 1)Go to the Sims and send the Captain to the Reserves 2) Assign the Mahan Captain to the Sims (leaving her without a Captain) 3) Play the Mahan Captain in the Sims until I've achieved the desired increase in skills (say 14) 4) Move the Mahan captain back to his ship and assign the Sims captain back to his Is that how it works? It does mean that you can't play the ship of the Commander that you're training since any reassignment will involve a cost. Did I get that right?
  23. Hey everyone, Isaac here with another video, this time on the (new) Tier 6 Pensacola. Kind of on the long side of things, but the battle I got into went down to the wire. Overall, she very much feels like her old tier 7 version. Granted the MM in this battle was rather terrible, but given the right playstyle and captain skills, and the Pensacola can be "okay"-ish. I say "Okay"-ish for a reason. She is very much MEH right now. The un-buffing of her concealment and the absolutely horrid turret traverse really hamstring the ship yet again. You get the upgraded guns with the slightly better AP and HE shell damage, but that 45.0 second turret traverse is painful at times and can end up getting you killed in certain situations. My feed back? Either re-buff her concealment *OR* give her the actual upgraded turrets from the tier 7 version with the 30sec 180 degree traverse. Mind you, imho, she doesn't need both. Both would make her a tad too strong. She just needs one or the other. As it stands, looking back on this video, you will probably be forced to taking both the Main Battery Mod 2 *AND* Expert Marksman. Not being able to get your guns on target is far worse of a feeling than having slightly slower reloading guns. You can't fire a gun if it isn't on target. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment in the comment section below, get onto the PTR and test the ships out and lets get some feedback back to WG on the Pensacola! Have fun and stay safe!
  24. Dummies Guide to the USS Sims United States Premium Destroyer I've had Sims for a while now. I'm doing this guide at the behest of a clanmate of mine, bolstered by all of the questions about the USS Sims on the US DD thread in general. I've personally always enjoyed the Sims. If you play it correctly, it can be a fun and even decent ship. However, I would argue that it will never be a good ship. Here's why. (As always, stats are provided below) - Stats - All stats provided are base without captain skills HP: 13800 Main Batteries: 4x1 127mm Main Battery Firing Range: 12.9km Maximum HE Shell Damage: 1800 Fire Chance per Shell: 5% Maximum AP Shell Damage: 2100 Main Battery Reload: 3.3 seconds Main Battery 180 Degree Rotation Time: 5.3 seconds Maximum Dispersion: 112m HE Shell Initial Velocity: 792m/s AP Shell Initial Velocity: 792m/s Sigma Value: 2.0 Torpedo Tubes: 2x4 533mm Maximum Torpedo Damage: Mk15 Mod. 0 - 11600, Mk7 Mod. 2B - 8500 Torpedo Range: Mk15 Mod. 0 - 5.5km, Mk7 Mod. 2B - 9.2km Torpedo Speed: Mk15 Mod. 0 - 65kt, Mk7 Mod. 2B - 49kt Torpedo Reload: Mk15 Mod. 0 - 87 seconds, Mk7 Mod. 2B - 72 seconds Torpedo Tube 180 Degree Rotation Time: 7.2 seconds Maximum Ship Speed: 40.4kt Turning Circle Radius: 500m Rudder Shift Time: 2.1 seconds Surface Detection: 7.3km Air Detection: 3.7km Detection Firing from Smoke: 3.3km Consumables: Damage Control Party | Smoke Generator | Engine Boost/Defensive AA Fire - Guns - The main batteries are pretty typical USN DD guns. Same damage, same shell velocity, same arcs, yadda-yadda-yadda, etc. The gun layout is basically a Benson minus 1 gun. Or if you're newer to the game, it's the exact same setup as the Hsienyang, the T8 Pan-Asian DD. Reload and DPS output are excellent. Your smoke lasts about as long as a typical university lecture on how paint dries, so be sure to use that to your advantage. Islands are also your friend, as your gun arcs are wicked high. Smoke is great, but always remember: In USN DDs, HE reigns supreme. Use AP only in extreme circumstances at incredibly close ranges and only on lightly armored targets like broadside DDs and British CLs. But for the most part avoid AP. DD Gun fights are also easy to handle in most cases thanks to the main battery turrets turning faster than a hamster wheel. Keep in mind that it's much easier to win DD fights in Sims when you close the distance. Stay outside of torpedo range but stay close enough that it doesn't take your shells 87 years to reach the target. - Torpedoes - So let me start with this before we go any further: These torps are BAD. Very bad. The only redeeming feature is one torpedo option that can stealth torp. They do practically no damage, the reload's nothing to write home about, and the speed, oh god the speed. Or realistically, the lack there of. See, you have 2 options for torpedoes on the Sims. Sounds great right? Wrong. One option is the awful short-range situational shotgun torps you've been dealing with all the way up to T7 in USN DDs and have been trying to get away from the whole time. The second option is a set of torps that go 9.2km. The only issue is that they go 49kts. 49kts. What are these? Aerial torps? They might as well be, because they also do 8500 damage. Yaaaaaaaaaay. Now, these are possible to use. Just keep in mind that they're out performed by Duca torps in pretty much every way. Let that set it in. - AA - Now, having explained both the guns and torpedoes, I will explain in this section why the Sims will technically never be the best choice. Because AA is your best choice. Can you run a gun boat build? Sure, but you won't out gun an actual dedicated gun boat. Can you do a torp build? Uh... don't. The point is, this thing's AA is HELLA STRONG. Build up that AA, slap that DF consumable on with the might of Zeus, and div up with you friend's favorite T7 CV because it's time to go plane hunting. The AA spec Sims was the Kidd before there was a Kidd. CVs, Kaga in particular due to it's low plane HP, hated this thing with a burning passion. Most still do. Make no mistake this is the best, nay, the only way to play the Sims. Now go my friends. Go and slaughter the enemy aircraft. Watch them all fall from the sky while the enemy CV goes off in chat about how broken DD AA is. And then laugh. Laugh because it's hilarious. - Captain Skill Builds - Gun Build: Meme AA Builds (Extremely Viable): - Conclusion - Thanks for reading my Sims guide for dummies! I hope you liked it. These will become more normal as I'm thoroughly enjoying making them. Look forward to more in the future! Please feel free to leave any feedback below.