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Found 220 results

  1. With the new update they made US carriers the top of the food chain again, starting at ranger I believe, you gain access to a 1/1/2 rather than a 1/1/1 that was standard for everything. But you can’t swap in for a 2/0/1 anymore, as the drawback of this new update. But it will get better. At Lexington(Tier 8) you may upgrade your DIVE bombers to equip AP bombs that can deal massive damage. These bombs were on the enterprise(Tier 8 premium carrier). At tier 9 (Essex), you have a 2/1/2, which is powerfull. Drawback, and it’s a big one, the fighters for the Essex only are stock tier 8’s and you cannot get tier 9 fighters. One thing is that the torpedo bombers past Lexington STAY at tier 8, with no upgrades to 9 or 10. But of course at Essex you can still get those AP bombs with tier 9 DB. Midway is probably the most beneficial from this update as it has a 2/2/2. With stock T9 fighters that can be upgraded to T10. Course you only have tier 8 torpedo bombers, but torpedo damage does not increase with tier. And you still get those awesome tier 10 AP dive bombers. In my opinion. Go USN as the AP bombs wreck havoc against most battleships and some cruisers, and the bombs have a INSANLY SMALL targeting reticule, that can be smaller than the superstructures on most battle ships. But you only get them at tier 8 and up. Moving on. IJN, where to start. Easy way to say how the play is swarm the skies. These carriers have a really good amount of squadrons. But that comes at a cost. When IJN fighters take a squadron of USN fighters, the USN’s are going to win, as the squadron capacity for all USN carriers is 6, beating the IJN’s 4. Plus the USN planes ( all types ) do more damage and more health. But since IJN has a 2 fighter load out that puts it a 6v8. I can’t say much more because I only really made it up to Lexington and never played a IJN carrier before. But the grind to the tier 8 Lexington is worth it because when you go into the first battle with your AP bombers bought ( point, you get stock HE so then you can upgrade them to the tier above with HE OR AP ) you can deal a CRAZY amount of damage on a battleship draining almost 7/8 of its health for certain types and if you get a good hit.
  2. (***) Midway Nerf to T9

    I read USN CV Midway fighters will be nerf to T9 next patch. So new Midway will have the following loadouts. T9 Fighters, T8 Torpedo bombers and T10 Dive Bombers So why are we still calling Midway a T10 CV when most of her planes are T8 and T9??? Why not remove CV tech trees completely if dev are struggling this much to balance the class? Just keep the premiums for both nations and introduce submarines???
  3. Need Help: Iowa

    Hello! Yes it's me again, asking for help on yet another ship! (I suck, I know lol) This time, it's the Iowa. I mean, this is even worse than the slight struggles I had in the Khaba. Way worse. I found the NorCal fine, in fact very good. Some problems I've been having with the Iowa: 1. Bad rudder shift. It's no longer what I was used to in the NorCal, the ship turns like a hippo. (Disclaimer: I'm at Hull B) 2. VEEEEEEEEERY long ship profile, making it hard to turn and rendering my shoot-turn-shoot-turn strat in mah NorCal useless. 3. Supposedly better gun dispersion, but seems like a small upgrade at best? Not sure if I should spend the credits on the reload mod instead of accuracy (I got 5 overpens on a full broadside Neptune at 10km.... maybe I just suck at aiming?) 4. I probably ****ed up by using an AA spec captain (from my NorCal, of course) Here is what my Build is: Captain: Steven Seagal (15pt) 1pt - PT 2pt - EM 3pt - BFT 4pt - AFT, Manual AA (P.S. I do not have the dubs/elite XP to respec) Ship Upgrades: Propulsion (maybe I should take rudder shift XD) Arty mod 2 (the aiming mod) everything else is usual for a BB Finally, here are my NorCal and Iowa stats WOW! Under 40% winrate! only 816WTR!!!! I really need help......... (Although I guess my NorCal stats are not impressive anyways, so give me all the tips you got!) Thanks in advance!!!!! -supernovabn
  4. Been loving my recent success in the Omaha. Watched lots of how-to videos on USN light cruisers. For some reason, I cannot fight the Phoenix well, but the Omaha is a different story. If someone could explain that to me, I would appreciate it. I'm at the point where I just want to sell the Phoenix and be done with her. I play the Omaha as a long range fire starter, island hopper, and dd killer. She is VERY good at that job. Once I break free of the cover of an island, I am at full speed and turning constantly. I am doing well except when I get up-tiered into a Tier VII fight. In a Tier VII fight, I have to tuck in tight to the islands (much closer than I have to at a lower tiered fight) so I don't have the same shooting arcs that I use at the lower tiers. I end up doing figure 8s, popping out of one side, firing at what I can hit, and ducking back around behind the island. I do damage, but I also seem to get more than my fair share of attention. As soon as I get clear of cover, the turning trick that works so well at lower tiers turns into kiting as everything within range tries to kill me. Even when I tuck behind a friendly BB, they still fire at me. Is the Omaha a target at Tier VII? Should I play her different? If so, how should I change my gameplay?
  5. Getting Good in the Iowa

    Hey guys, I just wanted to ask, in my most recent games Im not able to do so much dmg to angled or broadside battleships with this BB, and when I used to do 100k a game now I barely do my own weight in dmg. Where should I be aiming: for things such as: 1. Yammy or another heavily armoured BB angled and sailing backwards (or forwards) 2. Same as 1. but sailing forwards, straight on 3. Other angled Missouri's or Iowa's (IE like, what part of the ship should I aim for so that the shots pen, I know for example for an angled Iowa charging I have to aim at his nose and up so my shots hit his superstructure, but still sometimes I get nothing but bounces) Because in recent games other BBs can take less dmg from me while broadside, while firing at me, who is angling. Thanks,
  6. Just saw the post from the developer blog on upcoming supertest changes for the USN Midway and made a quick video posting my response to this proposed nerf to the Midway. What are your thoughts on this proposed nerf? Do you think it's warranted? Do you think that, once again, there is bias toward the IJN CVs? Post your responses! Got an idea on an actual balance fix? Post that below too! Maybe we can get them to reconsider this "balance change" that seems to be once again targetting the USN carriers while leaving the IJN alone and completely unaddressed.
  7. I never imagined myself as a IJN carrier main, advocating for USN CV's. So i noticed a lot of people showing excessive disdain and anger toward the new USN CV flight deck modifications that are definite for each ship. Why? let's go to tier 6, with the Independence. Now obviously i can't state the this carrier is "good" because that's my opinion. But it is far from "terrible". And it has gotten considerably better since the revamp. Over the games i have played in this ship on my recent grind for the Midway, i have not had one game where i got "shut down" or felt helpless against a Ryujo. So that begs my question. What is the Independence "terrible" compared to? Oh that's right, it's not a noob friendly ship because of the relatively low hanger size of 37 with the B hull, whereas the Ryujo has a hangar of 48. It doesn't need it. Remember, "A Destroyer is no match for a Battleship with respects to firepower, thats why torpedoes exist" A Ryujo has the Independence beat with strike power, but not when it is using the Type 6 mod.3 Flight deck with the 3-1-1 set up. The Independence has 7 planes in her only fighter squadron with the skill "Air Superiority". The Ryujo has 5 with the same. 15 IJN planes vs 7 USN planes sounds like a poor matchup for the Independence. And in most cases it is. But here is where the Independence shines. the Independence has a massive advantage with pure strafe power. Her fighters also travel 2 knots faster. You can chase down and strafe any IJN plane at that tier. The Independence has massive exploitable fighter strengths, that you can use to your advantage in a fight. (STOCK VALUES) The Independence has a Loadout of 87 with the F6F-3 fighters. The Ryujo has an Ammunition Loadout of 60 with with A6M2 fighters. You can keep your planes in the fight for a substantially larger amount of time. The F6F-3 fighters of the Independence have 50 DPS; the A6M2 fighter of the Ryujo have a DPS of 44. Now to Fighter HP values: The Independent has a fighter HP with the 6F6-3 fighters of 1380. The Ryujo has a fighter HP with the A6M2 fighters of 1210. This means, if a Ryujo is running the Flight deck module, Type 6 mod.2; it has a 1-2-2 loadout. 4 fighters vs. 6, whereas the 6 fighters have more HP, dmg and ammunition. This gives the Independence complete air dominance. But again this is all paper stats, not dealing with how the ship actually performs in live combat. So, i decided to take her out for a spin, to prove it's not a "terrible ship" Here's a game of me in my Independence that i lost, but still influenced the game very strongly. See spoiler below: In summary, the Independence is far from a 'terrible" ship, and because she is not a forgiving ship it MAY be hard for new CV players to master her. I hope i have changed your minds on this ship, or helped you learn something new about her. Thanks for reading,
  8. Hosho vs Langley, some questions

    So, after using Co-op to speed through both CV lines to T7(Ranger, gawd no) and T8(Shokaku, much yes. Also, I played a few PvP matches with the IJN line), I finally got off my a** and went back and picked up playing them in PvP. Back in the day, while I didn't do horridly in Ryujo or Hiryu, I wasn't why my teams didn't win, I wasn't why they did, I just didn't bother actually, you know, learning. I finally decided to start doing them in PvP again. I know, at this point, most of you will hate me for this. I kinda hate myself, ya know? I started at the beginning, and went with Hosho, solely based on the Advent mission that day, airborne torpedo damage. I noticed that the initial airgroup size favors Langley, 20 planes(With captain's skill), to 12 for Hosho, 13 with captain's skill. On paper, it seems that Langley, except for speed, clearly has the upper hand. I then proceeded to outplay the Langley and Bogue I faced the first day, and the Langley I faced earlier today(It ain't seal clubbin when they have more PvP matches in CV's than you do). I didn't face a Hosho. Langley also has a larger airgroup period over Hosho, 30 hanger capacity to 24, iirc. My questions are these: Is Hosho simply better than Langley, airgroups-wise, even with Lang's massive numerical advantage? Is it even worth playing Langley, given her massive hold-back in the speed department? Quite literally everything can outrun or catch her. 15knots ain't gettin' one anywhere during a match, amirite? Or, if one can manage her position on the map, is Langley actually fairly decent, and I was just facing players with less experience than I have? I like playing every ship, all the lines, even if I don't really want to. Knowledge is gained there that helps in the fighting of said ships. However, if the ship is gawdawful, I'd really rather avoid it at this point. I'm all about teamplay and having fun, becoming a better overall player these days, and I am, drastically so recently(The stats down there aren't accurate, it hasn't updated in something like 4 days), I don't want to spend the time if it isn't going to do anything for me. I'm at T10 in 4 lines, could buy the T10's in 4 others right now, at T7 in one, and T8 and 9 in all the rest(Excepting the USN CV, me no county dat one, me hates it, my precious, me hates it long tiem.), I've already played every bad ship in the game, and suffered mightily through some of them, I don't want to suffer anymore, lol. Thoughts? Ideas? Bacon? Thoughts and ideas made out of bacon?
  9. So why is the black being focused again?

    So while browsing the wiki i had this question about the Black, Fletcher and Chung Mu and wanted to know others opinion on this. Fletcher - 17100 hp - 10.5km torps and can hit DDs / 66kts /1.4km detec (19033 dmg) - does not get focused for no reason - USN smoke - can trade speed boost for def aa Black - 17100 hp - 13.7km torps - torps can hit DDs and are 43kts(slower than sims torp mines) / 0.9km torp detec (21600 dmg) - gets focused for no reason - USN smoke - can trade smoke for def aa or radar (20 sec or 28 sec if radar mod) -always has speed boost Chung mu - 17100 hp - 10.5km torps cant hit dds / 66kts /0.8km torp detec (19033 dmg) - once smoke fades the smoke charge comes off cool down it can smoke up again and has 6 charges - can use radar if trades smoke (17 secs or 24 if radar mod) - even sneaker than Black and Fletcher (5.66 km surface to fletcher and blacks 5.81km) - does not get focused for no reason -always uses speed boost So why is the black being focused is it because the user has hit rank 1 over 5 seasons? literally anyone else in that match could have also. is it because CC's said it "was" OP in the past? Im just wondering why every game i see "Focus the black" every time there is a black in game.
  10. USN CV poll

    Now that I actually have some time to run an in-depth poll, I'll be doing a USN CV poll to see community reception of the changes. Link here: https://goo.gl/forms/Nop5VvkwGaPzINW52 Side note: I will be running a Saipan poll later, don't worry about premium CVs. I will also not be comparing USN CVs to other same tiered CVs because it would take a very long time. A general question of power level should suffice.
  11. Fixing CV's - give and take

    Well, it's been a popular theme the last few days, and I've been wanting to throw this up the last few days and now is as good a time as any to just throw it in a thread of it's own where I can tweak as I need to as I recall anything I missed. But all these ideas, some good, some bad, some down right insane, they've been mostly one sided. "Buff this thing I use", "Nerf this thing I don't use" "Nerf this for them and buff this for me". And that is all it has really been the last 2-3 years with CV's. At any given time, only one side is being listened to by Wargaming, if at all. AA buff after AA buff from non-CV players complaint's, Changes to USN fighters when IJN really was dominating the game for a time, etc. But aside from Wargaming usually fixing the wrong thing (USN needed strike power, so they buff fighters, AS OP o they just remove it and leave us with one set up that has issues that give other CV's the same advantage they complained about, Manual drop they just keep buffing AA), it's seemingly only looked at from one side, and it hasn't worked. The problem is that we need sweeping changes in both directions, to both CV lines, to the other ships because of AA, to fix this issue. And this is not something you can really just "phase in", this needs to be handled like Arty was in tanks, one patch, change it all, tweaks thereafter. The current list I have, copied from a different post I posted it in - Strafing needs to be reworked so it's not all about micromanaging and close the gap between the super skilled/experienced players and the not so much and newer ones. A debuff to DPS that gives you some control over the aerial fight with fighters and a temporary debuff to bomber accuracy but without being as brutally punishing as it is now for players. Manual drop needs to be removed from TB's or reworked that it's arming range is more similar to autodrops because we should not be dropping torps 1km or less from a ship. USN needs HP buffs to fighters and bombers while taking a DPS nerf, while IJN maybe gains a little DPS but loses some ammo to try and equal out fighters while keeping them different. USN needs, after fixing it's fighters, the return of it's AS set ups, IJN needs in most cases (where it would have more fighters) it's AS setup's removed and replaced with it's own "strike" set ups that match USN's in fighters and maintains it's group numbers just in additional strike groups. USN HE DB's need an accuracy buff plain and simple. CV's may need to have their damaged nerfed slightly on torps and HE DB's, and definitely on the AP. AA on all ships (with manual drop TB's removed from the equation or fixed that they have to drop at range) save maybe DD's other than for weapon consistency, needs a pretty hefty nerf. Re-integrate AA mod 2 and Secondary mod 2 into 1 mod again that buffs both AA and secondary range. Especially with fighters no longer stomping and deleting one another or groups of attack planes, consideration of giving all BB's their own DF AA that has a 1.x or 1.1x multiplier that really just causes the bombers to be less accurate and easier to try and dodge some of the incoming attack. Cruisers or ships like DoY will still have the one that not only debuffs but is far more threatening to CV's planes. Make "Emergency Takeoff" a built in mechanic, not a skill, and change the skill to maybe lessen the penalty we get from it. As it currently stands the skill is effectively useless and do just as well, arguably better, just investing in DCP II, maybe the flags/skills that cost less to hasten it's cooldown. Overall fighter DPS rework to lessen the power gap between tiers One of the big issues is in simpler terms "good vs bad" CV players, and a big factor in that is strafing. And I get there should be some skill and player influence in it, but the current auto delete, no matter how you dice it, is a problem and "git gud", the usual answer, is not the solution. It needs a rework and if for fighters caught in it it becomes a DPS debuff that's reasonable, it can give the player using strafe an edge, and makes it worth using, while still leaving the other player, should luck be on their side, a chance, while also meaning if it isn't, they can still maybe hold up the fighters for a time. And make it debuff bombers like DF AA does but maybe sticks for a few seconds after and/or slowly recovers as the groups "get back in formation". Manual drops by TB's are a big reason AA has been buffed so much, and why at one or two points ship agility was buffed (though agility was also partially torps in general). And look, I get for as things work now, drops on targets in smoke and taking longer range shots, rare as that last one seems, are a thing it's used for. But as it currently stands, the ability to drop torps under 1km where they can't really dodge is a problem. And let's be honest for a second, those o us that have played long enough and/or are good at it already know how to compensate for the only way to counter it - turn into them before they arm, so that even though they turn in, they still arm. The mechanic does more harm than good and despite what some people say about "auto drop being useless", it's not and if for some reason CV's are that hampered without it, I doubt they will be unless they fully remove it so we can't torp ships in smoke, they can make changes to auto like they did at tier 4 and 5 to compensate. USN vs IJN needs a ton of work as does tier vs tier. USN fighters need to be brought down to a level that IJN is actually competitive in a one on one fight. Which also means we can also balance other nations fighters better. And IJN fighters need some slight tweaks as well. The backbone of USN striking power has been DB's since day one, and the HE DB's need to be a bit more accurate to actually be truly effective. And where as IJN has numbers, USN needs a bit more raw survivablity than IJN's attack planes. With fighters balanced we need the fighter group count of set ups to match, so, as an example, Lex get's 2,0, 2 back for AS and keeps the 1,1,2 for strike while Shokaku AS is the 2,2,2 and it's strike is 2,3,2. All lines should have an AS option and strike option, not one way to play. And a lower tier CV needs to be able to stand a chance against a higher tier one unless the plan is CV's only see CV's of the same tier. It's needs to be a flavour where IJN fighter planes hit a little harder, but run out of ammo faster and don't do as well in AA with faster DPS drop off as they lose planes, where as USN fighters don't hit quite as hard, but DPS doesn't drop off as fast, they better withstand AA and have ammo to spare. Not terribly different from now, but evened up a bit. On the attack side, IJN has sheer numbers to overwhelm defense and get planes through AA, but is a little more likely to be taking losses where USN has those fewer groups, but higher HP means they aren't losing as much with less to be shot at. IJN basically having that good feeling alpha punch people like, where as USN is really more for DoT and smaller ships, or people that just want to watch the world burn. With manual drop properly tweaked or gone, AA needs to change. It needs to be lowered so that ships that run off on there own, even if they build AA, are not completely immune to air attack. CV's should lose some planes attacking lone ships, but not necessarily entire groups, and definitely not whole strike forces. Unless of course they attack a huge group that is a couple BB's and cruisers popping DF AA, then heavy/total losses should almost be expected. But they should be able to attach 1-2 ships without catastrophic loss of aircraft on the way in. Go back to needing some actual teamwork when a CV is present in case it's bombers get past your CV's fighters. But, while the actual damage is nerfed, Secondary and AA mod 2 should be recombined into a single mod that buffs the range of both once again so those that take it aren't just upping AA or secondary range. Also, perhaps consideration that as said above, BB's get a DF AA consumable, other than ships like DoY and Hood that would have unique versions, that offers little or no buff to AA damage, but scatters the incoming planes to lower their accuracy to try and make it some more of the damage can be dodged. Especially if for IJN strike, as the IJN line has always had torps as it's thing, expands on TB groups at lower tiers than it used to. To hell with realism, as that was some's argument for it to be this way in the first place, but CV's, that have the longest time between strikes (30 second rearm for IJN, 40 for USN, 10 seconds for 1 group to take off, travel time, variable time to land planes based on ship speed, angle to planes, etc, wash, rinse, repeat), need to not be totally shut down by fires. Yes, in an ideal scenario they should never be on fire, but happens. What we currently pay 3 points for, "Emergency Takeoff", should just be a built in mechanic and the skill takes time off the penalty. Because as it stands it is better time wise to actually have DCP II, and if you want to make it even better, equip flags and skills to lower it's cooldown, that cost less than Emergency Takeoff. And if, after we've lowered AA to a reasonable level, maybe given BB's a way to debuff attack plane accuracy if they have no cover once or twice, maybe upped some ships AA ranges with the modification change, and moving torp attacks far enough back there is in fact time to maneuver, CV's have somehow come out over-performing and doing too much like the days of old, well, maybe at that point we need to eat a bit of a damage nerf to ordnance to even things out a bit. Maybe there are other changes in general CV's are going to need that, as of this moment, I haven't recalled or thought of. But we need tweaks that lower the gap between "pro and Joe" CV players, we need to fix the performance gaps between IJN and USN, we need to balance out AA while not allowing CV's to come in with point blank alpha strikes that can deal 40k+ damage. Maybe I have the right ideas, maybe my ideas are off, but there is one thing that isn't going to change - CV balance can not be dictated by just 1 group or community of players, or by any 1 group/community at any given time. The Pro's at 60%, the Joe's around 50%, the IJN players, the USN players, The CV, BB, CA/L and DD players, we all need to hash it out and be willing to compromise on changes that may not fully satisfy all parties because it's not exactly the thing they want, but at the same time is acceptable to all parties as a decent enough middle ground of what everyone want's. It can't just be the BB/CA/CL/DD players shouting "Nerf CV's", the CV players saying "Nerf AA" or "Buff CV's", the Pro player's saying "Git Gud" and the Joe players going "remove X that the Pro's abuse on us", The IJN CV players saying "Nerf USN or "Buff our CV's" and USN CV players the same thing about IJN CV's and theirs. This hasn't worked for basically 3 years now, 1 of Alpha/Beta and 2 of release, we all need to compromise if we want this issue finally fixed, and fixed right. Or at least right enough for everyone to be content.
  12. Hello everyone! I decided to create this poll as I couldn't find any new polls with all of the new lines. (As Pan Asian's just came out!) Have fun voting!!! Feel free to post comments below :) Additionally, if you have not played up to any of the tiers listed here, still feel free to vote in the tier that you have played/played against. [I'll include some of the dd's that are already in supertesting (IE the T-61)!] Also, in case I screw up and accidentally post this too early (like my cruiser poll), just abstain from voting until I fix it up :) On that note..... here's the link to the Cruiser poll I made a while back if you are interested! Thanks, supernovabn
  13. HE vs AP Bomb choice

    If we are going to have the choice between HE and AP bombs can it be implemented that we can change bomb type mid fight? Is this even possible? It's very hamstringing to have only AP bombs if you get a match with no German/IJN BBs and you're up against like 7 DDs. Obviously if I could've known that was the matchmaking I would get I would've loaded up HE bombs instead. Overall I like the USN CV QOL updates but being able to change your bomb type is something that I do strongly believe should be implemented because if for example I had to go into a match in a CA and pick between HE and AP before the match everyone would say (and rightly so) that it is a broken mechanic and needs work. Now I'm not saying it's a broken mechanic and I'm reaqlly not trying to come across as whining, it's just think it could be a nice change because I find it hard to believe that an aircraft carrier would only have 1 type of bombs on board.
  14. USN BB poll results

    Original poll here: https://goo.gl/forms/nWul0miRH0kPyMgC3 Disclaimer The following results are the results of a player-run poll distributed among the NA forums, Asia forums, and r/worldofwarships. The results are not endorsed by any other party except for myself, including Wargaming, Reddit, or any of the developers. As this was a player run poll, I open up my results to any analysis that any players, developers, and/or outside observers would like to make. These results are not guaranteed to influence Wargaming in any way. I am also not an AP Stats student. If you spot an incorrect assumption, please show mercy. Thank you. In addition, I received a lot of flak for this poll for multiple reasons. I tried to keep the poll simple, which explains why people felt it was too basic. Next time around, I'll be covering more complex topics, so I have more freedom to make the poll more complex. In addition, the poll itself can be taken multiple times. This is not a mistake; rather I am attempting to protect the identities of those taking the poll. If I made the poll a one answer only poll, people would be forced to sign into their Google accounts to take the poll. The poll results on the Google form are open, which means that anyone who would respond would open their email up to the public. A side note, before we begin: I do not play USN BBs. I'm pretty much a DD guy myself; as such, please do not scream "[edited]noobtard" when I display the poll. I made this poll because two guys I know disagree on this issue. Introduction and Methodology The following results were compiled from the poll above, which ran from 29-11-17 to 02-12-17. There were 240 people who took the poll. Results were compiled into an Excel spreadsheet and analyzed. An asterisk (*) indicates that I lumped similar responses together. For example, if one response was that they didn't care, and another response was that it didn't really matter, I would lump both together. In addition, all of the "other" responses are marked as "Other" in the pie charts. Data Results Analysis Combining the first two questions, we can see that the majority of those who answered are USN players and BB players. This means that we will be receiving results from people who play USN ships and those who play other BBs against them. On our third question, there is a general consensus that USN BBs are not weak objectively speaking. I say general consensus, but I really mean an overwhelming majority. This trend continues throughout the poll, with around 80% of the population believing USN BBs are fine each question. I really can't analyze this battery of questions very much, as there isn't much to analyze. The last multiple choice question asks whether USN BBs are powercreeped. This seems to leave the population split, with about 40% of the population believing USN BBs are not powercreeped, 46% believing that USN BBs are slightly powercreeped, and 14% of the population believing that USN BBs are extremely powercreeped. These results to this question are very curious, as even though 80% of the population believes that USN BBs are not weak, 60% of the population surveyed believe that the USN BBs are powercreeped to at least some degree. At least some of those who believe that USN BBs are not weak also believe that USN BBs have been powercreeped, although I cannot say just how many for sure. In short, even though much of the population believes USN BBs aren't weak, some of that population also believes USN BBs have been powercreeped to some degree. Finally, the open response. I will be covering this in my different analyses from now on. Picking a few quotes, we can see the many different views of the population. "Nothing. Git Gud." This sentiment is echoed many times in many different responses. Although on the surface it is a blatant jab at the OP, we can analyze this to mean that USN BBs are relatively high skill. "Raise Citadel." Surprisingly, many people also believe that the USN citadel lowering was a bit too much. However, this is often times the only nerf that is mentioned, leading me to believe that only the citadel should be raised again in order to rebalance the USN BB line. "Speed buffs." USN BBs are well-known for their slow speed. It is no surprise that a much-asked buff is to the speed. It would not be unreasonable, certainly, and it should probably be done. "Add STS Plating, imprive [sic] gun handling at long/mid range, improve pennetration [sic] of 16 inch Mk 8 Super Heavy Shell" The most specific response in the poll. It covered a lot of ground while still keeping it concise and easy to understand. This was the most detailed buff request. In addition, we can break it down further. STS plating is special plating used on USN BBs, known for being a slight improvement over other steel plates because of its ductility. I do believe that USN BBs do not have special armor modeled; thus the author wishes for better armor when compared to contemporaries. Improving gun handling at mid and long ranges is also another issue raised by the author. While USN BBs are not supposed to be snipers, the author wishes for them to at least gain a little bit more accuracy. Buffing accuracy could prove problematic, however, as it could enable DD sniping with BBs. Still, I am sure the author has experienced very bad USN BB accuracy firsthand, and I do not wish to discredit his/her experiences. "buff the whining factor so i get more salt to feed on" Purely shiptosting by an anonymous user. Lightened up my day a little. Conclusions USN BBs are seen as well balanced, if a bit strong, by most. Although an appreciable amount of people believe that USN BBs have been slightly powercreeped, most people do believe that USN BBs are not a dumpster fire. As is, I rest my case. Feel free to use this data to support your own internet arguments, draw conclusions, or use this as data to buff USN BBs. Thank you for reading this long and hard poll result.
  15. Hello, I'm back with another poll. This time, it's about the contentious subject of the USN BB. I will do an analysis after results have been collected, as usual. Link is here: https://goo.gl/forms/t6IJRUJN2Nys3Pq13
  16. Honestly why would you ever run these bombs? They are utter garbage. They hit like IJN DBs more often than not. Oh and they don't light fires so they're not actually useful. It doesn't seem to matter where you hit the ship, they're bad anywhere. You can get all 7 hits on a BB and not even break 10k damage, how does this make any sense whatsover? What is the point of actually using these?
  17. So in the new patch video it is mentioned that Free XP will be given out for researched US CVs. However does this mean that they also have to be purchased and sitting in port slots to be counted? I have both the Langley and Bogue fully researched, however I sold both some months back because the grind fest to get to the Independence felt too much like me hitting my head against a wall. However like I said both have fully been researched, but aren't currently active/available in my port (not using port slots). So will this cause WGing to not give me the Free XP that they mentioned? They did not specify this point, so if anyone does know then I'd appreciate some clarification on this. Thanks!
  18. Just wanted to share my thoughts on this ship in case anyone was on the fence about buying her while she's still available. I currently have 371 games in the Fletcher and 245 games in the Gearing with both over 1400 in WTR. Just to give you some perspective on where I'm coming from in how I view the Kidd. Tl;DR - If you love T8 and up USN DDs, then get this ship. Just do it. She's awesome. All of these 25 games were played Solo, in Random Battles, and at all different times of day on the NA server. I picked 25 games because within these games were a fair mix of outcomes. I had insane super-unicum games, and I had that game where I ate a unlucky Fletcher torp 2 minutes in and and got one-shotted having done zero damage, and all types inbetween. So there's a balance there. I'm no great player, just good, so I think my results are achievable for the above average USN DD player. Here are my stats according to Warships Today Moving on: Here's how I've had my Captain and ship set up for all 25 games, with one exception; I ran AFT instead of Manual AA for the first several games, but other than that no changes were made. This is essentially the build that Flamu runs, but with Manual AA in place of Advanced Fire Training. Ship modules. Probably no surprises here. You could swap rudder shift for acceleration. I go back and forth on it. The Kidd seems to accelerate pretty slowly and I've wished for it on more than one occasion. EDIT (11-22-17): I've since swapped rudder for acceleration and there is a massive difference. I highly recommend making the switch if you currently have rudder shift currently. Flags. Unless you're trying to grind credits or XP/Captain XP, you really don't need much help on the economic side of things. Even in so-so games you clear 100k credits. Many, many more in good games. I don't want to rehash what LWM, Flamu, Notser and everyone else has done. If you want pros and cons, just head over to the wiki for the ship and its all right there. These are just my thoughts. - First off, this ship is just fun. If you enjoy the Fletcher, you'll feel instantly comfortable and right at home. - The big knock against the Kidd is the torps, and yeah they're not great and I'm still learning how to use them. The best advice I can give someone just picking up the Kidd is treat them defensively. You're gonna spend a lot of time in smoke and everyone knows you only have 5 fish for defense. Save them for when you really need them, and can guarantee successful strikes. There has been at least 5 times where my torps were on cooldown, because I had fired them on a traditional type of target, only to need them a minute later because a BB was YOLOing into my smoke. On each and every one of these occasions, the torps would have 100% made the difference between me living and dying, as well as getting a kill and helping my team win. I -It's a tough habit to break. But save the damn torps. You'll be glad you did. -Now, for the Heal. The heal on this ship is a game-changer. It will absolutely ruin you on other DDs because of the staying power that it gives you. We all know that DDs become more dangerous the longer you get into games and the Kidd is no exception. It allows you to survive late into games and make a huge difference. Out of 25 games, I've survived 15 of them. And at least 5 of those where I died were 100% my fault for misplaying the ship and being far too aggressive. In each and every game the heal absolutely changes the landscape of your performance. It allows you to swap damage with DDs, heal, and come right back into the fight to finish them off. It's such an advantage that playing without it on other DDs just sucks. Like I said, the Kidd is ruining me. -Now obviously the heal can't save you from everything. If you take a torp, or the ridiculous BB AP salvos that plague DDs right now, yeah you're screwed. You can heal back some, but massive alpha strikes still ruin your day, just not quite as bad. You should still have a robust fear of RN Cruiser AP, and any ship with a radar. -The AA is awesome when you get to use it. Most games its useful for just blapping scout planes, which it does pretty much instantly as soon as you pop Def AA. Very nice. As for CVs, it works as advertised. I've yet to face a Midway, but I've gone up against I think every other CV from T7 up and it works extremely well. MAA + BFT + Def AA is just disgusting. You can wipe multiple squadrons before they can drop on you. I've seen several CV players just avoid me completely, which in a DD is saying something. But hey, if you watch three of your strike groups evaporate while flying over a smoke cloud, I'd probably avoid it too. Alright now for the stuff that kinda sucks. -You have very little ability to hard carry games, unless it becomes a race to cap, or if the remaining enemies are DDs not named Khab, Gearing, Udaloi and Grozovoi. That's really been the tough part of the ship for me. You rely on your guns to do damage, and if you don't have anyone to spot for you, it becomes very frustrating trying to stop those stubborn BB pushes, and god help you if they have radar Cruisers in support. When you have support, this ship shines. You can harass with your guns, drop awesome US smoke, and you have your torps in case someone feels froggy. -The guns are still what they are. They have rainbow arcs and very little fire chance. If you're not good at USN DD gunnery, you will struggle mightily to do high amounts of damage in this ship. Even I have games where it seems like my shells are allergic to steel and go everywhere except where I want them to. -This ship almost requires a dedicated Captain. I mean, sure I can use this build in my Fletcher, but it's not ideal. Ideally you'd want things like Survivability Expert and Torpedo Reload instead. It's not a bad thing really, but to bring out the best of what this ship has to offer, you may need to divert slightly from the optimum build in your other USN DDs. But if you do run those Captains in the Kidd, she's still very, very good and a great trainer. In Summary: No regrets buying this ship at all. She's a ton of fun and if you die in her, its probably all your fault for playing the way I do and being way too aggressive and being overwhelmed by torps, radar, and YOLO rushing BBs. It's T8 so the Matchmaker you get is not great. I didn't keep track, but I'm willing to bet at least half my games were multiple T10 ships. I can remember clearly 3 games where I was top tier. And on that note, it bears mentioning. If you get top tier? Good grief this ship is ridiculous. Seeing a spread on the other side of Farraguts, Mahans, Fubukis makes my hands tingle. Go hunting and enjoy your rewards. It's a solid moneymaker. Not Missouri good, obviously, but I'd say on average I clear 200k per game running all premium consumables, and no credit flags. Thanks for reading! If you have any specific questions, just post them and I'll answer!
  19. USN CV Changes, Serious Concerns

    First, I get that CV's need balancing, and I get even more than USN CV's need it the most. That said, I have the following concerns, and I mean no disrespect, nor am I attacking anyone at WG with these: Ranger, at T7, now only has one fighter squadron. Ranger will generally be up against Hiryu, which most often will have 3, and Saipan, which will have, usually, 3. This is bad. Ranger was already rock bottom, and yet, somehow, you've dug a hole under it to allow it to fall even further. It matters not that Ranger also has those strike aircraft, because those 3 squads will be taken out by the 3 fighter squads they face, while its only fighter squad will do...what, exactly? Then, at T8, you did the same thing with Lexington, and further, the 9 and 10 only get 2 fighters. More, if you get two Rangers, or whatever USN CV it happens to be, in a round, you've pissed off pretty much everyone in the round, because now there's no fighter cover, just bombs and torpedoes everywhere. I'm personally not one of them, but a significant portion of the player base refers to CV's as "sky cancer", so, if you thought this was going to appease those players, I gotta ask: What, exactly, were you drinking when you thought that?(I'd like some, it's got to be awesome.) You've taken an already horribly overmatched carrier line, and somehow thought "balance" meant "make them even more worthless to play so that no-one plays anything but IJN CV's", I guess? At least with multiple modules, a player had choices, now, the choice is going to be to not play USN CV's, even more so than as it is right now. Balance means the ship in question is viable for Random matches, that it's truly useful and playable. Please, allow me to assure you that this USN change, as it stands on the test server, does not, I repeat, not, make them viable. It further reduces the chance anyone, other than a die-hard USN CV fanatic, will play them, and those that do will take massive heat from their teams, because as it stands right now, having a USN CV on your team is going to be virtually an instant loss, unless, of course, both teams have the same thing. That happens far less than you seem to think it does. USN CV's frequently face IJN CV's, and they were already at a heavy disadvantage. Now, now it's more like that scrawny toothpick guy in the 8th grade(Whom I used to be, so I know what I speak of), facing that 11th grade offensive lineman. It will be Pancake City, with the only memory of the skinny guy(The USN CV), being a grease stain upon the water. WG, I hate to break it to you, but that's the literal opposite of "balance." More, reducing the flight control module down to one takes choice away from the player, and I promise you, the vast majority of players, no matter the game, do not, I repeat, not, like that at all. As it stands now on the test server, I'd much prefer that the USN CV's be removed from the game until they ARE balanced and viable. You're doing it with the GZ, you can do it with this line. Just disable them for the live server, and work on them behind the scenes. That's just my suggestion. I believe it to be a viable one, but that's just my thoughts. Thanks for the time spent reading to anyone who did. Peace out.
  20. United States Navy Cruiser Split

    So, hi. As the title of this article reads, the USN cruiser split. I think I found a few possible contenders to the different positions of the ships, namely being the new Seattle at tier 9, in between the Cleveland and Worcester at 8 and 10 respectively. The Seattle was hinted at the Lexington event, I believe, and they have pictures on the Warships Podcast Twitter feed. I'll be attaching these images below. Notice how the Seattle has 4 turrets, 2 fore and 2 aft. Then look at where she is placed in the new cruiser split. After the Cleveland, which has 152mm guns, and the Worcester, which has 155mm guns. So, it is highly unlikely that the ship will carry anything other than 152mm guns or something close to that. Which helps narrow our options considerably... And I think that the choice is fairly obvious. What ship came in between the Cleveland and the Worcester, in light cruisers terms? Well, I found the Fargo-class light cruiser, a bearer of 4 triple-gun turrets, historically with 152mm guns. Now I know that the Seattle's side looks do not look like a Fargo at all, but remember, she is Work In Progress, so I think that's enough of a margin. So yeah, there's my guess. USS Seattle aka USS Fargo (or any equivalent Fargo-class) FORGOT ANOTHER THING: My guess is that all the ~150mm guns of the new cruisers will fire faster than the mainline 203mm guns, but do less damage and have longer shell travel times. And that the Fargo-class was historically, an improvement to the Clevelands, so fitting nicely. And this is my first forum post so I may have taken a while to get to the point, my apologies... Sincerely, jackarooneyroo
  21. USN Cruiser Tree Split

    So, the release of the proposed USN cruiser tree as currently proposed contains major inaccuracies in the new ships. Currently it goes: Tier Heavy Light VI PENSACOLA "DALLAS" VII NEW ORLEANS HELENA VIII BALTIMORE CLEVELAND IX "BUFFALO" "SEATTLE" X DES MOINES WORCESTER I have no idea what any of these new ships represent. What class is DALLAS supposed to be? or BUFFALO? or SEATTLE? Does anyone know if this is still being considered? I would hate to see these new ships implemented as-is because there is nothing historical supporting them. Consider: The proposed tier VI CL is to be named Dallas. There was never a commissioned heavy or light cruiser named USS Dallas. There have been a destroyer, a Coast Guard cutter, and a sub. There WERE two Des Moines class CAs named Dallas - but never built - in 1945 and 1946. The proposed tier IX CA is to be named Buffalo. There was never a commissioned heavy or light cruiser named Buffalo. There was a light cruiser that was converted to CVL USS Bataan, a CL that was cancelled, and a nuclear sub now in commission. The proposed tier IX CL is to be named Seattle. The only commissioned ship was a fast support ship (AOE-3). If some sort of historic accuracy wanted, then I would recommend If the Tier VI CL is supposed to be a Brooklyn class then call it Brooklyn, or some other famous name from that class. The Tier IX CL (currently named Seattle) should be a Fargo class (the improved sub-class of Cleveland). Fargo is the bridge class between Cleveland and Worcester. So it should go Cleveland, Fargo, Worcester The Tier IX CL (currently named Buffalo) should be an Oregon City class (the improved sub-class of Baltimore). Oregon City is the bridge class between Baltimore and Des Moines. So it should go Baltimore, Oregon City, Des Moines. Tier Heavy Light VI PENSACOLA BROOKLYN VII NEW ORLEANS HELENA VIII BALTIMORE CLEVELAND IX OREGON CITY FARGO X DES MOINES WORCESTER
  22. Today's article is on the Operation Watchtower flag. Below is the story that it bears... It is December 7th, 1941. The Imperial Japanese Navy has just struck Pearl Harbor, and the United States Navy has lost a large part of their naval force, from well-trained sailors to their crowned jewel of the Pacific, the USS Arizona. The Japanese continue to strike against the Americans, and stalling tactics to delay the enemy till resources can be regrouped and compensated for, especially with the threat of German tanks and Italian submarines sitting across the pond by the eastern skies making things even more challenging. The Americans have little time to try to find an opening to create momentum, or else they will have to fight a naval version of trench warfare if the Japanese secure themselves firmly in the Pacific. Options are rapidly closing, as are supply lines. The last allied bastion that can provide consistent support is the Australians, of whom are slowly being choked to death by the Japanese as well. Cutting this supply line off will mean other South American navies (if their nations can even be convinced to join) will have to provide major assistance, of which they are nowhere near cut out for, even with their total combined force. It is now early June 1942, and both America and Japan are looking through there crosshairs, and both gazes have landed on the island of Guadalcanal. Suddenly, the word ally is no longer a general term, but now is an extension of your friend's hand, and vice versa. In early July 1942, troops and supplies from American were sent to New Zealand. Among them was a division from the decks of the USS Texas herself, the 1st Marine Division. Allied aircraft began spotting and mapping Axis positions, while the Allies finished organizing and positioning there 75 warships. From the bridge of USS Saratoga, the allies kicked off their first offensive. Gavutu and Tanambogo were assaulted by 3,000 U.S. Marines on August 7th, and Japanese forces were fiercely shoved off the island. Up next came the battle of Salvo Island, where 11,000 US Marines attacked and help key positions to drive the Japanese out. Salvo Island allowed the Allies to take a quick breather and was resumed at the eastern part of the Solomon Islands. It was here that Saratoga and Enterprise launched deadly plane attacks at Shokaku, Zuikaku, and Ryujo. Ryujo found herself at the bottom of the sea, and later on, Mutsuki joined her. The USS Wasp set up in position, and in a few short hours, the IJN went from having complete control of the area to being forced to run supply convoys under the cover of the pale moonlight. Months later, in early to mid-October, the Japanese carried out an attack on Henderson Field on the island of Guadalcanal. The Japanese had issues communicating a delay in the attack, and the armored divisions attacked separately from the infantry units by a good 4 to 5 hours. The result was a minimal loss for the Americans to the tune of 80 men, while the Japanese lost nearly 3,000 troops. However, the Japanese had become even more angered, and were determined to take Henderson Field. Battleships Hiei and Kirishima were deployed with shore bombardment shells. However, Enterprise was there for the fight and swiftly sank Hiei. However, Kirishima was running wildly about and was cause for concern. Halsey detached battleships South Dakota and Washington along with Enterprise to sink the Kirishima. While Enterprise kept the battleships clear, they bombarded Kirishima until she was nothing but a semi-organized lump of matter that was slowly sinking into the sea. As the operation continued on, the Americans and other allied troops continued to shed Japanese blood over these islands, and finally, on the 9th of February of 1943, the Americans could truly call the islands and region theirs. In the words of a sailor from the USS Saratoga, “We have built a watchtower in which we can pick a fly off a Jap at any distance we choose.” The IJN began to be more reserved about where they put their ships now that they were rendered useless. Days before, the IJN was patrolling the waters as if they had owned it for centuries; but now they were forced to move troops under the cover of night, and still had many risks to endure by doing that. This is a short summary, but the list of the engagements and valor of the men fighting in this operation goes on forever. These men made the impossible happen and were willing to tough it out for the sake of the world. If you wish to fly the flag of Operation Watchtower aboard a ship that was in the campaign or complete the missions for the flag in ships that were involved, here is a list of them. While some ships are sisters or refits, you can only come so close matching them. These are the ships of Guadalcanal, and the victors of Operation Watchtower.
  23. Hi everyone, As we all know, WoWS was introduced with only IJN and USN tech trees right from inception. Many changes have been made to them over time, but they are still fundamentally similar to how they were entering Open Beta. However, with the inevitable power creep and addition of other nations to the game, it has made me raise an eyebrow to the current state of the USN and IJN tech trees. Is Yamato still the monster she once was compared to upstarts like Conqueror or Kurfurst? How bad is Shimakaze compared to other T10 DD's? Is New Orleans really the weakest T8 cruiser? My main question to you is this: with the current meta and understanding of the game mechanics as we know them now, if any of the Japanese or American tech trees were added to the game today in their current state, would they be considered STRONG, AVERAGE, or DISAPPOINTING compared to their contemporaries? Remember, this question is being asked in the context of the entire line(s), and not individual ships. I'm very curious to know what you guys think.
  24. As I am actually starting to enjoy sailing the Pensacola, I'm planning to keep her. As such, I'll need to train a captain to either replace her current captain (if I move them up to the next ship) or to captain the next ship (if I keep the current captain in Pensacola). I'll use my Indianapolis and/or Marblehead to train the new captain. My Pensacola captain currently has Priority Target, Expert Marksman, Basic and Advanced Firing Training, with two points unassigned. The new captain is already at four points, with Priority Target, Expert Marksman, and a spare point. I was thinking of applying to both an AA themed build, with PT, EM, BFT and AFT. I was also thinking of getting Superintendent afterwards, which leaves 6 points left. There are some other skills I might consider are: Preventative Maintenance: to reduce the number of incapitations recieved Incoming Fire Alert: to warn about long-range, potentially unexpected enemy fire and allow more reaction time Adrenaline Rush: to increase late-game DPM Last Stand: to allow evasive action even if engine and/or rudder is KO'd Demolition Expert: to start more fires, increasing DPM IFHE: to increase DPM with plain HE damage Radio Location: to more easily hunt DDs Concealment Expert: to avoid being shot at all
  25. Second T10 get!

    Hi guys! So, my first T10 was obtained in March, it was the Zao and a ship line I loved to play. Today, I got the T10 I originally wanted to get: The Des Moines. When I started beta, I wanted DM. The rapid fire 8 inch guns, amazing AA, and awesome AP, it was awesome. Now, I have it. All I am waiting for is the money so I can get the perma camo and she'll be finished. I am now about to test drive her, and see how she feels. Fair winds and following seas captains!