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Found 39 results

  1. I Primarily loaded PTS 0.7.0 to try out the training room. The first thing I noticed under game modes was a second new mode "Introductory Mission" (which I didn't recall seeing in the patch notes) and decided to give that a try since I think some "live" training (as opposed to watching videos) is needed for the new players. Here's my comments. In WoT there is a pretty good introductory mission that walks someone driving a tank through the controls and how to move/aim/shoot. I would recommend that the WoWS developers load WoT and go through that mission to get an idea of what a really good introductory mission is (and what they're goal should be in the WoWS introductory mission). This mode is severely lacking in information that helps explain how to maneuver and attack - there were only two instructions that were displayed: 1) Press W to move forward. 2) Use RMB to look around. After capturing Zone A, a third instruction was displayed about "leading" the target. But that wasn't very helpful as there was no help in how to determine this and nothing about zooming in/out. For example, shell timer and the reticule could be explained AND also how the target's speed can be estimated (by looking at it's smoke trail). To help perhaps a combination of an observer mode (game AI zooms in, aims and shoots with text explaining too much, too little, and just right amount of leading - and some guidance on where to HIT a ship). Since the game has torpedoes, it would also be good to have either a multi-stage mission where after completing basics of shell firing that there was another to practice torpedo attacks. The tutorial right now either is very incomplete or if complete then it assumes a fair amount of information and knowledge already about how to play (and then you wouldn't need the introductory mission other than the show the mechanics of "scenario" battles). Also the ships I was escorting kept firing at the rocks on the islands but there were no shore batteries that I could see. There were also return fire shells arcing overhead from somewhere.
  2. How To: Benson in Ranked

    Actual battle starts at 4:30 Future videos will be edited properly. I don't have the time to learn how at the moment. https://youtu.be/r7LzU2W07y0
  3. What good is attacking if you can't defend your planes and your allies. Learn about some basic fighter controls today. See the complete series (WIP) of tutorials here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhX-9tFWCzgQHDrwCEm8_5c4bnlUTyZPe
  4. New CV Captains? Need to Learn Manual Drops? Only have 3 minutes?! This video is for you!
  5. This tutorial is aimed mostly at people who already have some experience with creating mods for WoWS client but are stumped by the changes released in the most recent 0.6.13 patch. So, what gives? A single quizzical (and ultimately useless) line blurb about something that pretty much turned the sound mods upside their heads. Moreover, whoever translated this from Russian patch notes introduced a mistake. It's not "a control.xml file", it is supposed to read "a control(ler) XML file". Subtle but big difference. Especially since the file is supposed to be named mod.xml. Which we only find out after digging around the clients packed files. So what actually happened? Well, those familiar with sound mod structure before 0.6.13 will know that the audio files were organized into a strict but complex directory which described what file is supposed to be played for what event (voice and sfx included). The structure worked, but was a fair bit of a pain to maintain, because folders typically were two-three levels deep and contained just a handful of files per folder on the deepest level. For example, Mermaid's Wrath for 0.6.12 client contained 646 files in 328 folders. That's on average about 1 folder per 2 files. Yikes! In 0.6.13 Wargaming moved away from the folder structure (thank gods), and decided to have an XML file to keep check of which file goes where. XML is a pretty simple and straightforward format, which most people related to programming in one way or another should be well familiar with. And now the sound files ended up all lumped into one directory, with the XML file telling client what it needs to do with them. without this XML file the mod is useless. The XML file looks roughly like this: <?xml version="1.0"?> <AudioModification.xml> <AudioModification> <Name>EN</Name> <ExternalEvent> <Name>Play_GoodHit</Name> <Container> <Name>Voice</Name> <ExternalId>VGoodHit</ExternalId> <Path> <StateList/> <FilesList> <File> <Name>En_Speech_Hit_Confirmation_1.wem</Name> </File> <File> <Name>En_Speech_Hit_Confirmation_2.wem</Name> </File> <File> <Name>En_Speech_Hit_Confirmation_3.wem</Name> </File> <File> <Name>En_Speech_Hit_Confirmation_4.wem</Name> </File> <File> <Name>En_Speech_Hit_Confirmation_5.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> </Container> </ExternalEvent> <ExternalEvent> <Name>Play_Last_Hope</Name> <Container> <Name>Voice</Name> <ExternalId>VLast_Hope</ExternalId> <Path> <StateList/> <FilesList> <File> <Name>En_Speech_Last_Hope_1.wem</Name> </File> <File> <Name>En_Speech_Last_Hope_2.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> </Container> </ExternalEvent> </AudioModification> </AudioModification.xml> I've taken liberty and shortened it up for you to two elements, but you get the structure. It's reminiscent of the folder structure before, with top level directory entries residing in <ExternalEvent> containers, which sports description of what event it is associated with, sound type (Voice or SFX, in the <Name> tag inside the <Container> tag that resides in the <ExternalEvent>. The <ExternalId> tag describes the specific event type, which roughly corresponds to the second-level folder name "VGoodHit" would be the "GoodHit" folder, and so on. The "V" part signifies that it's Voice type. "S" would be for SFX, I'll get to that part later. Below the two descriptor tags we have the main containers, corresponding to the third level directories in the old folder structures (where applicable, some events did not have this), the <Path> tag. Some events (like "Torpedo_Danger") can have multiple <Path> elements, one for each direction, as it was the case in old folders. <Path> itself contains two final containers: <StateList> and <FilesList>. <FilesList> is pretty much self-explanatory, these are the files associated with particular event and state, each sitting in its own <File> wrapper with filename under <Name> element. <StateList> element, however, is a fair bit more tricky. It can be empty (but it must be present, otherwise the mod will fail) if there are no special conditions, and if there are, it will contain them, one condition per <State> flag. Some <Path> elements can contain multiple conditions, such as, for example, plane squadron IDs: <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>Plane_Type</Name> <Value>Torpedo</Value> </State> <State> <Name>PlaneID</Name> <Value>id5</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>En_Speech_Pilots_Torpedo_ID_5.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> In order for the event to play, all the conditions must be matched. So it's a logical AND. There can also be special conditions, such as crew member names for voiceovers specific to special captains (the ARP/HSF ones, Steven Seagal, etc.). One special note on the <File> element, the <Name> can contain relative path to a file in a subdirectory relative to the mod.xml or the mod's root directory. Path separator should be "/" (forward slash). Omitting a specific <ExternalId> and/or <State> for an event will result in default voiceover/sound playing for it. If an event is specified, but none of the files provided are found in the directory, default sound will be played. I know some modders embraced this similarity between the XML structure and folder structure in order to make tools for automatic mod.xml file generation. But I, personally, embraced the ability to not have gazillion of folders inside and reorganized Mermaid's Wrath into a much more handleable directory structure. I've also made a tool of my own to facilitate ease of editing the mod.xml, which I intend to release a bit later once I have it polished up. And finally, Wargaming was nice to include a special descriptor mod.xml file in the client's res/banks folder on the main path, and this file appears to have all of the moddable event names and external IDs, which also includes a lot of SFX events as well, so this tutorial may prove useful for the SFX modders out there as well, who are willing to experiment with these. I'll likely include this functionality in my tool at some point if there's any demand for it. Unfortunately, the event descriptors are all in Russian. Of course, the launch didn't go without its fair share of problems, since the client turned out to be very fickle about the leftover paths, and XML files specifically. Caveats to be aware of: For example, a malformed or wrongly placed (or even non-existant one) mod.xml can easily break not only player mods, but also Wargaming's official voiceovers, such as ARP captain voices. If it is, you can try this workaround first if that happened to your client. The client expects the file to be in ANSI encoding. If you try to feed it a file encoded in UTF-8 with BOM, it'll fail silently. Apparently the much vaunted mp3 support for sound mods is broken, so we're all stuck with the proprietary WEM format for now. MP3 files are recognized, but never play. 0.6.14 Changes 0.6.14 has landed! So far no major changes have been spotted. Default languages mod.xml has finally regained parts for module activation/deactivation voiceovers, and that's about it. Looks like the new OP does not have any exposed voice over lines, or any voice overs for that matter. Some extra linkages: mod.xml creator/conversion tool by KinoMyu SoundModCreator (Russian) Tutorial on converting your MP3s into WEM (in Russian) Feel free to ask and suggest what I should add to this tutorial.
  6. Before this game gets released to steam, the devs need to take the time to make a PvE tutorial campaign mandatory before PvP content to the game is accessible. The campaign needs to stress the importance of game mechanics i.e. using angling to bounce incoming rounds (of course there's a lot more I could add here) and the roles of the various ship classes. It should do more than just say press W to go forward and and A/D to steer, now go kill some bots! Ultimately, If this game really cared about growing, it needs to teach new players how to not be potatoes and die immediately. Just a thought
  7. CONTEST: Bringing on New Players

    Hello Captains! Welp, it's no real secret that World of Warships is coming to Steam. Soon, we might have an influx of a large number of players. So here's a common thread I see for our current tutorial mode for World of Warships: - The mode doesn't teach players well enough about the game - More advanced mechanics should be taught - "The noobs keep torping allies" - Etc Alright then, YOU HAVE MY EAR. Here is a contest, I want to hear your ideas in order to teach new players about World of Warships. What are your ideas? How can we do better? -Now, I'm not exactly asking anyone to make a bunch of tutorial videos, but if you want to, go for it. -Do you want something like a mentor system? Tell me more about it. -Do you have a grouping of videos you suggest? -Etc So I legitimately want your constructive ideas. At the end of the contest I will submit your ideas up and work with the necessary teams to get it implemented (it doesn't even have to be development related). Your idea won't go unrewarded either. If I pick your idea, you will get: - Enterprise (or doubloon value if you have it) - Scharnhorst (or doubloon value if you have it) - One "Brand New Ship" that isn't released yet, but will be by Contest end - Three Port Slots - 20 x Sci-Fi Camo - The "Coo of Boom" Flag THE RULES Constructive Ideas only. I will personally hide your non-constructive ideas. No insulting other peoples ideas in this thread. That's a bad. You're better than that. Wargaming gains exclusive rights to the contest ideas when you post it on the forum, as outlined in the “11. User Generated Content” section of the Terms of Service. By submitting your entry, you agree to the Wargaming Official Sweepstakes Rules. Any violations of the above rules will disqualify your entry. Also, bear in mind I will be the sole picker of your idea (with some team input). This is hyper-subjective, so please understand that though your idea might be great, it might not be what I'm looking for at the time. DEADLINE: Friday 12/01 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. I await to hear how the veteran community will help make the new community GIT GUD.
  8. I made a video for noobs

    Feedback please. Feed me your hate.
  9. Thanks to those generous folks who post tutorials and videos I am no longer at the bottom of my team list. Now I'm about the middle and once in a while make the top of the list. I would appreciate your suggestions for how to continue learning how to drive cruisers. I mostly drive the Phoenix and enjoy killing sneaky destroyers and torching fat BBs. While the Phoenix is fragile, I regard that deficit as a learning aid sort of like learning how to kayak in a tippy boat: when you make a mistake there is immediate feedback. Phoenix is a free premium IV cruiser. Its Captain just got promoted to 15 points. Also have St Louis with a 10 point Captain and Omaha with a 3 pointer. Should I leave the 15 pointer in Phoenix and hope that he eventually becomes Elite or is it better to transfer him to another ship? Should I work my way up the US cruiser line or start a different nation's cruisers? If so what line do you recommend for higher level play? Thanks for your advice.
  10. Merely a thought - but how about an option to turn a tutorial or help mode on and off? It'd make new players feel right at home. Wouldn't do anything but... wait no, I'm joking - here's the thought. When switched on a text message would appear somewhere on the display - or even the commander could bark out an order. Let's take broadside to an enemy as an example. And we are speaking in general terms - broadside to an enemy is a bad thing in this game. You are broadside to one more enemies who have the ability to drill you. The ship's commander waits a few seconds then shouts out "We are broadside to an enemy - take evasive action!" or something along those lines. The goal of course? Teach players not to remain broadside to one or more reds long enough to get drilled. Other optional items could be "Our AA is revealing our position!". I'm sure you can all think of additional training phrases - like "We are too far from the enemy - move up!" It's just a thought - because I've seen - and you too no doubt, far too many players who remain broadside to an enemy only to die to them. Maybe this would help?
  11. Heyho! Sharing = Caring and thats why I wanna tell you something that I learned some time ago. This should be a tutorial on the topic of creating flag mods. I've seen quite some people only replacing current flags and always going with the order from WG. This tutorial will show you how to create a flags.dds file like this one (size decreased to 25% of the original size, which was 2048 times 2048 for demonstration purposes) which also works ingame in combination with a new flags.atlas file. Positive side effect: Updating your files will most probably take less time than before because you don't have to edit every flag again and the mod doesn't break so fast and gives you some time to react. Non existing flags in the atlas file just don't get displayed at all on a ship and the rest of the flag shows up wihtout any errors and problems because you changed the position values in the flags.atlas file which overwrites the original WG values which change every time. (so no longer changing national flags, only some missing commorative flags like a new oscar award flag and they do not show up most of the time anyway before you could update the mod) It also requires quite a lot work for the first time but it is worth it. Requirements: Already exisitng new flags.dds file Knowledge in Photoshop (or similar programs which support DDS) Knowledge in Excel (or similar programs) Time The flags.atlas file Let's start with investigating a standard flags.atlas file from WG. The beginning of the atlas file will always look like this: page "flags.dds" 2048 1024 This basically tells the game about the owner of this atlas file. In this case it is a flags.dds file with a size of 2048px times 1024px. An important note would be that the numbers here are very important. They have to be the same size as the DDS file. Otherwise it won't work. Also very important: The numbers should always be 2x where X can be any number at all. so it can be: 2 (21) 4 (22) 8 (23) 16 (24) 32 (25) 64 (26) 128 (27) 256 (28) 512 (29) 1024 (210) 2048 (211) and so on Now let us inspect a "flag element" in the list. Let us just start with "poland" right away "poland" { 0.000000 0.000000 0.098145 0.100586 } But what does each value mean? They basically mean this: "flag name" { positionX positionY positionX positionY } But why do we have 2 postition numbers? Well, the first 2 positions (X & Y) are pointing to the top left corner of the flag and the second X & Y position point to the bottom right corner of the flag. What does this mean for us? This basically means that we can create a simple calculation in Excel or similar programs to create the arrays for us just by providing the top left corner position, the width and the height of an flag which is very easy to do if you have photoshop. I sadly can't offer information on other programs though. The Excel Table: So we create an excel sheet and in my case i created different tabs which consists always only one kind of flag so that it is easier for me to read it. You might use it in the future if you want to sort it a bit. (Like: Signal flags, Ship Flags [which are only obtainable via buying the most expensive bundels], nation flags and so on]) Here an example of how it looks like on my end: Important here: You will enter values at the A,B, C and D colum. The K colum is basically only here to adjust the size if necesarry in the future. That would automatically update the J colum which gives us the necesary arrays for the flags.atlas file. So for now only enter your size into the K colum. K1 = width and K2 = height. Let's begin with the calculations The F colum gets the following calculation in the first row: =($A1/$K$1) The $ means basically that it will always stay like that. In other words: Always use the A colum (absolute) and change the row (relative) if it gets copied downwards the A colum. and divide this value against the value in K1 (this will never change because both are made static via the $ sign, in other words K1 is an absolute reference for the colum and the row) We press enter and see a 0 there. We click on F1 again and see that there is a box at the right bottom corner. We use this box, press and hold the left mouse button and drag it downwards the F row. This will copy the function from above and will only change the row. We repeat this with the following three calculations as well: Enter at G1 the following calculation:=($B1/$K$2)drag and drop it to your desired row. Enter at H1 the following calculation: =(($A1+$C1)/$K$1) drag and drop it again Enter at I1 the follwing calculation: =(($B1+$D1)/$K$2) drag and drop it again. It should look now similar to this table here: Now let us enter the formula for the J row: ="{ " & TEXT($F1;"0,000000") & " " & TEXT($G1;"0,000000") & " " & TEXT($H1;"0,000000") & " " & TEXT($I1;"0,000000") & " }" This will create the text automatically which we need for the flags.atlas file. Drag and drop it again and we are nearly finished now. Using Photoshop to fill the Excel table Open up Photoshop, open up your flags.dds file and choose your rule/ruler tool. This tool is the only thing we need now. So zoom into your flags file and draw a line form the top left corner to the bottom right corner The ruler tool will show some values now (kinda like those) Now we have the X value, the Y value, the Width (B) and the Height (H) [German localization on my pc] We enter the X value in the A colum, the Y value in the B colum, the width in the C colum and the height in the D colum. the result in the J line after doing this will look similar: { 0,484375 0,000000 0,552246 0,050293 } The final thing we need to do is exchanging the "," with a "." and the array is finished for the alpha flag. (if you have a diffrent character than "," exchange it with "." It has to be a "." otherwise your game will crash) We now have basically everything that we need to create our own flags.atlas file which enables us to create our own way of sorting the flags and adding one new flag is now just copy paste into the flag file (adding the correct alpha mask) looking up the 4 values, entering them in Excel and adding them in the flags.atlas file with the correct name and the benefits are in my eyes bigger which justify the work for it. Using the values in the atlas file To use the values we need basically the name of the flag first. for that we open up the atlas and the dds file. We should basiclaly notice that they are kinda sorted. It always goes from top to bottom. Only on the right side it gets a bit confusing with those signal flags. So you shouldn't have any problems at all finding the name of the flag. The alpha flag for example has the name: "tester_alpha" so we add the following line in the flags.atlas file: "tester_alpha" { 0.484375 0.000000 0.552246 0.050293 } and we have the alpha tester flag always on this position now. No changes needed for this flag anymore. Our flags.atlas file should look like this now: Repeat the steps from above, insert all values into the Excel file, copy the values in the J colum, insert it in the flags.atlas file with the correct flag name, exchange the "," with ".", and you will have less problems in the future. And don't forget to always save the excel file. If you have any questions feel free to ask. If you need an example you can always download the latest version from my flag mod here (Pls do not simply reuse my atlas file though) One last thing: I recommend putting the signal flags to the complete left side (like i did in the first picture). They will hardly ever change (except they add one which is hardly ever the case).
  12. Almost dead

    When my ship is almost dead is it better to run and hide or to die gloriously?
  13. Greetings, With the upcoming revamp of PvE scenarios/campaigns sometime this year, I would like to suggest the implementation of a thorough and extensive PvE tutorial campaign, whose completion is needed to unlock the PvP content of the game, via Captain Levels. I think such a tutorial would be of benefit for the whole comunity and if properly developed and implemented, wouldn't be a detriment nor a burden to new players. The campaign must focus heavily and reward critical aspects of the game like comprehension of game mechanics and intended role of ship classes. Feel free to sign in and add your feedback on the topic.
  14. Segue mais um importante vídeo tutorial sendo adicionado a playlist de WOWs. Ta em dúvida ou nem tem ideia de como a Fuso de inércia funciona? Separe 30 minutinhos de seu dia e assista ao vídeo. Você pode encontrar todos os dados relacionados a este vídeo em nosso blog no endereço abaixo: http://wowsbrasil.blogspot.com.br/2017/01/mecanica-de-combate-fuso-de-inercia.html Saudações
  15. Este vídeo tem o intuito de auxiliar a todos os players que ainda não estão habituados ao funcionamento das novas skills e ao novo sistema de grind de capitão. Neste mesmo vídeo saiba como ganhar e utilizar a Elite XP. Saudações
  16. Greetings fellow Skippers! Just got back from deployment, and now that I have access to the interwebs again, eager to start creating videos again. Please feel free to look at some of the other videos I have on my channel, which includes Game-Mechanics guides/Tutorials, Ship Reviews, and Montages like the one below. Feedback is always welcome, and I hope you enjoy!
  17. Greeting Captains, I've been playing World of Warships for a very long time now and is extremely excited when WarGaming introduced the RN's Cruiser. Before we get started, I've gain experience over the span of 8 days grinding the line from Black Swans to Minotaur non-stop to bring you this guide. No free exp from doubloon was used to "cheat" my way to T-X. I'll be analyzing the gameplay style of the cruiser and how you could profit the most out of it. DISCLAIMER: I never said I'am good at these cruiser and other people play style may vary. Also my grammar isn't that great but I hope it's at least readable. Before we get started, let find out if these cruiser is for you. How to effectively maximize your damage: LEANDER - EDINBURGH NEPTUNE MINOTAUR SUMMARY: These cruiser are amazing, the specialized AP shell guarantee penetration at almost extreme angle and the rate of fire is unbelievably fast and fun. While it doesn't have HE, the cruiser makes up for it sheer RoF and DPS with the AP shell. The gameplay will be similar to that of a Russian gunboat without annoying fire. The AA gun on these cruiser are extremely bad at lower tier but will gradually improve each tier. From Tier-VIII and below, the AA gun are self defense. At Tier-IX and above is when you can use it for support. Torpedos are great at end tier those 8km and 10km ranges are good for wide array of purpose. They are capable of single fire, and you can make some weird torpedo pattern. Last of all the lack or armor is the killer of Her Majesty Ships. Luckily for us the smoke and good concealment nullify this problem if use properly. THANK YOU FOR READING THIS GUIDE! This is my first guide so please go easy on me. I might have gotten something wrong but I'am open to fix it and take feedback. I was also thinking of doing a video but as you know, my PC isn't that great with editing and encoding video in my native resolution. I just want to provide my experience to something unique. These RN's CL are really unique to the game and hope these guide help you familiarize with how to use them.
  18. [Tutorial] Como solucionar error “critical error application must exit” Despues de recibir privados, correo, mensajes tanto por el foro, como por eskype y facebook, he decidido explicar a fondo las posibles formas o vias de solucionar dicho error….comencemos. debo aclarar que este error no se debe solo a un problema…. Multiples posibilidades pueden dar como consecuencia este error, y resolveremos las posibilidades de las siguiente manera.es importante que tengas programas herramientas instalados en tu pc como WINRAR, para descomprimir archivos.descarga tu winrar a traves de -> has ckick aqui para descargar winrar1° recomendación.lo mas sensato cuando aparece este error, es ir directamente al nombre de tu tarjeta grafica y buscar su driver/controlador mas reciente para la misma.la siguiente aplicación se llama “everest”, sirve para ver a fondo o profundidad tu computadora puedes descargarla gratis y completa a traves de mi estorage, descargalo y descomprimelo -> has click aqui para descargar Everest si esta aplicación permite muchas opciones más, pero no nos interesan. Una vez ubicado el nombre y modelo de tu placa de video / tarjeta gráfica. Busca dicho driver/controlador en la web del desarrollador/creador de la placa, para asegurarte de que descargaras e instalaras el último driver de tu placa.Si te lo permite el tiempo, también actualiza los driver de tu placa base/tarjeta madre. (Todos)Nota: Hay computadores que trabajan con la integrada de video, por eso es mejor que actualices todos los driver, de tu tarjeta gráfica y de tu tarjeta madre. Mientras más actualizados estén los driver mejor. Recuerda que los controladores vienen siempre en diferentes versiones para los diferentes sistemas operativos, de 32 bits o 64bits, así como el tipo (Xp, 7,8,10,etc en el caso de windows), así que descarga el correcto de tu ordenador.2° Recomendación.Parece mentira, pero a veces el error es por culpa del antivirus. Lo he visto desde el avast hasta el AVG, así que si tu computadora está un poco lenta ya sabes que esta podría ser una de sus causas, un consumo excesivo del antivirus de tus recursos. Se especula que en algunos casos el problema es por el cambio de año, del antivirus (actualización a una nueva versión), otras porque tu software es pirata y ya fue detectado, te minan la computadora de fallas para obligarte a formatear/desinstalar antivirus.Para solucionar ese problema te regalare un antivirus, con licencia LEGAL, no pirata para que te evites problemas 100% funcional y 100% liviano, minimizando el costo de procesos de tu computadora mejorando tu rendimiento entre un 25% y un 75%, este es un regalo mío para TODA mi comunidad de World of Warship Latino América.Descarga, descomprime e instala, instrucciones dentro del archivo RAR -> has click aqui para descargar Antivirus regalo de rex3° Recomendación Es posible que tu problema no sea software sino Hardware, así que tomate tu tiempo destapa tu CPU y limpia todos los componentes de tu ordenador (incluyendo los ventiladores/fan cooler), Si no sabes hacerlo pídele a alguien profesional que lo haga, no querrás dañar algún puerto de tu tarjeta madre o alguno de sus anclajes se estropee.Recuerda revisar la pasta termica del procesador, y la pasta térmica de la placa de video (si usa pasta térmica), si está en mal estado pues cámbiala, los bordes de las tarjetas (los pines por donde se conectan) (tarjetas ram y tarjeta de video) bórrales las puntas con un borra de goma, al pasar un borrador de goma blanco, limpias eficientemente los pines, antes de montar de nuevo las piezas en el ordenador es altamente importante soplarlo (con una sopladora/compresor) y liminar toda la cantidad de polvo posible.No limpiar tu pc, afecta la temperatura interna del sistema… limpiando tu pc cada 3 meses, reduces el daño por altas temperaturas. Si no habías limpiado tu pc en más de 3 meses. Esta opción te mejorara el rendimiento entre un 15% y un 50% en el ordenador.4° Recomendación Los requerimiento mínimos para correr warship, si tu pc aun funciona a carbón, tienes un hámster en una rueda que la mueve para alimentar tu fuente de poder o simplemente no tienes un ordenador sino un fósil viviente, olvídalo nunca tendrás los requerimientos. Para hacer funcionar eficientemente tu ordenador. Pero intentare darte una idea.Lo mínimo en Intel es un Dual core 2.8 ghz de procesador, en amd su equivalente. Seria athlon 64 x2, todo lo superior a esos procesadores mueven eficientemente el warship.RAM mínima 2GB, ram recomendada 4GB o superior.El tamaño del disco duro, NO importa, siempre y cuando te quepa el warship en el.Si tienes integrada de video, de 1GB o superior si tienes tarjeta de video, de 1GB o superior (en algunos casos funciona la 512MB pero son muy pocos casos principalmente con tarjetas nvidia) Recomendación 2GB de video o superior. Es importante que tu velocidad de conexión de internet sea de 1MB mínimo (1024) o superior.Esas son las piezas o requerimientos que determinan si tu computador, puede correr warship, pero debo advertirte mientras más cerca estés del límite de requerimientos más posibilidades tienes de errores, porque con cada actualización los requerimientos del juego van cambiando.5° recomendación Si ya probaste todo lo antes mencionado y tus errores continúan. Pueden deberse a 2 cosas archivos corruptos del cliente, o problemas internos de lenguaje a nivel máquina. Así que Restaura tu cliente al menos una vez y vuelve a probar…..si eso no soluciona, pasa a lo siguiente. Recuerda que al revisar y reparar el cliente puede tomar tiempo, así que por favor se paciente. Te recomiendo auxiliarmente (lo que está en amarillo) agregar la excepción al antivirus, es mejor prevenir que curar.lo del lenguaje maquina es a través de la siguiente aplicación de wargaming:has click aqui para descargar Aplicacion WGDescomprímela y ejecútala como administrador. Te recomiendo apagar tu antivirus para hacer el chequeo y así no interfiere en la lectura de datos.Selecciona el Wows por favor selecciona las mismas opciones que te muestro en la captura, y asegúrate de que este iniciándose en el lugar donde está el cliente instalado, sino tendrás que buscarlo manualmente para que inicie donde está instalado el cliente. una vez echa las revisiones comienza el diagnostico, esto podría tomar unos minutos, mínimo 5, máximo 20, así que se paciente. Una vez terminado te generara un archivo de texto (un reporte)escribirás un ticket a soporte desde aquí-> has click aqui para escribir a soportecrea un nuevo ticket, explica tu problema y en el mismo ticket adjunta tu captura de pantalla con el error y tu archivo generado por la aplicación (reporte) en menos de 24 horas, revisando los comandos arrojados por el reporte, soporte te dirá, que necesitas hacer y cómo solucionarespero esta guía/tutorial te sirva suerte! POST DATA: Recuerda que hay otro driver/programas que tambien pueden ser actualizados como el Framework, el Xfa, etc..... asi que si puedes permitirte divagar por la red y actualizar estos micelanios tu computadora funcionara mejor (luego hare un guia de miselanios) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Atte: Rex Leviathan Shadow NhiteringComunity Contributors.Almirante en jefeWows Lat.Am
  19. List of modding tutorials

    I recently noticed that there are no easy way to get into modding. Tutorials are few and hard to find. I decided to make a little list of different tutorials I could find to help people who want to get into modding! Some notes first : I do NOT take credit for any of these tutorials, unless specified otherwise. All the authors are mentioned and you should thank them, not me. Some of these tutorials might be slightly out of date. However, I listed them because I think they are still relevant enough. If you are a tutorial author and want your tutorial to be included or removed from the list, message me. General Tutorial to unpack WOWS files Version or later Created by BlueManCa Multiple loading screens Created by TheSupremeOne34 How to rename your ships! Created by DarthDoge How to rename commanders! Created by DarthDoge How To Add CustomPorts to your game Created by MasaruKondera How To Create Your Own Video Login Created by MajorRenegade Crosshair Tutorial Created by MajorRenegade How the flag.atlas works together with the flag.dds file Created by MasaruKondera How to access Training Room Created by NikoPower [WG Staff] Textures and Camouflages Creating Custom Ship Textures and Camouflages Created by Battleship_YamatoKai How to create your own skins Created by prehistoric How to make ship skins ( [Video] Created by Aerroon [EU] Skinning for World of Warships Created by Afinda Camouflage: Decoded Created by dziban303 Como pintar tus Barcos y Camuflajes [SPANISH] Created by Talleyrand Sound How to modify your in game sound effects Created by NikoPower [WG Staff] [NA] How to Create Voice mods ( and onward) Created by MajorRenegade Sound Mod Creation Guide [0.5.2] Created by MrConway [WG Staff] [EU] Converting .wem to .ogg for sound mods Created by DarthDoge ARP Removing ARP images ( Created by Amaruk Getting rid of ARP voices Created by MajorRenegade
  20. A How-to on Custom Camouflages and Ship Textures I thought I'd make this guide for anyone interested in creating their own skins or camouflages for ships but had trouble doing so or thought the process was too complicated. The process isn't very difficult at all, though it is a bit time consuming. The first half of this guide will talk solely on ship textures and the second half will focus on ship camouflages. This guide will not be featuring how-to's on photo editing; only topics relating to the camo or texture files. If you have any questions, feedback, or comments about the guide, please post them here. Thank you . Requirements The first program you will need is the World of Warships Unpacker Tool which is used to obtain the textures (thank you MajorRenegade for re-uploading this). All of the texture and camouflage files are in .dds format. To open and edit these files, I recommend either Photoshop or Paint.net, though some versions of Photoshop seem to not be able to open .dds files. In that case, you will have to convert the files to .bmp format using a program like ReaConverter. If you chose to convert the files, keep in mind that you will have to convert the .bmp back to .dds format before you can install it into your res_mods folder. For Camouflages, you're going to need Notepad++ to be able to edit camouflages.xml. Unpacking the Files Once you downloaded and installed the unpacker tool, open Wow_Unpacker_Gui.exe. On the upper left hand side, select your res_packages directory. It should look something like this: Next, click "Load Contents" at the bottom left and wait for the files to load. Once they do, you should be able to navigate through the directory and find the files you need. For this guide, I will be using Bogue as a demonstration. Bogue's ship textures can be found by navigating to res\content\gameplay\usa\ship\aircarrier\textures. Some ships like Bogue have two texture files: hull and deckhouse (Usually for the superstructure of the ship), while others only have hull textures. All other nations have their texture locations organized identically so finding them should be easy once you know how to do it the first time. The two files that we will need are the ones that end in "a": ASA003_Bogue_1943_Deckhouse_a.dds and ASA003_Bogue_1943_Hull_a.dds. (The same rule applies for all ships and weapon textures. Look for the files that end in "a", not "ao", just "a". For ships that have multiple hulls in game with different texture files for each, the later hulls will almost always have a later year on them then the original hull. In Bogue's case, we don't have to worry about this.) Select the two files and click the small ">>" button at the bottom. This will move the two files to the right side of the program. On the upper right hand side is another directory selection; this is where your files will be exported to. Once you have all the files you need, click "Unpack". Finding Weapon Textures Weapon textures can be found much the same way as ship textures. Using the in game details about your ship on the right side, you can find the names of the weapons your ship has. Using the unpacker tool, navigate to the weapon texture location (It's the same as finding the ship textures but instead of going to "ship" go to "gun", example: res\content\gameplay\japan\gun). To find the main armament of this ship, go into "main" folder in the "gun" folder. From there, go into the textures folder and search for a file that matches the gun described above: 356mm/45 41st Year Type. Once you find the files with this name, again select only the one that ends with "a". Finding secondaries and torpedoes works the exact same way, simply go into their respective folders within the gun folder instead of the main battery folder. (Note: some guns like the 120mm guns on Mutsuki's final hull may be listed under secondaries due to the fact that they are used as secondaries on other ships.) Editing the Textures I'm not going to show the full process on editing textures for a ship but I'm going to show a useful trick that makes editing them much easier. First, find the two files you just unpacked. (They will be exported to a file called "content" because the unpacker tool includes the file directory that the two files were originally in) Place the content folder these two files came in into your res_mods folder. The textures should be located here once you do so: Once you have located the textures, start up your game but leave the file browser open. You can edit the texture files with the game open, allowing for a much easier editing process.. Just make the edits you want, save the file, then go back to your game and select a ship other than Bogue, let it load fully then return to Bogue. You will have to do this selection of another ship in game every time you make a new edit and save the texture so that the ship textures can update. When you first open the .dds file you'll see textures for every part of the ship located all around the file. Most of the objects on the file are easy to identify on the ship, but some may take a bit of work to find. The aforementioned editing while in game trick helps with this. I have pointed out the location of some of the parts of the Bogue texture below as an example. The port side of the hulls on ships will always be mirrored. This shouldn't be a problem if you plan on just editing colours but if you plan on writing text or placing an image, you will have to reverse the text or image. Once you've made all the edits to the file, save and you're done! The process is the same with all textures of ships, weapons,etc. Just be sure to put everything in the right folders. Camouflages Editing camouflages is a little different and arguably more difficult than editing ship textures. The first thing you're going to need to do is unpack the camouflages.xml file and the camouflage from the ship of your choice using the same unpacker tool. I will be using Atago for this example. Camouflages.xml should be located in res folder in the unpacker tool's left window so you won't have to dig for this one. Atago's camouflage will be located in res\content\gameplay\common\camouflage\textures and is called JSC038_Atago_1944_Hull_camo_01.dds The first thing you will notice about Atago's and every other ships' camouflage file is that they are all black, red, green, and blue. These colours are obviously not the ones shown on the Atago in game, instead if we want to find the actual colours, we need to open camouflages.xml with notepad++. Once you do so, press ctrl and f to bring up the search menu and search for "Atago". Keep hitting "Find Next" until you locate this specific set of code: This section is for Atago's permanent camouflage. It tells us the file location of each part of her camouflage and the colours assigned to the four we saw earlier on Atago's camouflage file. The four numbers after "<color0>" are organized in RGBA format and tell us what the colour is and its opacity. The first three values refer to the colour's red, blue, and green values respectively and the last value is the colour's opacity. For example, <Color0> has a red value of 26.3%, a blue value of 27.5%, a green value of 13.3%, and an opacity value of 78.4%. <Color0> itself refers to the black seen on the actual camo file. <Color1> is to red, <Color2> is blue, and <Color3> is green. This rule applies to every single camouflage file, 0 will always be the black on the file and so on and so forth. Recolouring and Editting the Camouflage File Recolouring the camouflage on a ship is quite easy. Using a website like this one you can find the RGB value of any colour you like but before you can add it to the .xml, you have to convert it to a percentage value. If you wanted a colour with a red value of 200, you would divide that value by 255 and put that value in the proper location in the .xml file. As for editing the camouflage file itself, it can be done using the same programs used for editing ship textures. The only difference here would be that you are working with 4 predetermined colours rather than any colour of your choice. Editing the camouflage file itself can also be done while in game. Just be sure to place the file in res_mods\content\gameplay\common\camouflage\textures. However, editing the camouflage.xml file requires a restart of the game (Be sure to put camouflage.xml in Games\WorldofWarships\res_mods) Removing Camouflage from a Ship Removing the permanent camouflage from a premium ship or ship that has "permaflage" is very simple: However, removing temporary camouflages is different because the same camouflage file is applied to multiple ships. Deleting the temporary camouflage's code in the .xml will remove it from every ship it applies to. And that's pretty much all I have for this. The rest relies on your ability to use Photoshop/Paint.net/Gimp etc. and edit the textures. Sorry about the wall of text and sorry if it gets a little hard to follow in some areas. Feel free to leave any questions/comments here .
  21. Introductory Mission

    Never done the PT before, decided to give it a try. Noticed that there is a new "mode": Introductory Mission. Obviously for new players to get a feel for the game. Decided to give it a spin. And it seems...lacking. It's easy enough, but then again, I've been playing since CBT. But it doesn't actually explain a whole lot at all to someone who has never played. Most tutorials tell you the basic controls. This one doesn't. A simple explanation, especially of the throttle would be helpful, since it isn't like most games where you hold W to move forward and stop when you let go. First engagement: I was set on fire twice and my engine was knocked out. I knew what to do, but there was no explanation as to what just happened to the ship. Telling a new player that every fire will do 20% of your total HP if left unchecked (and that they stack), and that the flames shooting out the funnels means you can no longer move forward, and the fire extinguisher icon with the R fixes these problems, might be useful to someone who's never played before. It tells you to lead targets and zoom in but doesn't tell you how (SHIFT). It doesn't explain the differences between HE and AP, how to switch, or what to aim for. I scored some good citadels with AP. The tutorial doesn't suggest switching ammo types, and doesn't explain what or where the citadels are. New players might want to know why shots don't always do the same amount of damage, or why AP sometimes doesn't do any damage at all. Final score: 2/10: It was fun to play around with twice, but as a tutorial it's actually total garbage. It tells you what to do, but doesn't actually show you how to do any of it. Suggestions: Actual explanation of controls and tips on engaging the enemy. Maybe even offer a small XP/credit for completing it once (WoT does this). Also, USS Michigan? (see attached picture)
  22. I ask because UPDATE 5.7 chokes trying to extract the file that is not in the update package. Is this one of the ARP ships? How can I get this file? BTW, this is the same problem i had when loading the PT server too. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/82884-error-pt-update-57-software-wont-load/page__p__2023999#entry2023999
  23. (This guide is for the purpose of satire. What ever you do, don't take it seriously) Tired of being a mediocre player? Realized, it is too hard to get good? Dreams of being a Unicum, smashed by your lack of skill? Have no desire to get better? Then this is the guide for you. With Atomic's Multiple Step Guide To Being a Terribad, you too can experience the total achievement of failure, and remember an achievement of failure is still an achievement. Beyond just telling you how to be bad, this guide will describe the ship classes in detail and offer you clear steps to sucking like a real terribad player. STEP ONE: Guides The first step on your road to being a terribad player in World of Warships it to not read any guides. Now, I realize that you have already failed because you are reading this one but you are well on your way to being really, really, stinky at Warships. Yes, by reading this guide and not reading any others you are definitely going to suck worse than a trained monkey with a keyboard. (All trained monkeys with a keyboard is a trademark of Microsoft.) STEP TWO: Don't Listen To Others Maybe you have seen a war movie with ships..err boats in them. Since you have seen that movie and perhaps others, you now know everything there is to know about ships. Everything everyone else tells you will be lies, conspiracy theories or opiate-fueled guesses. Don't listen to them, your mom told you were special and she was right. How can moms be wrong? STEP THREE : Picking Your Ship There are three classes in Warships, and each can have its own level of BAD. The choice isn't difficult, as long as you remember that all other ships are overpowered and need to be nerfed and it is never your fault. The three classes are: DESTROYERS: Tiny ships with phallic weapons called torpedoes. Like sex, they take a time to get there but the pay off is spectacular and depending on fetishes, rage inducing to the receiver as well. CRUISERs: This is your middle of the road baddy. Some work really well at helping you suck and others only suck a little. If you just want to be a little terribad, this is the ship for you as you can always claim your computer is a POS and that is why you failed to do anything worth a damn. BATTLESHIPS: While it is easy to be bad in a BB, (That's battleship in the parlance... look it up) it is also very slow so the match might be over before people realize how bad you really are. BB's play like dating obese women/men/object... they are slow, hard to maneuver and you don't mind playing one but you don't want to tell your friends about it. CARRIERS: This is the terribad problem child. Sure, you can suck royally with a CV (Carriers! Don't ask me, I didn't pick the names.) BUT, you also have to be really lazy as well. If you get bored easily, you won't suck well with carriers because you can auto attack with your little planes. If you are really lazy, then you can be bad in a CV but if you aren't, best move on to one of the other classes. What is important for you to know about the classes of ships, depends on the type of terribad do you want. If you want to harass others, then destroyers are the way to go. If you want to be moody and brooding, then be a CA (Cruiser) captain. Carriers are for lazy people and battleships work better for drugged out hippy terribads. (They think the ship is faster than it really is.) PLAYING THE GAME: Now that you have picked your class, you have to pick your battles. IF you are intent on being a bad player, do not use CO-OP Game mode. This only allows you to play against bot and they don't really care how bad you are. They will just leave you in a dark alley, take your wallet and needing to see a proctologist. To be a real terribad player, you have to play in RANDOM matches. Here are the 10 rules for playing the game as a Terribad player. 1. Do not go near the circles with flags in them. They will insta kill you and your family, including any livestock you may or may not have. They also make you impotent. 2. Make sure to give your fellow players a quick rub with you ship. This lets them know you are thinking of them. 3. Only fire torpedoes if a friendly player is between you and your target. This way your torps will (maybe) hit the enemy and if they shoot back, they will hit the other player and not you. 4. If you are in a destroyer, you can go invisible. Just stay along the edge for the whole match and way from other players. The enemy will go bat.... crazy looking for you. 5. NEVER use anything but auto attack when playing carriers. 6. See those islands on the map? Those are for you to snuggle with when you are feeling lonely and you are out of booze. 7. When the team goes one way you go the other. What do they know.. you know everything remember. 8. Follow the majority of the team because lemmings are cute. 9. IF for any reason you turn pink, it is because Wargaming thinks you are a FABULOUS player. 10. Under no circumstances should you take any advice from the chat box. It will lie to you and only loves you for your money. (From 10TonHammer...tnks) 11: AP is only good in destroyers, especially at max range, the dinging sound you hear is WG confirming this 12: HE is only good if you hit the armor belt, that way you slowly melt the armor away, hitting anything else is a waste of time 13: If a player accidentally hits your ship, it is your duty to become fabulous and open fire until they sink, that will show the other players 14: Always hit P at the start of battle, AA and secondaries are useless and you should be relying on your skills only 15: Leaving your scope is a sign of weakness, always stay scoped and the minimap is always wrong, it never shows the correct information (From Cailadir...thnks) 16. When you sink ( esp within 3 min of start) You MUST yell how bad your team sucks. This convinces them of your awesomeness and genius and they should listen to you no matter what they are doing. 17. If you should ignore 16 then you have to stay on the opposite side of the map Away from the red team saving your hit points for the last 2 min of game, at which time you will dominate and destroy the red team with no effort..also dont forget to fire your 5.5 torps at targets 20 km away. this is a super sexy sneak attack that will wittle the red team to nothing again inspiring your awesomeness. There are more ways to be a terribad player but these will start you on your way to making sure you live a horrible and miserable existence in World of Warships. REMEMBER: According to GI Joe, knowing is half the battle... so you are already halfway to being a terrible player after reading and following this guide. TLR Good, it's probably better than way.
  24. Tutorial to unpack WOWS files Version or later First : sorry for my poor english, but i tried to make my best to be clear. To create a mod for World of Warships, you must have access to the original game files. But since the version in a loading speed worries of the game, different game files were compiled and compacted in special archives: .pkg, which are stored in: C\ Games \ World_of_Warships \ res_packages. It is therefore, in order to create a mod, first retrieve packages the files of interest. Warning: it is absolutely necessary to achieve this for each new version of the game because you do not know if the developers have not changed or enriched the game files from the previous version. Recover unpacking tools : These tools, created and graciously supplied by Wargaming, are the 2 following: wowsunpack.exe: Application command line unpacking tool (needs to be run from a command prompt). wows_unpacker_gui.exe: the windows application to perform all unpacking operations without to bother typing command lines (GUI : Graphic User Interface). It requires to function, the previous main tool. You can download both applications here: https://files.wargaming.net/public.php?service=files&t=287a9d29fdf989ad13cd965ce222a2dc&path=//EN Installing unpacking tools: Once both apps downloaded, make a copy to save (for caution), and copy then in the main game directory: C: \ Games \ World_of_Warships Utilisation : Launch wows_unpacker_gui.exe. Here is its window : First, click the button [Load contents] and application scans every package contained in the folder C: \ Games \ World_of_Warships \ res_packages, and draws a tree list in the left window of all the game files. You can expand this list by clicking on the small black arrows present at the nodes of the tree, to explore all the contents: In this tree, find the files you want. In this tutorial I will select in the tree in the left window the 2 files I need for my mod, and who are, in this case, the res \ gui \ flash folder, and pass them in the right window, showing the list of files to extract, clicking for each of them on the [>>] button : Once unpacked the files indicated, we launch the extraction / decompression by clicking the [unpack] button. The extracted files are then in the C: \ Games \ World_of_Warships \ res_unpack as indicated by the mention in the top right "Output Directory" (you can change output directory but I do not recommend you to simplify your life). Installation of your mod : Warning: you have not to recompile the original .pkg: You must install your modified files directly to the directory for this purpose: res_mods, recreating the essential source tree. Example : Both files I need for my mod packages are stored in the following locations: \gui\flash\hud_lib.swf \gui\flash\central_feedback.swf We must therefore respect these paths to install these files. You will be helped in this because when you unzip files, the extraction of output folder (C: \ Games \ World_of_Warships \ res_unpack) contains the original tree where your archived files have been extracted. Using wowsunpack.exe in command line mode : If you are a fan of the command line, you can also perform the same operations by launching a command prompt by clicking the windows designed to start applications, and then typing cmd and [Enter] : Select cmd.exe to launch it and a Command Prompt window appears: In it, navigate to the appropriate directory by typing: cd C: \ Games \ World_of_Warships then [enter] To type the desired commands use the following informations (available on the forum) : http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/49179-mods-in-wows-055. Note that if no results is visible in Windows Explorer, it means that the paths of the files to extract specified in your command are wrong. Conclusion : This process may seem complicated at first, but it is not actually. The only difference with how to proceed to create a mod with versions prior to is that you must first unzip the files (preferably with the windows GUI tool) you need. But once this is done, the procedure is exactly the same to create your mod and install it. If you have questions about this tutorial, do not hesitate to contact me. But thank you not to contact me to ask me technical information about the game in order to achieve a particular mod (I am a beginner). Good mods! === Tutorial made by BlueMan – Version 1 - Avril, 29, 2016. ===
  25. Fala galerinha, Depois de muita insistência, nosso amigo, Kovakhyena gravou um belo vídeo explicando sobre como jogar com CVs.Em 02 gameplays comentados 01 USA e 01 IJN.Espero que curtam e se curtirem não esqueçam de deixar seu like. Este artigo você também pode encontrar em nosso Blog: http://wowsbrasil.blogspot.com.br/2016/04/gameplay-de-porta-avioes-comentado-por.htmlSegue o vídeo..