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Found 5 results

  1. I almost forgot that this happened, but 2 maybe 3 days ago I was playing (I believe on Hotspot) in my NC over on the east side of the map with all the small islands and capture point that DD's just love to hang around. An enemy DD popped up and I started tracking him 12-13 km away trying to line up a shot when he vanished. I almost lined up another target when I realized that the "auto-tracking" of the DD didn't stop. I hadn't locked onto anything else, so I decided to fire despite the fact that the DD had been invisible for +4 seconds when I fired. I still managed to get some hits on target and damage him. Sometimes I've noticed that my guns will start tracking a target when I should be able to detect them, but for some reason or other my computer won't load them in visually for another second or two, but this DD remained undetected for the duration of my shell-travel time and it didn't stop tracking until a second or two after my shells hit.
  2. I have used the Concealment Modification (the expensive one) on my Tashkent and I understand the importance of lowering the detection distance for that ship and destroyers in general, but I'm wondering which one would be better used on my Atago, M-K, etc; i.e. CL class ships. Any advice much appreciated, and thanks.
  3. Aim on cruisers or BB's?

    So, let's imagine there is a lot of ships in front of you and then you as a BB that is coming into the battle, have lots of targets and you are not being attacked by anyone (yet) so, wich ship type do you attack first? The cruisers because they can do a lot of damage to your team or the BB's that might give you trouble?
  4. When playing the Bogue CV I'm getting multiple occurrences of nearly all bombs missing their target when using manual bomb drop for dive bombers. When using the [Alt] key, the aim circle is positioned ahead of the target ship, so that the target circle is almost completely inside the target ship by the time the dive bombers are releasing their payloads. Obviously, a fast and aggressively maneuvering target makes this difficult, but if a slow battleship "obligingly" steams right into the area where you aimed, it stands to reason that most of the bombs dropped from six dive bombers will hit the target, but this never happens. Instead, nearly all miss the target, despite the aiming circle being almost perfectly centered and nearly completely inside the target ship. Sometimes, under similar circumstances, no bombs will hit. In fact, I just finished a game where that occurred, and it was frustrating enough for me to make this post. Indeed, I have greater success just aligning the dive bombers on a target ship's longitudinal axis at a short standoff distance, then just clicking the target ship for an auto-drop. In this case I often get three hits per squadron, sometimes four, but most of the time it's one or two hits. Currently, manual dive bombing just isn't worth the trouble. A properly aligned auto drop is both easier and has a higher hit rate.
  5. I keep hearing about how to target with CTRL-X --- I assume it's supposed to track a target but I don't see that especially for Torps. What am I doing wrong?