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Found 3 results

  1. Last Sunday someone got his first ship in an SC (Boise I think) and inspired me to try them again. Hadn't seen one since June. Sunday - nada Monday - 1000 Doubloons ... OK, I can handle this Today (Friday) - Hit again for 25 Red Dragons ... Thanks, RNG ... may I have another? And thanks, WG!
  2. Yes I know that's not likely to happen... but would it not make more sense since we have so many choices now to simply remove that as an option. Insert the random chance of something (ahem) "super" into all the other options. Bring it back when, if ever, it can become "Super!" again. That's all - thanks.
  3. It's that time again! It's been eighteen months since I started recording TYL container pulls and here are the current results! Once again, here is my spreadsheet with the raw data now broken up by year, and here is a graphic summing it all up: 2017 containers 414 flags 277 (66.9%) economic 81 (20.3%) camo 37 (8.9%) super 16 (3.9%) 2018 (up to jul 8) containers 347 flags 232 (66.9%) economic 74 (21.3%) camo 31 (8.9%) super 10 (2.9%) cumulative (2017 and 2018 YTD) containers 761 flags 509 (66.9%) economic 158 (20.8%) camo 68 (8.9%) super 26 (3.4%) I'm leaving out the other accounts this time because QQMoore hasn't played much recently and I haven't played the ASIA account much recently either. Instead, I broke up the data by year because I wanted to see if the distribution of types had changed across time, but for the most part it hasn't. Flags (sets of 4) still represent almost two-thirds of TYL containers, but I'm starting to suspect that the distribution of flags is not equal. With tens of datapoints for each flag, it does seem like say, Victor Limas are rarer than November Echo Settesevens, which is a bit odd. Econ (credits, FXP, and now coal) made up a slightly less consisent one-fifth of pulls, with most of it going to lots of 750 FXP. This will have to change now that Coal is becoming part of the rotation, but there isn't nearly enough data to even suggest how much Coal we should be getting... that should be clearer at 24 months! Camo (sets of 2) came in a very consistent nine percent of containers. These would be better if they came in sets of more than two, but as it is I think they are almost as bad as credits. The types of camo you can get are supposed to change after 7.6, but I haven't gotten any since then. And super containers! The rate of getting super containers still seems to be about three percent, but the distribution of stuff in them seems to have been tweaked. 2017 super containers 16 special mods 8 (50.0%) [edited] (common and rare) 4 (25.0%) camo 3 (18.8%) doubloons 1 (6.3%) 2018 YTD super containers 10 camo 3 (30%) flags (common and rare) 2 (20%) special mods 2 (20%) FXP 1 (10%) premium time 1 (10%) ship! 1 (10%) So while my drop rate for super containers has been a little less this year (most likely due to luck rather than a change in drop rate), I'm willing to say that the contents have definitely been better: I even finally got a ship, though that is again most likely due to luck rather than a change in ship drop rate. I would mainly attribute the increase in super container quality to the decrease in the number of special mods, which are still mostly garbage save for one or two. While this is a small sample set since we are only dealing with the stuff inside super containers, there is some evidence that the drop rate for special mods has decreased as the sampled percent took a huge drop from 50% to 20%. tl;dr seems to be fewer special mods in super containers in 2018. Could just be lucky this year though See you at 24 months!