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Found 11 results

  1. Gentleman, Warships Supremacy League is going international, together with King of The Sea we will be hosting the tournament on NA and on EU on the same days. The top 3 teams of each server will be playing each other on Sunday February 4th! Wargaming is providing prizes for each server worth over 500k doubloons! Additional premium ships will be granted to the international winning teams. The international finals will be casted directly from Paris. Prepare for the awesomest cast in Warship Supremacy League/King of the Seas history! Signups open from the 10th of January at 12:00 EST to 23:59 EST 14th of January. Group stage on the 21st of January starting at 15:00 EST, 3 matches per team. Round of 32 to semifinal on 27th and 28th of January, max 2 matches per day starting at 15:00 EST NA-Final and NA-3rd place on the 3th of February starting at 15:00 EST Super Sunday, best 3 teams from EU and NA fighting each other on the 4th of February at 12:00 EST. Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12B7zQiUNz_OB_CxCasmdeCTefM-0UleCMwr89e72N-Y/edit Sign Ups: Open on 10 Jan. Timetable: Prizes: Team sign ups are capped at 64 teams for this event. Good luck and we'll see you on the 21st!
  2. WSL Season Five Playoffs start this weekend and here is a video I made to get you hyped up! Check the description for the times and streamers who will covering it. It has been another successful regular season for NA comp and we will see who comes out on top in the three different divisions! -TheSneakySnake
  3. Are you a budding spud who thinks they are quality enough to become a full fledge potato? Then just perhaps, you will be a good fit as a Quality Potato. Quality Potatoes [-QP-] is now recruiting members for fun warships gaming. We offer both a casual and competitive atmosphere. Our origins are that of the former FOG gaming community and many of us are high quality/skilled potatoes who know how to captain a ship and survive a battle. What we offer to Players: Quality – While we may be a small group for now, just over 60 members, we are pretty close knit and pretty solid at what we do. Most of the players in this clan have WTR averages ranging from 1200 to 1600. When players division up with members in this clan you know that you will be sailing with some real potatoes, and that is always a plus. Leniency – We are not overly restrictive to players within the clan. We all have a life outside of the game and we completely understand that if you have a real-life requirement that prevents you from being available, just know we won’t take your potato skin or deep fry you. Although baking is a likely probability. Competitive Play – We do participate in the Supremacy League & Clan Wars. Players interested in playing within Supremacy League, are welcome to try out for our team when we have slots available or when we stand up our second team under QP2. The benefit of competitive play is that you will be trained and critiqued. Most players find this rewarding and invaluable at improving their gameplay. As for Clan Wars...the more the merrier, we would like to run more than one team at a time to maximize the fun for all the clan members! Casual Play – We like to division up and have fun from time to time. In fact, you can find a few spuds online daily, mostly during the afternoon and evening hours. Cultural Experience – We have players in our clan from all over the World. While we do confine ourselves to the North American server, we have players from Australia, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, and even Bulgaria. So, you get to enjoy the wonderful world around you and you never know, you might just learn something about a place in the world that has always fascinated you. Our Clan Requirements: Age – Must be at least 18 years old. WTR – There is no WTR requirement to join our clan. That said, we will recruit players on a case by case basis and will need to determine if the player is active and will be effective at getting our team oil. Those players who show a keen understanding of the game or are quickly rising in ability will go to the top. We also reserve the right to accept/boot other players as we deem appropriate. Communications – We use Discord as our primary communications tool. Players wishing to be competitive (Supremacy League) and future (Clan Wars) will be required to have Discord and a working microphone that you can both listen and speak through. There is no exception to this. If you are interested in just being a member of the clan to rack up oil and the like, then these requirements will be eased on a case by case basis. Contribution – Please contribute to the clan’s oil gathering and be a team player. Being a complete bum-hole on the boards or in chat will not be tolerated. Gross Negligent team killing is also frowned upon. Attitude – Is everything. Try to be classy and respectful of other clans, even if the players from the other clan are not. So, if you think that we might be a good fit for your play style, please post here in this thread and we will PM you within 24 hours OR contact us in game at one of our two recruiters below and we will get you set up on the system and get your application processed. Blind applications to the clan will be reviewed, but we will still probably chat before acceptance. We will continue to grow our clan per the clan requirements until we reach our 30, 40, and 50 member limits. When we reach our clan limits on numbers, future applicants will be placed on a first come first serve basis recruitment list. Our In-game Recruiters: KongoPride _Fantomex_ Clan Leader: Reskird (Admiral)
  4. The next round of competitive World of Warships is on the way with Supremacy League Season 5! 40 teams will compete in three divisions to determine who is the best team NA! Timeline: September 9 and 10- Qualifiers September 16 and 17- Qualifiers (If Necessary) September 30- Season Starts 6 Weeks of Regular Season 2 Weeks of Playoffs Games will be streamed on Twitch via multiple different casters https://warshipsupremacyleague.com/ https://www.discord.me/supremacy
  5. Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening Fellow captains We are the Rage Quitting Losers (RQL), and we are looking to expand our community. with some more competitive players for the upcoming season. We are willing to give anybody a chance to play a few games, so at least we can get a feel if your a good mix for our line up or so we know how to place you, that includes both people who want to find a permanent community or just want to get in on some competitive matches. If you are interested please post a line up of your ships below or follow the discord link below and message me. -Requirements (1) 18+ with a some what open minded attitude (2) At least 1,000 battles preferable (may be waived) (3) Must have at least 1 competitive tier 8 ship (4) Be able to play at least 2 times a week (5) A mic (we can work around it if you dont) (6) Discord (download it.... ITS FREE) Contacts (please don't hesitate) https://discord.gg/9nCaKVM -Redavenger6 (Fearless leader) -aditya510 (4Trident4 on twitch) - (Fearless Streamer) -Goliath654 (Daily dose of motivation) -Roachgod (name says it all) If you have any further questions feel free to hit up the comments below, or our discord we are very approachable.
  6. Hello i'm SantaKlaws, I played last season with the team MIA-A. We took second place in the Silver League and has moved up to the Gold League. Bismark (19), Tirpitz (19), North Carolina (19), Amagi (19) Chapayev (19), Kutusov (19), Atago (19) Charles Martel (17) ,Hipper (19), Benson AA(19), Akizuki (19) ("(X)" Indicates Captain Points) I learned a lot from playing DD last season but i'm comfortable in any class other than CV. I am able to purchase any ships that my team finds necessary.
  7. Gentleman, The time has come to begin marshaling your fleets to once again prove your Supremacy to all! Season 5 Supremacy League sign ups are going live! For returning teams we'll offer the same level of competition that we have in previous seasons in a slightly different format and on a shorter time line. For first time teams we offer you the chance to take your team game to the next level by playing in an organized competitive league to allow you to build team work and hone your player skills. Season 5 Timeline: Finial Rule Set Release - 19 Aug/17 Sign Up Deadline - 2 Sept/17 Qualifiers - 9/10 Sept/17 and 16/17 Sept/17 (second weekend on call if required due to team numbers) Final Season Schedule Release - 23 Sept/17 Regular Season Start - 30 Sept/17 Regular Season End - 4 Nov/17 Playoff Start - 11 Nov/17 Playoff End - 18 Nov/17 New teams will take part in our qualifier to ensure that we place them in the bracket that best suits their level of play at season start. As with previous seasons returning teams are not required to partake in the qualifier. All divisions and brackets will be based on the number of teams signed up for the season. Our rules are in for review by WG, as parts of the rules pertaining to team members have the potential to affect the level of prizing that we will be given. We should still expect to see a team size between 15 and 20 players based on approval of the rules. Basic team composition will remain the same as previous seasons; 1 CV Max and 3 BB Max, we are currently testing several ideas to improve overall game play for season 5 and once we have it finalized we'll release it to allow teams appropriate lead time to practice with the new composition. As well we will be adding various features to the league dashboard to make team management more streamlined. I look forward to another successful Supremacy season and encourage all teams to come play a season with us. Team Registration: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd13RuX7KcDv8nxi4_sDkC6RoqyvZMqzVhOpVm8thvhyUrQBA/viewform Any questions can be directed at league admins on the league Discord found here; https://discord.gg/uyKMw9f League Website: https://warshipsupremacyleague.com/ Good luck to all teams.
  8. Our Mascot! Who Are We? PSV is a highly competitive, top tier clan that was initially formed to play in World of Warships tournaments such as Warships Supremacy League and Is now aiming to finish top 5 in Clan Wars. We here at PSV are all a bunch of friendly, close knit folk of varied background, weeb and non weeb. We value teamwork and cohesion just as much as good stats, and are looking for people feel the same. While we are shifting our focus to Clan Wars, with a view to fielding two teams, we also intend to continue competing in Supremacy League where our gold team is one of the best around. During our Tournament debut we came out swinging, changing the entire competitive meta and beating established top teams to hold the #1 seed for the entirety of the regular season. No interest in competition? We don’t mind! We just want people who are interested in intense team gameplay alongside and against some of the best players on the server. What can we offer you? -For casual players - a laid back, chill environment in which to sink ships with other highly skilled players. -For competitive players - an opportunity to be at the highest level of play as part of one of the best teams on the server. -For all – The chance be a part of a top end warships clan without adding too much salt to your diet. How can I join? As we recruit quite selectively, we do have several initial requirements: Mechanics Requirements: -We prefer applicants to achieve over 56% solo win rate over the past 90 days. --Exceptions may be made for exceptional CV mains that suck at surface ships (of which I may be one). -WTR is so easily padded that we're not even going to bother with a WTR requirement. We prefer to evaluate applicants on an individual basis, that is not to say that your stats will be ignored but we will apply careful consideration to your application. Attitude: -A friendly, mature(ish) attitude is heavily emphasized here at PSV. We pride ourselves on being calm, courteous, and level headed in game. That’s not to say we don’t ever get angry here, but if we do we resolve conflicts respectfully. -Be able to accept constructive criticism. -Have fun without ruining anyone else’s fun. TL:DR: IF YOU WANT TO CONSTANTLY RAGE IN COMMS OR CHAT, PSV IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU. Miscellaneous: -Use Discord with a working headset and microphone. Speak intelligible English. Additionally, if you're looking to join our Clan Wars sessions or our Gold Division Supremacy League team, we have a few extra requirements: Ship Requirements, - any one of: -For CV: lol we wish -For BB: Montana, Yamato -For CL/CA: Hindenburg, Des Moines, or Zao preferred. Anything is useful -For DD: any t10 DD These are very flexible due to the ruleset for the next season of SL being in flux. --Having a high-level (18+) captain on that ship would be highly helpful. Other Requirements for SL: -Have some availability during typical scrim and regular season gaming times: 9:00PM-12:00AM EST on Fridays and Saturdays. -Be able to take orders and work as part of a team. If you're interested, you can just reply to this forum post. Alternatively, you can contact myself, WarEagle_97 or Darth_Crater through in game chat, forum PM, or even Discord PM, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
  9. Gentleman, We are now ready to start accepting registrations for Season 4 of Supremacy. For those of you returning welcome back and for those teams whose first exposure this is to Supremacy welcome. Season 4 will be a milestone for Supremacy as we will be celebrating our one year anniversary during the season, a year ago we saw a need within the WarShips community for an outlet for competitive play and this has lead us here. Supremacy is the oldest player run competitive league on the NA server and one of the oldest in all the hubs, isn't it time that you joined us to test yourself and your team? For those of you returning the rules will look very similar to previous iterations of the league; 9 vs 9 Domination Mode 1 CV Max 3 Premiums Max 3 Battleships Max 4 ships of a nation (Lo Yang is a US ship) We will be looking to start the season Mid February and the regular season will run for 10 weeks with an expected three week playoffs, this will have the season ending by late May or early June. Teams will play two best of three matches a week on a structured yet negotiated schedule so expect to dedicate around 3 hours a week as a team as a minimum to playing Supremacy if you sign up. You can register here; CLOSED! You can find the admins on the Supremacy Discord here; https://discord.gg/uyKMw9f The sign up dead line is Feb 1. The complete rule set will be released for team review by the end of January. Good luck to all teams old and new lets make this season the best so far. Vas79
  10. Hey everyone! There is a semi-final match tonight between BWC and KNTAI. It is a best of 5. Sir Venom IK will be streaming the festivities. The match starts at 9pm EST. Here is a link to the twitch stream : https://www.twitch.tv/sirvenomik Enjoy and good luck to both teams!
  11. Qualifying League 1st 2nd 3rd Participation Gold 50k Gold 1st Commemorative Flag 40k 30k Silver 30k Silver 1st Commemorative Flag 25k 20k Bronze 20k Bronze 1st Commemorative Flag 15k 10k (Everyone) Participation Flag Pack: · 30x Zulu Hotel – Comm Exp boost · 30x Zulu – Credit Boost · 30x Sierra Mike – Speed boost · 30x Juliet Charlie – Det reductions · 30x Victor Lima – Fire and Flooding increase Participation Commemorative Flag Prizes will be paid by WarGaming at the end of the season.