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Found 26 results

  1. What am I missing? I'm about to get back into WoWS, a much wiser and focused Captain. While absence makes the heart grow fonder, deprivation makes the heart grow hungry and driven. I have learned more watching and posting in recent weeks than I did in the couple months I played in early 2018. I had a little disposable income and disposed of much of it here. I got out ahead of my skis. My ships were up to T9, but at best, my skills were T5. I have a few nice Premiums and worked the U.S. and IJN Cruiser lines. I was actually surprised to see how many BBs I have, if I really still have them. Thought I did well with my 2 Frenchies, thought I did well with the Roma, and liked my Alabama, but then.... I looked at my profile on this journey back and noticed that pretty much the only ships I sunk were MINE! I almost never EVER sunk an enemy ship. Apparently, my recollections were a bit hazy. I did wonder why I ALWAYS got smoked in Random Battles (when I nerved up to play one). Now I know. I was careless, cavalier, and clueless. And when I got adopted by a very good clan, I embarrased them by taking out a T10 loaner Hindenburg and lasting a FULL few minutes! I always just jumped into the fight. Island hugging and laying low early crossed my mind, but felt like cowardice; as if I had to answer to someone for why I wasn't FIGHTING. Also, things like angling into a foe, exposing my broadside to skilled shooterd, even knowing where citadels were, eluded me. Simply a kid with a new toy. So, if you are kinda new, one of the great abilities of life is to learn from the mistakes of OTHERS. So, look at mine. If you're a pro and reading this, I ask again: what am I missing? I have a good base of ships. Luvs my IJN cruisers (Torpa! Torpa! Torpa!) and am working the US line to the Des Moines. And, like I mentioned, have some Premiums to help pay the rent. Would LOVE any insights, tips, advice, consent, filibuster, Buster Brown, Tier Talk... Anything. Thanks.
  2. A list of suggestions that would make things better in port, with missions, and with ships. Port: Display current ping in port, next to "players online" in the ESC menu if a spot is needed. Change "Combat Missions" button to a dropdown or popup menu, instead of going straight to "Events" -- no one needs to see Events dozens of times every time they play. Eliminate the "jump to far left" behavior in the ship carousel that occurs when marking or unmarking a ship Primary, coming out of some mission screens, etc -- it doesn't serve any purpose. Missions: Give players the ability to dismiss missions they have no interest in. This would eliminate the need for "opt in" missions, and would allow players to remove clutter and noise if they're not interested in things like the "Ships for Clan Battles" missions, Space Battles missions, other events and specials, etc. Ships: "Send to Scrapyard" option on special event ships like Space, Clan Battles "temps", etc, for those players who have no interest in those ships or events -- would just remove those ships. "Mothball fleet" for ships the player wants to keep but doesn't want in their main carousel -- see, the Dreadnought. I don't want to sell it and end up with another one later, but I don't want to see the useless hulk every time I play. Anyone else have suggestions along these lines? I'm sure I'm forgetting something I intended to add to this list.
  3. Question for those who plan on spending less or even not spending money on WOWS. What ships would you maybe spend money on if they were going to be added? I've decided recently that I want to try and spend less or even stop spending money wows but there are a few ships I would like to buy before I go cold Turkey I would like to see a Portuguese vouga class destroyer and a mid tier IJN that is not gimmicky. Also pola would be nice because reasons............
  4. @Radar_X, @iKami, @Femennenly Clearly I and others agree that WG made the right decision to shelve the proposed GC nerf and leave premiums that have been sold alone. But that doesn't mean that some of the issues that spawned the desire to balance OP premiums have gone away. I know WG believes that it has gotten better at balancing premium ships before release but clearly too that doesn't mean your perfect. So I'm hoping to open a discussion around how premium ships can be better balanced in the future and how those ships which are locked away right now might find their way back into the game. Yes many of us felt that living up to your prior commitments on premium ships was more important than achieving perfect balance. But that's not to say that balance isn't important. My first suggestion deals with bringing ships like Belfast back into the game. The answer is simple. Simply rebalance and rename the ship something like Belfast B or Belfast 47. We've got the black ships in the game so clearly this is perfectly feasible. And it would allow WG to begin selling those ships once again. You might even be able to sell them to owners of existing ships if you alter their playstyles or change their tiers. you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Second is the issue of how you ensure premium ships are balanced and where you want them before they go on sale. The issue, as I understand it, is that no matter how much testing you do there is nothing like having a ship out there on the live server to see how she really performs. So I'm going to suggest a new tech tree. The WIP tech tree. Ships here would be available essentially as limited time rentals. Captains can be assigned from the nation that ship will ultimately be assigned to and once assigned they get a free respec. The ship would remain in the WIP tree for a month or two until you had gathered the data you need to finalize the ship. At that point she would be removed from the WIP tech tree and once offered for sale subject to the no nerfs policy. I would suggest that any XP earned on WIP ships would be lost unless the player buys the premium ship. In that case all XP earned would automatically be converted to free XP as a reward for having participated in the development and then buying the ship. By putting the ship out there on the live server for free you get that real world experience you need to ensure she is truly balanced. You don't need to be as conservative as you might otherwise be with ship design since you will now have a period of live server play before the ship goes on sale. Also I suspect that with more people having a chance to try a ship out before it goes on sale your sales of that ship might increase. Looking forward (I hope) to a discussion around these issues.
  5. I am sitting on a bunch of coal and wondering what I should do with it. Are any of the coal ships worth having? Toying with the idea of picking up something French, maybe the JB or .Aigle. I am interested i any thoughts or recommendations regarding the coal ships in the arsenal. thanks
  6. Remove all ships and make it into a sea bird watching simulator
  7. Coming onto the forums, wanting to share an awesome screenshot I just made, I came to the realization, we don't have a screenshot thread of any kind on the forums. So knowing this fact, I decided to start one. Have an awesome screenshot you wanna share? Post it here! Have some good battle stats you wanna show but don't want to start a new thread on it? Post them here! Basically, a thread for screenshots of any sorts. And to start off, here is a screenshot I would like to share with you all today! ENJOY!(Gifs are welcome too)
  8. Não consigo entender porque eu tenho que ter a moeda de bronze(que se não me engano, se chama dobrões) pra poder comprar o navio, o jogo ta me obrigando a colocar $ mesmo??? Alguém pode me dar um help? Eu sou iniciante, e to bem perdido nisso aqui
  9. First i would like to apologies for possible poor grammar and also if i am posting this in the wrong place, this is my first time posting. As the title says, what premium ships would you like to see WG add in the future? You dont need to explain why just what ships you want. I personally would like to see, zara class heavy cruiser pola be added (i like its super structure enough to want it to be added... Yes i know i am weird), a portuguese vouga class destroyer and tenryuu class tatsuta that has been converted into an AA cruiser (dont know the actually correct term to use i just heard that there was a plan that never went through to convert both ships in the class). If you have managed to read through this i would like to thank you for reading and congratulate you for managing to read it
  10. I know they were around for the release of the Cadenza special but if the High School Fleet is getting a season two then why not make the ARP ships available again? I started after the event for them ended which was the main reason i had started playing so for them to be completely out on availability had me bummed out. Put in Japanese cruisers since a fair amount are Japanese cruisers.
  11. Let me start with, you can't truly rank ships. These are all stats and you can have your own opinions about it. https://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/world-of-warships-best-ships https://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/world-of-warships-best-destroyer-lines https://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/world-of-warships-best-battleships https://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/world-of-warships-best-cruiser-lines These are articles I wrote, ranking ships for whatever use it may bring you! Maybe assist you in searching for a ship to play, though I sound like a broken record, it's all stats. So the French in "Best Cruiser lines" don't have such a good spot, due to little information on them, not many people playing them since they're so new. Do enjoy!
  12. PHOENIX COMPANY {PC} Recruitment Status OPEN The World Of Warships Division of Phoenix Company Gaming is now open to new Clan members. Who Are We? Phoenix Company Gaming was formed 8 years ago as a World Of Tanks Clan and since then has grown into a Multi Gaming Community with approximately 500 registered members. {PC} is like the virtual bar you always wanted.A place to hang out with friends, game and shoot the breeze. What Do You Require To Join {PC} World Of Warships? To be honest?, not a lot . We take players from brand new player all the way through to veterans. We take smaller clans who want a little more organisation. The most important thing to us is that we fit you and you fit us. Your Stats in World Of Warships mean nothing to us, Your personality means everything. Please Note {PC} will very rarely take players Under the age of 18. What We Can Offer You? A place to call home for your online gaming. All the advantages of a fully researched base. A 500 slot Team Speak Server. Facebook Groups. Website and Forum. Clan Wars. Friendship. Multi Gaming Community. How Can You Contact Us? By visiting our Website HERE Mrmagoosdad via Forum Message In Game contacts Mrmagoosdad OR Heavyhook
  13. Hello i am still new here and these are my thoughts about the new economy system: My instincts are telling me that something isn't right with the Steel/Coal economy. See at the start "nobody" had steel or coal but at least you could get it on containers(supercontainers) i made this calculations if you get 2 coal containers and complete the first daily mission you get a minimum of 1000 coal so if you play every day you will get a minimum of 30000 coal per month. now lets say that you want a ship lets say the Musashi priced at 180000 coal; you can add a coupon and reduce the price to 120000 coal but that's at least 4 months of grind and thats a lot of grind now lets think about coal and pricing at the most in one day if you get very lucky you can get at a maximum 4000 coal so thats good but almost impossible of getting every day for 30 days straight. Now about coal ships pricing... One could say that their prices are very much in line with the regular ships: Musashi 180000 coal - Izumo 178000 xp Salem 240000 coal - Des Moines 237500 xp Black 14000 Steel/140000 coal(converted) - Fletcher 158000 xp these prices are about right until now. from now on we should see prices like these: Jean Bart 226000 coal - Alsace 190000 xp Bourgogne 30000 steel/ 300000 coal (converted) - Republique 260000 xp Stalingrad 28000 steel/ 280000 coal (converted) - Moskva 235000 xp Because before we had artificial scarcity and now people are starting to retain some coal, and these prices will continue to go up and yes i know you cant convert coal into steel (yet(they introduced 3 new rare metal categories, but for what you might ask...... hum? )) i do think that they will allow us to convert doubloons into steel rather than coal into steel but for that they would need to get their pricing right (and destroy/reprice the current grind shenanigans for coal and remove some ships cuz they would be to cheap for us to buy). lets discuss it below
  14. A few days ago I was preparing for clan wars by obtaining the rental tier X from the mission of using my tier 8. I completed the mission, but for some reason i’m not seeing them in port. I checked the filter settings but still nothing Have no idea as to why. Need assistance
  15. Both seems to be pretty close to each other. In the game, on some ships, both can be equipped with torpedoes (USN and IJN). Does it have to do with the role, weight, speed/acceleration, etc?
  16. TheUssLoliChan

    Am I Just Stupid Or?

    Hi There! I (Once again) came here to ask a question, i got got some new notification for some ship skins and yet a do not see them BUT something else instead.. I'm (still) fairly new to this game and i do not understand if this is a joke or this is for a different ship (as you saw there was the tirpitz and the st.louis) but the ONLY new thing i got was this valentine heart skin??? my question is (if this is not confusing enough) are these skin the Halloween event skins, and if they are did they mess up and did a different skin... and if they were the Halloween skins are they permanent.? sorry for the headache lads!
  17. Falcor93

    Invite codes

    I have a couple invite codes from loot boy for tanks and ships. M22 locust -Tanks Tetrarch -Tanks Albany and 2m Credits -Ships If anyone has a marblehead code I'll swap em ^_^
  18. Cereberus99

    Free XP ships

    I know there's been some talk about adding new ships to be bought with free XP. I was wondering if there was any truth to this or is it's all speculation and wishes. I have just gained enough to buy the Kron or Musashi and am wondering if I should hold out or just buy one of them.
  19. USSThuban

    Non premium sister ships

    So I'm kinda curios to see how this ends up. But I was thinking about how some of the ships have their sisters in the game but you can only get them in the premium shop and while it's cool I think that people would probably find it cool if they made it so that ships with multiple sister ships that aren't already in the shop could be earned as like random mission rewards or maybe in the camouflaged tab for half of the price of the tech tree version, like if you could get a Raleigh camo for Omaha, or the WW1 variant of Großer Kurfürst as a camo for König (which is a thing, I've seen it in model shops like Hobbylink Japan all the time). But yeah, what do you think about it? Would it be a good idea? Let me know if love to hear back from you guys! Sincerely, UssThuban, Scrublord
  20. tm63au

    Battle For Control Of The Seas

    Hi Wow things are really hotting up on the forum with posts and threads left right and centre . Things have really been happening since the announcement and video showing the new addition to the game has people divided, on one side we have the Anti sub lobby CAS ( Coalition Against Submarines ) preaching fire and brimstone and there saying its the end of the world as we Know it. Then there is the pro sub lobby UFFU ( United Front For Unterseeboots ) rejoicing about this new era. The salt is flying, accusations of betrayal and more , the heat is rising, sounds like a normal everyday Caucus meeting of The Australian labour party . Myself I am one of number of moderates who is urging patience and waiting and seeing how things will turn out. To this I say chill relax play a game, have a drink or watch your favourite movie , but don't let this degenerate into open warfare. However if this is not possible well all i can say is lets hope the casualties are low from the blood letting. And here is few pictures to fire up the spirits for both sides l God help the next few weeks regards
  21. BKBridges08

    Hiding ARP Ships

    I noted that the ARP ships are attached to the Japanese line and not independent anymore. Would like the option back to hide these ships in the ship carousel filter choices.
  22. Chaos_EN2

    Drachinifel's YouTube Channel

    I found a channel on YouTube, and I found it interesting so I thought I would share it with everyone here https://www.youtube.com/user/Drachinifel/featured I found it very interesting myself and since so many of us are into Naval History and Ships, I hope some of you will enjoy it as well and BTW he does play WoWs I assume over in Europe. Here is his piece on HMS Dreadnought
  23. StrixKitty

    Naval Technical Mission in Europe

    Hello all, I'm currently looking for Naval Technical Mission in Europe files/articles. I have most - if not all - for NavTech Mission to Japan, but I'm very much so lacking for the stuff that was discovered in Europe, and if ANYONE has those files, even if it's only a couple, that'd be awesome, and PLEASE PM me ASAP so you can get those shared via Google. (Oh, and don't go looking through Google - I've tried, trust me). If you came here expecting NavTech EU files, then sorry, but here: have NavTechJap as a consolation. https://web.archive.org/web/20141211145152/http://www.fischer-tropsch.org/primary_documents/gvt_reports/USNAVY/USNTMJ Reports/USNTMJ_toc.htm Thanks for any who can help, ~ Kitty.
  24. Kirishi_Kaze

    Super Container Rewards

    I got the Prinz Eugen a little while back from a super container. I was curious what ships you guys might have gotten from super containers? And also, what are the chances of getting a ship from a super container?
  25. _KingGeorgeV_

    ¿En qué Tier estaría?

    HMS Renown 24/06/18 Hay barcos que pasan a la historia por su poder de fuego, blindaje, capacidad de hangar, pero que su servicio es limitado o inexistente, como por ejemplo el portaaviones japonés Shinano. Otros, es verdad que poseen características notables, pero su puesto en la historia se lo han ganado por su historial de servicio. Aquí entra el crucero de batalla británico HMS Renown( 1916). Sin caer en una historia exhaustiva. Luchó en la primera Guerra Mundial sin grandes acciones que destacar. Durante el periodo de entre guerras realizaría distintos cruceros a lo largo del Imperio de su majestad Rey Jorge V. Pasaría por distintas modificaciones en este tiempo, siendo la más importante entre los años 1936- Agosto de 1939 la cual supuso una completa reconstrucción del barco. Durante la segunda Guerra Mundial participaría en la caza del Graff Spee, que desde su salida a la mar unos días antes de la declaración de guerra del Reino Unido y Francia a Alemania hasta la fecha de Diciembre del mismo año había hundido 9 buques mercantes con un tonelaje de unas 50.000tm(Historia de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, Salvat, 1979). Tomaría parte en la campaña de Noruega, en la cual un 9 de Abril de 1940 se enfrentaría en un combate contra los buques alemanes Gneisenau y Scharnhorst, que tras sufrir algunos daños por parte del Renown( Al Gneisenau por ejemplo le había destruido su sistema principal de tiro), siguiendo además la orden de los altos mandos de no luchar contra buques capitales enemigos, decidieron retirarse sin antes ocasionarles algunos daños ligeros al crucero de batalla británico. En la Fuerza H con base en Gibraltar bajo las ordenes del almirante Somerville escoltaría convoyes a Malta, luchando también en la famosa pero inconclusa batalla del Cabo Spartivento( 27/11/18) .Luego como escolta del HMS Ark Royal participaría en la cacería del acorazado alemán Bismarck, en la cual interceptaría al Gozenheim, cuya misión era la de abastecer de combustible al acorazado alemán. Como otras de tantas acciones sería ser buque insignia de la Home Fleet, transporte de Winston Churchill a la conferencia de Arcadia en Diciembre 1941, escoltaría convoyes a la Unión Soviética, cubriría los desembarcos aliados durante la operación Torch, además llegaría en Enero de 1944 a la Eastern Fleet(como buque insignia) con base en Colombo, atacando posiciones japonesas en Sabang, Car Nicobar, Port Blair, etc. Sú última acción destacada sería ser el lugar de reunión entre Su Majestad el Rey Jorge VI y el nuevo presidente de los Estados Unidos Harry Truman el 3 de Agosto de 1945. El buque sería desguazado en 1948, siendo el último superviviente de el tipo buque concebido casi 4 décadas antes por el almirante Jacky Fisher. Especificaciones del HMS Renown en 1944: Eslora: 242 metros. Manga: 27.5 metros. Calado:11.4 metros. Peso: 36.080 tm a plena carga. Velocidad: 30 nudos. Blindaje: Cinturón principal 230 mm; cubierta: 51-101 mm; torretas y barbetas: 178-229 mm. Armamento: 6 cañones de 381 mm,20 cañones DP de 114 mm, 28 QF "Pom Pom" de 40 mm, 64 Oerlikon de 20 mm y 2 lanzadores cuádruples de 533 mm. Tripulación: 1200 oficiales y marineros. Es un barco que podríamos considerar parecido a un Gneisenau, por tener 6 cañones de 381mm. Cuenta además con un armamento multi-propósito de 114 mm, además de un AA muy bueno. Tiene además en su arsenal 2 lanzadores cuádruples de torpedos de 533, que no son 6 como el Gneisenau, sino que 8. Se suma que consigue una velocidad excelente de 30 nudos. Su blindaje de cubierta está bien, debido a los reacondicionamientos durante, como dijo el mariscal francés Foch "armisticio de 20 años" , algo que no se pudo hacer en el Hood. Su único inconveniente sería su blindaje de 230mm en el cinturón principal y quizás el de las barbetas. Sé que es algo extenso el foro, pero ¿En que tier ven al HMS Renown? Por mi parte estaría en Tier 7.