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Found 2 results

  1. CV for Germans

    I am not sure a carrier tree would be good for the game, since they only built 1 and scrapped the other. I think that if we add a German CV It should be a Premium Ship. but which, the Graf Zeppelin or the Flugzeugträger B its upgraded version that was scrapped.
  2. Launch: 07/03/2015 12:00PM (Noon) EST (Live Now) ShipComrade.com News/Main: Latest Announcements, News, Discussion & Guides/Gameplay Videos related to nothing but World of Warships. Red Tracker: A searchable log of all Developer/Staff forum posts titles from NA, EA, RU & Asia integrated with Google translate (a way to bring all of us together and for fans to see what the entire company's vision is for the future) . Player Leaderboards: Player Leaderboards that currently ranks by 22 different rankings. (NA & EU so far) Ship Trees: Clickable Ship trees with screenshots, detailed Ship stats with clickable modules integrated with Wargaming's API & Ship guides/gameplay videos from Wargaming & select YouTube personalities cataloged by Ship. Mod Section: Fan made Mod's & Skin's. Patch Note Log: Running log of patch notes giving fans the ability to look at current patch notes & prior patch notes. Twitch & ShipComrade.TV: (main page) Up to 6 Random LIVE streams of World of Warships. ShipComrade.TV page that simulcasts the current #1 Warships Streamer and also lists up to 20 other Live Warships streamers. Website Contributors prioritized over random. Captain Skill Calculator. Hello all, over the weekend I finished up a new Captain Skill Calculator. This will allow you to plan out your skill points and share your builds with others. To share your build, copy the blue "Build URL" link after your build is set. You can adjust the max captain points using the plus or minus buttons to match what your captain's current level is. http://ShipComrade.com/SkillCalc An (already done) build URL: http://shipcomrade.com/skillcalc/11010001001100001100000000 Player leaderboard ------------------------------[EDIT] 06/01/2016 Pushed a major update to our player leaderboards. http://ShipComrade.com/LeaderBoard.asp Added Random Battles (Overall, Solo, Div2 & Div3) to the Game Type filter along with the Ranked seasons. Search your name to add it to the listings (name has to be searched to be added). You can Rank by any combination of the Rank filters (Server, Game Type, Stat & Ship/All Ships). No limit on Rank (no top 100). If you rank last, it will show you that you rank last. This will allow you to watch your rank go up or down no matter where you rank. Auto-Updates happen every 24 hours since last update. To force a manual update, just search your name (manual update is limited to once every 30 minutes). Click on a player (line) to view the player detail. Player detail includes top 20 ships ranked by selected stat & game type along with the stats by ship. Rank filters also work on the detail page. So you can switch ranking even on detail page. On detail page you can also do a player compare. Add a second name and click the magnifying class to search. It will show both players so you can compare. You can also switch rank filters while comparing players. This is just the start. If you have suggestions or find a bug, please let us know. Enjoy! Critter8 P.S. currently limited to NA & EU servers atm. Much more coming. If you all like what you see, please Reply, Share, Like & Tweet to grow this new extension to our community.