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Found 154 results

  1. ExoticEmerald

    Ranked Broken?

    is Ranked like broken? Or am I just lucky to get here first? haha. First time getting into silver and trying to get into gold so idk :/
  2. Seriously WG, you've got us playing ranked, but not getting credit for it. Either increase the timers so we don't get 2 CVs per team in a 6v6 match at tier 6, or open up ranked. This is just absurd. And no, I'm not complaining b/c I lost or didn't do well - although my dmg was WAY low compared to normal.
  3. Ranked Season 3, Silver League T8-T9. Yeeeeeeeshhhh!! First Sprint will be one week long, that's gonna be such a mayhem, yeeeesh! Did I forget to say the number of stars required in Silver were reduced?
  4. I just got done with the first sprint. I'll be playing in Silver in the next sprint stage and I wanted to give some advice for CV players and those who hate CV's and want to learn how to counter them. My number one rule: KEEP A COOL HEAD: Don't get mad when you lose, just play the next game. If you need to take a break, do it. CV Players: F.D.R despite how awesome it is, is NOT a good ranked ship. Your planes are to slow and the games go by to fast. You MUST make an impact as a CV in the first couple of minutes and that usually decides how the rest of the game will go. Tech Tree CV's are much better because you need fighters to protect your DD's. That is your ABSOULTE number one goal. DD's make the impact, not CV's. That means you need to protect your DD's with fighters constantly throughout the match. Forget damage. DD's can capture objectives and have a tremendous impact in terms of scouting, damaging the enemy, and supporting the rest of the fleet. If you have to choose between damaging a ship and turning around to drop fighters because you see the enemy CV's rocket planes closing in on your DD, TURN AROUND AND SAVE THE DD. Damage is NOT YOUR GOAL, support and IMPACT is! That means scouting constantly! If you have the choice of loosing an entire squadron or sitting there and keeping the enemy lit up, keep them lit up! Teamwork above all else! This is especially true if the enemy is bunched up together and can shred your planes anyway. Don't kill all your planes just for one strike, learn when to attack and when to just keep them lit up. Wait for an opportunity! Now as for WHEN to drop fighters that is a different story. Scenario 1: IF you have ONE DD, then you need to first escort the ship with your rocket planes. Don't drop fighters just yet, WAIT until the enemy CV shows up. You want to persuade them to go for the middle objective, the one that both teams usually fight over. There is no need to drop fighters if the CV's rocket planes are not there yet. When your DD gets to the objective, THEN you drop fighters and scout for the rest of the enemy team. However lets say your DD is half way to the middle objective and your spot the enemy CV's rocket planes coming to intercept. Drop them as soon as you know they are heading towards your DD. Try to drop them a little ahead of the DD so the range of your fighters can help the DD cover more ground. Scenario 2: IF you have TWO or more DD's then you need to look at your team line up and see who has the best AA. Protect the one that has the least AA, have them be the one going for the middle objective and the other DD with good AA go to the closer team objective. For example: Shimakazie and Holland. Holland goes to the close objective and Shimakaize goes to the middle objective and YOU as a CV player cover them with fighter escort (as explained above). Now once you secure the objective you need to pick your targets carefully. First go for DD's if you can. Most of the time players in ranked are smart enough to be with their team or they just smoke up. If you attack a DD and they smoke up, that's good, make them waste it. Go attack a different ship and come back when their consumable is on cool down. While your waiting for that, attack BB's who are near their team, but still further away, but do NOT attack BB's or cruisers that are camping in the back and having no impact on the match. Don't waste your time, you need to attack ships that are actually having an impact, otherwise your just wasting YOUR impact and time! Finally, after enemy DD's are sunk, go for again, the ships that are having the biggest impact. As to how to counter CV's, here is some advice: 1.) If your a DD, turn OFF your AA if you are close to a friendly cruiser. It makes it harder to spot you and you'll be covered by your own carrier (hopefully), and your cruisers. 2.) Grouping up really works. You can shoot down lots of planes if your near each other, but not on top of each other. Remember this is a team game, in ranked teamwork makes the dream work. 3.) The second you see a CV coming your way, launch your fighter if you have one. Look for ships that have great AA and also a fighter consumable. 4.) Ask for support from your own CV, try and position your ship to be in front of his plane targets so that while he is on the way to strike the enemy, he can drop fighters to help you out. 5.) Smoke screens work okay at countering, but remember they are torpedo magnets! 6.) In ranked, I would recommend to reskill your commander and put a lot of points into AA defense. Most of the time ranked is won not by your skills on your ship, but rather the impact of the teamwork. If you have anything you would like to add, feel free to comment below! I'm sure I forgot a few things! Just remember, they are good CV players out there that actually care about their team! :) That's all I have for now, thank you for your time and I'll see you on the high seas!
  5. I'm rather surprised at how good the Edinburgh performed in Ranked, I had a very smooth ride after bumping my head against the wall, running radar for a couple of matches. Once I settled for smoke, it work really fine, finishing yesterday with a flawless performance to rank out (only 1 defeat but saved my star for a wide margin). Last night: Overall sprint: Let me start saying I don't like this ship very much. It handles like a fat cow, for being a CL is way too clumsy but at least she has a very decent concealment. I tried playing Radar version but it wasn't working for me, team mates are too unreliable, engagement opportunities become much more limited and imo the trade off isn't worth when the enemy is not really that good. Playing it with smoke I found it becomes much more flexible and you can impact the game more reliably, becoming a credible threat to any BB caught out within your range. Radar is very limited and easy to account for so smoke farming is relatively safe to pull. Playing close support to DDs while providing AA cover proved a very successful initial plan, usually guaranteeing winning the contested cap. There's not much an enemy DD can do against a smoked CL parked near the cap, providing gun support to their DDs. Carrying your own smoke makes you are fairly independent of team and terrain, coupled with the awesome concealment it allows you to deploy on unexpected angles to farm juicy broadsides. The insane heal will keep you in the fight as long as you manage to not get Devstruck (being close twice, this ship has an awesome ability to go from full health to nada in one volley). Overall and interesting and very flexible ship to play, tho I wouldn't call her "good" as her clumsiness compromises her survival to a great extent, making reactive dodging a very risky business.
  6. Le_Potate

    AFK Problem

    So, it seems that there is an extreme AFK problem in ranked. I had nothing to do today, and ranked out of bronze. Easily 80% of my matches had an AFK dd or BB. The amount of people who load in to a match and then don't play is absolutely insane. There really needs to be more differentiation between ranked and fandoms. There need to be stricter punishments for Afk of griefing. There also needs to be a higher minimum battle requirement. I played 2 matches with an individual who had 36, and 38 battles. This guy was in a ZF-6. 36 battles. Not that I expect anyone at WG to care about anything but lining their own pockets no matter the cost to the player base.
  7. Ranked, Kraken, Devastating Strike, Dreadnought, First Blood, High Caliber. 2,812 Exp, 5 Kills, 1,179,076 Credits, 1,950,800 Potential Damage, 175,593 damage done, 113,492 Damage Recieved. https://replayswows.com/replay/127322#stats
  8. As per the title http://surveys.wargaming.net/s3/NEWRANKIS2-NA?fukey=91197b139db7efa3a3743a1846943c39 In my response I highlighted the lack of separation between tiers, the lack of progressively more rewards and..... "The lack of the presence of the old flag reward with economic advantages.I very much miss that. The presence of that ,for example for reaching Rank 1 and having it for the remainder of the Sprint....hmm.. that would be great. It even could be varied what that flag would offer based on....your favourite mechanic..... RNG. Not to mention that it would incentivize players (wink)" I also urged them to rework the....... rework
  9. Invictus_1990


    Cheguei na primeira primeira posição liga bronze e não consigo nenhuma estrela, estou caindo em time ruim apenas, alguém tendo sucesso na rankeada?
  10. I can't believe that Tier 9 ships are now allowed to populate both the Bronze League and the Silver League (where they belong). Whose cornflakes did WG pee in? Is this some joke played on CV players? Friesland cannot even be approached by T 8 planes. Period. And it's not alone! Did the T 10 bunch who were losing too much decide they needed cannon fodder to pick on again so they could feel good about themselves? Who's going to bring a Bismarck into a T 9 match, which is what the Bronze League is now? Six T9's and one T8 CV. The only thing worse than power creep is clique creep.
  11. Since I love the idea of a support carrier focused more on protecting my teammates than dealing damage, I tried a full interceptor build (all four of the support skills along with Squadron Consumables Mod 1) on Audacious in random battles during 10.0. I ended up switching back to a more standard (for me) damage mitigation and accuracy skills before the end of the free skill resets with 10.1. I've kept an American 19 point captain with the full interceptor build, however, for use in ranked and eventually clan battles. I made good use of this full interceptor captain in this last ranked season, and I saw on YouTube that @Ahskance (a much better CV player than me ) preferred this as well for ranked. With the smaller number of friendly ships to protect, you can make it work, and it is very powerful against FDRs, which are fairly common in competitive. What cripples the use of the full interceptor build in random is the -25% patrol times that is the penalty of the 4 point Enhanced Reaction skill. With the Squadron Consumables Mod 1 in slot 5, the longest you can keep the Interceptors on station is 67 seconds, the first ~7 seconds of which are warm up time, where they won't shoot anything down. Without the SCM1 in slot 5, you are limited to 45 seconds patrol time, with, again 7 seconds of that for warm up when you first call them to patrol. I've found that I'm more effective in random battles using SCM1 along with the 1 point Search and Destroy skill as well as the 2 point Patrol Group Leader skill at preventing strikes against my teammates due to the 90 s patrol times this allows. I've shot down more planes on average using this configuration as well, since the red CV is less likely to wait out the patrol fighters, and more willing to hazard sending his planes into the fighters for a strike in the hopes of recalling his surviving planes before my fighters shoot them down. Unless Wargaming wants the full interceptor/support CV to be limited to competitive modes, they need to eliminate or significantly reduce the -25% action time of the fighter/interceptor consumable that is attached to Enhanced Reactions. A 25% penalty is a high price to pay for any 4 point skill. Alternatively, they could leave ER as is and move it down to a 3 point skill, while moving Interceptors back up to the 4 point skill where it started and adding a buff that prolongs the patrol time if you select interceptors, effectively cancelling the -25% penalty on ER. ER is a great skill, and makes fighters work they way I always wanted them to, but the negatives outweigh the power of the skill except in ranked and (I'm assuming) clan battles.
  12. With a python script, I can simulate a singular ranked sprint, taking into account irrevocables, star saving, and win rate. This can help predict an approximate number of battles to either rank out or get N wins. Of course, due to randomness, different simulations will often have different results. To compensate for these differences, I ran each simulation 100,000 times and took the average of all these simulations. Here's the data, visualized: The average number of battles it will take you to rank out, by WR Note that these statistics are averages of the simulations, meaning that although it's an approximation, you can still play more or less games by chance. The chart also assumes a fixed Star Saving chance of 1/7, because there are 7 players per team. In actuality this chart would be steeper, because players that win more games will also be more likely to save their star, and vise versa, but I've kept it constant since I'm not sure how I would accurately scale it with win rate. Here's the same data, visualized on a battles per day basis: Same data as before, but divided by 14 because there are 14 days per sprint What about qualifiers? Here's the data for qualifiers: Five stars are needed to qualify into silver, and seven stars to qualify into gold What about the entire season? Here's some more data: The average total number of battles played the entire season to reach those goals While some players may choose to stay in bronze and some in silver, I've decided to take a look at "Doubloon Farming" and "Maximum Rewards." Doubloon farming means to qualify into gold as soon as possible, then getting the 29 wins per sprint until the end of the season, and maximum rewards means to qualify into gold as soon as possible and rank out every gold sprint. As a clarification, while ranking out of silver does yield the same amount of doubloons as 29 wins in gold, it is statistically harder to rank out of silver than get 29 gold wins. Keep in mind that while this graph suggests that a 40% WR player can still doubloon farm (although extremely time consuming), they will still need to push pass the near impossible (for them) silver rank out + gold qualification. Again, all the data is an approximation, and does not mean you will be guaranteed to accomplish your goal if you play at a pace of your approximated number of battles. Take what you will from the numbers to help you decide what is and what isn't feasible. Edit: Here's some more graphs, with "bounds." The bounds represent the position of 5th percentile and 95th percentile simulations. Basically, you can reasonably expect to be within the bounds, but you could still be very unlucky or very lucky. Same data again but in battles per day: By suggestion, here's another graph:
  13. starblood13

    Ranked-out server

    i just ranked out from bronze and now, i have to wait.. i'd allready ranked gold out last saison, and had to go back to random .. its a litle deceptive , i really like the challenge of ranked in a 7/7 format, play reel great game with strong player skill and a really competitives matches. when we are out, would be fun to have a ranked out server, because when you come back from ranked to random, i feel like im in a coop game. So have a limited practice server, for ranked-out people could be fun
  14. - 166 Stars required to max the rewards makes this is the BIGGEST grind in warships history. - Still woefully few signal flags being rewarded - Still no post battle repair flags - Gold League has ZERO irrevocable ranks - On the plus side for some will be the extended season, doubling the length of each sprint for a 3 month event making it somewhat more available for part time players. - Increased steel and doubloons rewards - Additional rewards containers for ranking out look to add some nice extra's Compared to past full ranked seasons, This season is Brutal. I detail it all here:
  15. Ok so the new ranked sprint system has some good and bad things about it that ppl have expressed. Some ppl are unhappy with the rewards and others are unhappy about the quality of play in gold league. this idea i think helps with the quality of play. Right now if your team wins, you earn a star, If your team losses, no matter how well you play, you can only save a star if you are top otherwise you lose a star. The problem with this system, bad games by players on the winning team earn a star while the good games by players can get punished and at best save star just because they lost. I think this is the reason why the quality of play in gold was what it was. compared to the previous system it is much easier to reach gold than rank 5 due to all the stopping points from bronze and silver. This is why there were alot of red players in gold league and such a big skill gap which is frustrating for competitive play for everyone. Solution A subtle performance based approach - "why not change the the top 7 base xp earners to gain a star regardless if their team wins or losses" this way teams are still incentivised to win because you get more base xp for winning but it also address the problem of 1-2 players on the losing team who have over 1500 base xp and played very well while the bottom 1-2 on the winning team could have less than 600 xp yet they earned a star even though they basically did nothing that match. Bonkers.... With this all 7 players on the winning team could still earn star especially since the base xp boost for winning, this just addresses the games of extreme cases which is quite frequent. "Finally the player with the 8th highest base xp saves star and bottom 6 xp earners lose star regardless of team" Hypothetical result - 1. the quality of play in gold will be improved (not perfect, but improved) 2. toxicity and player frustration could be lowered due to smaller player skill gap 3. the grind to rank out in a sprint will be less daunting and the rewards will be more worthwhile time wise 4. really good games on losing teams have greater value over really bad games on winning teams What do yall think? im sure there could be bigger changes to the star saving system but i think this is one of the roots of the problem with ranked. I personally really like the idea of the sprints and it seems more relaxing to play it. but i think this would make it a lot better. -(added 2/7/21) As an example or a reference point, here is the system for WoT. some ppl complain about his method too, but i like how the system is more dynamic by distinguishing the level of play on winning and losing teams. Pika
  16. NoZoupForYou

    USS Sims is Ranked Gold

    The Sims is the hidden gem of this season of ranked gameplay. It's essentially dummy proof, because even a dummy like myself can play well in it. This is partly because of the hidden unofficial covert base xp multiplier that helps it do better xp-wise than all other premiums in its tier. This of course is unconfirmed however all but confirmed through anecdotal evidence.
  17. so this so called test season is now over, thank god. u know what was the difference, for real?! the only difference what this season had was that u had to play more games. this so called leagues and the flattering names bronce, silver and gold are just as it always was. a freecard for everybody ... if u had enough freetime u could rank out even with negative winrate (yeah negative winrate ... in a tournament or ranked event where winning and doing good should be the key to success) but as we all know wargaming wont exclude anybody as in for example the CV players. i mean this is just the tipp of the iceberg ... this are for sure not the top 20 players in account of played games this season cause the hidden profile players aint listed. i know some ppl say if u have enough time why not, but alot of this players just drive into the middle and shot at something and die in the first 2-3 minutes (i dont say that they are boting ... cause wargaming says there is no boting, hacking, etc. on their server ... cause their servers are top notch protected and run without lag or delay!) its loveley from wargaming that they dont want exclude anyone ... sure why not. but what about protecting the majority of players who dont abuse and exploit a event to gain the rewards? this numbers are clearly not normal, by far not and this exploiters just make this whole thing so toxic and so no fun to play. i dont want to moan about the rewards ... wargaming doesnt have to give away free items not in the way they do (even so they were much more generous in the past *wink*) change ranked into a game mode where actually winning and playing good matters ... introduce a maximum number of games u can play each season that would solve alot of problems or change the name into random+ (+ stands for give aways for everyone), cause this event aint a ranked system!
  18. LowSpeed_US

    This is Ranked now...

    Ranked game few minutes into the battle. Critiques welcome, even memes, and humour.
  19. So recently I witnessed/experienced a strange incident in game that made absolutely no sense. I know it could be a bug or glitch (and maybe I could/should send in a support ticket) but I'm really not sure. So maybe someone here can help me figure out what happened. I was playing my Ognevoi, the tier 8 Soviet DD in a ranked battle. I fired both spreads of my torpedoes (2x5=10) at an enemy smoke screen in the distance. The torpedoes seemed to run normally for a few seconds but then disappeared at the same time in the water. I turned pink at the same time. I looked around, and noticed a friendly DD on the other side of my ship, opposite of the direction at which I fired my torpedoes engulfed in a water plume and took team damage. So how could the torpedoes teleport from 1 side of my ship to the opposite side? In terms of direction, that friendly DD was as far away from the direction I was aiming as possible. I suspect if there was lag, then maybe what I saw on my monitor wasn't the same as what the server saw. But then in this incident the discrepancy seems to be too complex for that to be the cause. As a frame of reference and so that you can see what I saw, I recorded the replay and it's here: (Please feel free to fast forward to 6:59 to see the torpedoes ghosting and causing team damage)
  20. People who have no business playing any sort of ranked, who don't understand the basic mechanics of the game, are playing the sprint ranked and causing massive losses. DD staying behind BBs, even without CVs present, and launching torps from behind, cruisers popping radar at least 15KM from ANY possible ship and every sort of nonsense and absolutely no teamwork. But teamwork is dependent on players knowing what their class of ship, and those of their team, are capable of doing and what role they should play. And the MM is seemingly punishing capable players by stacking the deck with teams with absolute trash. The mechanics are completely broken as well. The 'struggle' fights between Bronze/Silver/Gold are the worst. It has been so infuriating I may just leave WoWs for a while as you can be top of the leaderboard for only so many games while your entire team gets decimated and if you actually fight, you get targeted by a competent team. I know this is new, but the MM mechanics on this have been so frustrating that regular randoms are not this bad. Sprint Ranked is so much garbage that I am ready to just play coop and wait for team ranked again. WG - You have a lot of work to do to make this suck less. Because it is hard to imagine it sucking more.
  21. Hukom

    No CVs, no DDs

    With the Commander Rework just around the corner, I took the Massachusetts once again to Ranked Battle to enjoy her secondary guns before Wargaming implement changes. Now the Match Maker made this an all battleship and cruiser match—and it was so much fun! No endless waves of planes from aircraft carriers. No sneaking destroyers hiding in smoke when detected. Just all-out positioning, shooting and tanking for the team. It was amazing we all stayed alive. Managed to top the team scoreboard too!
  22. It was either sheer luck or applied skill that turned this game around. Playing a ranked match on Northern Waters in Silver League we make a comeback from being triple capped.
  23. Hukom


    I got fed up with the bot-bashing in Co-op so I decided to bring Big Mamie to Ranked Battle. She's so much fun to be with, and her presence alone gives the red team pause. We did some good teamwork, managed to top the scoreboard for this battle, but it makes me a bit sad knowing the coming Commander Skill rework will most probably affect her. Why must the fun be nerfed?
  24. I am starting a support group for those affected by a certain sinkable lawyer and a very mad turtle. If you have been harassed, stay silent no longer. We are a non profit organization to help those in need.
  25. In another thread, some proposals came up on how to improve the Ranked format, I will explain them here to have a focused discussion about them: Qualifying by Avg base XP: Instead of the current qualifying method, the usual collecting stars, which is highly team dependent and vulnerable to be brute forced by high volume of matches, change the qualifying metric to achieve X avg base XP value in a Y number of matches. For example, achieve avg over 1000 bXP over 5 matches to qualify into Silver League. The qualification sprints could be limited in time or number of attempts per week, to further limit the possibility of just "brute forcing" through. Base XP is highly independent from team performance and victory/defeat, it is a metric already in place and IMO the best metric available to measure individual player contribution. The bar height could be easily adjusted as needed accordingly to tier and league intended requirements just by setting the X avg XP and Y number of matches. Progressive League Rewards: The time/rewards rate increment should be progressive for the different leagues. As it stands now, the time/reward rate favors playing lower leagues, a skilled player with times constraints has no incentive to move into higher leagues because it would be a sub-optimal use of playing time, as a consequence won't progress accordingly to his/her skill level and will keep playing at lower leagues (skewing the expected league player pool and results). The scaling of rewards must consider the per match factor and not just bulk rewards in order to be really attractive.