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Found 2 results


    Rant Time

    I'd like to start this by saying I understand that somethings are planned to change but it's still frustrating to deal with some of these bullet points. I am first and foremost a BB main, but I play some cruiser and rarely DD. If battleship AP was dealing too much damage and made battleship gameplay dull and simple then can we please do something about switching shell types? Knowing when to switch shell types is more of a gamble. It's picking the shell for the likely target, pick wrong and potential alpha goes way down to the point where it's rage inducing. Sure, 15 seconds from Expert Loader is nice, but it still remains such a roll of the dice, it's still better to sling nothing but AP. I've tried Montana, she does well with only AP overpens but ships in the German BB line? Secondaries are no excuse as they are CRTL click, the point of the change was to make the game more dynamic but I'm still waiting to see that. Note: I do agree that the damage from AP was too much in most circumstances and I'm more happy that it's been changed. DDs always seemed to have a low population count, this changed help but by shifting BB play into more luck. Which brings me to my next point. RNG, I've had some moments with good RNG. However, it's those moments where a broadside cruiser at 7km gets spared while one at 20km doesn't, that is most remembered. I know it's there to give the lower end of the players a better fighting chance and to learn from their mistakes but I've yet to see why I should delete a good player at extreme range while a bad one gets spared. With my luck, this happens too often. One salvo and suddenly three fires, which means ~58% of my health if I do not spec into a tank build. Once again this brings me to my next point. Commander skills and builds are so damn linear, it's really not that much of a choice. If a BB is not specialized in stealth and DoT survivability, it's goodbye. Sure, sometimes a secondary or AA build has it's moments but they are so far and few in between it's a waste. I'm not calling for a BB buff or nerf. Making the commander skills more dynamic would be awesome. The National flavors of battleships is such a mess. The German citadel niche is not unique and the secondaries are not unique. Those were the TWO of the three MAIN selling points of that nation. The other being hydro. Not enough to compensate for what happens when they face other battleships from a different nation. If AP pens on DDs were such an unforgiving thing, is it possible to say that flooding is too? 60% for an un-specialized flood is crazy. Too [edited]crazy. A torpedo that does 18k and gets a full flooding on a Yamato is roughly 76k. Or 78% of the ships health. This gets worse the less health you have but is greatly influenced by damage repair. Which is most notably the slowest for battleships. They're suppose to be more survivable than the other classes but how come their damacon is arguably the worst? At this point I'd also argue that citadels are too punishing. I'm not advocating that either flooding or citadels should be removed, just that flooding is the "50 seconds and I'm gonna die no matter what I do because I was on fire in 4 spots" kinda thing. I'd rather take an extra 4k damage that I cannot heal then the 30k of flooding. I understand there is a change in the works. I like the addition of HE penetration being listed in port, but by god... how am I suppose to know the penetration of the AP without external sources? The armor viewing mechanic in [edited] is really bloody good, is there any way for that to be mimicked in this game or would that be a copyright horror? Either way, I'd like to get to know all the guns penetration through the game, not the forum. Anyway, that's all. Really helps to vent and thank you to whoever got through this rant.