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Found 9 results

  1. TheFriskoKid

    San Francisco Port.

    I know we have New York, and Hawaii, but was not San Francisco one of the most key, and beautiful ports in the US. Give us San Francisco.
  2. [All] Daylight/Snow Nagasaki Port It's a recreated with assets left in the current client, mimic the lightning of Daylight version and replace the current Night/Snow Nagasaki Download: https://mega.nz/#!JBZAhQxR!0CA_YiFtRpApiL3kuv7Xfrzdr-Uky-YBIhCo54EGymI Change logs: 20/12/2018: initial version 29/12/2019: Added fog, preview image, precise cloud position. More in the box:
  3. TheAshenWolf

    Twitch Prime Port Not Working

    I have my Twitch account linked to my Login for Wargaming, am a Twitch Prime member, yet the port is still grayed out. Is there something I'm missing? Do I need to link something in addition?
  4. Hey WG, can we have a way to dismiss missions? I have zero interest in any of the Twilight games, really hate them. Also, missions involving CVs I dont want either, I don't play them. They are just clutter I have to scroll through to find my progress on missions that I like. Can we just put a button on them to dismiss them?
  5. I would really like to have the Escape key (Esc) perform a "back" (or "descent tree node") function in the Port UI until you're back at the "root" port display. Or for that matter, *any* key perform that action - and if I want to re-map it to my Escape key, add that function to the Key Binds section. For example, I'm looking at my American Cruisers collection (Profile tab) and I press Esc, I get taken back to the Port display (tab). If I'm looking at our Naval Base, I press Esc, and I'm taken back to my Port. I see in other menus that "Esc" is associated with a "Back To Port" link (eg News window) - just continue to make that consistent.
  6. 2020HeinSite

    Port of London

    Normally I like the detail Wargaming puts into their port designs and appreciate the research and effort they must take. But in the case of the new Port of London, there is (to me) a glaring omission I can't stop noticing... to the point it bothers me to even use that port. I'm talking about the lack of St. Paul's Cathedral on the skyline west of the Tower of London. St. Pauls was the tallest building in London from 1710 to 1967 and most certainly would have been seen from Tower Bridge and point on the River Thames where our ships are anchored in the time period used for modeling. For the life of me I don't understand why an iconic structure like St. Paul's, one that took direct bomb damage in WWII, including a time-delayed strike that was defused and removed before it could detonate and completely destroy the cathedral, would be left out of this update. Very strange omission, Wargaming.
  7. Hi all, Question and maybe support. Im not sure so I will ask the question first. In the past I have been able to purchase ships from the port with my gold. The only reason I buy it. Today I've been trying to purchase the Enterprise but the system gives an error everytime and says try again later. Will I've tried for several hours now and no luck. Is this a bug, is purchasing ships with gold disallowed now? Thank you for your time and replies. Tarran61
  8. Several of us have suggested a mothball fleet for ships we no longer play. I have a whole slew of T5s and T6s I don't play because WG destroyed those tiers by restricting the T4 MM, and T8s I dont play because I dont uptier well in them. I also have a slew of T3s and T2s I never play. Certain oddballs, like Blys, I have retired. Why not simply add a DESIGNATE MOTHBALLED to the menu that comes up when you right-click on a ship? The one that has SET AS PRIMARY SHIP, MODULES, SELL SHIP, etc. Then you could just add a filter to the port for MOTHBALLED SHIPS and when that is checked, you would not be able to see the ships in port, which would vastly reduce scrolling time for those of us with many ships in port.
  9. Zoom & Enhance Cinematic Port Camera What does this mod do? This mod adds more zoom levels to your port camera allowing you to zoom extremely close and far from your ship. Camera yaw has also been unlocked so now you can look almost 90 degrees up and down. Ever wanted to take a closer look at your ship? Perhaps even stand on it? Or maybe you want to see everything the port has to offer. Well now you can with this mod! Features: Extreme zoom angles both in & out Reworked FOV to eliminate perspective stretching Unlocked camera yaw angles (ability to move your camera up & down) Adds zoom levels to preexisting zoom parameters, you will still maintain your original zoom (think of it like an expansion) Extremely lightweight in size Please note that with the freedom to move wherever you want (for the most part), you may experience some clipping. This mod also answers the question on why there's no port free cam. Screenshots: Compatibility: Currently not compatible with other camera mods, may change in the future. Download: Link