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Found 3 results

  1. I skimmed the patch notes and video for the current patch. I never tested in PTS the over sensitive Pink requirements/rules. I am saying to be aware of the perceived changes to the friendly fire system. Here are the Pics, *The background/context* These were my first 3 games in the game mode tonight.. Must were "love hits/taps" or things that are not in your control... The unintentional hits you dont pay no mind of.. Well after these 3 games, I am taking the night off... It appears, the system is a little bit sensitive to any DMG done. Keep an eye on this fellas..
  2. I'm ignorant (ha. Redundant.) of how to have my Captains gain more points other than Capt. XP through battles. Is there not a method for moving one or more back and forth to Premium ships or something? Thanks.
  3. Felt like crapwhen I woke up this morning and called in to work. I played 35 games taking at least 8 hours today, maybe more. I also read the rules, you don't get more loyalty for more points which is counter intuitive. I looked up the top Sharks player a few days ago, he was a unicum CV player because you get the most points for wins and kills (the quests are too random) that makes sense. Eagles are still losing by 2 mil points, but the balance will shift soon.