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Found 13 results

  1. On the public test server... BEHOLD THE FUTURE! Witness what is to come and tremble at WGs Mighty Works.
  2. Hi guys! The WoWs Asia portal posted the PTS article and had more info and gifs about the new graphics. The detonation looks amazing!! Edit: since you feel sad. @renegadestatuz
  3. I was playing Hosho in coop on PTS, because, can I haz camo? (And I have no business in a CV in randoms, even on the PTS). It is pretty funny - 5 or 6 carriers in the queue, and maybe one other ship among them if you are lucky. So it devolves into your bots vs. their bots if your carrier play isn't good enough to control the match (and mine sure isn't). I suppose the idea of the carrier-only mission for camo on your main account is to get people like me to try out CVs, but with this distorted MM I'm not sure it is an experience I want more of. On the bright side, I did pink myself on PTS when a TB squadron did something unexpected, and at least no humans were around to share that moment with me. The things I will do for 10x type 6, but need to keep the camo train running.
  4. Anyone interested in ranked, can check it out on PTS right now. They have it set up so it only takes 7 wins to hit rank 1, so it's not too hard. I managed to do it in 9 matches. My last match was pretty much classic ranked. Trying (in vain) to convince the remaining members of the team to try to stay alive while I run off to cap. Also had a couple key torp hits in smoke, something many consider to be as rare as super containers. Was using the Hatsu with the 15 point captain they provide on PTS. Couldn't afford TA and boy are those Hatsu torps slower than heck. They're barely faster than the Hatsu itself. (with Sierra Mike flag and Engine Boost) Of course, the end of the match came down to a 1v3. Remember, you get five of each new special Signal Flag on the live server for earning Rank 1 in the Ranked Season Seven Test on the Test Server
  5. o7 to all I have been participating in the PTS since 0.6.0 and it has been enjoyable to play and test out the different features, new lines, and of course get those juicy flags and rewards. I have been looking forward to PTS 0.6.7 because Ranked Season was rumored to be in it...lo and behold it was. I honestly didn't know what to expect and was thinking to myself "Can I reach Rank 1 in a week?!" but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it started at Rank 5. I managed to get to Rank 1 in 15 battles and with a WR of 53%. There was a chance that I could have gotten it done in seven battles buuut lets just say mistakes were made and in an effort to carry I did over extended in some of the battles...nevertheless those extra games did give me insight in to what to look for and watch out on the live server. I'll break down my top experiences in two categories; the good and the bad and explain some things in details. The Good ) Teams generally stayed together and took action as a whole ) Fairly good maps that promote brawling + a new awesome map ) Diverse classes of ships in each battle (never got in a battle with only one class) The Bad ) Lack of coordination between players (details below) ) AS Ryujo?!?! ) Horrendous teams at starting ranks (details below) The Scoop In Rank 5 & 4 teams either were crushing or got crushed. I initally started playing Fuso with the intention of putting down as much shells as possible and being able to carry if it came to that....but it never did because in my first two matches my team got feasted on only to realize that I am the only one left with the reds having only lost two ships. It was also at these ranks that DDs did their own things and were not supporting the team with their smoke or screening for torps. The test server is open to player from all the servers (RU, NA, SEA etc) so not everyone speaks English or understands what you are saying in chat. Out of 15 matches there was only 4 where someone else was typing in the chat in English (most of the time it's Russian). Game play was generally aggressive and I will have to credit a combination of the maps and minimal smoke (or none in some matches). DDs attempted smoke up in caps but would get hydroy'ed by the cruisers if teams didn't end up on opposite caps. Don't expect to do damage a lot of damage in BBs and end up topping the chart, most of the time cruisers or DDs were the one's that didn't loose a star in my losses. Out of 15 matches only 3 were topped by a BB, two were wins. MM was very fair in every aspect and team were 99% just doesn't look good when you have a Gaede and the reds have a fubuki and your Gaede promptly gets dev striked trying to cap. Maps that I have seen: Ring (7 games), Straight (3 games), Neighbors (2 games), Riposte (1 game), Fault Line (2 games) If Islands and Ring had a baby map it would be Riposte (the new map), it can support both campy and aggressive play. I had one game in it and our team was aggressive; pushing the enemy North of the A and herding them in to the North East as we picked the weaklings off one by one. Large number of AS Ryujo...I dont know what the IJN CV line meta is like in other servers but there seem to be a ton of them on the PTS. Half of my matches were with CVs and only two were with Independence (both strike). Ships were pretty standard; Nurenberg was rare, Cleveland was a favorite. Leander is god tier if it can last till late game and preserve its smokes. Fuso and Bayern were the most favored BBs. Fubuki and Farragut were favored as DDs and game changers, easily carrying teams. I think everyone should try out since its so easy; you get 5 of each of the special flags as a reward and plus you get a feel for what the upcoming season is gonna be like. You don't have anything to loose and it only took me three hours to do it (with WC breaks of course). P.S. I apologize in advance for any spelling mistakes or grammar error..typed this up before taking a nap
  6. I finished downloading. So when I try to log in from the launcher, using the same email address I use for NA server (I have registered on russian public test website with that email address too as it instructs to do so) it doesn't let me sign in. Says "Error connecting Server, Failed to connect to the server. Please try again later." What's going on? Cant figure out whats gone wrong? Help!
  7. I started downloading the public test server (I hear there are some free stuff you get? lol). Initially the download launcher showed I have to download 5 GB. Then when it finished, it again started downloading 11 GB worth data (after verifying integrity of files)?? Anybody can confirm that it is 16 GB in total?
  8. My thoughts: -FP is being buffed and being moved to T4: It now has a 10% fire chance reduction. I think that's fair enough, since it was a little bit TOO good for T3. But now that it shares its level with skills like AFT and CE, I don't think it's going to seem as attractive. -SE is being moved to T3 with a nerf: I don't think this is a good idea, because SE has always been an important skill for USN DDs in their cap-fighting role. Sure, now it's less expensive, but the gain of HP points has been reduced by 12.5 percent (400HP/tier->350HP/tier). -IFHE is being buffed, with less of a penalty and and more of a buff: Well, it's official. Once the patch hits the live servers, Akizukis will be eating up your DDs for breakfast. Before, I wasn't sure that many people would take this on the Akizuki, but since now you only lose 1% fire chance if you take DE in conjunction with IFHE, this almost seems like this was made for the Akizuki. She's still slower than all of her rivals, so perhaps she won't be as effective as I think she may be. Other ships that will benefit from this are high tier light cruisers (not the RN CLs of course), because they will now be able to penetrate the bow and aft armour of T8-10 BBs. Before the change, Mogami with her 155mm HE would have been the only light cruiser to benefit from this skill. -Evasive maneuver has been changed: The concealment buff is now less (-40%->-20%), but there is a HUGE HP buff of 75%. So if you are attacking an AA heavy ship, this will mean that you will be able to save more of your planes. This skill was useless before, but now it will be effective under certain circumstances. I think this could be useful for some lower tier carriers that have small hangar capacities. -Adrenaline rush has been changed: It now gives a 0.2% reduction of the reload of all armament for each 1% of HP lost. So at 50% HP, you will have a 10%. If you are about to die, you will have a 20% buff. Looks like it will be pretty useful, especially for certain ships that don't really benefit much from any of the level 2 skills. -BB catapult fighters are being nerfed: The duration is going from 300 secs to 60 seconds. I personally think that this is too much of a nerf. Perhaps a more moderate 120 seconds would be better. -Bismarck's Hydro is being nerfed: I think this is a fair balance decision, switching the role of its HAS from offensive to more defensive.
  9. No this isn't about Radio Position Finding. Instead I'm going to look at the new Fire Prevention, Direction Center for Catapult-Launched Aircraft, and the new 19 point captain builds possible in 0.6.0. For 1 point you can now launch 2 catapult fighters around your ship with the Direction Center for Catapult-Launched Aircraft skill. This is insanely strong for a 1 point skill especially since there aren't really any competitive 1 pointers in the new skill tree besides this one. A group of ships with this skill can have a huge number of fighters in the sky at once to tie up CV planes and spot torpedoes. Who needs Defensive AA and cruisers anymore when a group of BBs with a squadron of catapult fighters can do the same thing? Also good luck getting surprise torpedoes on any ship with this skill. Next we have Fire Prevention at 3 skill points. This skill was buffed significantly in this patch because now it combines the two separate superstructure areas that can be set on fire into one entity. What this means is that setting 2 fires on a ship's superstructure is no longer possible, you will only get 1 fire instead. This is what I mean... Here is a bot Montana obviously without Fire Prevention. You will notice that setting his entire superstructure ablaze counts as 2 fires. This is a picture of me in-game with the Fire Prevention skill. You'll notice that my entire superstructure is burning but it only counts as 1 fire. Since the superstructure is the easiest part of the ship to hit with HE, this skill effectively makes it much more difficult to be struck by multiple fires at the same time. This is now an amazing skill for BBs to take. Lastly 19 point captain builds for BBs are hilariously strong. You can do Stealth/Manual AA, Stealth/Manual secondaries, or Stealth/Tank which looks something like this... 2 catapult fighters give you protection from torpedoes and CVs. High Alert plus the cooldown reduction flag and premium damage control drops the cooldown to 68 seconds. Fire Prevention limits the possibilities of multiple fires on the superstructure, and if you get do get 2 fires on your ship, you could probably use damage control right then because the cooldown is very short. Lastly you have Concealment Expert because it's better than Radio Position Finding. So you basically have a stealthy BB with the same damage control cooldown as a cruiser, and it can't be set on fire more than once reliably... Cruisers got nerfed by the Demo expert reduction and the buffed Fire Prevention skill. DDs got nerfed because of the Radio Position Finding Skill and the double catapult fighters. I suppose CVs got nerfed too because of the double catapult fighters everyone will be running, but they got Fiery Takeoff which is a buff I guess. But with BBs, I can't see how any of these skill changes negatively affect them.
  10. Looks like we finally will get the ability to see a countdown to full cap in the base game. One of the last things that I ever really cared about in terms of mods (even though I have not used mods for months now).
  11. Original source here: All credit goes to Reddit user /u/Vaexa Content is as follows Data changes Additions Permanent camouflage added for Tashkent Balance changes Ships A bunch of ships had their armour models changed very slightly, likely for the sake of the armour viewer; see below for a list List of changed armour models Gnevny Tenryu Yubari Mikasa Gremyaschy Amagi Yamato Tone Dresden Tirpitz Furutaka Kolberg Aoba Albany Bogatyr Emden Kawachi Myogi Keep in mind these are only very, very slight changes, likely for the sake of the armour viewer, and are unlikely to affect gameplay. Großer Kurfürst: secondary battery durability buffed Gneisenau B: secondary battery durability buffed Miscellaneous changed Midway: camera angles changed Hakuryu: camera angles changed Essex: camera angles changed Second disclaimer, because some people don't read the first one: the armour model changes will not affect gameplay, and are purely there for the sake of the armour viewer.
  12. Original Source: All credit goes to Reddit user /u/Vaexa Content is as follows Data changes Additions Royal Navy cruisers, consumables, modules, floatplanes etc added Permoflages added for Taiho, Baltimore, Udaloi, Ibuki, Kagero, Friedrich der Große, Essex Balance changes Ships Kongo: A hull removed (replaced by B hull); B (new A) hull HP nerfed (54100 > 49500) IJN BB and CV armour models reworked (for the armour viewer) USN CV armour models reworked (ditto) Some miscellaneous ships had their armour models tweaked slightly, nothing major (praise be, armour viewer) Some ships had hull section HP pools redistributed, as part of the armour model reworks (nothing major) Kirov: duplicate main gun mod II removed, secondary mod II added Planes USN fighters: ammo buffed (this was documented, roughly 33% extra ammo for each) Supermarine Walrus: generally buffed slightly (speed, etc, by very slight amounts) Consumables USSR and USN radar consumables: reload time halved (360 > 180 for the silver variant, 240 > 120 for the premium variant) Text changes Text added for new Epicenter mode Text added for Royal Navy cruisers (names, descriptions, etc) Text added for the pirate voice option Lots of things rephrased again (armour group names and the like, the usual typo fixing and other very slight changes) In addition to this, here is a link to pictures of ARP Takao: Some pictures in spoilers here Edit: Added ARP Takao album EDIT 2: Added line regarding new permanent camouflages
  13. so, it seems that the first german bb line reviews are already coming, and so, the comparisons between the other 2 tier X bbs. pretty much, they say that the grosser kurfust has the worst torpedo protection (25%), the guns could be better (12 420mm), and mainly: THATS TOO GODDAMN RIDICULOUSLY HUGE yamato big? HA. you nyet heard of stronk gerrmänn enginëering seriously though, how do they expect to balance it against planes and dds? i can already see myself delighting my 12 torp hits in the taiho. thats tasty. its almost as big as this: a ship shipping ship shipping shipping ships, because everyone likes ship shipping ships shipping shipping ships, so we put ship shipping ships on a shipping ship shipping ship so you can ship shipping ships with a shipping ship shipping shipping ship