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Found 1 result

  1. Landsraad

    So, Mogami

    I finally did it, I finally, FINALLY have managed to unlock and purchase every ship I had in the Beta. And there was much rejoicing! I've got Mogami, the last hold-out! ... Now what? I'm running the B hull with the 155mm guns right now and... It's okay? I've resigned myself to eventually switching to the 203mm guns if only for skill reasons, but beyond that I'm just not getting the hang of Japanese cruisers in the higher tiers. That weird mix of high speed and huge size just makes them awkward. I can't close in because I'm visible from space and my ship isn't maneuverable enough. I have trouble fighting in open water because bringing all five turrets to bear flashes that "SHOOT HERE FOR FREE CITADELS!" that is my belt armor. Kiting is something I should have learned a good while ago from Nurnberg, Konigsberg, and Roon but can't consistently get the hang of. What about you guys? How do you Mogami? Maybe if I get some extra perspectives I'll see what I'm doing wrong.