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Found 2 results

  1. When the light cruiser line for the IJN was mentioned to be coming in the future, i didnt think too much of it at first. But as i think about it more, and given the... status of the 155 Mogami in my ship collection, I'm kind of wondering, and a little worried, about what will happen to the Mogami in general, and the 155mm gun variant specifically. For some context, while i find the current IJN cruiser line grind...enjoyable enough more or less, I had no interest in going beyond the Mogami and i only EVER wanted the Mogami for the 155mm gun variant. And so, when sometime ago we got that T8 wintery perma-camo that can be applied to any t8 ship, Mogami was my obvious choice, as most of my other T8s ships either already had perma camos, or I dont plan on keeping them once im done grinding through them to t9. So.. I ponder on what likely scenarios would the 155mm gun mogami will go through, once the IJN light cruiser line comes/is fleshed out: 1. No changes to the Mogami - ok, no issues for me obviously, but somehow i feel this is unlikely what will happen. 2. 155mm gun Mogami remains in tech tree but moved to the light cruiser line - well if this happens, i personally wouldnt have any issue....... but i do wonder what will happen to the people who have similar predicament as mine but for the 203mm gun mogami instead? 3. 155mm Mogami is kept in tech tree for the light cruiser line but as a new ship, with a different name (and current mogami in the 'heavy' line loses its 155mm gun option and only has the 203mm gun) - my problem with this is that as a new ship, the 155 gun mogami obviously wont have the winter perma camo thing, which will be on the 'old' mogami now with only 203mm guns, and as stated, im not interested in the 203mm gun mogami, so then id have a ship i dont want, stuck with a perma camo id rather have on the "new" mogami. 4. 155mm Mogami is made a premium ship and everyone who has her is given the GK/khaba treatment previously - I would normally have no issue with this ship made into a premium ship but...again, problem with me already assigning the perma camo to the ship... a perma camo that couldve been put on ANY OTHER t8 ship, regardless of type or nationality... a perma camo that i most likely wouldnt have bothered to put on a premium ship, which all such ships always come with their perma camo bundled together already, so why waste the t8 winter camo thing? I want to be clear i assigned that winter perma camo to the Mogami currently not just for looks, but to give a tech tree ship a perma camo bonus. Anyhow I'm curious to see what the community thinks. And also for devs or mods maybe to consider this issue and hopefully come up with satisfactory solution.
  2. Been thinking about this for a while after I saw the the changes to Cruiser plating and IFHE. Namely I am curious about the following, consider it a bit of theorycrafting that I found interesting. Now, Mogami as most know is viable both with the stock 155mm and the 203mm main battery. So I'm wondering what will happen. Will Mogami retain 25mm extremities since it's "top" upgrade is over 200mm caliber? Will she get 16mm extremities since 155mm is pretty popular? Will her armor scheme change depending on which caliber guns you outfit her with? Will she maybe split as a CL and CA version, with each ship having a main battery of only one caliber? Am quite interested in seeing how this turns out, especially since Mogami is the only case of a cruiser where this unique situation occurs. In a sense Mogami is a Schrodingers cat, being a Light and Heavy cruiser at the same time.