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Found 47 results

  1. IJN cruiser commanders

    going down the IJN cruiser line might not have been the best decision I could've made for myself as a newbie, but eight tiers later I am just another player. Anyhow, I am trying to configure my captains for IJN cruisers, however, having the Mogami really complicates things. For playing the Mogami, the logical skill to take would be (for the 155mm configuration which I'm going with) IFHE. the only problem with saving up to get IFHE does it really make sense to get that skill if I want to continue on to the Ibuki and Zao. I'm torn because either I can get IFHE which will make my Mogami much better but if I want skills that can work with all the IJN cruisers then wouldn't it make more sense to use the 203mm guns and get something like DFCA and Vigilance/Superintendent. If I save up my points to get IFHE then my Mogami becomes better at the cost of the other cruisers, but that's what I should do if I stick with the 155 guns. I can also take the time and Use my Yubari to train a dedicated commander but its gonna be costly to train up a 15 pt commander to get CE and IFHE then retrain him on the Mogami. It probably makes sense to go through all of the commander training because I still need to make money on low tier matches. thoughts?
  2. Hey everyone! Kind of a rant here, but I'm going to try to keep it tame - I'm mostly looking for advice! I recently earned my first T8 ship, the Mogami, and so far every single solo MM game I've played has been on my lonesome in T9/10 matches (and losing every one of them at that). I'm always the lower-tiered of any other ship in the match and while I'm alright with the challenge; I simply can't pose a challenge to my T9/10 adversaries with my stock Mogami (with 14.2km range versus their 16km+, even 18km+ ranges in some cases). I'll fight in the back and hail HE, within my max range and usually I'll just get one-shot when I'm angling properly to avoid that from happening. Is this an unusual matchmaking experience? It just seems like I can't contribute enough to make these games worthwhile for me to progress, in fact, I'm losing a bunch of credits by participating in them and gaining very little in XP to counter that (with premium, mind you). Maybe I could ask for advice on proper Mogami tactics or builds in these circumstances -- so far I've not filled in the upgrade slots because I don't have the credits to do so yet. My 10 skill point captain build is as follows (keep in mind, I built him so far with the Zao in mind): PT, EM, DE & CE. Are the 155mm guns worth keeping over the 203mm later when I have the option to switch between them? Thanks so kindly; hoping I can get some feedback to get myself outta this lousy slump! My avatar is literally me all the time in the Mogami. :1
  3. A topic long dead from the far far past was how rapid fire low caliber guns should be balanced against low RPM high caliber guns. In this topic I'm going to avoid words like "realism" or "historically" because Real Life is a server that sucks and is filled with guided missiles and submarines anyways. The Mogami has the choice between two guns turrets, a triple 155mm turret and a double 203mm turret. Functionally, the RPM of each gun goes down from 6 to 4 while upgrading, combined with a 33% reduction in the number of guns per turret leads to a 65.6% decrease in rounds per minute (90 -> 40). In compensation the guns become more powerful, leading to significantly increased AP damage and penetration, but it's not like anyone ever loads AP in IJN cruisers anyways. More significant is the increase in HE damage and fire chance, switching to the 203s yields a 26.9% increase in damage (2600 -> 3300) and a whooping 70% increase in fire chance (10% ->17%). Penetration also increases from 25.8mm to 33.8mm, breaking the 32mm barrier the 203s to penetrate battleship deck armor, something unavailable to the 155s... But wait! There's more. With the 155s there is the option to run IFHE, a superfluous upgrade on the 203s. With IFHE the penetration of 155s jumps from 25.8 to 33.6, just .2mm short of the 203s. With the same penetration abilities the 155s can be compared in damage output. Using the formula (number of turrets * guns per turret * RoF * HE Alpha) we see that the 155s have an HE DPM of 234,000 compared to the pathetic 132,000 of the 203s. For reference the Zao only has an HE DPM of 179,520 and New Orleans has an HE DPM of 126,000, all with similar penetration characteristics. In terms of fires per minute the base chance of the Mogami 155s is 10%, adding relevant modifiers (+2% from Demolition expert, -3% from IFHE, + .5, +.5 from Witherer and Arsonist flags) and we arrive at 10% fire chance per shell with 90 RPM leading to 9 fires per minute. With the 203s the fire chance is 17% + 2% DE + 2% flags arriving at 21%, which combined with the 40 RPM leads us to 8.4 fires per minute. An irrelevant, but interesting comparison is the New Orleans which has 8.1 fires per minute and the Charles Martel which has an insane 10.3 fires per minute. What can we conclude from this? The 155s has far superior damage dealing capabilities than the 203s. On paper and in practice the 155s are significantly superior to the 203s. Some other compensation the 203s get is 20% faster turret traverse (30s vs 36s for 180 degrees) and somewhat more turret armor. The need to spec for IFHE on the Mogami is irritating, but less significant than one might imagine. Lacking a heal or any significant AA , BFT, AFT, and superintendent are all unnecessary perks. There is nothing else worth speccing into. Proposal: Buff the 203s to have an RPM of five instead of the current four. Currently the 203 Mogami has a RPM of 40 compared to the 54 of the Charles Martel and the 45 of the New Orleans. This would buff the Mogami to have an RPM of 50, which is dead even in the pack. The Mogami lacks the AA, durability, and utility that other ships offer, so I dont think this would be pushing the Mogami into OP territory, Furthermore, despite a 25% RPM buff, the 203s would still be inferior to the 155s in damage quite significantly, still leaving two viable options.
  4. Hello there, Problem is as follows: I unlocked the yamamoto captain a few days ago. As we all know the yamamoto captain has the ability to shoot red tracer ammunition. I put him into my Myoko where everything was working as intended. After unlocking the Mogami though the HE tracers stopped working (they where shown as normal HE shells). The strange thing is that the AP shells (same ship same battle) still have the red tracers. I am aware that you can toggle the tracers on and off in port (already did that a few times). I can see the HE tracers of other people just fine btw. Oh and yes, the commander is fully retrained as well. Question: Am I the only one having this Problem, or is there another possible reason or fix for this? I am aware it is a minor bug/problem and there are more important things to fix in the game right now. I am just curious if the problem is on my end or not. Switch
  5. There once was a little Mogami who found himself in a Tier 10 game. The Tier 10 gods decided to smite the Mogami and struck him down for having audacity to play the Mogami in a Tier 10 battle. The end.... Oh wait, never mind. The little Mogami laughed at the gods, and then told them to f*** off....
  6. So a little back story first: The Mogami was one of my first two Tier 8 ships (along with the North Carolina), but I originally got it back before the infamous AFT change, so I had played the "glorious overpowered" version of it, while simultaneously playing the pre- turret angle buff to the NorCal. This led me to consider the Mogami as one of my favourite ships and allowed me to get my first Tier 10 (the Zao) and first 19 point commander when the Dragon Flag event happened a bit later. Of course, like most of us who played it back then, the AFT change + the turret traverse nerf really hurt the ship. I eventually sold it after the nerfs and never looked back. Until now that is. I watched Aerroons video: and Notser's video from this morning: and decided to re-purchase her and give her a try again. I used a similar build to Aerroon, running double rudder shift instead of concealment, and threw a 17 point commander in (PT, EM, AR, DE, IFHE, CE). First match I get a tier 9 battle, no biggie, I'm fairly competent, should be fine. It was definitely fine: Wasn't running any credit income flags or camo's, so credits weren't too good, but whatever. I'll be having some fun with her again, that's for sure. What are your thoughts on the Steering Gears Mod. 3 vs. Concealment System Mod. 1? Tl;dr: OP repurchased Mogami, had a great game. Mogami is great again.
  7. Atago has 2 heals, with captain perk and premium consumables you can get 4 heals. Mogami has no heal Atago has 41mm mid deck armor, 18 inch shell cannot over match (yes Yamato shell cannot over match) Mogami has 25mm deck armor, 15 inch shell can over match I just want to ask: with recent buff on the German Tier 8 CAs, can we get some love on the Mogami, since this is a super ultra squishy ship. Can we have at least 1 heal on the Mogami? or Buff its armor? Side notes: 1. I was sad when they nerfed the 155mm guns back in the old days with AFT and EM nerf 2. WG, I still have hope in your balancing department, and yes I bought the Atago to support this FREE TO PLAY game . lipiru
  8. MOGAMI!!

    Although I have been limited to Co-op play due to ISP issues in my current location, I am pleased to report that the Mogami is very close to it's pre-nerf-of-death status that was unfairly levied on it by WG some time ago. It is now, by all indications, at near-Beast status once again. Mogami will return to its former glory. Long live the Imperial Japanese Navy!!
  9. Tirpitz/Mogami Hell

    Yeah yeah, the French Line is also being released. BUT! It won't be just them that the game will be filled with in the coming weeks. No siree, no. It will be the dawn of the Mogami and the Tirpitz! Expect to see 2-3 Mogamis, or 2-3 Tirpitz per game, at tiers 6-10. As many of you know, the Mogami will be able to spin those 155's at 25~ seconds! With IFHE and flags, that 10% fire chance per shell. At 10 seconds reload, that's about 1.5x fires per volley! And IFHE will ensure a constant stream of 10k damage salvos. Scary. Further, the Tirpitz is getting a huge buff in secondaries. Bismarck-level secondaries! But that's not all. Through third party website offers, the Tirpitz is at 50% discount! Expect many players to buy into the buff hype, not just a bargain. Who cares about a measly new ship line, when two of the biggest monsters are making a comeback?!
  10. Mogami: Which guns?

    Which guns should one go with? Stick with the 6 inchers or go to the 8 inchers?
  11. So I've recently been playing and enjoying the Mogami and was going to continue using the 155s until i got to the Ibuki. I have my Takao for 203mm gameplay, and Ill admit, I liked the difference in playstyle (despite the nerfs that have been made against this setup in previous patches, such as reduced turret rotation and the removed of AFT) As you may be aware, as of 0.6.2, concealment for Mogami was unique in that it was tied to the hull, so by using the A hull with the 155s you would have the advantage of 1.4km more concealment when firing the main guns than a C hull with the 203mm setup. With Concealment expert, the Concealment mod module, and the A hull with the 155s, Mogami was a cruiser that with a base detection of 9.3km, a range of 15.7km (upgraded) and a 13.9 detectibility after firing. However, come 0.6.3, when detectibility is tied to firing range, there is no longer any incentive to pick the 155 setup. It no longer gains the previously mentioned advantage, but the 155 setup is still saddled with the rest of its negative aspects (turret rotation etc) The quote above is a little confusing for me, but considering stealth fire is being removed, and that detectibility is tied to range, I presume that it includes a 'bottom' mogami hull (A Hull) with the 155mm guns - (it wouldn't make sense for Mogami to be the only ship that can stealth fire under the new rules. Therefore, Mogami is losing its A hull advantage. I want to ask the community, will anyone else be using 155 after the patch? I mean, the 203 setup already had advantages in the other areas, better AA, better rudder shift, better fire chance, better AP etc etc. I knew this. However, I feel that the effect of this patch is essentially WG disregarding their players and their choice of setup - That was the purpose of having two gun calibres to pick from... right? I dont want this to be a stealth fire rant thread - I've expressed my opinions on that elsewhere. But regardless, unless there is a buff or a correction to make Mogami 155 more enjoyable to play, I feel like WG is abandoning this setup and the players who enjoy it, and that is a shame. PS: I know I will be able to equip the gun fire control system 1 instead of the upgrade to reduce the max range and thus detectability, but this should not be required. I also feel sorry for other players who will lose enjoyment for a ship class after this patch. This and the Blyska will hurt me, but for US and IJN DD mains, I have no words...
  12. The REAL Mogami

    Found hull © for the Mogami. This would be the ultimate BB support cruiser. Say, 4 catapult fighter planes at once and 1 spotter plane.
  13. Zao's Armour

    I was looking at the Zao's armour in the game with the armour viewer today, and I noticed a few interesting things. 1. Citadel slope: The Zao's citadel slopes are 65mm thick. In comparison, Ibuki's are 95mm thick, and Mogami's are 60mm thick. So interestingly enough, the citadel slopes are much thicker on the Ibuki than on the Mogami and Zao. Theoretically, the Ibuki is more likely to bounce shells at close range if the enemy player aims a bit too high. I never really felt like the Ibuki was any less susceptible to citadel pens though.... 2. Barbette armour: Starting with the Myoko, the IJN cruisers all have a ring of armour around their barbettes. They are 76mm on the Myoko, and around 100mm on both the Mogami and Ibuki. But on the Zao, the barbettes are left unprotected. I'm not sure why, but it seems a little strange to me. I wonder if the lack of armour on the barbettes could make the Zao's turrets more fragile. Pictures for reference: Ibuki:
  14. Howdy Captains, Bladed her with a question about the Mogami! So I've had this ship for a long while but I've been procrastinating grinding her because I'm more effective playing a BB than when commanding a cruiser. (I tend to play a bit aggressive) anyways, So I'm trying to fit her out and I noticed that Mogami has 2 steering gear upgrades. I have never used steering gears mod. 3 before and was wondering if I should mount this instead of the mod2. and maybe opt to get PM2 to allow myself to become even more manuverable? What I want to know is this a good idea? please leave your advise below on what you would recommend I should do. Anyways, Hope to hear from you'all Until next time, I'll C'ya on the Sea!
  15. Which Tier VIII?

    Well...I have researched a bunch of Tier VIII...but, I am SUPER worried about burning up too much of my imaginary WoWS money at once. I already bought Bismarck (though, oddly, am not anywhere near as excited to play her as I was Gneisenau) and will hold on to her for now. I haven't grabbed Tashkent because her rep is horrible and change is-a-coming. Which, really, leaves it more between Mogami and Chapayev...and, I am just not sure. I feel like the Tier 8 and 9 experience is probably better in VMF...just based on the idea that I'm basically playing Myoko for two more tiers. Undecided between Zao and Moskva for, you know, a year from now or whenever. Thoughts between Tashkent, Mogami and Chapayev? Especially now that we're in 0.6.0. The last, missing piece of sorts: I have Mahan in port and will being that grind once the captain is trained up in Sims. Grinding for Benson is also an option...I'm sort of excited to experience what folks seem to regard as the best part of the line (outside of Clemson).
  16. Has anyone tested the skill with the Mogami on the PTS? I didn't quite have enough time to get around to testing the Mogami with it. With it, it seems that you can now penetrate the bow and stern armour of all battleship and the upper belt sections of most T10 CAs, but you lose more than half of your fire chance. So how well does it work in practice?
  17. CE on the Mogami vs Ibuki

    Not too long ago I unlocked the Mogami, and the 155 build has quickly became one of my favorite ships. I like it so much in fact that I've decided to keep it. Thanks to 50 Ocean Soul camos I got from a super crater, as well as the camos from completing the Costume Party challenge, I am rapidly speeding through the Mogami and am not too far away from unlocking the Ibuki. So far I've only been using one captain for my IJN cruisers, and if my calculations are correct he'll be getting his 15th point right about the time I unlock the Ibuki. I already have 500 doubloons ready for the crew transfer.....but the thought of CE on the Mogami is very tempting. So, which ship benefits the most from having CE? I've seen that the Ibuki has a 3km stealth fire window starting at 15.8 km, but the Mogami would have a 2km stealth fire window starting at 13.7, which in my opinion seems a lot more useful. What would you recommend?
  18. Tier 8 Cruiser Citadel Protection

    Several are already aware that I currently have a love afar with the Hipper. The topic of its "tankiness" was brought up in another thread so I thought I'd create a separate post about it. No, the Hipper is not a tank and should not be played as such, but it does has three advantages in terms of citadel protection over its contemporaries. You still don't want to show your broadside in the ship, but it easily has the best protection of all Tier VIII cruisers. A. Lowest citadel of all T8 cruisers (on par with Edinburgh) B. Angled turtleback armor C. Two layers of armor to pass through (80mm and 30mm)
  19. I've heard rumours of the Mogami receiving better torpedo arcs and turret traverse in 5.13. Can anyone confirm or disprove this? I've looked in the patch notes, but didn't see anything about this. (Please include a link if you have one! Thank you )
  20. According to Wikipedia, Mogami's 6 inch guns were dual purpose. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_cruiser_Mogami_(1934) Is there any chance of getting the 6 inch guns taken into account for the AA defense of the Mogami? Or would that make the ship too powerful? And on a side note, how much would the 6 inch guns improve the Mogami's AA? (also, ignore my signature.....)
  21. After taking a break from the game due to BSOD/PC/glitch issues, i decided to try the game again to see if those problems would still occur. (Or i just wanted to play the game.......) So i selected my Mogami with 155 mm guns, and went into a battle. And I got this: That is the best game i've ever played in any ship. And the first time i got the Witherer achievement. So what happened was, i was defending the left side of the map with a Mahan and a MK against a Benson, Tashkent and a Tirpitz. I found myself within 5km of the DDs and proceeded to delete the Benson with 2 salvos. The Tashkent sunk our Mahan and sneaked away. I turned back to the base wherer 3 BBs and a few cruisers were breaking through, and I torped a Tirpitz and burned him down. After that i finished off a New Mexico, and got a DD with a spread of torps. Then i got locked up in a 1v1 with an full health Atago with 20k HP left, and somehow managed to finish him off using a mix of HE and AP. But his last salvo killed me as well. I also want to say that the Tirpitz and Admiral Hipper on my team played very well, and they have my thanks for making this game possible. A funny thing is that right after i finished this game, i got a BSOD and had to restart. Any comments would be welcome, and feel free to share your best games!
  22. Mogami deserves a buff

    The Mogami is one of the ships that have been hit hard with the nerf bat in recent patches. Some of the nerfs were needed, but some of them went over the top and nerfed Mogami to the point where it's weak. First of all, the 155mm guns. These guns were hit hard when the captain skills BFT, AFT, and EM were changed so that they no longer affect guns of calibers higher than 139. The BFT and AFT nerfs were fine, but the EM nerf was totally uncalled for, and it made Mogami's 155 mm turrets slower than your average battleship guns. Ship Turret traverse speed (seconds/180 degrees) Mogami (155 mm) 51.4 Mikhail Kutuzov (152 mm) 25 Tirpitz (380 mm) 26 Amagi (410 mm) 41.8 North Carolina (406 mm) 45 As you can see, the Mogami has horrendously slow turrets with the 155 mm guns. They're basically half the speed of equal caliber guns on other ships, and they're much slower than turrets of equal tier battleships, which is ridiculous considering the fact that they are low caliber guns. Suggested solution: Buff the Mogami's turret speed to 35 seconds. Now for the 203 mm guns: The 203 mm guns are OK, except for the fact that their range is just slightly too short. The range is actually lower than the tier 7 Myoko, and the guns also have worse DPM than the Myoko's (even though they turn faster). Ship: Main battery range (km) Mogami (203 mm) 15.7 Atago 15.8 New Orleans 16.2 Chapayev 17.3 Mikhail Kutuzov 19.1 Suggested Change: Buff the Mogami's range on the 203 mm guns to 16 km. This would also make the distinction between the 155mm and 203 mm guns even more clearer.
  23. The Mogami

    I've read the posts, read the post-nerf discussions, and stopped sailing my Mogami for all the reasons outlined in those posts. Today I took mine out of mothballs and sailed it for the first time in months out of sheer morbid curiosity and found that I am sickened by how much the nerfs messed this ship up. Specifically the turret rotation with the 155's mounted, and with AFT (not that it matters much). The whiners really won on this one. I did quite a lot of damage before I went down, but the point is that spinning gun turrets at the speed of tortoises racing is simply ridiculous when the Chapayev has similar caliber main guns that shoot farther, and turrets that rotate much faster. The Mogami is not a BB but I found that it has to be played that way without the benefit of main gun range to offset the molasses-in-winter rate of turret rotation and dismal gun range. Yes, I've used the 203's and they pack a bigger punch, but I like the DPM of the 155's. Okay, I'm done. Thanks WG for reminding me why I stopped sailing the Mogami. End of message.
  24. Mogami's 155mm guns and AP

    So after getting the Ibuki, I decided to try the 155mm guns on the Mogami again. So i'm finding it pretty enjoyable, but one thing i have not yet mastered about these guns is when to use AP. I often fire AP shells at other cruisers when i think i'm close enough, but a lot of the times i find that my shells do not pen, and i have yet to get a citadel hit with those guns. Yesterday, i had the misfortune to get into 5km of a Des Moines in this ship. But he only had about 15k HP left, while i still had almost 30k. So i thought, i'll just load some AP and kill him off. So I did, fired a full salvo into his waterline at 5km, and none of them penned!! It went downhill from there, and the Des Moines ended up killing me with with a few salvos. So when should i be using AP with these guns, if ever?