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Found 100 results

  1. Pardon the post in the general forum, but for the life of me I don't know where to even post this to begin with, being it is a bit odd. Does anyone know how to ping data off of the servers to use in an excel spread sheet? Paragon
  2. so, I was just poking around the internet looking for some cool mods to try. At one point, i stumbled on a mod to reskin (or remodel, whichever is most fitting for the situation) the Yamato, Montana, Missouri and Iowa with a pretty cool sci-fi looking skin. I get interested and try to download it from the link provided, however when I do so, it says that the content no longer exists. I get a feeling that the mod is still out there somewhere, so if anyone can point me in the right direction on this topic, that would be great. If not, well that sucks, because it looks pretty damn awesome. Thanks! Link to the post that provided the link:
  3. Instalación de mods (General)

    Buenos días a toda la comunidad que integra el foro. Como parte de mi ultimo tema, quería hablar sobre los "Mods" que existen para el juego. Estuve buscando sobre ellos y pude observar que algunos están permitidos y otros no. ¿De donde se pueden descargar? ¿Todos se instalan de la misma manera (Visuales, audio, interfaz)? ¿Como se instalan? ¿Afecta a los FPS? ¿Una vez instalados se compran o son permanentes? Este camuflaje para un buque alemán, ¿Aun se puede instalar? Enlaces: Gracias por su atención.
  4. Does This Mod Exist?

    I'm looking for a mod that will suppress the audio message "The enemy team has taken the lead!" If it doesn't exist, how much would it cost to have someone make it?
  5. In the Wargaming.net community I was internationally known as the ex. founder of Team 20.3cm (Niju-san) and Rising Sun, two groups of top-notch and passionate modders that used to make premium quality modifications inspired by KanColle for WoWs. Because of my ISP I wasn't able to connect to the game without a VPN since January, now the issue seems resolved. So I've decided to come back playing and mod as well (With a focus over Azur Lane. Since the English localization has been announced, becoming more popular). I've a lot of experience now, and trust me when I tell you that I'll deliver some of the highest quality mods you have seen (Like I've used to do). I'll also allign to the WG policies and the other modders too. Back in 2015, there were some guidelines that I'd like the users to still follow today: If you want to share these mods in the forums of different regions, that I didn't cover already, you've to LINK them DIRECTLY to HERE without forget to CREDIT THE AUTHOR in said post. Re-upload, Re-distribution, Re-packing is strictly FORBIDDEN (I never liked "packs" because they never give enough justice to the authors of the mods, even if handy and practical to use). My mods are perfect and very much enjoyable by all those players that are addicted to both Azur Lane and Anime in general or related media. My mods are exclusively composed of aesthetic changes and so they can be considered "Fair Play" friendly. My mods will be frequently updated to be compatible with the newest updates and to present more content. I wont make of this first post an index list of everything that gets released, because it's way too much time consuming to cover all the regions at the same time with stuff like this. But! Don't panic yet! I've a new website where everything is organized in one place and where you can find such a thing with the download links. VISIT WOWS.TSUKOTAKU.COM Please, don't forget that feedbacks and comments are always welcome as well as bug reports. Thank you and enjoy!
  6. Hi, I'm getting into moding, and I really like the Azur Lane Mod! Because I have teenage daughters I wanted to replace some of the background images that were risque from the default Azur Lane mod, which I've done successfully, but had some questions: - I have 2 German Captains that are not getting an Azur Lane captain overlay, and I can't figure out what base_#_#.png file name is needed to mod them (I've tried several sequences with no luck) - For the personal modifications I make myself to the Azur Lane Mod, how do I keep those for later when the game is patched for 0.7.6? (Do I just keep a back up and paste them into the coming 0.7.6 Folder that will populate when the new update arrives? Or will I need to reapply an updated Azur Lane Mod pack that's posted here on these forums, and then edit the images I want to change all over again? [BloodMetal forever!] - What is the best way to get the file names for ship previews? (Like the Z-39 that is currently unmodded atm) I've seen posts about tools to extract the .pkg files but it only unpacked some of them for me so I ended up giving up. Thank you @Noacuracy for the answer to these two questions via PM! These are the crew_commander\base\Germany file names I currently have modded successfully: Azur_Hipper.png base_0_0.png base_0_3.png base_0_6.png base_0_9.png base_0_12.png base_0_13.png base_1_1.png base_1_4.png base_1_7.png base_1_8.png (confirmed this as alternate/extra image) base_1_10.png base_1_14.png base_2_2.png base_2_5.png base_2_8.png base_2_10.png (confirmed this as alternate/extra image) base_2_11.png GERCAP.png GERCAPPREM.png Mina_Thea.png vs default Any help figuring out which other two I'm missing would be a GREAT help! I appreciate your time in replying via PM or a modded response here, thanks in advance for any pointers and help! *Updated 6/23/2018 - Despite both checking the spelling of all 19 gui/crew_commander/base/Germany commanders, in game I still have 2 unmodded commanders? Still hoping to gain insight as to why I'm not able to mod these images? If the 19 file names are the only ones to be modded.
  7. So, this usually happens on carrier players. If I accidentally clicked some draggable windows/views in battle and not "reset it"(click the draggable windows once) before the battle ends, the "dragging" state will still last in battle reports and port, which denies me from entering another battle, selecting different ships, check battle reports(the tabs of team score, detail and economy) and switch tabs(i.e. modules, exterior, tech tree, etc) I assume this bug is not in the range of responsibility of WG, however fixing that will make me feel a lot better :) Thank you!
  8. How to Spec Baltimore

    So I am curious as to what mods to use for USS Baltimore. I heard something about reload mods or something like that, but don't know for sure.
  9. .

  10. I've been using Aslain's mods for almost a month now & find it very good. However when I go to download updates I get this malware that will self install. It has happened twice so far. While it is not all that difficult to remove it does take a little time. Does anyone else have this problem? Please don't take this as an accusation against Aslain's mods. I'm attempting to find why I am getting this. I do not want anything on my PC that Malwarebytes tags as a threat.
  11. Now that I have Tier VI dds, I'm meeting cruisers who have radar and they are having me for lunch in Random. I have a list of radar-equipped cruisers taped above my monitor but by the time I look up and recognize that I'm in front of one of them, I'm already in trouble. Can Aslain's mod mark a radar ship by symbol or color? What I ask is not crazy. In WWII, once a ship was identified, a competent crew would relay to the command staff what her capabilities were (at least as far as they knew given current intel). I'm only asking for the same information.
  12. Back to Port on death.

    Could we get an option that would see us sent back to port on death? Or could this be modded in? I think this would help with alot of salt issues.
  13. I've recorded a vid of my main screen while installing, then testing Aslain's ModPak. This would be for someone that is not familiar / comfortable with modpak installations and would like to look over the shoulder, as it were, of someone else as they install it on their computer. Here's the link to Aslain's downloads page: http://aslain.com/index.php?/forum/28-downloads/
  14. Just like the title, post how you think the Mods on the forum are reacting to the day of tech tree threads. Here is mine.
  15. Since I started playing this game I have always enjoyed the custom skins made by all of you here, so I decided to follow in your footsteps. United Kingdom Prince of Wales - This skin is based on HMS Prince of Wales' appearance in November-December 1941, during convoy escort duty in the Mediterranean and the last time she was photographed in Colombo Sri Lanka, shortly before her destruction and tragic loss. I really enjoyed doing this historic ship and I think you will be happy with the way she looks. I chose the KGV texture as my starting point, so make sure you back-up any KGV skins you want to keep. Turrets are shared with HMS York so I tried to use coloration that should not conflict too much with skins you might have for her, but still match hull I created for Prince of Wales. Open to ideas if you have them. Download HMS Queen Elizabeth, 1943, with matching gun turrets. These turrets are shared with HMS Warspite and align well with most versions of the skins available for download. This skin is based on an actual photo of the ship taken shortly after her upgrades completed at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Download HMS Malaya - This is a Semi - Fictitious skin that assumes HMS Malaya received the pilothouse upgrades that she actually never received. The hull paint scheme is historically correct. Download HMS Belfast Download HMS Edinburgh 1942 Download HMS Neptune 1947 Download HMS Ajax (HMS Leander) - Mid 1941 I updated it to get the turrets to match better. Secondaries are available if you download from Wyvern's Iron Duke. Download HMS Leander Download
  16. Custom Flag Mods

    I see Aslain has added two flag mods: Chinese server and Pan-Asia to Taiwan. Maybe this will help ease some of the Asian flags conflict. The Chinese server mod converts national flags into generic versions. I know we're getting a flags option in the game later. Personally I don't pay much attention to the national flags. It might be better if WG left this in the mods realm.
  17. When playing the role of the Destroyer, proficiency in the vision-game is king. And mastery over the vision-game is all about information, long before the first shots are fired. In many cases, a DD need not fire, let alone land, a single shot to turn the game in his favor. Knowing, probing the edges of the enemy's collective concealment range, the way it expands and contracts, using RPF against its own user, tantalizing ships to open up with their guns to unmask them, provoking a cruiser into expending its radar as you instantly escape the fringes of its range or into cover, perma-spotting an enemy DD by maneuvering within the 200m "sweet-spot" between your own concealment and his, ascertaining when an island is a safe-haven or a death trap, etc. Knowing who and what is detecting you is critical information, informing you of options and counterplays, determining the difference between a win and a loss depending on application. If memory serves, the old detection indicator used to display different icons for radar and hydro, and (just as importantly) prioritized these detection indicators over the "normal" surface detection indicator (a simple exclamation point without the radar or hydro modifiers). Unfortunately, WG did away with this versatility at some point, and are now using a single icon to display both hydro and radar detection, leaving DD players to guess who and what is "lighting them up". And just as bad, if not worse, the game prioritizes the ambiguous "normal" surface detection (exclamation point) icon over the already-ambiguous radar/hydro icon. In summary, they dumbed down the game and added more RNG by denying DD players critical information . What I propose is a return to the original indicator, perhaps even improve it so that all methods of detection can be displayed in a concise manner. Heck, I'm sure the modders would be happy to do the work for WG if they were guaranteed their projects were endorsed. If I'm not mistaken, the original code for the old indicator with separate icons is still embedded in WoWs, so this isn't asking for something costly or unreasonable, right? How is this a buff to DDs? Let's explain it this way: Just as with RPF, you can determine the position and even likely orientation of an enemy fleet with RPF even though you're not the one who's using RPF . The power of RPF - and more relevantly, the counter-RPF "detection icon" which is displayed to the enemy player it's used against - is a double-edged sword because the counter-indicator shown to the enemy can be used in context with other information: a cap zone being occupied, the detection icon, last known enemy locations and orientations, map knowledge, the second ring of epicenter turning green while the middle remains empty, etc. RPF is a brilliant game mechanic (Well done WG! ). The power of RPF is perfectly balanced against - not the skill of the user - but the skill gap between the user and the players it's used against. This would be a bit of a different story if the skill could be toggled on and off. But it can't be toggled; it's "always on" until the player who has it is dead. And so, a potato using RPF is not simply wasting captain points; he is, in fact, often giving critical information to a clever opponent , one that knows how to use the counter-RPF detection icon against its user. A better, more versatile, more informative detection indicator works the same way. Heck, that describes the old detection indicator perfectly, so I'd settle for a simple "regressive" fix. How do you know if you can smoke to escape detection when the indicator doesn't tell you you're radar'd (at the same time you're surface detected)? How do you know if the ship lighting you up is around the island 4 km away (and has an angle covered by your teammate) or around the island 9 km away (which is not)? How do you know if an island, which is vulnerable to indirect fire from a cruiser 10 km away, can break vision if you can't tell if you're being "lit up" by surface detection (which is broken by line of sight) or radar detection (which is not)? etc, etc, etc. DD players, especially IJN DD players, are always complaining about radar and hydro to no end . Well, this is a common-sense - and IMO eminently reasonable buff to every DD, especially those concerned with spotting and concealment mechanics - assuming they're willing to apply some effort in learning the game, rather than divorcing themselves from team play in order to pursue torp spamming and gun kiting . It is not a direct counter. It is more subtle. It is a tool for counter-play. And besides, there are a bunch of DD players in every line who could use some incentive to play their ships with a little more intelligence (in the bilateral sense of the word ).
  18. After spending what felt like hours looking for a Friant skin I came to the conclusion this little so-called seal clubber (I say so-called because she feels like she's made out paper mache) needed some TLC so I spent what felt like days giving her a fresh coat of paint. Since she was never a real ship I took some liberties with her paint scheme and modeled her after the French Cruiser De Grasse in her 1959 trim. Just extract the archive and drop it into your gameplay folder located inside of the res_mods folder of your World of Warships game. Bonne chance Capitaines!. Friant FINAL.rar
  19. Enabling Custom Mods

    New player...dabbling around with things to enhance gameplay. Downloaded Aslan's pack and installed various parts of it from multiple contributors. The voice, warning and icon overlays work fine, but the gunsights (including the dynamic sight suggested as I searched through the boards, "Nomogram crosshair from Aslain's mod pack" HERE ) don't seem to function in-game. I've tried the drop-down for static, as well as switching to dynamic to see if Nomogram's shows up, but no luck. Help if you can...thanks! ~War~
  20. ReShade & Population

    Since the bans were instituted on players, anybody notice a drop in the server population?
  21. Mods and Mac's

    rumor control has it that mods can make the Mac client a bit more unstable. Is there a mod pack that another Mac user is happy with? Many mod packs require the Windows client to perform the installation process. I am currently NOT using any mods for either WoW or WoT. Any information is appreciated.
  22. Link to the new WG Mod Pack

    http://dl-wows-gc.wargaming.net/projects/mods/mods_pack/Release/WOWS_MultiPack_beta_0.6.11.0.exe Because Aslain is out in the hospital and because it always takes them so long to put up the link.
  23. good CV Mods

    I'm getting pretty used to the interface for CVs but the overhead view is driving me bonkers. Specifically, I can't zoom far enough out to get keep track of my groups if they're scattered around the map. I know I can bring up the map but neither it or the mini map is terribly helpful. Are there good mods (especially map mods) for wows as a CV player? I have done quite a bit of searching but most of the information i've found is over 6 months old so I'm not sure if it's still trustworthy.
  24. National voices??

    Is there still a national voice mod that works?
  25. Don't have anything against the KanColle voices and such for those who are into that. I'm just wondering if there are any "serious" voice mod packs available? What I mean is voices that say the same sort of things as the stock voice lines and aren't trying to be funny or sound like a particular character but are just better performed than the stock voices. I think most of us could agree that the voice acting in the stock lines is... lackluster (at least for the languages I can understand - I don't know if, say, German and Japanese speakers think the German and Japanese voices are bad too, although I wouldn't be surprised).