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Found 25 results

  1. Had my first game in Acasta today for RN event level 3. Note how the RN destroyer data for the bottom directive? is not started yet the top one is! Is this a bug? I don't see a level requirement for this mission
  2. Isoroku has gone AWOL

    Isoroku is missing from my Reserve. I hadn't bought him a ship yet, and he must have taken it personally when I was awarded Yamamoto and assigned him to the Yugumo. I feel awful. If you see a robust orange and white tabby, please contact me. I miss him already and will be sure to get him in a ship ASAP. Thank you, BGLT
  3. No flag after survey...

    Hello there! I completed the survey on time and I'm still waiting for it.. When I check for rewards it just says I don't have any... Should I contact support? /:
  4. I noticed that in the port select dialog, the tooltip text for the Sarushima Base port is missing. (I assume that the text "IDS_PORT_HSF_TOOLTIP" is not what the game is meant to be displaying.) This is a very minor oversight and it doesn't really effect anything, but fixing it would nonetheless be a good use of approximately 47 seconds of someone's time.
  5. Hi Folks Well its German weekend but there's sad news it seems T 61 is lost and nobody seems to know where it is, so sad. Remember this announcement by the powers that be " Flottentorpedoboot ? " from December mission briefing . How about this one " Flottentorpedoboot? (Yeah, we know we said that back in December...) " January Well it seems that next months mission briefing is going to read something like this " Flottentorpedoboot ? ( yeah we said December and January ok lets add February as well oh hell we have lost the ship ) " So if any one has seen this ship please contact WG so that they don't keep putting cryptic messages in mission briefing announcements then releasing ships were not expected releases. On the bright side you might be able to pick up a brand new French DD for German weekend wont that be fun. regards
  6. I logged in today to find that the Clan chat/text window at the bottom of the screen of missing. I logged in and out a few times and it is still not there. I've heard others have the same problem but I haven't heard how it was ever fixed. Any ideas?
  7. Hey all. I have a graphical problem, though it is a very minor one. The radar on the main rangefinder of the Roon and Hindenburg don't appear on my client. However, on Flamu's vidoes, I do see it: Here are my graphics settings: Is it something with the graphics settings or is it something else? I know it's a very nitpicky detail but I think the radar looks cool, that's all.
  8. Distancia de Detecção de Torpedos

    Alguem tem uma lista atualizada com o alcance de detecção DOS TORPEDOS? isso podia ser melhor mostrado junto com a damage q causa e a distancia q percorrem .Não sei porque a WG nunca implementou isso já que isso influencia E MUITO na jogabilidade de alguns navios. Se Alguem tiver uma lista Atualizada Pls share! pq nao sei a distancia de detecção dos Type F3 nem os Type93 mod. 3
  9. Purchased dabloons are MIA

    So I bought 2X 500 dabloon packages with paypal credit. It's been about an hour since my first purchase and about 10 minutes since my second attempt. Neither have shown up in my game. I used my paypal credit and have made plenty of successful purchases with it in the past. Did something happen server side that I don't know about?
  10. Short explanation, ranked battle going on just before server reset on the EST morning of 2/15/17, battle is won but servers go down for updates, reset, or whatever. Log back in this evening and I receive the xp and everything else but no star. Oh well guess I shouldn't play at server reset. So I'm at rank 14 with 2 stars again, go into a ranked battle, only one I'm in only t7 ship I have, win the battle, show the + star on the screen, after battle report shows a win and a star, receive the notification of issued flags for rank 13, ten seconds later, notification is gone, flags are gone, and I'm rank 14 2 star again. WTH? Anyone else seeing this? I have the screenshot but its too big for forum.
  11. UPDATE: Appears to be client-server communication issue. See third post. I have 19 reserve slots, all currently open. This is Hawaii port. When I switch to Yokosuka port it still shows 19/19 available, when it should be 19/23 I move my Pesacola captain to the reserve... ...and now I have 18/23 available. Switch back to Hawaii and I still have 18/23 available, when it should be 18/19 I move my Pesacola captain back to his ship.. ...and I now have 19/19 slots available TLDR - Reserve slots will not show correctly after moving to/from Yokosuka port until you interact with your reserve the server. *edit* ticket submitted
  12. When this item popped up in the news (Question Answered! Truths Revealed!) I thought it might be a place to ask several questions I've had. The first question on the list was about ARP ships and their special effects issues. Okay...fine but my first question was about the cost of changing my 12skills Captain. I have simply wanted to change a single skill for a particular ship. Be it 1/2/3 skills but just the one. But wows wants us to pay for all 12skills and that totals 300 doubloons (real hard earned money). There is no if, and or but...you must pay and change all: even if 11 of 12skills are to be exactly the same. I asked if possible to change the economy of this action. Fine, I ask the question...several hours later it has a number of positive (+) responses. Next day, my question is gone. The same ARP ships effect question is back on top of list and my question is gone....and I mean gone, not buried. I scanned over 1500 lines of questions/comments; and nothing my question is gone. What is up with that? Of course I didn't bother with posting another question.
  13. I can't see my upgrades!

    Last night I had a nightmare with continuously being logged out of games. At one point when I logged back my ship display settings had been reset to default and I was in the Halloween port instead of the Black Sea one. So I gave up trying to play and went to bed. I just logged into the game and now can't see my upgrades! I have spent a fortune on them as I get them for all of the ships I decide to keep. 17 ships. No upgrades visible. To be clear I am talking about upgrades like: Main Battery Modification 2, Propulsion Modification 1, Damage Control System Modification 1 Please tell me that they are still on my ships and how I can see them. Screen cap: http://i.imgur.com/eICcJBH.jpg
  14. I seem to have a suspicion that after the battle the battle scores are posted on the lower right menu next to the notifications but they do not post on the Right Top menu to cash them into your credit XP account. I know that the server has to update them but it seems I see some battle scores get updated right after battle but some never appear to cash in. Has anyone encountered this situation? I know a friend of mine who plays on my computer using his own account and plays very little said that some battles he finished have not posted for credit as well. I told him if he was sure and he said he was. I dismissed it but NOW I am wondering now...as it happend to me!
  15. Where's my star?

    So I've got the Molotov right... A few weeks after getting it, I notice the red star at the front of the ship is missing.
  16. At the start of a battle I had 5 signals mounted, we lost the match and I went back to the port and change the camo. As I checked in on that, I see every single one of the signals were gone, Never seem this before. Any clues why, the work, grinding, awards and money: is now missing? Thanks for any help
  17. So a bunch of game files are missing (and by that i mean a ton of files) and the launcher has no idea that like half of the game is missing, if i try to force a integrity check this pops out: Start integrity for target: "client"...Start verify integrity process for target clientObtain integrity information...prepare http request(id = 1): url="http://update.worldofwarships.com", target=launcher, launcher_ver=, client_ver=, locale_ver=, sdcontent_ver=, protocol_ver=4, lang=enhttp request(id = 1): response info: status=200, error=0, content_len=314http request has completed: verb="GET" url="http://update.worldofwarships.com"http request(id = 1): SUCCESSAdding integrity repot: emptyclient/ integrity check listhttp request(id = 1): url="emptyclient/"ERROR: http request(id = 1): what="http request error", msg="verb="GET" url="emptyclient/" status_code="0" error=(6)"Couldn't resolve host name""ERROR: http request(id = 1): FAILStop verify integrity processUser requested to close the applicationStop WG did anyone forget to tell the launcher where it's supposed to look for the new files when doing a integrity check? Another thing that annoys me is having to edit the WoWSLauncher.cfg every time i run a integrity check so it stops doing it every time it opens. Guess im gonna have to wait until update 0.5.5 comes out. (if this is on the wrong section then i wouldn't mind if a mod moves it)
  18. search error

    When I try to search I get a message saying a keyword was missing or one of my search parameters was below 3 characters or invalid. None of these conditions was true in my search. Obviously, no results are shown. What's the problem?
  19. Hey guys, I recently installed Wows on my computer, but now I get the error resources.xml missing, first the res_mods was missing, but I got that fixed, does anyone have suggestions?
  20. Yesterday I noticed that when I begin a battle the ship displays have changed for both enemy and ally. All I can see now is the ship class icon. I cannot see the enemy/ally name, ship name, range (unless they are in range) or damage bar indicator. Has anything changed? I was not able to find any notes about this or any setting I can change.
  21. When playing the Bogue CV I'm getting multiple occurrences of nearly all bombs missing their target when using manual bomb drop for dive bombers. When using the [Alt] key, the aim circle is positioned ahead of the target ship, so that the target circle is almost completely inside the target ship by the time the dive bombers are releasing their payloads. Obviously, a fast and aggressively maneuvering target makes this difficult, but if a slow battleship "obligingly" steams right into the area where you aimed, it stands to reason that most of the bombs dropped from six dive bombers will hit the target, but this never happens. Instead, nearly all miss the target, despite the aiming circle being almost perfectly centered and nearly completely inside the target ship. Sometimes, under similar circumstances, no bombs will hit. In fact, I just finished a game where that occurred, and it was frustrating enough for me to make this post. Indeed, I have greater success just aligning the dive bombers on a target ship's longitudinal axis at a short standoff distance, then just clicking the target ship for an auto-drop. In this case I often get three hits per squadron, sometimes four, but most of the time it's one or two hits. Currently, manual dive bombing just isn't worth the trouble. A properly aligned auto drop is both easier and has a higher hit rate.
  22. I just finished a battle a few minutes ago, around 10:30 Central time U.S. In that battle I was in my destroyer and fired my torpedoes just before I got destroyed. My torpedoes finished off the cruiser I fired at after I was sunk. That was 1 of 2 ships I hit and the other was almost full health and still fighting after I was sunk. The end tally showed I had the kill, but no award.

    I had this ship in closed beta, Loved it. I knew all the none pre-order ships would get wiped, but i was expecting to be able to buy it again. Its not in 0.4.0 pooooooo
  24. So, I bought into the CBT about a week or two ago by buying the E3 Ticket, which gave me access to the game and a code for the Murmansk, with 1000 tokens and a week of premium time. Everyone else appears to have been compensated for their premium purchases and so on, so, I was wondering if we E3 Ticket buyers would be too? Is it something WG is working on, because, I did pay for that ship and all that stuff. I'm just wondering, because a lot of people have recieved an email, but I haven't yet.