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Found 1 result

  1. Attention all Captains, Sailors and Scalawags on the NA server ! Are you looking for a grand old time with Mates? Do you want to battle your way into Typhoon and Hurricane league to earn some hard steel? What we offer: - A friendly and adult oriented semi competitive environment. We recognize that real life supersedes the game. We do expect you to be ready to participate in clan battles if you are online. Historically we play almost every available night. - Relaxed atmosphere , rough language and plenty of drunk nights. - Over the past 4 seasons we collected Stalingrad flags completed Storm and typhoon league missions and have battled the Top NA clans and even Kings of the Sea contestants. Season 1 we finished in Storm league, season 2 we finished in typhoon league season 3 we fought in typhoon league. We are expecting plenty of steel this next season. - Opportunity of promotion and leadership for willing, engaged and productive individuals. - High level clan base. - Nightly: At least one if not 2 clan divisions on Teamspeak. - Active Alpha and Bravo Team for Clan Wars. Alpha team for active members that participate in scrimmages, are on TS and division regularly. Bravo team as a more laid back affair. What we require: - A 52% win rate. Or alternatively a strong desire to learn and progress within the game. - Use of our Discord and TeamSpeak. Especially during clan wars, we do understand soloing without TS but prime spots go to those who learn to use voice coms effectively . - Participation in Clan Wars and Clan events such as scrimmages if you are online within the game. Contact info: - Drop by our discord and leave a message : https://discord.gg/R2skcbK - PM me or Stephen_Corelli in game or on discord. Salvo Fleet wants you!