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Found 64 results

  1. Kongo needs balance!

    The newer ships added to the game are awesone, however, the old ones are in need of balancing, Kongos for example (and ARP variants) are way underpowered facing this new ships, I suggest better turret traverse speeds and higher acuracy and range for secondaries.
  2. So I'm building a LEGO model of the Kongo for a convention next year.... it'll probably eventually get turned into an ARP Kongo, but for now I'm modeling what's presumably a 1944 configuration. I've seen a couple of people doing LEGO boats for creative contests in the past... can't guarantee how well this'll turn out, but would anyone be interested in seeing like a build log, or just the end product? Here's the drawing, I'm using for scaling: Pictures of someone's amazing model I'm referencing for detais work: And the beginnings of the ship itself:
  3. So. It would have been the same as my last couple games. I go out early, people say don't hang back, help us, I get squashed, I watch our team lose. NOT THIS TIME. Didn't help the enemy aircraft carrier player for sitting still through the keyhole on Solomon Islands in clear view of everyone... and yours truly with HE loaded. Badoom. Half health gone, carrier that wiped out half my health is skedaddling. Yahahaha. Eventually the rest of the team held it together without me, and pushed back. At the end, I had 5k of health left, and this was the result. 43,000 damage. Bad. Need to do better. But I did take out a cruiser early with three citadel hits, which was beautiful. Also where I soaked up all that damage and had to turn tail and run from the pesky aircraft. So pounding them afterwards felt so sweet. How's your Kongo conga looking these days, gentlemen and ladies?
  4. Top 10 Undiscovered Shipwrecks of WWII from War History Online Astoria and Musashi have been found since this list was first published. But not Lexington CV-2? Sheesh!
  5. This was fought on the New Dawn Map. At first I was not sure what to do since the team was not communicating. However the two enemy DDs made up my mind for me. I then went back to the middle and that is where the main action was taking placed. And the rest was history. Thanks for the team for the opportunity for the achievements. FYI - And losing the Kraken is not a big deal. At least we got the win WoWs replay - https://replayswows.com/replay/3126
  6. Sure, that's no Battleship once she eats Maya, but Kongo isn't the Death Star. She's Zelos, the Silver Gigas. This is Zelos. Notice, the big ball in the center and the options that float on the outside. Prior to using this attack, the options light up, form a a ring then that ring moves to the center where it's focused into the Great Moon Ray. You can see a Battleship being pummeled by the attack in the center of the beam for reference. This Kongo after she ate the fake Maya. Notice, again, big ball in the center, options on the outside. The charge up for this attack had the options light up, forming a ring that moved towards the center where it was focused into the Super Gravity Cannon. Also, Ashigara has a Harpoon Cannon. They DEFINITELY were going for some SoA references in there. And for a little hint of reference: Zelos is Jealousy- the Silvites were jealous of the other civilizations, but also nihilists that would destroy themselves and the world to quell the rage of the other civilizations. Kongo becomes that because of jealousy, rage, and a desire to just end it all. The Death Star is just a technological terror that blows up planets.
  7. Kongo Captain Skills

    I 've had the Kongo for quite some time, but haven't played it since the captain skills rework. I was wondering on what skills to take on her with a 10 point captain. Here's what I've been thinking: T1: Preventative Maintenance or Direction Center (Leaning towards Preventative Maintenance) T2: Expert Marksman T3: Superintendant or Basics of Survivability (Leaning towards Superintendent) T4: Concealment Expert or Fire Prevention (Leaning towards Concealment Expert) Any input is greatly appreciated
  8. I have a small topic to complain about. Well, not really complain, just mildly gripe about. Yesterday night I decided I needed to grind some credits, so I took out my ARP Kongo with her 12pt captain for a spin. It is a tier 4-5 game, so I am thinking "hell this can't go all too badly". Well, I was dead wrong. Half our team suicided into a bunch of enemy ships (6 of ours died to like 4 of theirs) and I was stuck with 2 other BBs and a cruiser alone against 3 BBs and 2 cruisers. Oh no, sorry, I was effectively ALONE vs them. Granted, I know it is a lower tier battle but it is still frustrating. I battled like hell to try and pull something off and these are my results. Thoughts on the game? Is 94k dmg a decent amount for a top tier game in an ARP Kongo or should I be clocking in 100-110? (no sarcasm, honest question) Thanks - Shield EDIT: Sorry for the rant...
  9. I just loaded in the new update (Haven't had time to play this game for 2-3 weeks), and was wondering what captain skills to take for my first 10 points on both ships. On Kongo, I was thinking: T1: Preventive Maintenance T2: Expert Marksman T3: Basics of Survivability/Superintendent (Leaning towards Basics of Survivability) T4: Fire Prevention or Concealment Expert (Leaning towards Concealment Expert) On Furutaka, I was thinking: T1: Priority Target or Direction Center (This one is the one I'm really tied up on. Since a lot of the YouTubers (Especially Flamu) have emphasized on the OPness of Direction Center, I was thinking of taking it, but personally, I find Priority Target much more useful in not being Alt+F4ed off of the map) T2: Expert Marksman T3: Demolition Expert T4: Concealment Expert Any input is much appreciated
  10. Alright, I have to first admit: she was my first T5 in the game way back in OBT, and I really didn't like her back then. But as a potato-noob with just 100-200 games, it was impossible for me to appreciate her. Fast forward some 3000ish games: recently I played her (or the ARP flavors) a lot during the Spee missions, and she's quickly become one of my favorite ships (if not the one) ... I don't think I've felt so strong in any ship since the glory days of the St Louis and PROmaha. The speed and range at T5 are just insane, and it's unfortunate that most people reaching her for the first time probably can't make use of those assets. Yes, MM is crapping in your face at T5, but the ship up-tiers so much better than many of her T5 bretheren, I've had plenty of winning (and losing) T6 and T7 carries... in the end there aren't that many ships that will give her trouble that she can't put distance between. ... and if you are somehow top-tier in that T4 to T5 game, give thanks to RNGesus and God help the seals. For someone who's generally a so-so 52-percent-er (hey, but getting better!), the numbers are pretty amazing Various replays Anyway, if you haven't had the chance to play your Kongo recently (and I'm sure many of you have tons of the ARP ones floating around that you never look at), give her a try! Also, desu
  11. So is this the way it is then? We get to keep them but they do not qualify for first bonus, etc? Did I miss the memo? Or am I missing something else here?
  12. How to play Kongo?

    Any tips on how to play the Kongo? I'm quite bad at longer-range shooting with the Kongo. Don't even get me started on the scout plane. (If you could also tell me tips how to use the scout plane effectively, I would appreciate it.) Please leave any helpful tips you can think of (relevant to topic.) thanks! bacon
  13. so, i've recently completed that hie challenge, i think that the ship is good, it has a decent speed and a wonderful range, but i didn't enjoy playing with a pink battleship, i managed to overwrite the arpeggio voice files with the german voice files because grandfather in the kriegsmarine, now i just need to place the overwrite the arpeggio skin with the original Kongo skin, can you guys tell me how to find the vanilla skins folder or name a mod skin to use in the hiei?
  14. Skins for the Kongo

    Is there any skins for the normal Kongo (Like ARP Skins, Kancolle,...etc.)? bacon
  15. Kongo Minor Armor Bug

    For anyone that can't tell what it is, the Kongo is missing armor for her rudder, all the other Japanese BBs have armor for their rudders.
  16. So since I haven't played my Kongo in a while I decided to take her out for a spin... this was my first match in her: http://imgur.com/a/iWfiF
  17. Or so I used to think. Partly this is a result of really learning how to use battleships in general, and partly that I tend to run Kongo through all my Kongo's to train her up, so I get a lot of practice with the ship. Tier 5 fight on Archipelago, a map I'm not that familiar with yet. Degenerated pretty quickly into a general brawl, with me shooting at things that would have had me cold, except all thier guns were pointing the other way at something else; carrier squadrons from both sides running around attacking everything in sight, (2 CVs each side,) and destroyers doing what destroyers gotta do. Both sides' destroyers broke into both sides rear areas, causing the expected chaos. I slipped into the enemy area as well, just as a matter of not wanting to get swarmed by nearby enemy ships. Eventually realized how close the enemy Bogue was and sank it with AP, then went after a Konig that I thought was still grounded, (maybe he went afk for a bit?) but who was now moving again. That developed into a stern chase and a game of Ring-around-the-Rosie around an island, with the two of us shooting each other to bits, until a friendly DD came in and finished the Konig off. Low on hp, I pulled away to try to heal, sniping as I could against the remaining enemy ships. Eventually I heard (in Japanese, since my Captain was Kongo,) 'You are the Team's last hope!' Kudos and +1 karma to THEDESTROLLER and l_o_l_o_l if you're out there. Having weak hp and knowing what a Furutaka could do (I have one,) combined with you moving aggressively against me set up the win for your team. I may have finished you off THEDESTROLLER, but having to deal with you left l_o_l_o_l free to make the shots that finished me off. (-) I went into today's games wanting to use Kongo to get the 90k damage daily mission, as well as to get her next skill point. Finished a fight using Kirishima/Kongo but only scored 22k in damage. Tried Haruna/Kongo next, (I always seem to do well in Haruna, no matter who I use as the captain,) and scored enough damage to complete the 90K mission in one shot (94k,) even if I hadn't already scored the previous 22k.
  18. Hiei is a Kongo, right?

    I'm only to the Myogi so I can't check myself, but I'm trying to decide what upgrade modules to use on Hiei and wanted to make sure she was a Kongo class. Would you guys say the aiming mod for less dispersion or the turret traverse is better. the 15% off of a lengthy traverse time in pretty good for close in battles and the 1.5 second increase in reload seems negligible when you have to wait 30 secs anyway. On the other hand, the dispersion on the Kongo seems really bad and the -7% max dispersion might make a world of difference. Does it?
  19. In this great match, my team wins through great communication and map awareness. If only all matches were like this one!
  20. Researched and purchased Kongo while Myogi was in battle. Myogi did not receive the Elite status allowing it's ship's XP to be converted to free XP.
  21. We could have been so much more

    Hey, Captains. I am here for two things: Tell you about my lost love, And ask for your opinion. That being said, I have had some relationship issues lately. Yeah, It's the Kongo. Don't get me wrong, She is a great ship. But she doesn't WORK! It's like my Kongo is broken! She just does not perform how I want her to! Let me address some things first. When angled: 2K MAYBE from a enemy volley. When turned 1 degrees and showing once inch of broadside: 5 citadels, 5k damage a shot, 6 fires. I just don't get it. THE GUNS.... OH THE GUNS! They could be so much better without the [edited]arc and inaccuracy. When sniping, I get my shots off, And they either all miss, Or do horrid damage because the arc is so steep. Well, I have heard that it does well in 13 Km ranges. Alright, Good point. Let me try it! Even at those ranges, 70% of the shots miss. The ones that DO hit do around 1k dmg each. Well, Maybe close range is the way to go? Mk, One last shot. Close range, STILL MISSES! At LEASY half of the shots go over or under, And I am talking at ranges of 5 km and under. IF IT MANAGES TO HIT AND PEN, Then it goes good damage, Because the arc is not steep yet. However, Citadels are RARE in the ship.... I don't know what to do, It's not me, Being that other BBs I play are fabulous, Like the Texas. Even the Myogi was far moer enjoyable! Anyway, As far as your opinion, I am a brawler. Which only adds on to why the Kongo might not work. What do you guys think of the German BBs? I heard the Bayern is great! Thank you and have a good Sunday!
  22. Hello, Ive finally decided to go to the forums after hitting a brick wall in my gameplay. Im looking for advice on how to improve performance in the Kongo, or perhaps just battleships in general. Any advice is welcome and greatly appreciated!
  23. Any more ARP ships?

    It's been awhile since the last arp mission with no news on upcoming missions. Are they going to happen? Are they over? Is WG just busy with other things? I really like the missions and the unique skins, and tech tree extender mods show other ships that aren't available for ARP missions, so I've just been waiting for their missions.
  24. Burning Love!

    So normally when I play I stick to VIII or higher. Though on weekends, high tiers is a literal nightmare as you watch lemming trains and idiots who somehow bumbled their way to a Yamato or a Hakuryu, only get sunk and do less than 40k dmg. As I watched in frustration when playing Amagi or Tirpitz, Hipper or Kutuzov; racking upwards of 150k dmg only to watch as the team loses, its a bad time. How to turn around from a string of colossal failures? Hop in a Kongo....an ARP Kongo Out of the 8 straight wins in this ship, these 5 were bottom tier matches where I place 1st or in top 3. Made me remember why I love the Kongo. Praise the tea loving, fast Battleship and all the burning love she gives! ~HQ
  25. Good evening everyone! So the premise of this topic is what non-ship additions would you like to see in the premium shop? Now I said non-ship additions to the premium shop but bundles are fair game so if you want to suggest say X-ship + Flag then go for it! Now this is my very first topic so please forgive me Pigeon_of_War if I put it in the wrong place or it is overly cluttered. Some may know that I got into this great game because of anime-related events specifically I got into WOWS so that I could have illustrious cute anime girls command my ships... of course by the time I joined WOWS the opportunity to get Kongō, Kirishima, Haruna or Myoko as commanders had long since expired. I know that many wish for ARP Kongō and the other ARP ships to remain event awards exclusive to those special players that completed the events and thus not available to wallet warriors such as myself and I respect that wish. Still there should be sweet ARP goddess available for wallet warriors and to that end I would like to see either character commanders already implemented in the game like Kongō or unimplemented characters like Hyuuga to be released in the premium shop as commanders by themselves! Of course I am aware that at them moment the ARP ships are considered their own nation for captain for training purposes... my suggestion would either be: A: make it so that Kongō Commander and the other ARP commanders can take command of any Japanese warship... I do not see this as being a difficult update to the game. This way if a player bought Kongō Commander from the premium shop they could simply put her in any Japanese ship be it Umikaze, Chikuma, Kawachi, Hosho or even Hashidate, this would mean that the player would not have to have a ARP ship in order to enjoy using a ARP commander! * This option is very simple I think and does not need much additional explanation other than looking like this: * This is a quick photoshopped image that I edited to show what it would look like for ARP commanders to commander other ships * * Edited to make some corrections * B: If ARP really are their own nation then give them a non-event ship the players can get in the premium shop such as ARP Lexington for example seeing as how Lexington is already in the game as a Tier 8 aircraft carrier... that way the player can buy their favorite ARP commander from the premium shop and then add her to a generic ARP ship that can either be bought in the premium shop as well... why Wargaming could make a bundle! I could look like this: Tier 8 aircraft carrier "ARP Lexington" + old ARP commander such as Kongō or Tier 8 aircraft carrier "ARP Lexington" + new ARP commander such as Hyuuga That is what I want to see the most in this great game by far! Thank you everyone who read my topic and by all means list what additions you would like to see in the premium shop and have a good day!