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Found 5 results

  1. Sci-Fi Faction Lines

    For those fans of sci-fi like Star Wars, Star Trek, Uchu Senkan Yamato, etc., what would a potential tech tree like like for any sci-fi faction? Since this is entirely non-serious, I might as well try my hand at drawing a tech tree: Franchise: Star Wars Nationality: Galactic Republic (not Galactic empire, although both the Republic and Empire used certain ships) Class: BB/star destroyer (just like in-game, they camp in the background of most battles) tier 3: Centurion class tier 4: Acclamator class tier 5: Interdictor-class tier 6: Venator class tier 7: Victory-I class tier 8: Imperator class tier 9: Tector-class tier 10: Pride of the Core Anyone want to give it a shot?
  2. Well as many on here know I am not a big Random game player, but I am slowly trying to get my French Collection done. So this morning I outfitted my Bretagne for battle, camo Premium consumables and hopped into a Random game. Well the teams got the map Fault Line/Domination Mode. I was placed with all our team's BBs between A and B - a Kongo and Myogi took off and I followed at the "blazing speed" of 21knts. After that you will have to watch the replay Well, we won well (not bragging and I am not saying I carried the match) because of me, I did nothing special, I help to sink one, took a point (as ordered), helped sink one more and most importantly "just stay alive" to quote a my team-mates, I think the main reason I did was because I was so slow and kinda forgotten about, I think even the Omaha forgot about me, when he showed his broadside to me. And I am only posting this to show newer players you show never should give up and you should always try to support the team. And I know this match could of gone the other way; if I was a little faster or one of the Red Team's DDs came after me the match it may of ended differently. So here is the replay, please feel free to give heck, on what I did wrong, how bad of a shot I am (I can hear @Pulicat now) I had fun and of me that is the point of any game at least for me. And I will even take advice or what to do better, BUT I am keeping my little slow Bretagne! 20180301_042010_PFSB105-Bretagne_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay
  3. At least one person had two Ships named after or for them honor in service with the same goverment for the same country at the same time.
  4. Name that Squadron

    We all (hopefully) know that the staff of WoW really puts some brain cells into "the little touches". I was curious, and it took me a little while to find the answer. This is the F4U-1 (upgrade) on the in-game USS Lexington. Give the real-life Squadron, it's nick-name, and the CV it was assigned to... Winner gets... A round of applause.
  5. ((I don't know if this type of thread was made already, I'm guessing it most likely has but..)) It has gained so much notoriety due to its unfathomable strength, that absolutely no one should tread lightly with it. Not even when saying it's name..