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Found 6 results

  1. WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE Inertia Fuse for HE on Des Moines. A Disclaimer: This is theorycrafting and some information may be inaccurate in the near future. Now why should I take IFHE for that 203mm you say? Well, let evaluate the Des Moines. I find that she has trouble doing consistent damage using HE and that is because by default 203mm HE on US cruiser has about 33mm of armor penetration. Now if we're a cruiser like the Zao, Moskva, or the Hindenburg, the shell arc is flat at long range. You'll most likely hit the belt armor which are around 27-33mm of armor. The Des Moines on the other hand has a shell arc that hit the deck armor, which is about 27mm(cruiser) or 38 - 50mm(Battleship). So how we calculate our penetration after IFHE. 203mm/6 = 33.83mm 33.83 x 1.3(30% Penetration Bonus) = 43.983 mm of armor penetration. You'll find that you'll do a more consistent HE damage with this, around 2k -5k damage. Which made the DM a rival to the Zao now. *PLEASE TRY IT FIRST BEFORE SAYING THIS IS A BAD CHOICE OF CAPTAIN SKILL* MAKE SURE YOU TAKE DEMOLITION EXPERT AND IFHE FOR BEST RESULT. Now go out there and enjoy your penetration he damage with high RoF. The Zao may have a rival now. Please post your result and what you think below. _____________________________________________________________________ After some debate in the reddit: Higher Potential damage against USN BB. If you're willing to do more damage with HE, the IFHE skill is great against them. USN BB aren't uncommon so you can rack up lot of damage and be more effective. In the current meta, CV is lacking and Des Moines it self is a good all gun cruiser. While her AA ability isn't as useful as it used to be, I hope to make at least her gun better. To clear up some misunderstanding, I notice that HE has a chance to penetrate or don't penetrate and do zero damage. I assume because HE does raw penetration, making the penetration value higher will make the damage more consistent as it would have less non-penetration and more penetration ratio. I can't back this claim up because I don't have hard cold proof. So until WG reveal their magic or some theorist uncover the secret. It is what it is. SO IS IFHE VIABLE OPTION ON DES MOINES? YES Should you take this skill? Depend on how you want to play the Des Moines. There are great skill out there but as for me, I like to hide behind island to lob shell. So maximizing my potential damage through IFHE will be my choice.
  2. Scharnhorst Heap dpm build, Viable?

    Although it's just a Hypothesis, I believe it may be possible to create a dpm build using heap and adrenaline rush on the Scharnhorst. The following information is Qualitative in origin, mostly stemming from observation over 18 games without hard mathematics to back it up as of yet. With observation, the Heap seems to benefit the Scharn's main battery fairly well. there seemed to be a significant damage increase against angled BBs in comparison to the standard he and ap. This makes me believe that heap is very effective on angled/ranged bbs, but at close range broadside on, ap seems to produce better numbers facing BBs. With cruisers it seemed to be a mixed bag. heavily angled cruisers seemed to take more punishment from heap than ap. At one point, I managed to double citadel a fleeing Schores using the skill, but the citadel damage was lower than the standard ap. It seems that with careful switching between heap and ap, it could produce larger damage numbers per battle. I decided to pair this with Adrenaline rush to get the most damage possible into the build. The scharn is tanky, so it could stay in battle while damaged for a long time, getting the most out of the skill. I would love to see what everyone on the forums would think (regarding this prototype) and would like feedback/input for this possible build (additional skills). Thanks for reading!
  3. Does anybody know if HEAP is worth it on the Atlanta? It seems like small caliber guns benefit the most, but the raw damage of the shells are usually lacking. Any thoughts?
  4. HE penetration

    So, with the new captain skills come new questions. Such as, just how useful are inertia fused he shells? To find out, you have to know the penetration value of the guns and shells you are building for and compare the before and after values against your expected targets. Immediate problem, thats not readily available information. And certainly not information you can gleen in game. HE penetration really should have been added to the gun statistics mouse over.
  5. HEAP and Fire Chance

    Hi! So as many of you may know, HEAP (Or "Inertia Fuse for HE Shells") will be a new 4-point skill. It will increase the penetrative power of HE shells by 25% (Or 30% if they do buff it), at the cost of -6% fire chance. Well, I can see why they would want to keep the skill from being too OP and all, but I think they should a adjust the effect. The debuff should vary between classes. Much how Concealment Expert varies in effectiveness with classes. With that said, as the skill affects both main guns and secondaries, it'd have to work different based on what shell type we're talking about. And so, we could say, that the 6% debuff can still be the same for ALL secondaries, but it would affect main guns differently. Example: +30% to the armor penetration capacity of HE shells -6% to chance of fire on target caused by HE secondary shells -6% to chance of fire on target caused by HE main gun shells of Battleships -5% to chance of fire on target caused by HE main gun shells of Cruisers -2% to chance of fire on target caused by HE main gun shells of Destroyers Why would this be important, you may ask. Well, for certain ships where this skill could prove really useful, such as Akizukis, the stock chance of fire on their shells would actually go into the negatives lol Now, why would the Akizuki need this skill? Because their HE shells cannot penetrate 19mm thick armor, meaning many DD's (Formula for penetrative values of HE shells is their caliber divided by 6). With this skill, it now can. But then, it cannot harm BB's, as their shells would still fail to pen, AND the fire chance would be nothing, unless you used flags or DE. Anyway, opinions? Edit: Well, it seems like they did increase the effect on penetration value to 30% from 25%, and lowered to global debuff on fire chance to 3%. This will make it a whole lot more viable!
  6. HEAP on the Zao

    I'm not sure if this has been posted yet, but I've seen some gifs of the Zao using HEAP and that HE penetration looks fantastic, easily able to penetrate the Yamato's belt armor. Given the already high fire chance of the Zao, this might actually be a viable pick. Is taking HEAP on the Zao going to be worth it? Given that HE shells that fail to penetrate only have half the fire chance, using HEAP might not actually affect the the fire starting rate all that much, as there are going to be a lot fewer shells failing to penetrate. ** Also, does anybody know how to imbed gifs in forum posts?